Word Count: 426 words

Bubble Wrap

"Dad?" Shoto said.

"Yeah?" I replied. I was reading a newspaper at the kitchen table. It was an early Saturday morning.

"D-Did you bubble wrapped the house?!" Shoto asked.

I smiled. He finally noticed.

"But why?!" Shoto continued.

"So you don't bump into the corners of the house, sweetie-."

Shoto pinched the bridge of his nose. "I'm not a toddler anymore. You don't have to worry about stuff like that anymore."

I growled. It took me forever to bubble wrap every corner in the house.

Dinner Time

After patrolling with Shoto and a few of his classmates (that were interning as sidekicks) we decided to go out to dinner. Tab on me!

"Hold on, let me cut your food," I said.

"Dad. No." Shoto said.

I tried to cut the steak Shoto ordered into small bite-size pieces. So he doesn't choke, of course! But I ended up sword fighting Shoto with our utensils. Shoto block me everything I used the knife and fork to cut his steak.

"Shoto please."

"Dad. You're embarrassing me!"

I turned and saw the look on Shoto's friends' faces. One of them was snickering and the other looked like he wanted to be anywhere but here.


I dropped my utensils.

I rubbed my neck as I awkwardly apologized.

Going Through His Stuff

It's a school day and it gave me the opportunity to go through Shoto's stuff. It wasn't too hard since Shoto kept his room very clean.


I checked every nook and cranny. Even under his mattress. I found nothing weird. The room was too clean.

The only place I haven't checked was his laptop.

I used a USB password cracker the Hero Commission issued us to get in.

"Here goes nothing."

Shoto used a default wallpaper.

"Nothing weird yet."

I clicked his browser and checked his search history.

All Might pictures

All Might photos

All Might videos

All Might

I rolled my eyes.

"Wait, what is this?" I said.


I gasped.

"I shouldn't have clicked that. I shouldn't have clicked that!"

It was an All Might body pillow.

I clicked everything off and log off the computer.

"That's enough internet for today."

Moral of Story: Don't go looking for trouble. You'll find it!

A/N: The Body Pillow wasn't anything rated M+ or anything. It was just one with All Might in his buff form, smiling, and the other side was him in his deflated form.