Chapter 1 - Prince of Macedonia

By theMadLad

It's been 10 long years and 9 agonizing stuck-in-the-womb months since that shady man in robes approached me with those fucking diluted potions.

10 long years since I was born in this shitty battle harem anime death world. A world built as a clusterfuck of every mythology, legend or even fairytale all mashed together like some potatoes in an old black woman's kitchen bowl with a titty powered mixer, with only 9 more years til the start of end of the world.

Damn, thank fuck I have some of the greatest cheats in human history!

Three CYOA Essences! When I first arrived in this world after taking and dying from those potions, the knowledge of their abilities was burnt into my mind, which included:

Essence of the Blank

By taking this essence, you gain but one benefit:

Your potential becomes limitless. You can learn any discipline or skillset, even if you shouldn't be capable of it, without forgetting it and practice them into mastery, no matter how many you learn. Any abilities you have from other Essences will increase where possible and develop in ways beyond their initial purposes.

Essence of the King

A body just above the peak of your species in ability, one sculpted to your tastes.

Infinite willpower to tackle any foe, even bloody and broken you will not stop.

Endless endurance, stamina, and immunity to pain.

A signature bloodline with several benefits up to your discretion. Can pass onto your descendants.

Perfect memory with infinite storage

Mastery of many weapons and unarmed styles, even just plain old brawling.

Immense skill conducting war on a strategic and tactical level.

Good handle of logistics and how to raise and train a force from a small band of soldiers to entire armies.

A mastery of economics, logistics, politics, and other things needed to run a functional power.

Charisma to bend the will of entire nations and the sheer presence of a monarch that others would describe as divine.

Essence of Humanity

Gain an evolved human body superior to the peak of normal humans. Your natural lifespan measures in centuries instead of decades. If you aren't human you are now at least half human.

Extremely charismatic on the level of whipping up strangers into a frenzy with a few choice words and easily gaining die hard loyal supporters with little effort. Humans especially will see you as a symbol of the species and rally to you should you take up a cause.

You learn extremely quickly, taking in weeks of experience in days, months of experience in weeks and years if not decades of experience in months.

Can survive and thrive in desperate situations and adapt accordingly even if logically you would most likely die an ignoble death.

Can learn and understand anything with enough study, even reverse engineer and reproduce strange alien devices or magical artifacts with human sciences.

Can breed with anything and still somehow result in a viable half human hybrid that takes more after their human side then alien.




Unfortunately, that shady guy told me they were diluted when I took them, causing me to miss out on their full potential. Fortunately though, Essence of the Blank will eventually allow me to reach their full potential regardless.

"Alexander! Your father is calling you!" A voice rang out from outside.

"Coming!" I responded, snapping out of my musings while glancing at the large room I'm residing in.

It was large with a big double bed and walk-in closet, hell even some parts of the room including the decorations were gilded.

'Hmph, fitting for a prince like me,' I thought jokingly in arrogance.

"Alexander." An imposing man spoke from the head of the table, but I could see the glint of pride in his eyes.

"Father." I responded to my daddy in this life, Philip Macedon.

We were sat on a large decorative wood table with gold trimmings and a luxurious chandelier hanging above.

Also seated at the table was my mother who sat quietly towards the center. There were also some servants lurking in the shadows nearby but we ignored them as intended.

"We are headed to Britain later this week, I wanted to inform you." Father spoke once more.

"May, I ask why?" I responded with the tilt of my head.

"We will be visiting some family friends, I'm sure you have heard of them, the Pendragon Family." My mother, Iris Macedon, spoke.

'Arthur and Le Fay huh...?' I thought, remembering two members of the Hero Faction turned Team Vali.

It made sense to visit them due to the similarities of our two families, both of us are fallen royalty that have become rather closed off to mundane society.

Both of our families also have ties to the supernatural as well, the Pendragons with the Heaven Faction and the Golden Dawn while my own has small ties with Mt Olympus.

And finally, both of our families are home to extraordinarily legendary figures, the King of Knights, Arthur Pendragon and the King of Conquerors, Alexander the Great.

Unfortunately, my family has fallen much further than their own, time has taken it's toll on us and we are but a shell of a former selves, from the rulers of all of Asia and Egypt to the regional rulers of Macedonia, the largest territory of Greece.

And even then, its more of a title than anything.

The rest of the meal went quickly, my family is rather close knit, but even then my Father has a liking for formality.

But, I could tell he as well as my mother were excited to show me off to others, after all I was their pride and joy.

...and the greatest chance for our house to rise once more.

After the meal I headed back to my room, closing myself off to others I sat down on my bed.

A few years ago when my father was touring me around our territory we stopped at Mount Athos, an older holy site that houses some self governing monks.

With my talents it took only a focused glance to discern what they were doing. They had been attempting to toss away worldly desires in order to devote themselves to the spiritual.

Unfortunately for them, they were in a harem anime devoting themselves to a dead god and fortunately for me, I had learned meditation and how to reach the state of ones self.

Taking a deep breath with a meditative pose, I tossed aside all attachments to the world, reaching a state of enlightenment. I felt the mana lying deep within my body stir along with my own life force.

An exhale later, and a gray aura began to permeate from the pores of my skin. I focused on thinning and restraining it just layered over my skin while condensing it further.

Another inhale and I felt my self about to reach peak enlightenment and ascend to a higher realm, I quickly restrained it, fiercely refusing to become a buddha in a harem world without getting laid.

The state of enlightenment was destroyed, having my worldly desires interrupt the process I exhaled in annoyance.

I brought out the aura from before or as it was known in the Light Novel, Touki, and clenched my fist, hearing the satisfying pop of my knuckles.

I had easily picked up Touki as it was well suited for my weaker human body's defense. I had been trying to get my Touki to be active passively at all times and was almost there.

It wasn't difficult for me to pick it up like Sairaorg Bael who was able to manifest it through his fighting spirit after monumentous amounts of effort, instead I did it like a sage or youki who attuned with nature through meditation.

This paired with my large mana reserves and peak combat skills already made me qualified as at least a high class threat, not bad for a boy at the age of ten.

After continuing on with my training session I began to prepare for my trip to England and after finishing that I sat down on my bed and started reviewing my memories and checking up on my plans.

After all, the world isn't gonna just save itself...

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