Wood boards screamed out in the silence. Dusty evening light poured through antiquated windows. The slow ominous patter of leather shoes pacing on the aging floor, making for the door ahead. The rattle of the handle and its gears inside interlocking could be heard from down the hall.

The hinges screeched from the pain of being unused for months. Softer, more deliberate steps sought their way into the room. An old man with bland spectacles aging him far more than his actual age, made his way to the sole piece of furniture.

A large flat monitor facing the man rested in the middle of the desk. Sitting underneath its gaze was a tempting black suitcase calling to the man to come closer.

Taking cautious steps, the man searched around for anything out of place. Nothing was. A bygone portrait of a woman from classical times hung behind the escritoire. Peels in the dull blue wallpaper hung from the corners where the walls met the ceilings. Whoever leased the office hadn't done upkeep in years.

Reaching out to grab the hard crisp suitcase, the man's fingers curled around the handle in anticipation, eyes darting around the room as if waiting for the unexpected.


The man retracted his arm so fast that he almost took the suitcase with him by accident. The monitor flashed on revealing a man, or at least his torso adorned in a crisp gray suit and red tie. He laughed.

"I hope you didn't think I was going back on my word. You walked in here so cautiously I thought you had lost all trust in me."

"When all you see of your partner is their suit on a screen, you tend to second guess yourself."

"Professor Wood, please. You were the key to all of this. Without you, we'd never have gotten this far. It was you who managed to split the famous heroine and sidekick apart."

Professor Wood, once the Dean of Oxford, the shadow of shadows leeching off the world-renowned Kim Possible. Now nothing more than a sniveling broker for the master of the shadows himself.

The mission he undertook and taken its toll. The chains that Wood had been bound by from the FBI after Mr. Possible had him investigated for spying. The ass-whooping from a soldier haunted his dreams and life around every corner. Wood had crawled into a hole during the brief late summer conflict a couple of weeks prior, erasing all data that he had collected and fleeing Britain.

Glancing fearfully around the cold room, Wood couldn't help but feel entrapped and alone. "Listen, I'm glad it all worked out for you. I just want my reward," the professor inched his hands closer to the suitcase.

"Oh Wood, you know how to make someone laugh. Your reward isn't in the case. That's just for show. I left your prize behind you."

"Behind…" the tension of anxiety that had wound up the entire time broke, snapping his heel and spinning him around to the door he came through.

A small pop with barely enough sound to be heard by the man on the screen fell silent to the crash of Professor Wood's body against the floor. A small entry above the bridge of his nose oozed blood that tricked down his worn frozen face.

"You weren't supposed to peek. Oh well." The man quelled his snicker. "Are you sure that nothing can be learned from him?"

"Quite. I'll tip agents off tomorrow. Sending them down a false path won't be hard."

"So Director. I take it that Professor Wood here isn't valuable to anyone anymore?"

Betty Director lowered her silenced pistol. "It was a twenty-two caliber. No exit wound. That round bounced around in his skull so much that his brain is mush. Not even the most advanced brain-tap machine could read that goo."

"Excellent. Then we may proceed forward with our plans."

The Director of Global Justice holstered her weapon and crossed her arms. "Plan's which you still haven't made me privy to. And what about Kim Possible? And Ron Stoppable?"

The man turned his back to the camera and walked around an elegant desk that had been hidden from view before and sat in his chair in a manner where his identity wasn't revealed to the camera. Only the back of his light brown hair as he looked out a window that viewed the sky.

"They no longer present the threat that I perceived them to be."

The Director frowned, "But they're back together again. This bonehead didn't keep his word."

"He did his job extremely well. I only needed the pair separated for a couple years and he gave me much more time than I requested. Mr. Stoppable was recruited and exceeded my wildest expectations. Your brother did his job and the war gave me the cover I needed to move pieces in certain places, even if it was rushed. Now that they're in place, I do not need to keep the two separated."

"You're sure getting the whole villain monologuing down, aren't you?" Betty asked.

The mystery man laughed. "Oh, please. I'm just saying. Putting back the dynamic duo won't do a thing. Especially now that all regional and international military forces and intelligence agencies answer to you, there's not a thing they can do."

"What if they go rogue?"

"And who would believe them?" the man scoffed. "Trust me, Director. If you truly believe in my plans then you'll know they are no threat to me. Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable have done all the dirty work for me. Stoppable has a biased predisposition now, and Kim will chase old ghosts wherever they pop up. Even if they went rogue, by the time they figure it out, it'll be too late. They should thank me. I'll keep them employed for a long time."

A question played on the Director's mind. "And you're sure that you have no qualms about them?"

The man sighed, exhausted with the many doubts coming from the Director. "I have a set of rules I follow. One. Keep your allies close but your enemies closer. Two. Patience is the greatest resolve. And three, be bold but practice caution. Continue with what we've discussed before and everything will round itself out."

Betty Director crammed all her doubts back into the box in her head. She didn't want to upset him. "As you wish."

"One of the biggest problems with all my predecessors is they lacked patience and vision. They all saw the Possible team as an enemy. A liability. None of them ever saw Possible or Stoppable as assets. What they lack, I have. Soon, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable will become the greatest tools at my disposal. And they won't even know they're working for the big bad."

The snicker that came from the man-made Betty Director cringe. The man on the other end wasn't mad or deranged like her brother. He far surpassed any other villains she'd encountered. An analytical type. He didn't play for the short term. He played for the long term. A sociopathic empath that knew how to maneuver all the right pieces at the right times. When to be ruthless and when to show compassion.

Surprisingly though, Betty Director didn't know if she would call him a villain, at least in the traditional sense. The Director saw him as more of a visionary ahead of his time. One that would lead humanity into a future that anyone else would think impossible save the dreams of scientists.

Though, a few people wouldn't see it that way. Especially Kim, Ron, and their closest allies. The Director feared once they figured it out, they would fight back like they never had before. But when that time came… The Director smirked walking out of the room, the monitor behind her flicking off. When that time came, it would be far too late.

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