Chapter 1 Reborn, Truth, and New Zero

King Ghidorah's Theme (Godzilla: King of the Monsters)

Japan/Area Eleven

In one of the half-destroyed cities of Area 11 (Japan), we see the whole nation coming out of a war that will be known as the Black Rebellion. The rebellion that the Black Knights have started and failed when their leader, Zero, disappeared and things fall apart within a matter of moments.

Within the chaos, one stood on top and had calm look on his face as he watched his home in ruins once again but this time lose more than just the nation but rather his family, killed by the Britannia Empire for supporting a better and just cause then some hateful cycle.

He was a young man in his late teens with white or silver hair and golden eyes. He wore a black sleeves shirt, black pants that are held up by a silver belt that carried a good amount of equipment which is called a unity belt, black combat boots, and a black cloak covering himself but had his hood down. This was Alexander 'Alex' Kurogane, a half Britannia and Half Japanese who had enough of those in power coming down on those who are weak and the corruption around the world like cancer.

For what most don't know or take into count, is that Alex is the first person to wear a mask and fight against corruption. As the Black Ninja, Alex would hack and gained a lot of information to later give to the enemies of the empire, being their guide for the people who wished Britannia to disappeared and fix their lives for the better.

It was because of the Black Ninja and his actions cause inspiration for one man to take on the mask and rebellion against Britannia in Japan.

The masked man and leader of the Black Knights himself, Zero.

Alex had given the Black Knights and Zero a great amount of information, guiding them to a good path while leading it to good outcomes. Some were good and others not so much which one of them was the Special Administrative Zone Massacre or SAZM for short.

Now with the great information from the Black Ninja, Zero had a better understanding and form of plan to counter the SAZ that Princess Euphemia li Britannia wanted to make for Elevens to live their lives free as Japanese again.

However, something happens which was out of Euphemia's character as she orders the killing of the elevens, not matter if you were children or not. Very out of character as the pink-haired princess was nothing like her older sister, not liking war and wanted to do things peacefully. So killing everyone in something you work to create and want peace was way out of character.

Zero had killed her to stop the whole thing and push the rebellion foward, something that Alex know it will happen.

Alex had started this rebellion as he had enough of the suffering and corruption going on in Japan & the world. He was doing it for his family. Everything he did was for his family, for his parents to not hide about being in love with each other, his siblings to live a new life, and for future generations to live a better life. A good amount of those things won't happen as his family was killed during the Black Rebellion.

Alex had mourned for his losses and this event created a new diver within him to become something far more than himself, something greater and his calling. While some hate is still there within him, but a strong drive calls to him rather than revenge. Revenge won't bring back his family, only pain and suffering. The cycle of hatred keeps spinning, which is not what he wants.

To stop corruption and the cycle of hatred or revenge, Alex has to learn to let go of that hatred. Now he won't let go of his strong dislike for Britannia but he can learn to let go of his hate and move forward. Live in the past or live for the future, a good lesson that his father taught him and will take to heart.

Alex walks into his workshop where his equipment was around and ready. A few stands out like a Knightmare that he gained through his connection in the EU, the Alexander Type 2, and others like his new suit. His Knightmare will be needed in one of his mission and most likely upgrade but for now current and better weapons.

Nearby on the worktable, we also see some drawing of culture dragons, and one of them was a golden dragon with three heads roaring in victory. That would be a story for another one time as we see Alex changing out of his clothes for his black uniform and a new one over it.

"Only ones who should kill, are those who are prepared to be killed," Alex thought to himself, quoting the one who rose up and was inspired by his actions.

Alex also knows who was behind the mask, not caring about as he respect his reasons for becoming who he is.

"You had your goals which tie to my own but we have different ways and goals to reach towards the main one. I may have lost my family but I vow to rise again and take up the title that was meant for me. A title that you created...Lelouch."

Alex snips his suit up while fixing his hands within his gloves, making sure it fits which it did and everything was ready.

"I can't fully return until I reclaim the allies and power that is left. And look into the matter of Euphiema's sudden change of character that leads to such a massacre. Those are my first goals while showing people to not lose hope again and put fear into those that use their power in corrupted ways."

Alex fully suited up and grabbed his mask, the one that would be his new persona and taking the weight on his shoulders. A part of him screaming to him to put it down as it was not too late and could do something else rather than this. But that part of him loses as it's a small part of himself that wants to put away and live a life away from this. As good as that would be, but this is life and he's already picked this life. He won't trun down from it and keep going foward to the goals he fighting for.

Alex now wore a two-piece, elegant, purple suit with golden lines around it, multiple V like golden symbols on it, a large black cloak with the same golden lines on it and red on the inside. He was also wearing a black helmet with a purple visor in the middle of it, with a golden V like symbol under the visor.

"I shall become Zero," Alex said having his voice sounds different and almost like the first one, but had strength in it and the promise to fight for his goals & beliefs.

And with that, a new Zero was born, or reborn in some people's views as this was only the start of something rising.

Time Skip

At Alex's HQ, for the moment, we see him working on his Knightmare and equipping better weapons that he took from the Black Rebellion. He has the Alexander equipped with a better armor casing to better withstand heavily fired and somewhat against MVS blades but not much. He also has even gotten his hands on MVS blades as well, sending some of them to his allies in the EU which they were very thankful for.

Hey, they were laying around on the battlefield with no holder which Alex was happy to take with him and make great trophies for his collection, the start of many to come.

Alex was planning a good number of things and what to do next as the new Zero. The first order of business would be to gain more allies and rebuild what was destroyed in the war. People's trust as that is broken and their hope as well which our new Zero has to rise and build that back up.

Alex would have to use some methods from Lelouch's playbook on this one as his first mission to gain people's trust and their hope rebuild is to destroy a good number of targets. Those targets happen to be prison complexes, weapon warehouses, and extra.

The prison complexes hold a good number of people that support the Black Knights and some members of the group too. The weapon warehouses have a great number of weapons to rebuild the Black Knights' power and of course some Knightmare techs as well. The rest is minor and would be bothered by the heavy guard but Alex will use that to his edge.

Some might see this as a lot of work and will take days but Alex will take the challage and see a great way to all this under one day.

The white-haired teen smiled as he walks over to his suit and suits up for his first mission to take place.

Time Skip

As the streets of Area Eleven were going under rebuilds, we see a good amount was more into where Britannias lived while the Elevens rot for all they care. That will change with a push of a button.

Then all of a sudden, an explosion was caused off and scared many, thinking that the war wasn't over but felt a sense of calmness when noticing that the explosions were away from them and somewhere else.

The explosions were set off in a good number of warehouses were blown up and destroyed with the guards unbelieving what was happening.

Some prison complexes were blow up, causing the power to go out and allowed the prisoners to escape at last.

Other targets like Media Towers and army support tents were robbed of their sources and information by an unknown masked man.

All of this was caused by a man wearing a mask who left a calling card, the Black Knights symbol while writing in different languages that say, "Long live Zero, freedom shall come!"

This sparked hope to the Japanese, Black Knights, and a good amount of others of this realized that their masked savior might be alive. Everyone heard the news that Zero was killed by Honorable Britannia who is now a Knight of the Round, Suzaku Kururugi but there was nobody or picture of Zero's death which brings out a good many questions.

From the top of a tower, we see our newest Zero watching the events that took place and he caused while typing a few things on his computer down. He smiled as his work was done under the cloak of darkness and no one doesn't have an idea who. How about we go into depth, shall we?

Alex had planted explosions on the trucks that were passing by around his neighborhood. The trucks transported their equipment to their chosen locations and the bombs went with them. Once in place, the C4s were activated with the push of a button and caused a good chain of events to take place for our masked knight.

Alex also hacked and steal the information while transporting the sources he needed to his location until later as he didn't need it right now. He will use them when he earns back the Black Knights and restores the good amount he requires. It would take a few months at this rate the young man will admit but it can change with the right push and drive away.

Seeing his work was done, Zero disappeared into the night as his work was done, the start of something big. But little did he know that he brought some unwanted attention to himself.

Later (Next Day)

Alex rested within his bed, sleeping better than he had in days, and relaxed from the work he did last night. He started to wake up with a light yawn and open his eyes before stretching his arms and getting up for another day.

Another day and another work.

Alex walks to the bathroom for a shower up and relaxes as the hot water hits his skin. He sighed in refile as he turns the water off while getting dry out and later dress into his civilian clothes for the day. He walks downstairs to his work station to see a great amount of work was done which he should check the news of late.

The white-haired teen turns the TV on which showed the news of last night's attack. This sparked a good amount of things like if Zero was alive and back from the dead or the empire lie to them about the terrorist death? Good questions and interesting picks too.

No one was for sure of the rumors or have any photo proof of Zero is alive which was fired back to the empire for noting having Zero's body or photo of his death as well. Politics and media will also be at war with each other which can work in Alex's favor if he wishes.

Then Alex's attention was more force on the TV as the media started to show the reveal of the new viceroys who will be taking over Cornelia's position who was recovering from the Black Rebellion and be set back to the homeland in Pendragon once she recovers enough for travel. He hummed in thought as he grabbed his computer and started to gather information on the new viceroys of Area Eleven.

The media showed them who were sons of the emperor, no surprise there, and royal members of the noble family. They were twins and have a record for controlling areas when it gets too hot. Hmm, interesting.

Castor and Pollux rui Britannia, the twin sons and were best known as Damage Control Royals for their record and Knightmare pilot skills in their own personal built Knightmare Frames.

They both had light blue hair but different color of eyes and themes for their royal clothes while wearing white as their main theme. Castor had purple eyes and wore a dark red theme to his royal wear. Pollux had yellow eyes while having a sinister look in them and wore more yellow to his royal wear.

Alex frowned at this information while cubbing his chin and was in deep thought of this reveal of new viceroys. He watched the news and raised an eyebrow when one of the brothers remark on how weak that Cornelia was in command showed a false look in their eyes when mentioning Euphemia. He almost saw Pollux smiling at hearing that their sister was dead and one close to death.

They were hiding something which Alex got more interested in and started to dig in more, typing more commands into his computer and started to hack into the palace's information that was in Area 11.

"Project Coffin, huh? I wonder what you boys are hiding," Alex said out loud and kept going into the file but found himself at a dead end and the file was too well guarded. Very guarded to get the attention if someone hacks in.

Alex would have to this the old way and find out for himself which he was lucky that Project Coffin seems to be located in a hospital that raised some questions. Like what is Project Coffin and what are the brothers hiding?

Zero will have to find out.

Time Skip

Unnamed Hospital (Project Coffin)

We see a Knightmare, the Alexander, moving slowly outside the hospital, around the block, and saw the hospital close now. Within the pilot set, we see Alex without his mask humming in thought and used his makeshift computer in Knightmare to hack the place for information.

A couple of papers print out which Alex takes and starts reading the information he gathers. A couple of guards, low security, and a stander look of a normal civilian hospital but it wasn't and had one person in on a high medical treatment for some reason. For such a high medical treatment why go to a normal hospital with low medical equipment? Why not go to a higher one and public, not a private one.

"Only one way to find," Alex said to himself as he pilots the Alexander to a safe place before turning it off on standby mode to save energy and puts on his mask for this mission that got his attention.

Zero moves within the shadows as he enters the hospital through the back exited and goes in. A few guards which they were no trouble as the masked knight lets them pass and goes upstairs where the person that tries to Project Coffin was located. He slowly takes careful steps to not alert any possible guards on the upper floors while reaching within his grey bag for something.

Zero then saw two guards were who talking and stay low for the time being. He then brought two small silver balls before rolling them on the ground towards the guards who have raised an eyebrow at such a small ball. One of them picks them before the balls open up to spy a powerful light green gas in the air which caused the two to coughed before falling onto the floor and passing out.

Zero then took the guards, dragging one at the time, and place them into a closet for the time being. They will be fine as the knock gas lasted for an hour and will only wake up through some headaches. Nothing too major and let's move on.

"What could be so important that has this security and guards?" Zero thought to himself as he unlocks the door, with a key that he took from the guards and opens the door to go in.

When Zero did, he gasped and his eyes widen in shock at what he saw before him. In a medical bed was a person, a young woman with light pink hair and was around past her mid teen's age. The masked knight couldn't believe what he was seeing before him and alive none the less but how? How Euphemia li Britannia was alive and here?

Zero shook his head, pushing his shock away, and run his own work. He can see that Euphemia was in some kind of coma and life support systems keep her stable which is risking to take her away without knowing how to move her carefully. He then checked the chest area, not a pervert as he wanted to check something as he remembers that Lelouch/Zero had shot the pink-haired princess close to the heart which should leave a wound or scare but to his surprise he found none. Now, this was very interesting and something to look into it.

"Hmm, something is missing. Or rather someone or two is hiding something significant," Alex thought to himself before hearing people taking and coming his way which he decided to hide and get his answers.

Zero hides within the medical closest used for spar clothes and closed the door, waiting for the people to come in which to not his surprise were Castor and Pollux. Oh, this should be interesting as he brings out a camera and starts recording it.

"We should have ended when we have the chance, brother. Things are getting out of hand now," Pollux said, voicing his worries.

"A risk the blood on our hands' brother? No thank you. Besides, Zero has killed Euphemia while dragging her name to the ground and Cornelia will be next. Who cares if this Eleven kills Zero and becomes a Knight, we will have the glory and high praises on taking over Area Eleven," Castor said, calming his twin brother down.

"Right and great work on using a civilian to become Euphemia's look-alike," Pollux commented.

"I did very well, and that civilian had no idea what will happen to her in the long run but I'm glad we used our Geass to put the memories into her and put the original into a coma," Castor said.

"Geass?" Zero thought as it sounds very familiar and could be the power they used to frame Euphemia. What kind of family does that? Bring down each other. Scum and they will pay soon enough.

"Now we kill her and clean up the final mess?" Pollux asked as he pulled out a knife.

"Yes brother, we clean up," Castor agreed as he brought out his knife as well.

However and before they could deliver the killing blow, someone spoke.

"This is what the royal family has become, murders...even to their own blood," A new voice said which sounded very familiar and got the pair's attention to trun around in shock.

"ZERRROO!" The brothers shouted in shock.

"That's my name, don't wear," Zero joked as he stopped the recording and hide the camera for the time being.

"So the Eleven didn't kill Zero. Well, we can work this...," Castor started.

"Into our favor," Pollux finished.

"By saying that I killed Euphemia in a hospital? Not a smart move don't you think?" Zero questioned which caused the twins to be stun by that information.

"We will think of something. And I don't think no one will believe your word," Pollux said with a smug smirk.

"Really? I do think they will believe your word. Smile," Zero said as he brought up his camera and showed the video of them planning to kill Euphemia while gloating over their plans.

The twins were shocked and this was over for them unless they fix it.

"The media will make a good story with this," Zero said as he placed his camera back in his bag.

"No one will know as that camera will be destroyed," Castor finished.

"And you're dead," Pollux finished.

"Making us the heroes of the empire," The twins finished.

"I love to stay and go over more the twin thing but...later!" Zero said as he grabs a flashbang and throws which blinded the twins by the powerful flash, allowing the masked knight to leave the room and out of the building.

Alex knows that Castor and Pollux will go after him as they won't pass the chance on killing Zero to make themselves heroes and bring more glory to their ego. This could work to his edge but should be very careful as he has limited information of their Knightmares they pilot and only one way to find out.

Zero rushes to the corner of the building and jumped into his Knightmare, powering the Alexander up and be ready for a fight that's coming his way. He had a battle rifle, assault pistol, two MVS blades, a few hidden blades, and a few cables for combat. He also has his computer motor inside the Knightmare and started to hack into the media tower to broadcast the fight but will take a while and is loading up.

Zero then heard explosions and checked his motor, seeing two Knightmare signals coming right at him. That was quick which shouldn't be a surprise as the twins must have brought their Knightmares whatever they go as they created the chaos and fix the damage.

Zero checked the loading which showed 20% and caused him to think his plans to attack clearly as he needs his Knightmare not to take too much damage or the hacking will be disabled.

Then with a powerful explosion and blasting some of the building, Zero moved his Knightmare back and saw the two Knightmares the brothers pilot.

The first one, piloted by Castor, his Knightmare was pure white with orange jewels and the whole thing looked like a predator bird having its arms as wings hybrid and feet as talons.

The second one, piloted by Pollux, his Knightmare was grey and red in color. It took the appearance of a horse with four legs and horns on its head while carrying a large mace-like hammer.

Zero then saw their names which were Aquila and Equus on the motors and frowned as he takes his helmet off for better vision view. He knows that this won't be an easy fight and can tell that these Knightmares are 7th Gen types. And his, Alexander, is a 6th. He was never a fan of the odds and might work in his favor.

Taking the first attack, Alex brought out his battle rifle and open fire which caused Castor to protect himself with his wings while Pollus was undamaged due to the heavy armor on.

Pollux then has Equus move in to charge at right Zero's Knightmare with his mace hammer swung upwards before downwards to crash the masked knight.

Alex pulled back before clicking a switch which caused his Knightmare to transform into, going into insect mode and move with quick speed while shooting back at his targets.

Castor then has the Aquila take flight thanks to the Flight Systems and wings as a guild for the flight ability. He then launched blades from his wings and open fired onto the Alexander Knightmare but miss every time due to the quickness.

Alex checked the upload and saw that he was 45% hacking into the media tower. He also has to lead the fight into a more public area and won't bring any civilian damage, just get the brothers to where he wants them at.

The masked knight then saw that he was out of bullets in his rifle, putting it away, and transformed back to his normal form for the time being.

"You can run and run all that you like but will do you no luck," Castor said as he opens fires a hailstorm of feather blades onto Zero who used his arms to block the attack which left wide open.

Pollux swung his battle mace into Alexander which send it skidding across the road and almost crashing into a building but luck recovered and used the building to climb up to escape.

Alex took some steady breathing while making sure his systems are running and no major damage onto his Knightmare as it's not done with the upload, now 58%.

"Halfway there and almost at the location. Those two are so into the hunt and glory that they forget about the damage they are doing and where they are going. That's what I need," Alex thought and keep moving, having his Knightmare speed through and dodged the attacks being fired upon him from the brothers.

Alex then took out his assault pistol and open fire onto the Equus' head which caused Pollux to slow down due to the damage close to his pilot control area, allowing more time for the masked knight to keep going and get the attention.

Castor then speeds up his Knightmare and has Aquila's arms up, claws flexed out, and swung at Zero's Knightmare leaving two claw marks on the back and some sparks sparking out.

"Danm it," Alex cursed while having to see that damage cut off some of his Knightmare's power but lucky not much and the upload was still going.

Alex then piloted and moved his Knightmare to jump in the air and spin kicked the Aquila in the face, sending Castor crashing down into the ground and right into Pollux which sends the brothers into a nice fall.

The masked knight then jumped off the rooftops and down on the road, moving fast while checking his weapons and upload which was now 73%. Good progress but wasn't done just yet and the location was getting closer now.

Alex then looks back to see the brothers getting themselves up and look for their target, giving him a good amount of time to keep moving and head to the large area he needs to go. The location was a good area where people are they and a lot of news are shown through a lot of TV screens by the big broad or in shops. And everywhere within Area 11 to other locations such as other areas and even in Britannia's homeland itself. He wants everyone to see the evil within the noble family and how some of them are willing to go into a bad blood path to kill each other.

The masked knight then toward around to see the twins were on his tail, good and should keep the fight more interesting. He then pushed a button his arms control, having his hidden wrist blades, the Uruna Edge Knives, out for action.

The close-quarter was a risky move but it will have to do.

Zero then dashed towards his opponents while dodging Castor's feather blades and Pollux's mace swings to attack the one who is wide open. He then slashed on Equus' back which caused some sparks to fly out and stabbed the chest area to lose motion but not as much as its speed and power was starting to recover.

Both Castor and Pollux grunted in anger as they start to attack back but Zero was quick to counter their attacks and hit them back which caused their Knightmares to lose the monument.

"Die!" Pollux shouted in pure anger as he swung his mace which the back had a rocket booster to bring a more powerful attack onto the masked knight.

Alex had little time to dodge the upcoming attack and was sent flying into a building before crashing into the ground and rolling before stopping. He grunted in pain as he shook his head and gathered himself up. Then his eyes widen a second before a smirk formed across his face as he saw the upload was done, 100% and the whole fight was being watched. Good and now it's showtime.

"Why?" Zero asked, getting the two's attention while having his Knightmare struggled to get up, making it look like he was down and low on energy.

"Why what?" Castor questioned, humor the masked person.

"Why frame Euphiema, your own sister? And start this sick plan for your own glory?" Zero questioned.

The brothers laughed at this and Pollux spoke first, "That's the most stupid set of questions we ever heard."

"It was easy as Euphemia was weak and naive to fall for our trap. Only the strong stand on top and live to do whatever they wish. It was easy after we placed her into a coma and replaced with a double which we give commands to kill the Elevens and start the war. She's also Cornelia's weakness, kill her foolish sister then you start the war and blood to come," Castor said.

"After that, Euphemia's coma might come to the public but she will die by our hands and later Cornelia. We will be known as heroes for cleaning up the mess and finishing the last of the Black Knights. Those fools will believe everything we said," Pollux started.

"Now you die," Castor finished.

"We become the true heroes after the deeds are done," The twin said together as they tower over the fallen Knightmare.

However, what they didn't know was that the whole fight and talk were live, one the news for everyone to see. This shocked everyone from Area Eleven, Britannia, and other areas to who was the true masterminds of their whole SAZM. It was over for the twins and people know the truth at last.

Even Cornelia who was recovery at the medical wing at the palace saw the whole truth on the TV and the news was out. She shocked beyond belief and couldn't believe what was happening. Her little sister was alive and the twins were the cause of everything that happened. She felt happy and relieved that her sister was alive. But she felt extremely angry that her sister was in a coma that was caused and how the brothers wished to kill them for their sick desire for glory. She also felt that hate and anger towards Zero washing and calming down at last.

Cornelia knows that her brother, Lelouch vi Britannia, is Zero who deiced to fight back and make the world a better place for his little sister Nunnally. She can't much during her talk with Lelouch as it seems to be a blur and remembers some parts but not much and was strange to her. And she knows that this Zero was a different person but will keep it to herself and recovered in peace now, knowing that her sister was fine and the nightmare was over.

Back in the city where we see Zero, who started chuckling which caused the brothers' attention.

"Why are you laughing? You won't laugh at your own funeral," Castor said.

"I am not laughing at mine. I'm laughing at yours," Zero answered as he pushed a button by his controls and showed on the screens around the large area of their whole fight and truth at last.

Castor and Pollux's eyes widen in shock and know it was over for them. Everyone knows the truth and was over for them.

In their stunning emotion, Alex used that and brought out his MVS blades, one green and the other blue. He swung his green blade left, cutting the legs off the Equus clean off, and crashed into the ground. He then swung the blue blade in quick attacks, cutting the arm-wings and stabbing the knees of the Aquila to leave it not able to move.

"You should know that I take no pleasure in this but I learn something. You must cast one's duty aside to fulfill something else. It's not in the name of duty or honor that I do this," Zero said as he brought both of his swords up and ready to finished end the bastards' life for causing the death of millions and his family.

Castor and Pollux shouted in pure terror as they saw an image of a dragon coming down onto them and took their life, sending it to the abyss.

Alex sighed and felt a sense of peace to him as he not only avenged his family and a great number of people but also exposed the truth to the people and let everyone see the evil within the Imperial Family.

Seeing he wasn't done yet, Zero piloted his Knightmare back to the hospital and pick someone up as he wasn't going to allow the empire to take her part to be used again.

Time Skip (Next Morning)

In Area Eleven, things were changing for the better for both Britannia and Elevens after the truth was out now. The SAZ massacre and war were caused by Castor and Pollux rui Britannia for their own sick glory to become heroic people through what they have done.

Some Britannia civilians were now starting to treat the Elevens as people, seeing that war was enough and should better themself as they didn't want to become what the brothers were. A good number of the Britannia nobles don't see it that way and while others don't give a damn. This was a start and many wonder if Zero has returned.

If Zero has returned, he has become a true hero in the face and eye of the people now, a symbol of hope to those that lost it and fear to those that used their power in evil means.

Things were coming around but weren't over yet.

Cornelia was recovering in her medical room, taking careful steps to get motion back in her legs while her right arm in a cast due to the crash she had. Then her phone suddenly rings, getting her attention and walk over to answer it, wondering who was calling her.

"Hello," Cornelia spoke.

"Hello, Princess Cornelia," A new voice that almost matched a certain masked knight, causing the Goddess of Victory to be surprised by this call.

"Zero?" Cornelia said in shock.

"Yes, I got this number from your sister who has woken up from her coma and recovery very well now. I wanted to let you know as her older sister and you have the right to know," Zero said, sounding friendly, warm, and caring, surprising the princess.

"I see. May I speak to Euphy?" Cornelia asked as she sat down on her bed.

She heard a sigh on the other end and Zero spoke, "I'm afraid, Euphemia doesn't want to talk to everyone at the moment, not after what happened. I have talked to her and ask if she wants to speak to her sister but she wasn't sure at the moment. Don't get her wrong, she would love to speak with you and let you know she is well but after what happen and what the twins have done, she's not so sure yet."

Cornelia would have demanded back then but not much and knows how this is hurting her sister. She would like to be there to comfort her but can't at the moment and the empire might force her back to the homeland to be used again. She won't allow that, even it must hurt her.

"I understand. Can you please watch over and take care of my sister for me please?" Cornelia asked, not one to ask something or one of this but she willing to do it, just this once.

"I will do what I can and promise that I will protect Euphemia with my life. You have my word, Cornelia," Zero vowed and won't allow no harm to the kindest person in the world to get harm again.

"Thank you. And be honest with me, your not Lelouch are you?" Cornelia asked.

Zero didn't speak for a couple of seconds which proved the Goddess of Victory's question to be correct.

"You are correct," Zero said, almost being not sure to make of this.

"I won't tell anyone as I have more problems to focus on now. I'm going to find out the source of the power that is out there and destroy it, so that won't destroy any more lives ever again," Cornelia said, making a strong promise to find the Supernatural power that is Geass and destroy the code of it.

"Very well. You get some rest and recover, Cornelia. You look like you need it," Zero said before ending the call and get to his work, leaving a princess to wonder who's the new Zero is.

In Alex's base of operations, we see him watching over Euphemia who was sleeping peacefully after what happened, and Alex comforting her after the whole event that took place. He smiled and can tell that he has a lot of work to do but knows that he won't be alone for long to do it.



Alex's Harem:

Code Geass: Euphemia, Kallen, CC, and open for more

Akame ga Kill: Akame, Esdeath, Leone, maybe Spear, Sheele, Chelsea, Najenda, and Kurome

Side Pairings:

Tatsumi x Mine

Lelouch x Shirley