Word Count: 186 words

Eijiro and TetsuTetsu saw each other in the hall on their way to their next close.

"Hey man, what's up!" Eijiro said, performing their secret handshake.

Shoto saw this interaction in the hallway and a lightbulb lit up in his head.

"Are you guys secret brothers?" Shoto asked.

"Huh?" Eijiro and TetsuTetsu said.

"When's your guys' birthday?"

"October 16th." Eijiro and TetsuTetsu both said.

They both gasped.

Shoto stroked his chin.

"Similar quirks, same birthdays, a flair for manliness. I wouldn't be surprised if you guys are long lost twins." Shoto said.

Later that day, Eijiro went home to his parent's house.

"Mom...Am I adopted?" Eijiro asked.

"No...what brought this up?" His mother said.

"I think I found my long lost brother at school," Eijiro added.

Unable to get answers from their own parents, Eijiro and TetsuTetsu decided to get their blood tested.

"Yep." Recovery Girl said, looking at the test results.

"You guys are twins!" She continued.

"Brothers!" Eijiro said, holding his hand out for a high-five.

"Brothers!" TetsuTesu replied, finishing the high-five.