A/N This story is All human/Alternate Universe! I have changed things in this story, such as the age of the characters to help fit in with the plot better.

This story also contains smut but I wasn't able to fit it into the warning.

The crashing and yelling finally stopped next door, and I sighed in relief. It was already one a.m. and I had a big test tomorrow. I pulled the duvet closer around me as I rolled towards the window, tucking my nose in. It wasn't long until I heard the window sliding open, the known visitor slipping in quietly. If I was asleep, I wouldn't have stirred at all.

"What were they fighting about this time?" I mumbled, not opening my eyes and the person dropped their shoes to the wood floor. The covers were lifted on the other side of the bed and a body slid in next to me, exhaling heavily.

"Who knows. I was trying to ignore it, but that wasn't happening. How much could you hear?"

I shifted and rolled onto my stomach, stretching out on my side of the bed. "Not much, just the raised voices and I heard something break an hour ago. He didn't hit you, did he?"

I opened my eyes and looked at my best friend in the dark, trying to see any injury on the side of him that I could see. Dimitri turned onto his side and shook his head, his long hair falling down around his face.

"No. But to be honest, I think he was too drunk to realize that I was even home." His Russian accent came out thicker than normal, and it made me realize that he was exhausted.

I nodded my head and reached out for his hand, squeezing it firmly in mine as sleep started to take over. "Well, there's an upside, there."

The fights were not new, and Dimitri sneaking into my house to sleep, in fear that his father would come after him in the night, had been going on for three years now. My parents never said a word about it, but I knew that they knew he snuck in all the time. If Dimitri's dad were any other person, my dad would have thumped his ass so fast it would make your head spin. Sadly though, Dimitri's dad was a hotshot detective in our small town, and anytime any claim of abuse was brought to the police, Randall would write it off as something else, and Olena (or Dimitri) would be on the receiving end of his anger.

"Try and get some sleep, we have that Trig test in the morning," I murmured. I didn't get much response, but that could be because exhaustion had taken both of us.

My alarm startled me away, and thanks to the recurring sleepover, Dimitri was quick to move out of the way of my flailing arm. I hit the snooze button and shoved my head under my pillow, growling and groaning in protest. Stupid school. Stupid tests! I just want to stay in my warm bed!

The bed shifted next to me as Dimitri got up and I heard him walk to the window before swearing quietly under his breath. I pulled my head out from under the pillow and looked at him through squinted eyes.

"My dad is still home. There's no way I can sneak back before he leaves for work and get ready."

I sighed and got out of bed, pulling my long shirt down. I opened the door of my closet and pulled out a duffle bag, setting it on my desk. Dimitri turned around and spotted the bag, giving me a small smile in appreciation before heading into my ensuite.

I left him to get ready and walked blindly down the stairs, rubbing my eyes the whole way down. I was surprised to find my dad standing in the kitchen, drinking his coffee. He looked at me over the rim of his cup and gave me a smile as he flipped the sausages in the pan.

"Morning Baba," I said, stumbling to the coffee pot. Baba stretched his arm out and I detoured from the pot, giving him a quick hug while he kissed my head. While I often got odd looks in public, Baba preferred I called the Turkish word for dad.

"Morning, did you get any sleep last night?"

I nodded and yawned while pouring coffee into two mugs. No point in hiding that Dimitri was here; Baba already knew. Our security system would beep and send him alerts if any windows opened after a certain time of night.

"Yes, did you?"

Baba made a noise that sounded like a yes as he set his cup down. I turned and leaned against the counter, sipping my coffee. I was trying to figure out why Baba was still home, but remembered that he was being "forced" to take time off because of doing so much overtime at the security company he works for. Actually, he helped build it from the ground up, and as co-CEO, he spent more time there than Eric Dragomir did.

Eric Dragomir, or father number two, as I liked to joke, was my other best friend's dad. Lissa and I had been thick as thieves since meeting in kindergarten, when our teacher paired us up to practice our spelling. Rosemarie Hathaway Mazur and Vasilisa Dragomir were long names to expect five-year-olds to spell. We brought our fathers together and the rest is history.

Baba eyed me for a second, flicking his eyes over my clothes. "Please tell me you have pants on."

I snickered into my cup and nodded, "I have shorts on underneath. Did Mom leave for work already?"

Baba nodded and set the sausages on a plate, then cracking eggs into the pan. "Yes, she had a five a.m. shift." I nodded and sighed. While Dad worked for a security company, Mom worked at the fire department. It was a stressful job, but she loved doing it.

I drank the elixir of energy as Dimitri came down the stairs, tying his wet hair back when he spotted Baba. He stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked at me with a panicked expression, but I shook my head and held out the cup to him.

"Mr. Mazur," Dimitri said as he took the cup.

Baba laughed and rolled his eyes. "I believe I've told you to call me Abe more times than Rose has had detention."

I rolled my eyes and pinched a sausage link off the plate as I brushed by Dimitri. "Yeah, yeah. I'm going to get ready," I said, running up the stairs. I rushed my shower and dressed in my uniform, grumbling that I left it too late to do laundry last night and was stuck with the skirt and socks. It was a little cold for that today. I leaned against the counter as I applied my makeup, sticking my tongue between my lips, and I carefully put the eyeliner under my eyes.

"I still don't get how you don't poke yourself," Dimitri called. I looked out of the corner of my eyes to find him leaning against the door frame, arms crossed over his chest.

Damn, he was good looking! He had dark brown eyes and brown hair that came down just above his shoulders in a thick curtain. He was taller than any person I had ever met, coming to 6'7" and packed with muscle. He was every teenage girl's wet dream.

I smirked and pulled back from the mirror, turning my head to make sure it was even on both sides. "Skills, comrade! That's how!" I called out, applying a few coats of mascara to my thick lashes before tackling my hair. I was lucky to get both of my parents' good genetics. While my mom was short, I was of average height, with thick curly brown hair so dark that it could be black. The curls courtesy of mom, while my colour was from Baba. So was my tanned complexion. You could tell looking at Baba that he wasn't born in America, with his skin the colour of almonds. Mom was from Scotland and was as white as milk, so she washed me out a bit.

I had that perfect golden tan that most girls envied.

Deciding to put up the curls, I used a clip and secured it before fiddling with my blouse. The uniform was fine, but the style wasn't made for all body types. Take Lissa, for instance. She was tall and willowy, with a supermodel slim figure. The uniform looked respectable on her, while I was bigger in the chest and hips, compared to her. My breasts were larger and put strain on the buttons of my blouse, but if I wore a size up, I would drown in it. I had to be careful or it would look inappropriate, and I couldn't afford another reprimand this year. My position as Captain of the Twirlers was at stake here.

"Do you have practice tonight?" I called out to Dimitri as I pulled my jacket on and adjusted my socks. I walked out and found him doing his tie and he nodded. "Yes, you?"

I nodded and bit my lip, trying to keep from laughing as he struggled with the knot. He was not having a good morning. I moved his hands away and fixed the knot, smoothing the tie over his button-up before grabbing my bag. I made it down to the kitchen, scarfing some food down and draining my cold coffee.

"Are you going to be able to get your bag?" I asked Dimitri as he came back down. He nodded and slipped his shoes on. He promised to meet me at the corner in ten minutes as he slipped out of the house.

I shouldered my own bag and made sure my clothes for practice were inside before saying bye to Baba, heading to the door. I stood at the corner and played with my phone, texting Lissa to let her know that I wouldn't be meeting her at the coffee shop before class. I shifted from each foot as I waited for Dimitri, rubbing my legs together to keep them warm.

I spun around and found Dimitri running towards me, bag on his shoulder. "Sorry, I was trying to avoid Dad. He was passed out on the couch still."

I nodded and jerked my head, gesturing for us to start walking.

St. Vladimir's Academy was as prestigious as they come, but given that it was one of the only two high schools in the county, my parents elected for me to go here. The reputation of the school was well regarded, especially for the Guardians' Football team and Twirler team. The Twirler team was not quite a dance team, but more of a traditional cheer team. We didn't compete, but we were some of the best.

I didn't think I would ever join, but Lissa had begged me to try out with her, and lo and behold, I was good at it. So, I continued until I became Captain, and I could easily get a full-ride scholarship if I kept up the positive attitude this year.

Dimitri was quiet as we walked, and we split off to go to our morning classes. Lissa joined me almost as soon as he left, coffee cup in hand. I smiled at her gratefully and sipped the latte she thrust into my hand.

Our first class was English, and we had the best teacher ever, Ms. Karp. She was a lover of Shakespeare and could get almost anyone to understand what he was implying in his writing. She was also a little eccentric and wild. Her class was full of plants and her strawberry hair matched her dress this morning. I tried to follow along as best as I could, but I was stressing about Trig. I wasn't as prepared as I hoped, but I looked over my notes as Ms. Karp spoke.

That was until Lissa elbowed me roughly and I looked up to find Ms. Karp standing in front of the desk, holding a slip. I sat up and she handed me the slip. "You're requested at the main office."

I packed up my stuff and walked to the office, sitting down after giving the slip to the secretary. I rolled my eyes to find that Jesse Zeklos was already here too, and I could only assume that he was here for a dressing down.

"Rose," Ms. Petrov said, walking out of her office. I stood up and followed her in, sitting down across from her desk. I recounted anything I had done in the last week that would warrant getting in trouble, but came up empty. Ms. Petrov sat down in her chair and relaxed, tenting her fingers together.

"You're not in trouble Rose, I have some news to share with you."

I nodded my head and relaxed, glad to know that I hadn't screwed something up.

"As coach for the Twirlers, I get notifications when scouts are coming to the school. It has come to my attention that scouts from the Universities of Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, and Kentucky will be at this weekend's game. Your name happens to be on their lists for people to watch, as well as multiple members of the football team."

My mouth opened and I took in a gasp of surprise. These schools were known for having the best Cheer squads, and because I was a Twirler, it was close enough in their eyes. They were also my top schools!

"Who from the football are they looking at?" I asked, trying not to sound too eager to know. But I knew for a fact that Dimitri was applying to Alabama and Mississippi. Alberta raised a brow and smiled at me.

"I'm not at liberty to say, but I'm sure you can figure out at least one of them."

I smirked and was practically bursting with excitement. Alberta didn't keep me much longer, simply outlining that I needed to have stellar behaviour this week and give it my all this weekend at the game. She dismissed me and I practically skipped down the hall, bumping into Dimitri as he stepped out of Mr. Nagy's office, the gym teacher and coach for the senior football team.

He steadied me before giving me a big smile. "You have no idea what I just found out!" he enthused as the bell rang, walking with me to our next class, Trig.

I smirked up at him. "It couldn't be that there are scouts coming this weekend, it is?"

He knit his brows together. "How did you know?"

I laughed and brushed a stray curl back from my face. "Alberta just told me that there were scouts coming for the Twirlers and football."

Dimitri nodded and smiled again, moving to sit at the desk beside mine, pulling out his materials for the test. Students filed in, dragging their feet. I tapped my pencil against the desk impatiently, wanting to get this over with because I rarely wanted to be in Mr. Alto's presence, much less doing a test for him. Trig wasn't one of my strong suits, but it was this or accounting, and that wasn't happening. I sighed as Alto passed out the tests, stating that we had one hour to complete it and we were to turn the tests over when we finished for him to collect.

I could hear Dimitri's pencil scratching quickly against the paper as he did the multiple choice and I got started, going through the questions myself. I got stuck on the final one, not sure between two answers. Alto walked past us as I pondered it, only to feel Dimitri lean against me.

"B," he whispered so quietly that I almost missed it. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye and circled 'B', then moving onto the rest. Dimitri finished the test within forty-five minutes, and I wasn't far behind. I turned the paper and sat back in my chair, twirling a strand of hair around my finger. My stomach growled and I smirked, snorting a laugh. It was almost lunch time.

Mr. Alto made his rounds, collecting test papers as he went. He stopped at our table and raised a brow but said nothing else. It wasn't a surprise to him that Dimitri and I were the first ones done. We had the highest marks in the class.

I was counting down the time until the bell when my phone buzzed and I discreetly pulled it out of my boot, looking at it under the table.

You would think that you hadn't eaten in a week with the way your stomach is growling.

I smirked and looked around before answering the text. I'm always hungry. What's your excuse? I texted back as I heard Dimitri's stomach rumble too. Mr. Alto was making his way back around and I slipped my phone under my skirt and into my lap, pretending that I was inspecting my nails instead. The bell finally rang and I grabbed my phone and jumped up, collecting my things and practically dragging Dimitri to the cafeteria.

I was practically dancing as I waited to pay for my lunch, rice stir-fry, and I could hear Dimitri laughing at me as he stood behind me in line, but I didn't care. He loved food just as much as I did. We quickly made our way to the table we usually sat at and sat down, waiting for our friends to join us.

Lissa and Christian sat down beside me, setting their trays on the table. Christian was Lissa's long time boyfriend, and one of Dimitri's closest friends. Christian was tall and thin with jet black hair and ice blue eyes. He was attractive, not that I would ever openly admit that out loud. Our table was crowded today as Eddie, Mason, Mia, Ivan, and Tasha sat down, and I scooted closer to Dimitri to make more room. Dimitri pulled out his phone and was playing a game when he closed out of it, and set the phone down on the table. I noticed the home screen photo out of the corner of my eyes and snatched his phone up, squealing in laughter.

"Where the hell did you find that!" I shrieked, laughing so hard that tears were rolling down my face. The home screen was an old photo of me, Lissa, Ivan and Dimitri at roughly age eight. It was shortly after Dimitri immigrated here and Lissa had thrown a Halloween party. Dimitri dressed up like a cowboy, Lissa as an angel, Ivan as a cop, and I was dressed as a fairy, green wings and glitter everywhere.

Dimitri laughed and reached for the phone and I leaned back, looking at the picture a little longer. I had the same picture framed in my bedroom. Dimitri reached for the phone while grabbing onto me, pulling me towards him as he snatched the phone from my hands. His laugh was pure and I was glad to hear it after how tired he sounded last night.

I was glad that it was something that Randall couldn't take from him.

"Mama was going through photo albums last night. She found a lot of pictures. She also found this," he said, swiping through his camera roll until he found what he was looking for. I choked on my pop when I saw the photo and laughed again.

Dimitri's three older sisters were only a few years older than us, and I used to play with them regularly. But this one picture was when we fooled Dimitri into playing a game with us. Well, more like make believe. In the picture, we stood side by side with me kissing his cheek, bold play makeup on as I drowned in Olena's wedding dress. This was a few months after Halloween.

Dimitri's sisters still tease him about 'getting married' to this day. I only do it when I'm drunk.

I took the phone from him and turned it to show the others at our table, cracking up about how cute we were.

Ivan laughed and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Oh, I'm sure you loved that, Rose."

I chuckled and gave Dimitri back his phone when the bell rang. Ivan wasn't completely wrong, though. I've had a crush on my best friend for a year, and haven't worked up the balls to tell him.

So...what do you think? Love it? Hate it?