"Guys, someone left a box at the front entrance," Himiko said.

"It's addressed to you Shiggy." Himiko continued,

This alerted the league. How can someone know their location?

"Wait...it might be a bomb." Dabi suggested.

Tomura raised his hand causing everyone to pause. "Twice, can you have a clone open the box?"

Twice nodded his head.

"Well...here goes nothing." the Clone said. "Huh?"

"It's a bunch of bottles." Himiko said.

Dabi shrugged. "This is boring." He said, heading towards the couch.

"L-Lotion?" Tomura said. "What's that?"

Himiko facepalmed. "T-This explains so many things. Of course, you wouldn't know what lotion is."

"Here." Himiko said, opening the bottle and squirting some in Tomura's hand. "Rub it in your hand."

"Ooh. Ooh!" Tomura gasped, surprised by the weird feeling he got from rubbing in the lotion.

"I wonder who sent the box?' Himiko asked, shaking the box upside down.

A piece of paper flew out.

It read: From Deku.

"Deku?!" Himiko yelled.

Tomura's eyebrow twitched. He just received a gift from his sworn nemesis.

"Burn it! It's contaminated." Tomura commanded.

"Aw. But Shiggy, you need it!" Himiko whined.