A/N: Okay I'm going to keep quiet about this mostly... expect do not take this story too seriously... there are serious and even fluffy parts, but this is kind of me venting and pointing out something about this popular AU scenario... I will say more after the story. Enjoy! Hopefully...

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And the World Shall Tremble

By Emma Iveli

Aizawa had found one of the hero analysis notebooks that Izuku Midoriya had been keeping. They were good. A little too good. And unfortunately, his mind jumped to certain things. With the problems that the league of villains were causing he couldn't help but to think that maybe one of his students was the traitor.

Because of this he asked Nezu for an emergency meeting.

He brought out the notebook he had found.

"I believe Midoriya is the traitor." Said Aizawa.

"Really now… what makes you think that?" asked Nezu.

He noticed the harsh glare that All Might was giving Aizawa.

"I have discovered that he has been secretly keeping notebooks about heroes quirks." Explained Aizawa.

All Might stopped glaring at the man and looked toward Nezu.

"Really now?" asked Nezu.

All Might never wanted Nezu to learn about the analysis books for two reasons.

However if he didn't come clean to what knew about them then Izuku would be suspected to be a traitor.

And that was far more worse than what could happen… his irrational fear and his fear of the existential horror that would come about would surely be far better than what might happen to him.

Plus he could always blame Aizawa for the latter…

"Those notebooks have nothing to with the League of Villains." Said All Might.

"What makes you believe that?" asked Aizawa.

All Might sighed.

"I don't know if you noticed but I'm close to Midoriya." Said All Might.

He looked at the other teachers.

All of them had deadpan looks on their faces.

Even the ones that had their faces completely covered… he could feel the deadpan looks.

"Okay… so everyone noticed it…" said All Might rather sheepishly.

He took a breath while also figuring out how to explain things.

"The truth is I have him helping and training Young Midoriya since before the entrance exam." He admitted.

There were several groans in the room.

"What?" asked all Might.

"It should be noted that many thought Midoriya was your secret love child." Said Nezu clearly trying not to laugh as he told him this.

"I never believed it." Admitted Aizawa.

All Might laughed nervously before getting back to his explanation.

"Young Midoriya has always had problems with his quirk. Because of that he figured that if he could figure out other's quirks it might help him become a hero." He explained.

"He showed you them?" asked Aizawa.

"Many times, in fact I even autographed one of them the first time I met him." He explained.

Aizawa sighed and considering Nezu seemed to be agreeing with All Might, it seemed like he knew about them as well.

"While I haven't heard about notebooks before I do trust your judgement Yagi." Said Nezu, "Also I'm rather interested in seeing one myself."

Aizawa eyed All Might and All Might knew that the two would have to talk after the meeting was over.

They met up in the teacher's lounge when they were finally able to.

"You're not just trying to protect him are you?" asked Aizawa.

"No everything I said about the notebooks were true…" said All Might, "The problem is that I never wanted Nezu to learn about the notebooks."

Aizawa blinked he wasn't expecting that to be the answer.

"Why not?" asked Aizawa.

"Well the first answer is a little selfish." Said All Might, "I was worried that if Nezu ever found about Young Midoriya's gift he might take him from me."

Aizawa quickly realized what he meant, after all it was common sometimes for heroes to snipe other potential budding heroes away from each other.

"I know it's selfish and irrational… but I spent 10 months training with Young Midoriya." Said All Might.

"Did he know about your injury before the USJ?" asked Aizawa.

"He did." Said All Might, "I even showed him the injury when he found out about it."

Aizawa cringed. Another reason why there was no way that the boy could be the traitor, if he saw that scar and had never told anyone...

"He's a good kid." Said All Might.

"I should have realized it." Sighed Aizawa.

All Might then sighed.

He had to point out how much Aizawa had screwed up though.

"There was another reason why I didn't tell Nezu." Said All Might.

"Which is…" said Aizawa.

"What were we just talking about…" said All Might.

Aizawa looked at him.

"We were talking about your worries about Nezu sniping Midoriya…." Said Aizawa.

That was when it hit him.

It really, really hit him.,

The other reason why All Might wouldn't want Nezu mentoring him.

"You saw his notebooks…" sighed All Might, "Look me right in the eye... and tell me... that you don't fear what will happen… if Nezu nurtures that."

"No… No…" said Aizawa shaking his head realizing the horrifying truth.

"Maybe I was just using my irrational fear and focused on that instead of focusing on THAT…" mumbled All Might.

Aizawa took out his sleeping bag from somewhere and climbed into it…

"Aizawa?" asked All Might.

"Leave me alone… I need to be alone…" he muttered.

All Might did so… knowing it would probably be better to be alone knowing what the future was going to be like.

He was going to be fine, but he knew that the world would never be the same that day…

An unknown amount of time later Present Mic found Aizawa in his sleeping bag.

"Sho… what's wrong?" asked Present Mic.

"I made a huge mistake Hizashi… I should have just kept it myself… I was being paranoid… I should have known that Midoriya wasn't the traitor…" said Aizawa.

"But All Might nipped it in the bud. It's fine Sho… no one got hurt." Said Present Mic.

"It's not that… Nezu is now interested in his skills." Said Aizawa.

That was when it hit Present Mic… the real reason why Aizawa was afraid.

"No… no… it can't be…" whimpered Present Mic.

"Yes… Nezu is going to take Midoriya under his wing…" sad Aizawa and then said the thing that everyone always feared, "There's going to be two of them!"

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" yelled Present Mic in horror as he accidently activated his quirk.

And indeed Nezu would take Izuku under his wing and taught him many skills.

Deku would become known as a hero known for both his brain and his brawn.

Often the plans he came up made many of his enemies tremble along with the rest of the world…

Aizawa would forever blame himself and his paranoia for what happened… because the world didn't need someone who was a second Nezu…

The End.

A/N: Ha! I bet you were all expecting villain Deku, not Mentor Nezu. Both are terrifying to be fair, but I think the idea of Nezu taking a very smart student under his wing is something all heroes dread and fear.

But in all seriousness, yeah I've been reading these stories lately and I realized that well there is a big gaping plot hole in the plot namely All Might has read and probably knows all about the notebooks. This isn't just some "Oh we don't know if he really knows about them or not" no he read them. There is a flashback showing him reading one... Chapter 9! But yeah in the ones where All Might doesn't believe him... yeah! It's one of those that goes against canon. I sally don't write stories about the cliche plots that I find fascinating to read (I did do a takedown of the Fairy Tail plot where everyone abandons Lucy stories in one of my stories but it was a subplot at most) but yeah... this one went right up against canon so I just had to... So yeah! I hope you enjoyed the story or at least was entrained by this somewhat cracky story that point out the big hole in that plot...