Chapter 2 Regroup

Who We Are by Red

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Alex/Zero's HQ

We see in the base of operation of the new Zero, Alex helping Euphemia with her walking as she woke from her coma a few days ago and is starting to get her muscle moment back again. She had a hard time during her recovery and learn what happened during her coma. Her brothers using her to get to her older sister to later kill them, a bloody war, Suzaku claiming to have killed Zero to become a Knight of the Round for his own gain, and extra. She won't have recovered from that if it wasn't for the healing and kindness the silver-haired teen give to her.

"There we go. You doing better during the past couple of days. Your muscles are recovering fine," Alex said as he walks with Euphemia to the sofa to rest and relax after her walking around the base.

"Yes, my legs are doing better. Thank you," Euphemia said as she sats on the sofa and the silver-haired teen sat beside her.

"You're welcome," Alex said as he hands a bottle of water to the former princess to drink up and help her recovered which she took.

"Things are happening so fast," Euphemia commented, recalling the events that took place during her placement and coma.

"I know but we have to do our best to heal and move forward to the future," Alex said, understanding how hard this is for the former princess and must be there for her like he promised and wants to do.

Euphemia didn't say anything but understand what Alex was saying to her as she leads against her and put her head on his shoulders to relax which helped.

Alex smiled and hold Euphemia closer as a source of comfort which she smiled back, both feeling at peace with each other surprising and not complaining.

Then something got Euphemia's eyes on the table and reach over to grab the drawings of two interesting creatures. The drawings seem to be very old and cultural wise. She never saw these kinds before.

The first was a golden three-headed dragon roaring in triumph to the sky, showing its massive wings spread out for all to see and making it look twice as taller.

The second was that of a moth but seems to more beautiful and peaceful like a waterfall or embodiment of nature.

Alex noticed it and felt at peace when seeing those pictures of the old culture his parents would tell him when he was a kid to later pass down to his younger siblings. He messed them very much and will live on for their shake.

"Who are they? I have never seen drawings or culture of these two," Euphemia said, being very interested in this new discovery she made.

"They are legendary creatures that were said to possess the powers of the gods themselves, making them the symbols of power and might. A good number of them have been to protect while some more violet than others," Alex explained.

Euphemia was amazed and awed by this discovery of these legendary creatures. She wonders why she never heard of them until now and could tell that the two she is seeing live up to their power and might.

"What's their names?" Euphemia asked.

"This one is King Ghidorah, one who is many and has been known as the devil to surpass the gods. The other is Mothra, queen of the monsters and protector of life," Alex replied.

"They seem to be very interesting animals," Euphemia said.

"That's one way but they and good many have been known by other names such as Monsters or Titans by other cultures around the world. The reason why you or anyone in Britannia never heard of them, is most likely the emperor and nobles' choice to destroy the old stories rather than learn from them. History teaches us to not make the same mistakes and outsmart the other," Alex explained.

Euphemia was very interested and would like to know more about the Legendary Titans, more into Mothra as she felt a strong liking and drawing towards the moth Titan.

"Do you think other places like China and Europe regions have stories about the Titans?" Euphemia asked.

"It's possible and most likely as China might have a few more stories on Mothra due to her being best known within Japanese and Chinese culture. Europe United, not sure but some areas could know of the Titans," Alex answered, knowing what he does know.

"I see," Euphemia said, seeing the possibilities.

"However, we may have moved out very soon as I need to reclaim the leadership within the Black Knights and rebuild the power that was destroyed," Alex said, getting up and walks to his worktable to type a few commands on his computer.

"Would that be easy now? As you are Zero," Euphemia said as she puts the pictures down on the table.

"It might and tricky at the same time which I have an idea where we can find them. During the old days, I have sent Lelouch a good number of possible locations to use in case he or the Black Knights were exposed. And all of them have to be coded by me which if not placing the right code in twice, will send me the silent alarm of which one was triggered," Alex explained as he looks over to see which safe houses was triggered or possible ones the Black Knights could have used during this bad time.

"We?" Euphemia questioned.

"Yes, we. You and I will be meeting the Black Knights today," Alex answered as he gets up and walks over to the changing room to get suit up in his Zero persona.

"I don't think they will welcome me as much like you," Euphemia said, being reasonable.

"Maybe but I think now they know and the truth is out. You are innocent, a victim of a big scheme of things, and betrayed by the empire. I think a good amount of the Black Knights will welcome you in which I have decided to make you my advisor," Alex said as walks to the former princess in his suit on and mask in his right hand while holding his left hand out for the princess to take his offer.

Euphemia was shocked by this offer but understand and wanted to help people through her ways which she gladly takes the hand and stood up next to the new Zero.

"I'm ready, Alex," Euphemia said as she watched the silver-haired teen put on his mask and was ready as well.

"Then let us be on our way, Euphy," Alex said as he kissed Euphemia's left hand as a knight would to a princess which made her blush and smiled at his kindness.

Time Skip

Black Knight's Base (One of the Safe Houses in Area Eleven)

In the safe house which happens to be a large warehouse at the docks of Area Eleven, one of them for sure. We see a good number of troopers of the Black Knights at work and fixing a great amount of their equipment in case the Empire finds them again. The Holy Britannia Empire is deadly and has a large army to prove why they are one of the strongest in the world, being one of the top three in power.

As the soldiers keep working, the doors suddenly open and got their attention to be alerted to draw out their rifles at who dares to come.

However, the soldiers suddenly become in shock and awe of who was here at last. The leader and founder of the Black Knight himself, Zero with the former princess, Euphemia li Britannia, as well.

"Sir, welcome back/Good to have you back Zero-sama/I know you were alive!" A good number of the soldiers cheered and were happy to have their leader back, all hope was not lost.

"At ease men. It's good to be back," Zero greeted.

"Yes sir. Also, what should we do about her, sir?" One of the troopers asked.

"Euphemia is not be touched as she under my protection and one of the advisors within the Black Knights," Zero informed.

This shocked them but agree with it as they saw the truth last night on the news and won't speak against their leader's judgment.

"Very well sir. Also, should we informed the others you have arrived?" Another soldier asked.

"Who's left?" Zero asked, knowing that a great number of men have died during and after the Black Rebellion while a good amount of members of the group could have been captured as well.

"It's hard to say sir but we have been hit pretty bad. A great amount is died or wounded which we have treated as we speak. Some of the core members and commanders are missing which is rumored that they are captured. Kallen, Lady Kaguya, Miss Sayoko, and Rakshata are in the meeting room, going over the next course of action. No word from CC yet sir," The solider explained, not leaving anything out.

"Very good soldier. Keep it up with the repairs to the equipment and medical treatment as we will be moving out within a few days," Zero ordered as he and Euphemia walk to the meeting room.

"Right away sir," The soldiers said before going back to their tasks by their leader's orders and feel very glad to have him back & alive.

Zero and Euphemia walk to the door which the masked knight opens and step inside for only to hear the grasp of shocks and surprises to come.

Before that, Kallen Kozuki, Kaguya Sumeragi, and Rakshata Chawla were having a meeting on what their next move should be as at the moment, Kallen was the leader of the Black Knights. Sayoko Shinozaki was standing by as the guard and listen to the whole meeting until she felt is a good time to speak her thoughts out.

Their meeting was cut short when the door opens and reveals a shocking turn of events. There stood, not five feet away from them, was the leader of the Black Knights himself return at last. They were shocked and couldn't believe the return of Zero and with the former princess.

Kallen was beyond shock and shaking on seeing this, being the most surprised of the group. She believed that after she left when Suzaku took Lelouch aka Zero, was done for and never to be seen again. But she was wrong as now a new Zero stood before her and will need to find some answers.

"ZERO-SAMA!" A happy Kaguya shouted as she rushed over and hugged the masked knight which shocked him of her strength and almost tripped but recover and patted her. This made Euphemia giggled at that reaction.

"You're alive!" Kaguya said, being very happy at the point of tears forming up which Zero wipes and cleans them up with his right hand.

"Yes I am, Lady Kaguya. And please don't cry, a lovable flower such as yourself shouldn't cry," Zero said, being very kind and caring which his voice and actions showed.

Kaguya blushed at the comment but took it and smiled at it as she parts away from the masked knight.

"Well, you are known for your surprises, Zero. This is the first time I'm surprised, to be honest," Rakshata said as she spins her pip around her fingers.

Zero chuckled and said, "Then I will keep on surprising you, Rakshata. And I have some information about Knightmares development that I have gained. Along with some MVS blades and Eu Knightmare that my connected give to me."

Zero then handed a flash drive to Rakshata who can tell that she was going to have some with this and make new babies.

"Good, good. Some of my babies could use a new toy to use and my new ones will be most happy of this grift," Rakshata said as she puts the flash drive away for the time being.

"Glad you like it and I believed a mother's touch will be most helpful on our Knightmare's development," Zero said, knowing what work the Knightmare builder can do with the right tools and information at her work.

Rakshata smiled before taking some of her pip and blows some smoke out.

"Now onto my big matters at hand. I have named Euphemia as my advisor within the Black Knights, the troopers are work with the repairs that are needed, and we are moving out within a few days," Zero informed.

"Moving to where?" Kallen asked, for the first time and keeping her cool which was noticed by the masked knight.

"India which happens to be close around the Chinese Federation area. We will be regrouping and building within India for a good amount of our time while having some spies here in Japan to keep an eye on things," Zero replied.

"I see," Kallen said.

"It can work in our favor while as mine. India, while part of the Federation, the people and I have a large amount of control within the area. Building new projects and babies will be a lot easy with bigger rooms at my labs," Rakshata said.

"Very good. And Sayoko, your opinion on this matter?" Zero asked.

"I believe it's a wise course of action. I may miss a few people here but I understand and reasons we need to leave," Sayoko said.

"I understand. Don't worry we will be back and one day free Japan to be its own nation once again. However, we can't do that at the moment as we need to rebuild and fix the damage the war has done," Zero said, making good sense.

The rest of the meeting was catching up and seeing what the Black Knights have left which the meeting was almost over but still, a few things left.

"How about Pizza girl? Should we wait for her?" Kallen asked with her arms crossed.

"Most likely and yes. That's why we waiting for a few days to gather up our equipment and treat the wounded before moving out for India. While the boat will take a few days to get here with the empire not noticing it, there might be a chance for a few survivors coming here to this safe house. If they are late then I will send the message to them in this and other safe houses of new orders to be our spies within Japan and inform us through messages by any means we can work with when at our new base in India," Zero explained.

"Very well. I will inform the soldiers to keep a lookout for any survivors coming here," Kallen said.

"Good. Then that would be the end of our meeting," Zero said as he gets up and was about to walk out but Euphemia stopped him.

"You won't mind me talking with Miss. Rakshata for a moment, Zero?" Euphemia asked.

"I won't mind. After you are done, come find me and I will have your room pick out for you," Zero said which the former princess nodded her head in thanks.

The meeting was over but Kallen decided to follow Zero as she wanted answers and damn she will get them. The masked knight knows that the redhead was following him and wanted to get her questions answered which he will do but on better terms and away from everyone else, a private meeting.

Once Alex was in the shadows in an empty room, he waited as Kallen was coming right behind him and decided to see what the redhead wants with him.

"You know, you might make a great leader Q-1," Zero commented as he turns around to see the captain of Zero Guard glaring at him.

"Who are you?" Kallen asked.

"You mind cleary that up? As who is an interesting question but a waste of one. I don't mean to insult you, but just pointing out of asking a masked man who he is," Zero explained.

"I see. Who are you as you are not Lelouch. The real Zero was captured by Suzaku," Kallen said.

"Ah, that. Well, I was hoping that you have waited a bit longer but this will do," Zero said as he reaches up to take his helmet off but was stopped by Kallen who grabbed his arms and surprised them both.

"Don't!" Kallen almost shouted but kept her voice down to not drawn attention to them.

"It's okay, Kallen. It's just us and Euphy already knows as I was one that saved her from the twins' scheme. I want to do this to not only give my trust to you but also tell the truth to you fully," Zero explained which calmed the redhead down and allowed the masked knight to unmask himself which shocked her.

He was a young man around Kallen's age with silver hair and golden eyes while having a blue tattoo around his right face. He seems very familiar to her which sparked into her mind and remembers where she meets him before. She meets Alex during her days at Ashford Adacemy who was a quiet student who did art class and mostly does homeschooling.

"Alex?" Kallen said in shock.

"Yes, it's me, and hello again Kallen," Alex greeted with a smirk.

"How?" Kallen started but couldn't find her words.

"Well that's a good question and I should start at the beginning. When I started as the Black Ninja and hacking away for information to be sent to anyone who wants to fight the empire in Japan, I meet Lelouch who had killed Clovis and found me which we talk to each other. He was inspired by my idea of wearing a mask and grouping up an army to fight Britannia in the area to later at the homeland one day. So, Lelouch and I designed the Zero suit together which he later had someone make for him. He will be the face and leader of the Black Knights while I act as a guide and help the group with information," Alex explained, sharing and trusting Kallen with this.

Kallen was shocked, and that was an understatement but understands why the pair had to keep it a secret among the members. She never knew that Lelouch was Zero, the person she admired and look up to. She had no idea the person she hated at school was wearing a mask all this time. And again, with Alex as he took the role as a quiet student at school and no one thought he was the Black Ninja all this time. Man, she needs to work on that.

"Why become Zero now?" Kallen asked, wondering what are Alex's goals are.

"Like everyone else, I have lost too. My family was my reason for starting to fight back as I wanted my little siblings to grow up in a better life than I did and not be afraid to look forward to the future. The Black Rebellion, my family are among the dead now and I have mourned for them," Alex started which caused Kallen to be sad on hearing that news but kept quiet to let him speak more.

"I'm not doing this for revenge. My family has been avenged and I'm at peace, not fully but at peace, and that my family can rest in peace now. I'm doing this as I had enough of the empire stomping on everyone that they think are bugs or toys to be thrown away. The nobles and royal family have crossed many lines in that area which blood calls out for blood. I want not just Japan, China, Europe, or parts of the empire to be free but to become and fight as one, together for our future. By killing the snake, corruption, and cancer that is holding us back from seeing our future, we can be at peace and see that bright future together," Alex said, sounding and promising, no he vowed and will do.

Kallen looked at Alex in a new light and respected his goals highly now. Lelouch had his goals which seem to be a little bit. But Alex's was bigger and planned to not only free Japan but the whole world from the those that stomping it down into nothing.

Alex then held out his hand and said, "I would like for you to join me on my journey to a great future, Kallen."

Kallen smiled as she took the offer, having her mind made up, and will follow Alex who is now Zero to the very end.

With Euphemia, we see her talking with Rakshata and handed her two paintings that she took from Alex's old base.

"You think this will allow you to create new ideas for two new future projects to be created?" Euphemia asked.

"Hmm tricky but I think I can get it down. However, they won't Knightmares due to request and size of the build for this project but I think I can get it down and have a new name for their mecha project," Rakshata said with a smile on her face and had a great idea in mind for two new babies she was going to make which would be one of her favorites like the Guren.

"What would be their names? The new mecha I mean," Euphemia asked.

Rakshata just smirked and said, "Project Gundam which is General purpose Utility Non-Discontinuity Augmentation Maneuvering weapon system."

"Sounds like a mouthful," Euphemia admitted.

"Hence why the short name and will be called Gundam instead," Rakshata said as she blows out a cloud of smoke.

"And can you keep this quiet from Zero until it's finished. I want to surprise him," Euphemia requested.

"I think I can do that. Don't worry, these babies will be the start of something great coming, princess. Trust me," Rakshata said as put the painting of the two Titans in the folder and head back to her worktable to get started on the designs of the Gundams and later build them in India.

Oh, this was going to be good as two powerful Gundam will be made and recreate a legend in the making.


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