You have got to be fucking kidding me, I'm in fucking Skyrim. A world full of dragons, gods, and abominations so powerful that they could kill me thousands of times over with a single pinky, or in Hermaeus Mora's case, a single tentacle.

I slowly turn to the man in front of me, Ralof, he looks just like he does in the game. Unkempt blond hair that goes down to his shoulders, blue eyes, some stubble here and there, and lots of fucking muscles. Like, damn, gotta respect the grind for them gains. Though, unlike the games this Ralof actually looked, good? Almost like a beautification mod was installed. I looked at Lokir and Ulfric next, sure enough they also looked the same, just more….pretty? Handsome, we'll go with handsome.

With a mental command, I cast observe on all three of them

Name: Ralof

Level: 57

HP: 1260

MP: 940

STR: 65

END: 63

DEX: 43

INT: 47

WIS: 39

LCK: 32

Affection/Rep: -20/100

Thoughts about you: Suspicious, dislike, curious

Name: Lokir

Level: 24

HP: 460

MP: 360

STR: 32

END: 23

DEX: 43

INT: 18

WIS: 18

LCK: 12

Affection/Rep: -20/100

Thoughts about you: Suspicious, dislike, anger

Name: Ulfric Stormcloak

Level: ?

HP: 8760

MP: 4520

STR: ?

END: ?

DEX: ?

INT: ?

WIS: ?

LCK: ?

Affection/Rep : -20/100

Thoughts about you: dislike, confusion, caution

Holy shit, Ralof is stronger than I thought. Lokir, well I expected him to be weak but his DEX is a bit bigger than I imagined it would be, from what I assume a DEX that high should have been able to avoid all those arrows better. But Jesus Christ, Ulfric is SO much stronger than what I thought. I mean sure, he did fight in a war, and he did study under the gray beards, but our power difference is so immense that I can't even see his stats?! I'll have to make sure I don't upset him more than my trait already has, I'll have to get on his good side.

Ralof has been staring at me for a bit, shit did he say something?

"I'm sorry, I was lost in thought, did you ask something?"

Ralof, looking annoyed, repeated himself. "What got you here, we got ambushed by some imperials when we tried to cross the boarder." He nudged his head to Lokir, "And this fella here got caught stealing a horse. But when we got on you were already here, knocked out like you had a hangover. So, what'd you do to get on the Empire's bad side?"

Wait a second, that's not the dialogue? He's supposed to go on about how we BOTH got caught crossing the boarder. Hm, must be because this is real and not fictional. My person must have a built in backstory thanks to the system, now if only I could find out why I'm here, then I'll be able to come up with a good backstory.

Before I can even say anything, our driver yells back to Ralof. "Aye don't even bother talking to that freak, he's been accused of the murdering of 12 separate victims. Found the damn milk drinker living in a cave, if that doesn't scream 'I'm not someone to be trusted' then damn what I know."

-20 Affection with Lokir [-40/100]

Ah, well fuck you too Lokir. You don't even know if that's true or not, yet you decide to listen to some fucking soldier who doesn't know a damn thing about me? I guess I'll let you die to those fucking arrows then.

Ralof turns back to me, scoffs, and yells back at the driver.

"Bah, ain't no way this man here killed 12 people. Look at his body, it's as thin as a toothpick. Ain't no way this lad could have killed that many people."

What does that eve- oh, right. I have the weak body flaw. Looking down at myself, I can see where he got at assumption from, my arms are flimsy, my legs look weak, and I'm really skinny, no muscle, just lanky. To Ralof, I look like I have never even picked up a weapon before.

To be fair, I actually hadn't, but his casual dismissal of my capabilities made me frustrated. Curse my damned weak body, I can't even get rid of that flaw. No matter, If I can't take a hit I'll just compensate with upping my DEX and STR.

"Whatever you say stormcloak," the driver turns his head back to the road, completely ignoring the rest of our conversation.

"What's this guys problem?" Lokir looks at Ulfric, not recognizing the leader of the Stormcloaks.

I start to tune out the rest of the conversation, this won't matter at all later anyways, I need to think of a plan. First, who do I side with? Depending on how things end up I'll probably have to team up with Ralof and them purely based on the fact that I'm confident that I'll gain REP with Ralof by the time I end up at the keep solely based on us being together in what was supposed to be in our final moments. That will surely make Ralof less likely to do anything to me, not much of a difference compared to Hadvar, but I'll take anything I can get.

"I shouldn't be here with any of you! I just stole a horse, yet I'm bound with two stormcloaks and a damned serial killer!" Lokir yells.

I scoffed, "Shut your mouth ya damned horse thief, you were caught. Get over it, it happened and there's nothing you can do about it. The least you could do to spare yourself some embarrassment would be to face whatever comes next with some courage."

Lokir turns to me angrily, red in the face. He looks like he wants to yell at me but a quick glare from Ralof causes him to look away quickly. I nod to Ralod, and after a few moments slowly nods back. His brows also loosen up, no longer a permanent frown on his forehead.

+5 Rep with Ralof [-15/100]

+5 Rep with Ulfric Stormcloak [-15/100]

Oh shit, rep with both of them? That's some damned good luck for me then. I'll definitely team up with them now.

Before we know it, we've passed the gates of Helgen, and the wagon stops.

"Alright ya damn criminals, get out the back and stand in line. Wait for your name to be called and then step forwards." An imperial officer yells at us.

One by one everyone jumps off the wagons, Ulfric and Ralof are standing by the executioners block already, now It's just Lokir, some other stormcloaks, and myself.

Scratch that, it's just me and the stormcloaks. Lokir just got himself killed, just like in the games. How… unfortunate.

"Wait, you there. Step forward." I heard Hadvar call out to me,

I walked up to him and the Imperial Captain.

"Who….are you?"

"The Name's Drew Warren."

"ah, the suspected murderer. Captain what should we do, do we take him in for questioning?"

The captain scoffs, and glares at me with clear hatred in her eyes.

"No, he's already here as it is. He goes to the block."

"By your orders captain."

What, no words of comfort Hadvar? Well, fine, I was choosing the stormcloaks anyways.

I walk up and stand next to Ralof, who's staring at the executioners block with a stone cold look on his face. I think he's coming to terms with the fact that he thinks that this is the end for him.


"What is it, Warren"

"I'll see you in Soverngard, we'll share a pint of mead and share tales of our exploits right next to Talos himself."

+15 Rep with Ralof, for being a true Nord [0/100]

I knew appealing to his patriotism and Talos would score me some brownie points, but enough to have a somewhat positive relationship with him? I never realized just how much Ralof believes in his cause.

"Aye, Warren, I bet my tales will be twice as good as yours."

"Fat chance at that Ralof, my days of glory will surely sweep your puny tales under the rug like discarded lint."

"You, the murder, step up to the block."

Oh, it looks like our conversation went on longer than I thought. Long enough to miss the first stormcloak die. Just as I was heading up to the block, a roar could be heard in the distance.

"What was that?" A random soldier called out, worry and fear In his tone.

The man I recognized as General Tullius looks up at the sky, eyes narrow, posture stiff. His hand absently rests on the handle of his sword.

"It's nothing, carry on." He finally replies, probably only saying it to calm the more skittish soldiers. And perhaps himself too.

"Hurry along, murderer." The captain calls out.

You know what? Just to spite this bitch I'm going to walk at my slowest pace yet.

I started to walk with exaggerated slowness, the stormcloaks all stifling their laughter at the apparent anger on the captains face. She storms over to me, yanks on my arm, and drags me to the chopping block.

As the Executioner is reading his axe, I look him dead in the eyes, and smile. He falters for a second, likely wondering why I'm smiling in the face of death, before steeling himself and brings the axe up high, and just as he's about to swing it down with all the force he can muster a shadow passed over us.

"What in Oblivion is that?!" Tullius yells in shock and horror.

There stood Alduin, in all his dragon glory. The games are one thing, but seeing Alduin in real life, as close as I am, was fucking terrifying. The games did him no justice, Aludin is easily 40 feet long at bare minimum, and he's absolutely packed with muscles. His wings are bigger than some of the surrounding buildings, and his exhales are filled with so much power and heat that I swear I saw blisters appear on the executioners arms.

It was only when the sky started raining fire and death did I finally snap out of it and booked it with Ralof to the nearest building. Inside we find Ulfric and some other stormcloaks, all unbound and about.

"What was that, could the legends be true?" Ralof mutters, clear confusion and disbelief in his voice.

"Legends don't burn down villages."

Holy shit is his voice something, the games made it sound kind of annoying to be honest, but in real life his voice is so captivating. No wonder this man's a leader of an entire army, he has so much charisma that even him just stating that has his men revitalized, as if wanting to prove that such a terrifying beast would still be no match for their glorious leader and his men.

"We need to get out of here, now!"

I don't know how said that, but I was booking it up the stairs, Ralof right behind me, and I see the Stromcloak I knew was about to die to Alduin. I had less than a second to pull that man safely near me just as Alduin burst his head through the wall and started breathing flames into the gaping hole he just created. I swiftly pushed the now rescued stormcloak down to Ralof and I quickly get down to avoid the flames, having to ditch my shirt in the process due to it catching fire. Alduin leaves the building, and goes off to do whatever. I turn back, making sure they were okay, and climbed back to the top.

+10 REP with Ralof, for saving a fellow soldier [10/100]

+10 REP with Ragnir, for saving his life [-10/100]

"We're going to have to jump into that open hole in that building just below us. Warren, you go on ahead, I have to make sure Ragnir is alright and check up on the others."

"You got it, Ralof."

Ralof nods, and hurries back down the stairs, Ragnir close behind him, but not before he gave me a nod of gratitude. Perfect, saving his life was worth it. Not only did that leave him in debt to me, it got me even more brownie points with Ralof. I'll be sure to think of something later, in the meantime I jump out of the hole and land in the burning building, I tucked and rolled to minimize the impact, and quickly made my way out of the building. Running into Hadvar trying, and failing, to get that little boy away from his dying father before any harm could befall him. Before I can call out to Hadvar, Alduin drops onto the ground and breaths more fire at us. I dive behind the walls of the house Hadvar had taken cover behind, but the child was not as fortunate. His screams of agony and sorrow pierced through the air like a hot knife through butter.

I look to Hadvar, and he had this shocked, horrified expression on his face. No doubt he blames himself for the death of that little boy. Not my problem, I quickly run away as Alduin takes off from the ground, passing by the ashes of that little boy and his father, and make my way to the keep. I pass by General Tullius as he barks orders about retreating, and sprint my way to where the inevitable confrontation happens. I see Ralof running towards me, but no sign of Hadvar. He still must be shaken up about Hemmingway's death, oh well, less hassle for me. I quickly run with Ralof as he tears the door off it's hinges and we rush inside, slamming the door right behind us.