This is the first installment of the "Rebekah Mason Chronicles" I hope you guys enjoy it.

Perry and Della Mason were walking along the streets by their office as it was a habit they did to get some fresh air. Della smiled,

"It sure is nice out today." Perry nodded and they continued walking.

"Wait!" A little girl of about 5 called after her "friends" as they ran along the sidewalk laughing to get away from the little girl.

"Come and get us, Rebekah!" One of the kids called causing Perry and Della to look and see the kids weaving in front of them.

"Comin – oh!" They heard behind them to see who they presumed to be Rebekah, face down on the sidewalk – not even crying over the fact that she fell. Della rushed over to help the girl up as Rebekah grunted a little still accepting the help,

"Are you alright, sweetie?" Della asked as Rebekah looked at a set of stairs near them as Della helped her sit down while Perry went to get bandages and ointment for Rebekah's knee.

"Are your friends coming back?" Della asked as Rebekah shook her head, not making eye contact with Della.

"No." Rebekah finally said. When Perry got back Rebekah looked at him with saucer eyes, but she wasn't afraid.

"Hello, little one," Perry said in a calm voice as Della worked to clean Rebekah's knee. Della watched Rebekah and Perry as Rebekah, impulsively, hugged him tightly as Della blushed softly seeing her boss with the little girl. Perry hugged Rebekah back as he smiled softly,

"Something tells me that she's not getting proper affection or if she is, not enough of it," Perry whispered to Della as she nodded,

"This might sting…" Della said softly as she placed the ointment on the cut, but she could see bruises and old cuts that never fully healed and scarred over. Rebekah winced softly,

"Ow…" Della smiled and wrapped a bandage over the knee as Rebekah got up,

"Where do you live, Rebekah?" Della asked as Rebekah pointed in the direction she came from as Perry nodded,

"Can you take us to your parents?" Rebekah shook her head and led them in the opposite direction until they came upon the apartment of her Aunt Elizabeth and knocked,

"Coming!" They heard from behind the door as Elizabeth opened it as Rebekah ran into her arms as Elizabeth let Perry and Della in,

"Where was she when you found her?" Elizabeth asked frantically as Della was taken a little aback,

"She was a few blocks north of here when she tripped. So, my husband and I cleaned and bandaged the cut." Rebekah had let go of her aunt but climbed onto Perry's lap and wrapped her arms around his torso and fell asleep as Elizabeth nodded,

"Thank you. I've been struggling with keeping us afloat once I found out that my sister and her husband had been abusing her. I've been meaning to adopt her but with me working two jobs… I can't." Della and Perry looked to Elizabeth,

"We can take her while you gather whatever evidence you need to place your sister and her husband behind bars," Della said as she realized what Elizabeth wanted to do.

"Please, and it seems like Bekah is very comfortable with your husband, ma'am." Della smiled,

"We're Della and Perry Mason. We didn't introduce ourselves when Rebekah brought us here." Elizabeth nodded,

"Thank you both." Della looked to Rebekah,

"Is she usually this quiet?" Elizabeth shook her head and laughed,

"No, she's usually more outgoing when she's with me." Perry smiled as Rebekah moaned softly in her sleep,

"I don't understand why she's comfortable with me. I'm twice, if not triple, her size right now, and yet she's clung on to me like a koala." Elizabeth smiled,

"My brave girl." Perry tried to pry Rebekah off of him so they could leave but Rebekah woke up and began to fuss, not wanting to let go. Della and Elizabeth smiled softly,

"…Could you take her back to your place for the next few days? I can gather clothes for her, I've got a lot of them here already," Elizabeth asked, well more so pleaded as Della nodded.


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