Shadow was on a hill laying on his back with his eyes shut thinking about the past with Sonic. All the times they met and became Supers.

The Big Foot reacted by firing eight missiles at Sonic. Sonic allowed to chase him up a building, then the Big Foot. He jumped off, causing the missiles to destroy the robot.

"That guy's gotta work on his aim a little bit." Sonic said and a glow came from the destroyed robot.

The glow subsided, revealing him.

"What the...?"

"Good evening. I must say, it's a pleasure for me to finally meet you face-to-face, Sonic. We do look alike. It's uncanny." he said.

"Wait a minute! So it's you who been getting me into all this hot water lately! Impostor!"

He leapt toward the robot to attack him, but he vanished before Sonic got there.

Sonic looked up to see him atop a building.

"I assure you, Sonic, I'm no impostor. I possess too much power to be anything but the real thing." he said.

"Well, if you're so powerful, let's see you prove it!" Sonic said and ran up the building, but the hedgehog faded before he could get there.

Sonic saw him atop a taller building and laughed.

"Hey, not bad. I'm almost impressed. How about a little race action?" Sonic said.

Soon Sonic was racing him through the city. Notably, while Sonic ran, he appeared to skate.

He cut in front of Sonic.

"He's tougher than I thought he was." Sonic said to himself.

"Ha! Think you can beat me?" he asked and Sonic gained speed. "Not quite." he said and caught up.

Tanaka was driving Chris and chuck into the city when they saw Sonic and him running toward them. Then he vanishes, and the car skid to a stop. He reappeared and kicked Sonic to the ground.

"What just happened?" Sonic asked.

A spy drone shows up.

He stood over a fallen Sonic, Chaos Emerald in hand and held it up.

"He's got a Chaos Emerald!" Chris said.

"Where'd you get that Chaos Emerald, you phony freak? Hand it over!" Sonic said and he teleported behind Sonic.

"You can do better than that, Sonic. If you don't light a fire under those feet, you'll never get this Emerald back." he said.

Sonic leapt into the air, and attempted to kick him, but he teleported again. Sonic was shocked.

"He really is faster than I am!" Sonic said.

"But that's not speed. He's disappearing!" Chuck said.

"Whoa!" Chris said.

"That's not all. I'm full of surprises." he said now on top of a street lamp


"Chaos Control now." he said and activated Chaos Control while Sonic ran.

"He can cause Chaos Control with just one Chaos Emerald? Who is he? And there did he come from?" Sonic said to himself.

Then he reappeared next to Sonic and delivered blow after blow.

"Leave him alone!" Chris said.

"Like to fight dirty, don'cha?" Sonic asked.

"Consider yourself fortunate. If I'd used my full strength, you'd have been much worse off than this." he said and overshadowed Sonic. "Many years ago, Professor Gerald Robotnik endowed me with the power of Chaos Control. A normal creature like yourself doesn't stand a chance against me."

"Don't underestimate us "normal" types."

He glanced up for a moment, hearing the sound of the approaching authorities, then looked back at Sonic.

"I have a feeling I should make myself scarce. Goodbye, Sonic. It certainly was a nice pleasure. Chaos Control now." he said and used the Chaos Emerald to vanish as several police cars, helicopters, and GUN Beetles arrive.

Outside Prison Island Sonic saw him fleeing in the forest below, and landed in front of him.

"Shadow, this is it. I want answers. Who are you, and what are you up to?" Sonic said.

He smirked.

"You'll find out."

They clashed several times. Sonic even managed to land a hit on him.

Space Colony ARK Sonic was riding one of the conveyor belts.

"What a surprise." he said and Sonic saw him nearby. "I could have sworn you were blown to bits just a short time ago."

Sonic hopped onto the other belt and walked against it.

"Well, I guess I'm a lot tougher than I look. In fact, it's thanks to you I'm okay." Sonic said.

"I see. You caused Chaos Control with that phony Emerald there."

"Yup. I gotta run!" Sonic said and started running, but he caught up to him.

"I'm afraid I cannot let you get away from me that easily, my friend. Now, I demand to know who you are." he said.

"Who, me? I'm just a guy with a need for speed. They call me Sonic the Hedgehog!" Sonic said.

"Ah, yes. I can well understand your love of speed, Sonic, but now your high-speed adventure must come to an end!" he said and they both took off down the belts.

On Space Colony ARK Conveyor Belts.

"Chaos Spear!" he said and threw a bolt of pure Chaos energy at Sonic, who dodged.

Sonic attempted a home attack which missed.

"Chaos Spear!" he said and threw several Chaos Spears at Sonic, which damaged the pipe work inside the Eclipse Cannon.

"What's he trying to do, barbecue me?" Sonic asked himself.

On the Eclipse Cannon.

They were still fighting. A hole was created in the wall, revealing a Power Ring.

"You've interfered for the last time!" said and threw more Chaos Spears at Sonic, who leapt up and grabbed the ring.

Sonic used a ring-powered home attack on him, knocking him to the ground.

"All right, Shadow. What's goin' on here?" Sonic asked and he sat up.

"You'll find out." he said then they felt the room shake. "Sonic, your time is running out!" he said and fled through the hole in the hall.

"Wait!" Sonic said and turned around to see a timer that reads 00:23:45:00.

He showed up next to Sonic.

"Leave that thing for me." he said.

"Shadow." Sonic said.

"You and the others take care of the Chaos Emeralds, and I'll distract it." he said and Sonic hesitated.

He glanced at him, and Sonic finally nodded. He rushed forward and Spin Attacked the Biolizard, causing it to roar.

"Let's go!" Sonic said and the four ran toward the reactor as he dodged the laser beams the Biolizard fired from its mouth.

Sonic and the others carried the Master Emerald to the top of the reactor.

He struck the Biolizard with multiple Chaos Spears.

"I must remember... the seven Chaos Emeralds are the servers. Our hearts intensify their power. The controller serves to unify the chaos." Knuckles said.

"You can do it, Knuckles. " Sonic said.

Knuckles stretched his hands toward the Master Emerald.

"Master Emerald, I need you to help me. Please stop the Chaos Emeralds!" Knuckles said.

Super Sonic and Super him appeared outside, ready to take on the Final Lizard. They dodged a laser beam it fired from its mouth.

"Let's give it our best shot!" he said.

"All right! We can go in at full speed and finish it off." Sonic said the damaged to the Final Lizard.

The Final Lizard fired three lasers from its mouth at once. They easily avoided them, then target the giant lizard's back simultaneously. Even though the Final Lizard was beaten, the space station continued toward Earth. It started to become engulfed in flames as it enters Earth's atmosphere.

"You're stopping right here!" Sonic said.

"I am Shadow! Shadow the Hedgehog!" he said and cast off his limiters, greatly intensifying his strength. "You ready?"

"You bet! Here we come!" Sonic said and they prepared their most powerful move.

"Chaos!" he started.

"Control!" Sonic said.

In a brilliant display of light, they used Chaos Control to send the colony back into orbit. He was nowhere to be seen. The timer was frozen at 00:00:50:29.

"Maria... I did it... for you..." he said.

At Hobidon Chris continued to fly toward Sonic.

"Chris, noooo!" Sonic said.

Suddenly a beam of light whizzed by Sonic, deflects off of Chris' spaceship, and struck the core, blowing it up and effectively destroying Metarex Deserd. Knuckles and Amy held on so they weren't blown away by the explosion's shock wave. As Sonic landed on one of the castle's towers, everyone looked as the clouds cleared away, revealing a crescent moon. Sonic looked over to see him standing on another tower. The red and purple Chaos Emeralds orbit him.

"What in the world? Whoa!" Sonic said.

Everyone was equally as surprised to see him standing there… except Chris, who was out cold on the ground. Then he woke up and saw him.

"Am I seeing things...?" Chris asked and he stood up. "Shadow!"

His eyes met Chris' for the briefest moment.

"Chaos Control!" he said and used Chaos Control to leave.

They looked down to see him running on the hull of the Scarship. Sonic joined him.

"Somethin' tells me we're thinkin' the same thing. If we destroy the engine room, this Metarex'll be out of commission for good!" Sonic said.

"I didn't ask for your help, so stay out of this!" he said.

Sonic: "I see you haven't lost any of your charm." Sonic said and they ran inside its engine.

"You certainly are persistent, stranger."

"What do you mean, "stranger"? Don't you recognize me, Shadow?"

They split up and headed down different passages. The Scarship cried out as both its engines were destroyed. They emerged from the inside of the Scarship, which was now on fire.

In space the Scarship started to explode.

"What do we do?" Sonic asked.

"We need to buy some more time!" he said and used the power of the red Chaos Emerald.

Then he yelled and the Chaos Control burst froze the Scarship in time.

"What'd you do?" Knuckles asked.

"I stopped time from advancing around the ship. We have ninety seconds." he said.

In space.

"If you want to disarm it, you better hurry." he said.

"Right." Sonic said. "Come in, Tails." he said on comlink.

On the Metarex station Super Sonic and Super him faced each other. Super Sonic threw a wave of Chaos energy behind him, destroying the last of the Metarex Troopers, before he and him fly outside.

In space they stared each other down.

"Well, Sonic. I see you and I have a lot more in common that I thought we did." he said and Sonic stared down him. "Are you going to give me those Emeralds? Or am I gonna take them from you by force?"

"You haven't got any use for those Emeralds and you know it." Sonic said but he didn't answer. "We all know you're just collecting 'em for Dr. Eggman. He's really got you fooled, doesn't he, pal?"

Enraged by Super Sonic's insult, he pushed Super Sonic all the way through to the other side of the Metarex station.

The Metarex ships opened fire on them as they fought. He threw Chaos energy at Super Sonic, but Super Sonic dodged and it hit the side of the Metarex station. Super Sonic emerged out of another part of the station and blast at him.

They emerged from the Metarex station. Suddenly the entire station started to warp and twist as a massive black hole started to appear. Super Sonic and Super him watched as bits and pieces of metal flew into the gravitational field. They tried to break free of the black hole, starting to consume some of the Metarex ships.

Even Super Sonic and Super him were hanging on for dear life. The Crimson Egg pulled up alongside them.

"That's Eggman!" Super Sonic said.

As the Crimson Egg descended into the gravitational field, Shadow dove after it. He used all his power to initiate Chaos Control and teleport it to safety. His Super state wore off. Meanwhile, all seven Chaos Emeralds fell into the gravitational field. Super Sonic was still hanging on.

"Sonic!" someone said and he looked up to see the Typhoon flying above him.

Chunks of metal rain down around him.

"Thought you'd never get here!" Super Sonic said.

Sonic looked over to see Cosmo and the still-unconscious Chris in Amy's spaceship. He was standing nearby.

"The kid will be all right. I hope you learned your lesson. Next time I may not be around to save you." he said and turned to leave, but Rouge showed up.

Cosmo awoke to see him standing in her room over her and the red glow stopped.

"You traitor!" Shadow said while Cosmo stared in shock and terror.

Chris appeared in the doorway and turned the light on.

"Cosmo!" Chris said and was shocked to see him there.

He threw a Chaos Spear at Chris, but Sonic immediately arrived and tackled him out of the way. He continued to proceed toward Cosmo, but the battered Sonic stopped him.

"Hold it, Shadow! ... You mind tellin' me what this is all about?" Sonic said.

He bearded down on Sonic then they clashed in the hall. Neither were able to get the upper hand in the grudge match. Tails ran in.

"Sonic!" Tails said.

"Hurry! Grab Cosmo and run!" Sonic said and leapt back, then ran toward him, but the he rebounded across the ceiling and into Sonic from behind, sending him rocketing down the hall.

Cosmo approached the doorway, fear in her eyes.

"Cosmo, what happened?" Tails asked.

"I woke up... Shadow was there... He said something strange to me..." Cosmo said.

Then he emerged from the smoke. Tails typed in a lockdown code and ran down the hall with Cosmo. A door shut between Tails and him. Unfortunately, it was no obstacle for him, and he easily broke it down and walked after the fleeing pair. Chris and Sonic were left injured on the floor.

He was standing directly above them in a nearby tree.

Sonic leapt over to a nearby tree.

"Well..." Sonic said and he turned to him. "You know, you really outdid yourself this time, trying to hurt a harmless little kid like Cosmo. I just can't seem to figure you out, Shadow. You really are a mystery." Sonic said and he leapt to the ground. "You just better watch your back, Shadow.

He closed his eyes.

"Well, what's stopping you, Sonic? Here's your big chance." he said.

"Nah, I'm not in the mood to fight. But when I am, you'll be the first to know, pal." Sonic said but instead, he took off into the distance.

He was watching them from outside and Chris was sitting nearby.

"You're all fools." he said and started to walk away.

In space Chris was watching Tails on his screen.

"There's a huge amount of energy that's coming from that thing! Our sensors overloaded when I tried to get a reading!" Tails said over the video.

"This must be what the Metarex were waiting for! Sonic!" Chris said.

"I better end this before Dark Oak ruins the galaxy forever." Sonic said and spun toward Dark Oak, who was still standing atop the tree.

Meanwhile, he was still standing on the broken chunk of what used to be Dark Oak's Battleship.

"I've got to stop them before forestation starts!" he said and leapt toward Dark Oak.

"You fool. We are on the verge of a galactic transformation! No one can stop us!" Dark Oak said.

The tree contained both the Planet Egg and all seven Chaos Emeralds. They glowed so brightly that they were thrown backward. Sonic was caught by Chris' spaceship, and he by Amy's.

"Planet Egg is water." Pale Bayleaf said.

Planet Egg was water.

"Chaos Emerald is light." Black Narcissus said and the Chaos Emerald was light."They both give us power."

"This water and light that make all plants grow will now give birth to... FORESTATION!" Dark Oak said and spread his arms as the roots spread deep into Aqurius. "The Metarex have long awaited this moment. We will now bring perfect order and pace to this galaxy, and to the entire universe! Forestation has finally begun!"

"Long rule the Metarex!" Black Narcissus said.

In space everyone fired their missiles at once, striking Bayleaf and doing no damage. He roared, sending the Chaotix' spaceship away from it. Sonic and him leapt toward Final Mova, which grew giant roots to block the attack. Chris and Amy pulled up to avoid the attack. Sonic saw through the roots, while he Chaos Speared them. The Blue Typhoon fired several smoke bombs at Final Mova, which was able to clear themselves from it.

Sonic grabbed on to Oak as he stretched toward the Typhoon.

"Let go, Sonic!" Amy said.

Space leapt toward Final Mova.

"Shadow!" Chris said.

"Let's help him." Sonic said and he nodded, and flew toward the pulsating seed.

"You better hurry!" Amy said.

"Ring Tunnel!" Chris said and fired a line of rings. "Go, Sonic!"

He leapt through the rings and impacted Final Mova, sending waves of energy all across its surface. Final Mova emited a purple-black gas that pushed him away, and the spaceship also. Not even his wave of Chaos Spears could do any damage. The purple gas surrounded him and knocked him away. Chris's ship crashed through a few of the palm trees. Amy flew toward the Typhoon.

"Amy!" Sonic said and flew after her, catching her as they collide into the ship together.

They landed on the ground.

"Thanks, Sonic." Amy said and he skid to a stop on the runway.

In space even after trying to tighten her grip, Cosmo's gripped slipped on the handkerchief containing the Chaos Emeralds, and the float away.

"I lost the Chaos Emeralds!" Cosmo said.

Chris used what little energy he had left to look up and see the Emeralds floating away. Sonic tried to move, but Amy held him back. He was about to move as well when there was yet another glow from Final Mova. Final Mova appeared to be vertically splitting in half. The weakness died down.

In space.

"It appears the life force that the Metarex stole from the planets is responding to the Chaos Emeralds." Doctor said on voiceover.

The Emeralds continued to glow and Cosmo was able to free herself from the vine and float down.

"Thank you..." Cosmo said to herself. and tears of joy appeared in her eyes as the Emeralds also float down.

"The pain's gone away." Chris said.

"Look, Sonic." Amy said as the Emeralds finished floating down.

"Shadow!" someone said in his head.

He had a flashback of Molly and the memorial.

"You ready, Shadow?" Sonic asked.

"All set. Let's finish this!" he said then closed their eyes and absorb the power of the Chaos Emeralds, letting them turn them into Super.

They prepared to fight Final Mova and Cosmo watched.

Cream and Cheese ran outside.

"What's going on? " Cream asked.

"Shadow and Sonic are teaming up to stop the Metarex." Cosmo said as they flew inside the crack of Final Mova.

In space.

"The energy levels are starting to reverse! Hm... It seems like it's imploding now." Doctor said on voiceover.

The clouds moved away. Now Final Mova had the appearance of a black planet. Phase Three had started. Everyone was shocked.

"Foolish hedgehogs! With the help of the Planet Egg, you have indeed prevented me from transforming the galaxy..." Final Mova said and they floated down to battle it. "...but you can never win this battle. If the Metarex can't rule the galaxy, then we will destroy it!" he said and laughed.

It pulsated with massive energy.

In space they spun toward Final Mova and tried to penetrate its energy, but it was so strong that nothing was done.

In space he started to remove his limiters, but was stopped by Super Sonic.

"Don't use that ring yet! In a few seconds, we're gonna need all the power we can get. ... Listen up, everybody!" Sonic said.

On the Blue Typhoon Second Bridge.

"Our only hope of saving the galaxy is to throw all the energy we've got into this gravity field in one shot." Super Sonic said on the voiceover. "Use the Sonic Power Cannon and launch me at it!" he said on screen.

"It's way too risky! We've never launched you from the Power Cannon before when you were Super Sonic. We don't have any idea what'll happen to ya!" Tails said.

"That gravity field's extremely powerful, Sonic. If you smash into it, the force could be too much for your body to take!" Chris said.

"You mean to tell us there's a good chance Sonic won't even survive the attack?" Knuckles said.

"He can't do it! We have to come up with another plan!" Amy said.

Back in space.

"I don't know if I can save the galaxy, but I have to try!" Sonic said.

Back on the Blue Typhoon Second Bridge.

"And there's no way anybody's gonna talk me out of it, so save your breath. Now are you gonna help me or not?" Sonic said on voiceover.

Amy just stared.

"Let's do it." Chris said.

"Great!" Sonic said on voiceover.

Chris ran over to a computer.

"I'm routing all the energy in the network to the Power Cannon." Chris said.

"We only have one chance to break through that field. We'll need all the energy we can get." Tails said.

In space Super Sonic took off toward the Typhoon.

"Plug cannon into place and take aim." Doctor said on voiceover.

While dusty, the Sonic Driver was activated and Sonic flew into the cannon and everyone looked out the window sadly.

Amy and Cream hugged each other, both girls sobbing. Sonic is ready to be fired.

"Get ready, Sonic." Eggman said on voiceover.

Super Sonic looked up to see that he was joining him. Both of them spun at an insane rate inside the cannon.

Super Sonic and Super him destroyed Final Mova and Cosmo. Amy and Cream cried their eyes out as the others stared in shock.

In a space flashback during the heat of the explosion...

"Goodbye, Cosmo..." Super Sonic said to himself then they used one of their moves.

"Chaos…" Super him started.

"Control!" they said together using Chaos Control and Cosmo shed a few tears.

"The seeds of my clan will spread through the galaxy and find places to grow. I'm at peace. Now... goodbye." spirit Cosmo said.

Back in space.

"If the Planet Egg lets out all its energy, the others won't have enough time to get away. I have to move! CHAOS-" Super Sonic started but suddenly Super Shadow tried to punch him in the stomach but he moved before.

"Hold on, Faker!" Super Shadow said but Super Sonic was to fast causing him to fall toward the light.

"Sorry Shads, but I'm taking over. After all, I've been a hero since I was little, now it's time for you. You were more of a friend to me than a rival, take care of Mobius for me. " he said smiling a little. "Chaos Control!" he yelled and Final Mova was Chaos Controlled away.

Super Shadow floated there watching him sacrifice himself for them all.

"Faker." he whispered his eyes watering a little.

He saw what happened to Maria then Molly and shut his eyes with a tear coming down.

Then he sighed.

Four years. Four long years had already gone by and he still hadn't found him.

Every week he'll go in space to try and find Sonic and every time he fails.

He swore to never give up on getting him. Unlike him Sonic was only fifteen, had a lot more life to live and gave them his life. He truly was a hero.

Then he heard his communicator go off.

"Tails to Shadow." Tails said.

He sighed.

"Shadow here."

"Eggman's at Angel Island trying to get the Master Emerald and has one of the Chaos Emeralds."

"Oh shit. I'll be there in a second. Shadow out." he said and stood up.

He sighed.

"Well, let's get to work." he said. "CHAOS CONTROL!" he yelled and was gone.