Part Five

You stand on the sand in front of The Shack, looking out at the sun that is setting on the horizon. The beautiful orangey glow warms your face. You hear the back door to The Shack open and close as Humphrey joins you on the beach. He approaches you, first a hand on your waist, then wrapping his arms around you from behind, encasing you in his loving arms. He kisses your shoulder, then your neck, then your cheek.

"Hi," he purrs.


He inhales your scent, kissing your neck again, pressing himself against you. You welcome his frame, leaning your head back onto his shoulder. He leans his head against yours.

"I'm not hurting your arm, am I?" he asks.

"No. It feels much better."

"Although, we should leave the bandage on a bit longer. I'm really enjoying using the excuse that I'm caring for you so you can stay here at The Shack," he says with a grin.

"Mmm. Me too. I find your care methods most pleasing."

"I have enjoyed keeping you my little secret," Humphrey coos, kissing the top of your ear. "But I don't want to forever."


"No," Humphrey laughs, stepping around to face you. "I'm proud of who you are. I'm proud of us. I want people to know how I feel about you. I want us to be partners."

"We are partners."

"More than just partners," says Humphrey, holding you close. "I want to be with you."

"And what will the Commissioner think of that?" you ask.

"I'll talk to him. I'll turn on the Goodman charm."

"Really?" you smirk.

"Yeah – it worked on you, didn't it?"

You laugh playfully and kiss him. "I suppose it did. We should tell Dwayne and JP too. Although I think JP already knows."

"How does he know?"

You cock an eyebrow. "Let's just say that he's noticed our chemistry."

"Mmm, it is intoxicating," whispers Humphrey against your lips as he kisses you again. "When should we tell them?"

"We have to insist to the Commissioner that we're not going to jeopardise the integrity of our work," you tell Humphrey. "That needs to be paramount."

"Of course. But I am going to tell him that I'm in love with you."

"You're in love with me?" you ask, thinking you had misheard him.

"Yes," Humphrey nods. "I'm going to tell him I'm hopelessly and irrevocably in love with my Detective Sargent and if that's a crime then lock me up," he laughs.

You laugh too at his giddiness. "And I'm in love with you, Detective Inspector Humphrey Goodman. Head over heels, truly, madly, deeply in love."

"Good," he whispers, gazing into your eyes. "Now, you should go to bed –,"

You scoff at him. "And rest my arm? Sure."

Humphrey's hands glide down your back and over your bum. "Who said anything about resting?"

You bite your lip, then kiss him deeply. You want to stay here forever, like this, standing on the beautiful shoreline of Saint Marie, in the arms of your love. Perhaps if you close your eyes and keep kissing him, you'll disappear into another dimension where this can be your always.

The next day, you both arrive at the station, both slightly nervous but ready to tell Dwayne and JP exactly what's been going on. Well, not exactly. As usual, you both get there ten minutes before either of them, so you sit at your desks trying to work, feeling strange to be sitting so far apart when all you have done is sit on Humphrey's lap on the veranda of The Shack for the past few days. When JP arrives, you say your greetings but look from Humphrey to JP, to Humphrey again, nervously. He nods, and you approach JP's desk.

"JP – there's something we need to tell you," you say gently. "I'm sure you already know or have guessed at least but… me and Humphrey… we're… together."

JP lets out a sigh of relief. "Thank god!" he exclaims. "I was wondering when you two were going to get together. It's been driving me mad."

You let out a sigh of relief. "I thought you had already guessed. And you don't mind?"

"Mind? I'm ecstatic!" laughs JP. "The only reason I pretended to be sick at Catherine's was to give you two a moment alone together. Now I won't have to watch you making eyes at each other from across the room every day."

Humphrey laughs as well. "Well, that's a relief, JP. I'm glad you're on board."

"Of course, Chief."

Then, Dwayne walks through the door of the police station and drops his bag at his desk.

"Morning all," he calls.

"Morning!" You all chorus back.

"Dwayne," you say, walking over to his desk. "We've got something to tell you."

"Is this about you and the Chief?" Dwayne asks.

"What about me and the Chief?"

"That you're together. The Shack has become The Love Shack."

"How did you know?" you ask.

"I noticed you that there were sparks the moment you clapped eyes on each other," explains Dwayne. "And… I saw you two kissing on the beach last night. But that's not the point. I knew from the beginning. Your eyes kept going all big and gooey!"

"And are you okay with it, Dwayne?" asks Humphrey.

"Of course I am, Chief," laughs Dwayne. "None of us really care, as long as you're both happy, that's all that matters."

"Phew!" you sigh, turning to Humphrey with a smile. "Well, that is a relief."

"It certainly is," agrees Humphrey. "Now, time to talk to the Commissioner."

"Oh, the Commissioner already knows," says JP.

"What do you mean?"

"About a week or so after you came, he asked me if you two were an item. I said you weren't yet but that it was only a matter of time because you couldn't take your eyes off each other. He agreed you'd be a good match," explains JP.

"Best ring him and let him know though," pipes up Dwayne. "He might put some money behind the bar for your first date if you're lucky."

"Always worth a shot," grins Humphrey, taking out his mobile and stepping outside.

"In fact, that's what got the ball rolling with me and Humphrey," you tell Dwayne. "Saint Marie's rum."

"I told you, that stuff is magic," replies Dwayne. "Always does the trick when it comes to love."

"Except for you, Dwayne," snorts JP.

"Yeah, alright," he scoffs in reply.

"Maybe we should all go out again tonight?" you ask. "To celebrate?"

"No, no, no," says Dwayne shaking his head. "No, you and the Chief should go out together. On a proper date."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course," Dwayne shrugs. "We can all go out tomorrow night instead."

Humphrey steps back into the police station, putting his phone back into his pocket. "He knew," Humphrey scoffs. "He's delighted for us."

"What did he say about the tab?" asks Dwayne. "You're going to need it tonight."

"Are we?"

"Yes. You're taking me on a date, according to Dwayne," you reply.

"Am I? Great. What time shall I pick you up?" Humphrey asks.

"How about whenever you're ready?"

You both laugh and wander back to your desks to carry on with your work. Dwayne gets started on some e-mails and JP checks the voicemail.

"Hey," you whisper in Humphrey's direction. "Maybe if we had Dwayne to play matchmaker it wouldn't have taken us so long to get together."

Humphrey smiles. "I'm not worried about time," he says.


"No. Time doesn't exist in paradise," he grins. "Besides, we've got the rest of our lives, haven't we?" Humphrey says with a wink.