Finally, we come to the birth of Elena Joy O'Reilly.

It was April 8th, 1995 and the O'Reilly's hadn't taken on a case for they knew that it was the week that Elena was supposed to be born. They were hanging around their beach house and at 8:30 that night,

"Guys… It's time. Elena's coming." Morgan winced as she walked into the master bedroom where the family was cuddling before placing baby Perry down to sleep as Bekah nodded placing baby Perry in his crib and gathered Morgan's hospital bags after calling Della as she was working late with Ken and Paul Jr,

"Elena's coming. It's not a false alarm." Della nodded,

"Where do you need me? At the hospital with you and Morgan or home with Finn?" Bekah opened her mouth as Morgan cried out in pain,

"Uh… meet us at the hospital. Morgan loves you like a Mom. She'll be more comfortable with you there." Once they got to the hospital and Morgan in her room in Labor and Delivery,

"You're only 3 cm dilated Morgan, you've got at least 12 – 18 hours to go." The doctor said as Morgan sighed,

"I knew it." Ken and Paul Jr had gone over to help Finian with their nephew,

"…Oh, ow." Morgan breathed as she felt another contraction build up as Della and Bekah grabbed her hands,

"Just breathe deeply. You're doing great." Bekah coached softly,

"Was it this way with Perry?" Morgan asked after the contraction ended as Bekah shook her head,

"Nope, it was the opposite. We were in Denver and it was on the last day of the current trial we were working on and I was cross – examining witnesses while I was in early labor with him. He was 5 days overdue." Morgan smiled,

"You are obviously a superwoman/supermom." Della smiled in agreement,

"Why don't we all try and get some sleep, especially you Morgan. You need to conserve your energy for pushing." Morgan and Bekah nodded as Bekah curled up on the bed next to Morgan as both girls feel asleep.

12 hours later,

"Morgan, I'm sorry. We have to go in for a cesarean. Elena's not taking to the contractions like we'd hoped." Morgan nodded.

"OK. Anything to keep Elena safe." Della and Bekah scrubbed up and once they were in the OR,

"Nervous?" Della asked Morgan as she shook her head,

"Not really. Just ready for it to be over. Keep talking. I need to be distracted." Morgan urged as Bekah smiled,

"Remember when I first saw Finn?" Morgan nodded,

"I knew that when he asked you out to lunch and you accepted, that you'd fallen hard already." Della smiled,

"It was that way with your Daddy and I, Bekah. When I first met him, it was love at first sight." Bekah smiled as a nurse spoke up,

"Morgan, you're going to feel pressure… and here we go. Here she is!" The three women broke into wide grins as they heard Elena's cries. Bekah laughed and kissed Morgan's forehead as Della smiled once they handed Elena to Bekah,

"Oh, she look exactly like you Morgan." Morgan looked at her baby with a smile,

"And I know she'll be blessed beyond belief with you, Finn, and Perry." Della smiled and once Morgan was in her room,

"Hi, Perry!" Della cooed as Finian brought him in as Bekah smiled seeing Perry in Della's arms as Perry looked to Elena curiously,

"That's your little sister, Elena." Bekah cooed happily as Perry smiled at the newborn in his Mama's arms. The adults smiled as Perry kissed Elena's forehead gently,

"That's good, Perry." Della cooed happily as Morgan looked up,

"Happy Birthday, Bekah!" Bekah smiled,

"Thanks, Morgan." Morgan smiled at the 25 – year – old Mama of two under two as Perry cooed happily in his Grandma's arms.

Henry and Deirdre couldn't make it on an earlier flight,

"Hello?" Finian heard on the other end of the phone as he called from their house as he smiled,

"Well, Elena Joy O'Reilly is here. She was delivered via c – section as she wasn't taking to the contractions well. Morgan's fine, everyone's fine." He heard happy laughter on the other end of the phone.

"Give her a hug and a kiss for us, Finian. We'll be out there soon enough. We love all of you." Henry said before they hung up as Finian smiled as he went to bed that glorious night, after putting baby Perry down for bed.

One week after Elena was born,

"Mom, Daddy." Morgan said with a smile as Bekah was holding Elena when they walked in as Henry gathered the little girl in his arms as Bekah smiled.

"She's precious, Morgan. Thank you Rebekah and Finian for gathering the courage to take Elena in and raise her like your own." Henry said as Bekah nodded,

"Anything for my best friend."

That's the end of this chapter and I really hope that y'all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it.