Hello everyone. As you all know, I've written for many different genres such as action, romance, parody, tragedy, even horror, watching the show, etc. However the one thing I haven't gotten into, except for one small exception, is erotica and especially of the harem variety. I've only dabbled into it three times and those are, if anyone's interested and has not read them, "Sexy Times On The Mat", "Sexy Christmas Morning", and the first chapter of an ongoing "The Gifted" fic entitled "Caught", the last one found only on Archive Of Our Own.

However I've decided to try my hand at it for real and this will be a harem for Roy Harper story. You see, there are a lot of harem stories for major characters out there and some smaller characters but one of the few who have not received one is Roy. And so this will have Roy having fun with the many ladies across the Arrowverse but I won't be using every single lady.

There's also no plot but only sex and some humor.

Disclaimer: I don't own the Arrowverse.

Hot Times With Speedy

Roy and Thea were currently inside of the Arrow Cave and sparring with bamboo sticks. They twirled their sticks around in the air as they continuously clashed them together in a dazzling display, using all of their strength.

Roy was shirtless while wearing a pair of red pants while Thea wore a pair of tight, black leather pants was also shirtless except for a lacy red bra which showed off her cleavage.

"Remember what your brother taught us my love. The power is in our hips," Roy reminded his girlfriend as they sparred heavily, breaking a sweat.

"Of course I remember honey, though we both know that my hips have been used for more than just power," she acknowledged and then teased him, giving him a sexy grin. Roy grinned back, knowing exactly what she was referring to and remembering how great they had both enjoyed the use of their hips for certain other enjoyable things.

Soon they decided to take a break and ceasing their sparring session, placed their sticks to the side and then pulled out a bottle of cold water each for them to drink. After they finished, Thea turned back to her boyfriend and gave him that sexy grin once more.

"You know honey, but us bringing up our hips has caused some very naughty thoughts to my mind and it's made me very hot and bothered right now. So how about we put them to even better use and enjoy a much more fun sparring session?" she suggested busily while biting her lower lip.

Roy raised his eyebrows at her, intrigued, and the young couple took a moment to admire each other's well shaped bodies, glistening with sweat from their workout.

Roy looked her body up and down with her sensual curves, plump breasts, pink lips that were parted and inviting, and her long, dark brown hair that fell to her shoulders in ringlets, feeling like one lucky guy to have such a hot girlfriend.

Thea on her part took in her man's handsome body that he had managed to build by working out which included his thick but not too thick muscles, broad chest, rippling abs, and angular jawline, licking her lips.

Soon the two lovers could not control their sizzling lust for each other and Thea quickly leapt onto him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his hips. Their lips pressed together and she thrust her tongue into his mouth and the two of them moaned as their tongues dueled for dominance while they sucked and pulled on each other's lips.

As they continued to make out deeply, Thea began sensuously circulating her curvy hips as she ground her currently covered yet dripping wet pussy against his hardening cock to which he responded by grinding back. The lust and desire continued to build between them as they did this and they clasped each other's bodies tightly as they enjoyed the pleasure they were giving to each other's bodies.

Soon their lips parted with a wet smooch sound and then Thea, with a grin, pushed her boyfriend onto the chair behind him and straddling him, her lovely legs on either side of his hips, moved to unbuckle and then pull off his pants followed by lifting herself a bit to remove his boxers while he in turn pulled off her own pants and ripped off her lacy black underwear and then undid her bra and let it fall to the floor, allowing her breasts to hang free.

Both of them completely nude, Thea bent her head downwards and began laying wet sucking kisses onto his chest while using her tongue to softly lick his nipples. She bent her head even further and began slowly licking her tongue from his chest to his toned abs and back upwards as he leaned back and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue running across his body.

She would've taken his throbbing cock into her mouth like she usually did but was just too horny wanted to skip to the main course. And so she instead moved her hips upwards and hovering over him with a sexy smile, slowly lowered herself onto him and Roy watched as all 11 inches of his cock was swallowed up by her pussy until he was up to the hilt, bottoming out inside of her.

Her pussy was soaking wet and tight around his cock while clenching and stroking it and Roy groaned in pleasure, never getting enough of his girlfriend's deliciously warm walls as they left him in ecstasy. She moved up and down slowly, relishing the feel of his huge cock inside of her, and then began to speed up as she began to ride him hard and fast, gyrating her body while circling her hips and whipping her head around, lips parted, and taking it with deep strokes.

Roy then wrapped his arms around her and moved his hands to clutch the back of her shoulders and began to slam his hips upwards and aggressively, matching her hard and deep thrusts, and the two of them pressed their open mouths against each other and engaged in a sloppy kiss, slurping and licking each other's tongues and exchanging a bit of saliva, while their hips crashed together with great intensity as they screwed heavily. Thea then removed her lips from Roy's and moved them close to his ear.

"You like this my dirty boy? You like my pussy wrapped so tightly around your cock, squeezing and sucking it as it's buried so deeply inside of me, my boobs against your chest?" she whispered to him sensually while sticking out her tongue and licking along the shell of his ear.

"Oh I love it babe. So tight and so wet. You really are naughty minx taking my big cock and letting me use you as my personal sex toy," he answered her lustfully and then licked along her cleavage followed by him wrapping his lips tightly around her nipples and sucking and licking them for all he was worth, alternating between each nipple while Thea arched her head and shoulders back, moaning loudly at his ministrations.

"Ohhhh yeah Roy. Suck my boobs. Lick them, use them oh my goodness YESSSS!" she moaned and then yelled out in her own state of ecstasy.

Soon enough, Roy lifted her off of him, causing her to groan in protest at the loss of fullness inside of her juicy cavern, and threw her onto the training mat, causing her to fall onto her back. He then quickly moved over her, grabbed ahold of her legs and parted them, and then without preamble, plunged his cock back inside of her depths in one stroke, causing her to gasp out loud. He then lifted it out of her, leaving the head inside of her, and then promptly plunged back inside and continued this repeatedly.

He then took her wrists and pinned them to the floor as he screwed her so deeply, his cock continuously grinding against her throbbing clit which heightened the pleasure coursing throughout her body.

She on her part wrapped her legs tightly around him and thrust her own pelvis upwards, matching him thrust for thrust and moving just as hard as he was.

"Ahhhh yes Roy yes. Keep plunging that hard cock inside of me. You fill me up so wonderfully the hot sex machine that you are. Keep plowing me and taking me like you always do my handsome hunk," she begged him as he did exactly that, moving faster and faster until he began pounding into her with tremendous speed and force while she in turn moved her hips with the same amount of speed, their hips crashing harder than ever as they screwed like animals in great heat.

As they continued to engage in this passionate and erotic display of carnal knowledge while engaging in not only further dirty talk but also exchanging deep words and feelings of love and emotions, feeling not only the connection of their bodies but also their souls as both seemed to meld into one, their climaxes began to build and strengthen until they were just about ready to come.

"I'm cumming Thea I'm cumming. You ready for it?" Roy groaned and warned her as he continued thrusting into her.

"I'm cumming to my love. Shoot your seed inside of me oh I'm so ready for it," she answered him in wanton desire, desperate to feel his seed against her walls. Very soon they climaxed simultaneously, Roy pressing his pelvis hard into hers and releasing his thick seed into her while her pussy exploded in a flood of juices which drenched his cock.

They also joined their mouths together once more in a hot, wet, and steamy lip lock, moaning into each other's mouths as they came.

Fourth-five seconds later, their shared climaxes subsided and they wrapped themselves around each other while enjoying the afterglow of their post coital bliss.

"Wow Roy. That was so frickin hot. You always make love to me so wonderfully," she told him blissfully.

"You're not so bad yourself sweetie," Roy grinned to which she slapped him playfully. They then moved towards each other to kiss again but as they did, a loud voice interrupted them.

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU TWO THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" yelled out a highly annoyed and put out Oliver, causing the lovers to leap up and gather their clothes which were scattered around them, hastily putting them back on.

"Really guys?! In the cave of all places?! I happen to work here you know and so do the rest of the time. I seriously cannon believe the two of you!" Oliver continued to scold them while turning his head and waiting for them to get dressed, having no interest in seeing their nudity and especially that of his baby sister. No siree.

"Um, hey Oliver. It's um, it's not what it looked like," Roy mumbled as he finished putting his pants back on.

"Oh come on Ollie, it's not like you and Sara aren't doing it every other day here as well. Besides what's good for the goose is good for the gander the way I see it," Thea countered with a roll of her eyes and a smirk as she strapped her bra back on while Roy blushed at her words that left her big brother stumped, knowing she was right. Oliver then threw his hands into the air and then turned and made his way out of the cave while Thea and Roy grinned at each other.

"I love you Roy Harper," she said to him lovingly and with a smile.

"I love you to Thea Queen," he returned with his own smile that was filled with love.

To Be Continued

A/N So how did I do with the first chapter of my truly official erotica, the buildup to it between Roy and Thea, and was it hot, steamy, and spicy enough for you guys, including the dirty talk, and especially for my first time writing hetero sex?

And are you guys alright with Roy's manhood being 11 inches or is that too much? I don't want to get corny here or get too unrealistic.

A bit of background for this. Roy and Thea are in an open relationship, something I've decided for simplicity's sake, but are ultimately each other's true loves. But while they have an open relationship, Roy is the only man Thea wants but is willing to hook up with other women.

This scene is also set shortly after they decided to keep their relationship open. Plus this fic will not be set in any particular season but the timeline will be random and a bit separate from the canon timeline but still incorporating canon elements.

As for their ages and since this is not following the canon timeline, Roy will be 19 while Thea will be 18 and everyone else will be close to their canon ages.

The next chapter will involve Roy enjoying some time with Earth-1 Laurel and she'll be the next person after Thea to join his harem.

Have a great day.