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Over the next few months the Avengers and their allies within Teams Arrow and Flash worked together to help the inhabitants of Genosha rebuild their home and repair all the damage caused from the war with the Sentinels. They also assisted in tending to the injured while removing bodies from the rubble, the latter being the hardest part for all of them.

Everyone was thankful however that it was only tens of mutants who'd perished rather than hundreds or worse, thousands or more, but the losses still hurt them all, both the Genoshians and the heroes, and the island's ruling council worked on building a memoriam for those who'd lost their lives and in the form of a wall with a list of the victims' names carved onto it.

The work took a lot of time, a lot of repairs had to be made, and a lot of reconstruction had to be completed, but with persistence and determination and everyone on the island pulling together, and combined with the continued help of the superheroes throughout this endeavor, they managed to put their nation back together and bring it back to what it once was for the most part though there was still more work that would need to be completed over the next few weeks.

Following this, the inhabitants decided to host a ceremony in honor of the brave efforts of the heroes in defending their home and saving as many lives they could. The ceremony was held at night, underneath the stars while a full and bright moon shone above them, and everyone who lived on the island was in attendance. All of the Avengers and the members of Teams Arrow and Flash were all present for the ceremony in honor of them, the men wearing dark suits and ties and the women wearing lovely silk dresses that reached to their feet.

After a bit, the island's prime minister, powerful mutant Lorna Dane and the daughter of the legendary mutant supervillain Magneto, though she did not follow her daughter's dark path, stepped onto the podium and addressed the audience.

"People of Genosha, we recently experienced a terrible invasion in which our existence was threatened and if it had succeeded, the consequences would've been catastrophic and left mutantkind on the verge of extinction.

"However, the brave heroes before us heard about our plight and being the selfless individuals that they are, chose to stand with us and defend us against the nightmare that the monstrous Sentinels brought to our homeland. The resulting battle was not without consequences, and lives were lost. But rest assured that all of our fallen will always be remembered and will never be forgotten, and together and as a people we will emerge stronger than ever.

"And now we are here to recognize the fine men and women who came to us in our time of need and as leaders of their teams, I would like to ask Oliver, Barry, Steve, and Tony to please step forward and receive these medals on behalf of your teams."

The four men stepped forward.

"The medals that will be given to them are the greatest honor one can be given among our people and may they be worn with pride around your necks," Lorna continued. "As part of the ceremony, your chosen female companions will present you the medals which will then be followed by a passionate kiss of gratitude. Usually I'm the one to present both of the medals and kiss, but these couples are in committed relationships and that's something I and my people completely respect. No exceptions. And that's why their partners will be doing so in my stead.

"And now I ask said ladies to please come up and present them with their awards".

Sharon Carter, Pepper Potts, Patty Spivot, Felicity Smoak, Sara Lance, and Nyssa A'l Ghul all came forward and stood in line before their partners, giving a soft and mildly seductive smile towards their significant others. After a bit, Sharon stepped forward, moved to stand directly in front of Steve, and placed the medal around his neck. After which she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders and pressed her lips against his.

He opened his lips against hers and they exchanged a hot and steamy kiss, their tongues dueling inside of each other's mouths and each of them letting out soft moans. After a bit, they separated with Sharon pressing one last kiss on her fiancé's lower lip and then moving back to her seat.

Next Pepper went to stand directly in front of Tony, her own fiancé, placed the medal around his neck, and then used her right hand to pull his head towards her and engage him in a steamy lip lock, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. The two made out heavily, wrapping their tongues together, and then separated and Pepper, after giving him a sexy grin, returned to her own seat.

Next came both Patty and Felicity who moved to stand before Barry, and together they placed his medal around his neck and then Patty cupped his face and began kissing him deeply, the two swallowing each other's lips while pushing their tongues back and forth into each other's mouths.

Afterwards they separated and Felicity took her place and wrapping an arm around his neck, pulled him flush against her and somewhat aggressively made out with him, kissing him thoroughly as the two pulled and sucked at each other's lips and swallowed each other's moans, their tongues swirling together. They eventually separated and she and Patty turned from their shared boyfriend and moved back towards their seats.

Finally it was Sara and Nyssa who were the last women and they went and stood before Oliver, their shared husband. Like Patty and Felicity with Barry, they placed their husband's medal around his neck together and then Sara wrapped one arm around his neck and another around his torso and began kissing him furiously, the two of them sucking each other's tongues as they kissed deeply.

They later parted and her lips were replaced with Nyssa's who pressed them hard against her other beloved, besides Sara, and pushed her tongue deep inside of his mouth and getting her money's worth as she kissed him deeply.

They soon ended their kiss and both Sara and Nyssa returned to their seats.

Meanwhile Steve and Tony were both staring wide eyed at Barry and Oliver. While the former two loved their fiancés more than anything and were crazy about them, they could not help but feel mildly jealous that the other men each got to make out with two lovely ladies and not just one, giving them a slightly envious look.

The two respective leaders of Teams Flash and Arrow on their part responded to their looks by shrugging and then giving them a slight smirk, causing the two Avengers to roll their eyes at them in return. After a moment, Lorna finally found her voice after that passionate display between the couples.

"Okay then. Now that the awards have been presented and following that, ahem, amorous display, we will all now go over and begin the feast we have prepared for them in their honor. Shall we?"

Following her words, everyone moved to do exactly that and the rest of the evening was filled with feasting, drinking, and dancing while the Avengers and their fellow heroes enjoyed themselves fully and the food especially. The next morning they exchanged farewells with the Genoshians and then left the island after promising to come visit every so often and that if they ever needed their assistance again and for any reason, they would be there for them.

And so they headed home while feeling happy that they were able to help the mutants of that island, it reminding them why they do what they do, while also feeling pleased that they'd managed to make even more friends and knowing that they would treasure them always.

The End

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Lorna Dane is also a very major character from "The Gifted" and is actually the daughter of Magneto in that series but used her powers for good. She's not the prime minister of anything within the series but I decided to make her one here.

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