The Enterprise was orbiting around the planet N-25, one of 4 planets around the giant sun dubbed Oros. N-25 had a breathable atmosphere with no intelligent life, but plenty of natural resources.

A woman unexpected appeared onboard. She had long black hair and was dressed in prospector's garb.

She caused quite a stir! All on the bridge stared at her. Whorf drew out his phasor.

"I am Captain Jean Luc Picard, and this is my ship the Enterprise!"

"Yes, I know that!" she said. Then she turned to Whorf. "Put your toy away, Klingon! I am a member of the Q Contiuum. You may call me W."

The crew sighed. Whorf withdrew his phasor.

"Ok, W. Why are you on my ship?"

"You have a crewmember named Lt. Anthony Bainbridge, do you not?"

"Yes, I do?"

"And he has a special talent in identifying rocks and minerals, does he not?"

"He has a talent in that area, yes?"

"I need his services. Call him."

"All right. Computer, where is Lt. Anthony Bainbridge?"


Picard got on his phasor.

"Lt. Bainbridge?"

"Yes, Captain?"

"Could you please report to the bridge?"

"Yes, sir, right away."

A minute later, he was on the bridge.

"This is W, of the Q Continuum. She wishes to speak with you.

"Pleased to meet you." He extended his hand to her.

Ignoring his attempt at friendship, she pulled out a crystal sample and showed it to him. It was square, and had a beautiful dark blue color. "Do you know what this is?"

He looked at it in awe. "Zylium. Extremely rare. I've seen photos of it, but never in person!"

"There is a cave on this planet that has a supply of this mineral. I need you to go with me to mine some of it for my use."

"May I keep some of them?"

"You may keep extra crystals you find, if I don't need them."

He turned to the captain. "Permission to go with her, Captain?"

He paused. "Will you promise to keep him safe?"

"So long as he doesn't do anything stupid!" said W.

Picard nodded. "Permission granted."

"Let me get my mining equipment," said Anthony.

"No need. I have everything we will require."

And then, the two of them suddenly vanished.

"I hope she keeps her word!" said Picard.

"I wouldn't worry," said Counselor Troi. "I can sense that W is not an evil person."

"You mean entity, Counselor."

"Yes, entity."

W and Anthony ended up in a cave chamber. She lit it with a light of her own making. The room had mamy beautiful stalactites and stalagmites in it, some of which were the same blue as Zylium. She gave him a pickax.

"Try to fine whole crystals, if you can."

"I will."

They began their work. In 30 minutes, he was able to find 20 crystals of the rare mineral, while she found 10 herself. He also found examples of 5 other rare minerals.

Afterwards, they went into another chamber. This one had a large pool of mud in it.

It was here that "disaster" struck: While working, Anthony accidently shoved W. She was close to the pool—and she fell head-first into the mud!

She turned around, cleaned some of the mud off her face, and looked at him. "YOU IDIOT!"

"I'm sorry," he said contritely.

She held her left arm up. "Help me up!"

"Yes, ma'am."

He grabbed her arm. She pulled, causing him to fall into the pool with her!

They rolled around in the mud for a minute, or so, then they finally got out.

They continued their work, and between them found 24 more of the rare crystal. Then they went into the next chamber.

This room had another pool in it—only this had fresh water.

"Let's wash off in here."

She nodded. "That's the first sensible thing you've said!"

They took their boots and socks off and got in. The water was cold, but at least very fresh and clean.

While washing themselves, Anthony grabbed a hold of W's left foot and began rubbing it.

"What are you doing," she asked, suspiciously.

"Massaging your foot. Do you mind?"

"That does feel pleasant. Continue."

She let him massage her feet, for a few minutes. Suddenly, he walked over to her—and kissed her on the cheek!

"Why did you do that?"

He backed away. "I didn't mean to do that."

"Come here."

"I'm sorry!"


He came closer to him. She grabbed him—and kissed him on the lips!

A couple hours later, the two of them came back on board the Enterprise. They now had their arms around each other, and were smiling!

Picard looked at them in shock!

"What went on between the two of you?"

"I would like to take your crewmember with me," said W.

"We're going to the planet Pyros to hunt for a rare variety of blue diamond," said Anthony.

"And then, we will go to the planet Goddark, where they have a particularly good restaurant."

"Permission to travel with W, Captain?"

He nodded. "Permission granted."

"I'm not sure when I'll be back."

"Take all the time you want."

"Thank you, Captain!"

He shook Picard's hand. And then, once again, they vanished.

Counselor Troi walked over to him and smiled. "They send off good vibrations together, Captain."

"I hope you're right, Counselor!"