She had to run.

She had to hide.

What if the Neverseen found her?

What if her friends found her?

A silver silhouette outlined against the pale moon paused and shifted revealing a terrified young girl.

She wasn't a human.

She wasn't an elf.

What was she?

Who was she?

And where did she belong?

A week later

She had begun to change in the last week.

Her skin was slowly turning pale as a vampires, her hair had already darkened to light brown and her eyes were lighter by the day.

Sophie had no idea where she was going only that she was endlessly in the woods.

And well raw meat wasn't exactly he tastiest meal though nature was much more beautiful than the elves sparkly fake houses...wait the elves wasn't she an elf?

It was all so confusing for Sophie

First she was a human then an elf and now...

what was she?

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