Hi! I wrote a little one shot of New Dream as kids. The idea was inspired by Jasicorn2419's sketches on tumblr. Enjoy!

School started three weeks ago. Within those three weeks, little Eugene Fitzherbert had managed to take over reading time whenever the class went to the carpet. He'd tell their teacher, Miss. Meadow, about the amazing story book his father would read to him before bed, "The Tales of Flynnigan Rider."

He'd act out whatever scene intrigued him the night before to his fellow classmates, amusing not only them, but Miss. Meadow as well. She even sent little videos of his one man play to his widowed father.

Whenever he was asked what he'd wanted to be when he grew up, Eugene's answer was always to be Flynn Rider.

"Why not Flynnigan?" Asked little Cassandra one day, obviously bored out of her mind. She was ready to get on with the next activity so they could go to recess right after.

"Because CassAHndrAH," Eugene replied as he crossed his arms, "I can't go and take his full identity. Flynn Rider would be like Flynnigan, but different."

And with that, he gave Cassandra a weird look where he puckered his lips together and raised one of his eyebrows up at her.

"What are you doing?" Little Arnwaldo, or Lance, who he normally goes by, asked him, "You look like you need to go!"

"No Lance," Eugene huffed at his best friend, "I don't need to go. This is simply my smoulder! It will help me get all the ladies when I'm older."

"Yeah," Cass replied, "Help the ladies run away from you!"

Before Eugene could say anything else, the classroom door opened. Principal Woods walked in with a little girl holding on to his hand.

"Miss. Meadow," he began, "Sorry to interrupt your lesson, but I am here to let you know that you have a new student joining your class."

Principal Woods gently nudged the wide-green-eyed girl towards the teacher. Everyone took a good look at the little girl and took her appearance in. Right away there was something different about this little girl. For starters, her blonde hair was longer than she was! It ended about a foot longer and looked very clean and tangled free. Another thing they noticed is that she was barefoot and carrying her shoes in her other hand. Was that even allowed in school?! Did she not care about germs?

"Children," Principal Woods continued, "Let me introduce you to your new classmate. This is Rapunzel Der Sonne."

Little Rapunzel took one good look at her peers and her big green eyes began to water.

"Oh no, sweetie," Miss. Meadow took her by the hand, "It's okay. Here, let's put your bag up and you can sit next to Eugene at the table. We're going to have an amazing day, alright?"

Rapunzel wiped her eyes and nodded before Miss. Meadow led her to the cubbies.

"Have you ever been to school before?" she asked her, "I know it can be scary at first. But I promise, you will love it!"

"No," Rapunzel shook her head, "I was homeschooled."

Well, that explained why she was barefoot. Maybe she was used to walking around the house without her shoes.

"Well that's okay!" Miss. Meadow said, "A lot of the kids here have never been to school before either! Why don't you go sit down and play with some playdoh. In a little bit we're going to have carpet time and read a story. Okay?"

"A story?" Rapunzel's eyes lit up, "Okay!"

Next thing Rapunzel knew, she was sitting at a table with three other kids; Eugene, Lance and Cassandra. Cassandra didn't seem very into the new girl. Lance on the other hand, kept staring at her with a dopey smile. Eugene took this opportunity to practice his smoulder.

"Hey there," he turned to her with his newly infamous look, "Name's Flynn Rider, what's your Blondie?"

Rapunzel looked up from her clay sculpture and stared at him with confusion.

"I thought your name is Eugene," she said, then noticed his face, "Is your face okay? You look like your face is hurt!"

Her eyes welled up again because Rapunzel doesn't like when people are in pain. Especially if she can't help them feel better. Eugene on the other hand, began to freak out because he was causing the new girl to cry.

"Oh, no, no, no, no!" He exclaimed, "Please don't cry! I want to play during recess today!"

"Eugene, you made her cry," Lance stated the obvious, "Miss. Meadow is going to be upset now!"

"Shut up, Arnwaldo!" Eugene snapped at him.

"Can you two stop it?!" Cassandra exclaimed and turned to Rapunzel, "No! His face is not broken! That's just how he looks. He can't help with how he was born. Now stop crying!"

"Can't believe the smoller didn't work," Lance mumbled.

Rapunzel sniffed and wiped her eyes. Feeling a tad relieved that he wasn't hurt, as well as embarrassed because the girl yelled at her, she turned back to her play-doh. Eugene decided that he was not going to talk to her. She was too emotional for his taste.

A few moments later, Miss. Meadow clapped her hands and had the class gather on the carpet for Eugene's favorite part of the day.

"Story time!" She told Rapunzel as she took her seat in one of the squares, "And today's story is going to be-"

"Miss. Meadow?" Eugene raised his hand, "Can I tell the story my Dad read to me last night?"

"Not right now," She smiled at him, "But after this story, you can!"

She then turned back to the kids and pulled out a book with a bear on the cover bending over to pick up a button.

"Everyone comfy and ready?" she asked the class and continued when they all gave her thumbs up, "Alright, let's begin."

After the story ended, Miss. Meadow opened the carpet floor to Eugene.

"Alright guys," he walked up to the center, "Let me tell you about Flynnigan and the Tales of the Sea!"

While Eugene was telling how Flynnigan Rider was saving prisoner's from a pirate ship, Miss. Meadow noticed how Rapunzel easily became engrossed with how Eugene was telling the story. She also remembered how excited Rapunzel seemed to be about story time. If her prediction was true, she would be the second student in her class who enjoys reading.

"And so," Eugene continued, "Right as Flynnigan Rider was just about to get thrown overboard, this girl came swinging from the crow's nest! She had very long hair that looked like a rope! And-"

"Like Rapunzel's hair?" little Gus interrupted.

"Uh, no," Eugene rolled his eyes, "This girl's hair was very long! Longer than Rapunzel's! Like uh- a GAZILLION foots long!"

"Anyways," he continued, "Where was I?"

"This is booooring," Cass said.

"Eugene," Miss. Meadow said, "Why don't we save the story for later? I believe it's time for coloring before we go out to recess, alright?"

"Fine," Eugene grumbled and walked to his table, "Dumb CassAHndrAH ruining my story."

He noticed Rapunzel happily skipping to their table with her box of crayons and markers. He wondered why she refuses to wear shoes. He had overhead Principal Woods tell Miss. Meadow to let Rapunzel be around barefoot in the classroom, but she needs to wear shoes when they go outside, the cafeteria, and even the restroom.

When he grabbed his own coloring supplies, Rapunzel protectively hunched over her drawing as if she didn't want anyone to see.

"Whatcha coloring Blondie?" Eugene asked her and noticed how red she suddenly got. This is why she needs to wear shoes at school. Or else she will get sick.

When she didn't respond, Eugene just shrugged at Lance who also shrugged back. Cassandra just opened her desk divider so she wouldn't see any of her table mates.

After coloring time, it was time for recess. The students were lined up waiting patiently, besides Cassandra, for Rapunzel to put her shoes back on so they could go outside.

"But my Mommy lets me play outside without shoes," she said to Miss. Meadow, "Why do I have to wear shoes? I don't like them."

"I know Sweetie," Miss. Meadow said as she helped her with her flats, "But walking out to the park can be dangerous on your little feet. We don't want you accidently stepping on something sharp, right? But don't worry, when we return you can take them off again."

"Okay," Rapunzel pouted and held tightly to the drawing she drew.

Miss. Meadow had snuck a peek at it and it warmed her heart up. She just hoped the subject wouldn't mind it.

"Alright children!" She stood up, "Let's go outside!"

Finally reaching their destination, Miss. Meadow sat on the benches next to the other Pre-k teacher and sighed.

"I got a new student today," she announced, "She's not a handful, but Principal Woods wants to have a meeting with me and her parents. He said that the meeting would clear up some stuff about her."

"Oh no," Mrs. Fields said, "Don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing. How is she adjusting to far?"

"So far so good," she replied, "She may also be an avid reader as well. It's a good thing I sat her next to Eugene."

"That's good!" Mrs. Field said, "Maybe that's what Eugene needs. A little challenge for his advanced self. Still don't understand why his father refused to have him skip a grade."

"Yeah," Miss. Meadow nodded, "Who knows. But let's hope Rapunzel will meet his level."

With that, she looked over the playground to take accountability of her class. She noticed Eugene sitting against a tree with his eyes closed enjoying the nice breeze when a once again barefoot Rapunzel approached him shyly. This is what Miss. Meadow was looking forward to.

"Uh, Eugene?" Rapunzel mumbled, "Are you awake?"

"I am now," He opened an eye, "Can I help you Blondie?"

With that, Rapunzel brought the drawing she was holding on to and turned it around to show him.

"Eugene," she repeated, "I drew you as Flynn Rider!"

"What?" Eugene quickly sat up with his mouth hanging open.

The drawing resembled exactly like Eugene. Only seeing it once and for a second, Rapunzel drew his smoulder perfectly.

"Rapunzel," he smiled, "You drew me this?"

"Yeah," she blushed shyly, "Do you like it? I mean It's not as good as I remembered it. And I really enjoyed your Flynnigan story."

"This is perfect!" He exclaimed as he gave her a big bear hug, "Thank you so much!"

Rapunzel giggled and sat on the grass next to him.

"You never finished the story," she said, "Can you finish it?"

"Blondie, it would be my honor." He gave her a wink.

"Awww," Miss. Meadow and Mrs. Fields said.

"Oh yeah," Mrs. Fields said, "They're going to be good friends for sure."

After watching Eugene act out as Flynnigan Rider and Rapunzel being so engrossed by him, both the teachers went back to their gossip time.

"Can I tell you something?" Rapunzel asked with a light blush, "I like Eugene Fitzherbert much better than Flynn Rider."

Instead of answering her, Eugene smiled and sat next to her and held her hand.

What the teachers didn't notice was how Rapunzel softly pecked his cheek.