How is everyone today? For this next Arrowverse and MCU crossover, after the "Arrow"/"Winter Soldier" one, heroes from both universes will be teaming up to deal with a highly destructive group of Sentinels against the sovereign nation of Genosha.

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Destruction reigned around them as the Avengers, alongside Teams Arrow and Flash, were currently in the mutant homeland of Genosha and working to stop an invading army of Sentinels that were reigning terror onto the population.

These particular Sentinels were created by the villainous anti mutant scientist known as Dr. Roderick Campbell, head of Trask Industries, and from the remnants of the original program conceived by the late Dr. Bolivar Trask. And he'd deployed hundreds of them onto Genosha because of his severe hate towards mutants. And now they were causing tremendous damage and blasting tens of mutants into oblivion with their powerful yellow energy beams from their foreheads.

They also flew through the skies and unleashed their beams onto multiple buildings, homes, and vehicles, either sending them crumbling to the ground or causing them to explode, and leaving dark and heavy smoke billowing into the air and flames of fire burning on the ground in the aftermath of the resulting wreckage.

The heroes on their parts had been alerted regarding the situation and had quickly headed there, Team Arrow using Oliver's private jet, Team Flash by means of Cisco's vibe portals, and the Avengers with their personal Quinjet, and together they were now currently in the middle of engaging in a ferocious battle against the highly lethal machines.

Oliver, Thea, Roy, Clint, Cisco, and Laurel 2.0 continuously fired explosive arrows which were tremendously powerful, Vibe energy bursts, and Canary Cries at them, causing many of them to either explode into shards of metal or fly backwards at tremendous speeds and crash onto the ground. Thor on his part was using his Mjolnir hammer to generate dark storm clouds which gathered underneath the skies above and used them to unleash powerful lightning bolts onto them which short circuited them while Curtis also used his own brand of electricity against them by means of his T-Spheres.

Steve was also currently doing his own amount of battling as he continuously whirled around and slammed his shield into some of the Sentinels, threw it into others, and also used it to intercept many of the beams they fired upon him.

He also fought in hand to hand combat against the machines, utilizing some offensive moves taught to him by Natasha and Clint, similar to how he'd fought against Ultron and that particular mad machine's army, though it was pretty difficult since the Sentinels had the height advantage over him and many times he found himself flat on his bottom. But he kept getting back up and refused to stop doing all he could to take down those metal monsters.

Meanwhile Barry and Wally were speeding across the island and assisting mutants who were struggling against the Sentinels while grabbing others who were not as powerful as their fellow inhabitants and about to be blasted by individual Sentinels, bringing them to safety. They also raced around multiple Sentinels and flung Speed Force lighting against them, also helping to short circuit them.

In another area, Frost and Wanda were fighting alongside a group of mutants against a cluster of Sentinels, the two women unleashing massive cold blasts and red psionic energy, respectively, upon them and sending the giant cyborgs flying while the mutants held their own and fought with their own unique set of abilities. A few of the machines still regrettably managed to break through their ranks and sadly killed some of the mutants fighting with them however, though the presence of Wanda and Frost prevented the casualties within the group from being even higher.

In the skies above, Natasha in the Quinjet, Tony, Rhodey, and Vision were providing air support. As their fellow heroes were battling the invaders on the ground, Natasha was firing a massive barrage of firepower from the Quinjet onto said invaders while Tony and Rhodey flew through the skies at great speed and helped blast a number of those monstrous cyborgs below them. Though they also had to dodge and weave in order to avoid the return fire of other Sentinels flying around them while launching repeated counterstrikes, the heroes and machines exchanging heavy firepower against each other in the skies.

Vision meanwhile was ripping apart as many of them as he could with his bare hands while blasting others using the Mind Stone in the center of his forehead. Like with Tony and Rhodey though, they were also returning fire against him, a dazzling battle of machine vs machines.

In another area of the island, the Hulk was happily smashing those enormous pieces of machinery, ripping out their arms, legs, and heads, while barreling into many of them and taking them down. As he was busy doing that, Sara, Oliver's wife, Rene, and Ralph, who were a little while away from him, were guiding other mutants as far away from the Sentinels in the area as they could while Allegra and Nyssa, Oliver's other wife and Sara's girlfriend, provided them with cover fire whenever they ran into a Sentinel or one attacked them, the former using her ultraviolet abilities and the latter her own set of powerful explosive arrows.

As Natasha continued to pick off Sentinels, she decided to contact her fellow heroes on a shared radio frequency, one they all used to listen in on, and check out their status.

"How're things going with everyone down there?" she enquired as she flew around the laser fire targeting the Quinjet.

"Well Rhodey and I are picking up some heavy firepower from those walking pieces of metal but we're actually making progress and have managed to blast a great many of those clowns and now they're finally beginning to dwindle. So pretty much another day in the park," he answered as he and his best friend flew around in their suits and continued to destroy Sentinels left and right. "Our archer friends are also seem to be having everything well in hand and our lovely Canary lady must have one insanely powerful cry the way she's able to tear those metal men apart".

"That's Black Canary to you Tony boy," was heard from the fake annoyed voice belonging to Laurel 2.0 as she was weaving around a couple of Sentinels attempting to obliterate her.

"Oh so it's Tony boy then. I'll have to admit that's cute," the billionaire smirked.

"Hey, that's my line buddy", Laurel countered but with a smile while waiting until the machines chasing her took a pause from their attack before she quickly sped around and blasted them with a particularly strong cry, destroying them.

"Guys could we focus please?" Oliver begged in response to Tony and Laurel's banter as he and his sister were still fighting and destroying their own set of Sentinels. Roy and Clint had since gone to see if Sara and her group needed any help.

"Yeah, what he said," Steve added while still fighting his opponents but with Vision's help who'd arrived where he was a short time ago and was providing him with some much needed assistance.

"What our good friend and my dear big brother are trying to say is that we're all doing alright and have taken down multiple Sentinels though it's been quite a struggle for us. And my fiancé and your buddy have gone over to provide backup for my two sisters in law and their group," Thea interjected while rolling her eyes towards her brother, who snorted.

"Backup that we all really appreciate and are very grateful for I might add," Nyssa added as she and Allegra worked in concert with Clint and Roy, explosive arrows and ultraviolet energy taking down their own set of Sentinels.

"Of course I'll be extremely happy once those pieces of marching crap metal are toast," Rene spoke up as he continuously threw hand held bombs at the cyborgs while one of the mutants beside him stretched out her hand and poured fire into each resulting explosion, enhancing them.

"Same here, and the sooner the better," Sara also stated whole standing beside him alongside Ralph. "And especially so that we don't lose any more mutants besides the ones in my group and the others who've died before we deployed ourselves onto this island to help those who remain."

"Well then let's get to it guys and really give those tin men all we've got!", Rhodey exclaimed in agreement and then punctuated his words with a new array of firepower targeting a particularly large group of Sentinels, using far more firepower than he had at the beginning of this conflict.

"Same here," "Me to," "Let's do this guys," "Hell yeah," and "Let's freeze them up everyone," were all heard from Allegra, Ralph, Cisco, Curtis, and Frost in response and they, along with the remaining heroes, began to really lay into the Sentinels like never before, giving it all they had, while Natasha resumed blasting them from the Quinjet.

After some time, the battle began to wind down as Teams Arrow, Flash, and the Avengers managed to finally destroy or disable all of the remaining Sentinels and soon, it was over.

Each of them, along with the surviving mutants, all breathed a sigh of relief now that the monstrous machines had finally been neutralized and that they had ultimately saved Genosha from Dr. Campbell's madness. There was of course going to be a lot of rebuilding that would need to be done, and the lives lost among the mutant population would be mourned, but the island nation was strong, its people, resilient, and they would endure. And the heroes who aided them would do all they could for them in the aftermath moving forward.

To Be Concluded

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Regarding Dr. Campbell, he was the big bad for S1 of "The Gifted" and was actually the head of Trask Industries within that series universe, and so I decided to borrow him for this short story. And Genosha is actually from the Marvel comics and was an island that the mutant population named and chose as their new mutant only home.

Also, the Sentinels here are the ones from the past in "Days Of Future Past" but with beams firing from their foreheads, similar to the ones in the future scenes of that movie.

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