"It's driving me fucking crazy." Mina paced around her room, her loyal crewmates Momo, Ochako, and Toru all staring at her like she was actually crazy. She had called a code orange, which was girl talk for 'something needed to be addressed and it needed to be addressed right now'. "And I know it's bugging you all too. Don't act like you don't know what the hell I'm talking about."

All of the other girls looked at her and then looked at each other.

"I admit, it has been frustrating watching them." Momo ran her hand through her hair and let out a long sigh that just felt like a goddamn mood. "They act how I would expect a couple to act, but, they're not?"

Ochako crossed her arms over her chest and gave a slight pout, her rosy pink cheeks growing slightly more pink. "I mean, I still think they're just trying to keep it a secret."

"Ochako," The shirt and pants that were currently representing Toru flailed their sleeves and wiggled their legs. "We went over this, there's no way anyone can be that bad at keeping it a secret."

"No, there's no doubt that neither one of them are aware of their own feelings." Mina muttered and closed her eyes, finger tapping on her chin as she thought back to the first day of class when Izumi and Eijiro met each other. "I know I'm not the only one right? Like, when you saw them basically bump into each other that they were about two words away from getting married right then and there."

"Mmmhmm," Ochako nodded her head up and down fast enough she had to slap her own cheeks to stop. "Yeah yeah! It was like, if love at first sight was a thing, then that would be it! It was like, they were so into each other, how long did they spend looking at each other?"

"At least six minutes before Aizawa-sensei showed up and made them sit down," Momo glanced towards the clock, a wistful look on her face.

"And then when they teamed up during the heroes vs villain training we did! They were so in sync! Like, I mean, like, it was one-sided as could be! And they were up against Shoto." Toru's arm holes continued to flail.

Momo let out a light hum and nodded, "He still has nightmares of Eijiro flying through a glacier to punch him in the face."

"Speaking of nightmares, have you seen a guy try to flirt with Izumi?" Ochako asked, rapidly tapping on her legs. "I mean, I'm not exactly the best at that kind of a thing, but holy crap it was painful to watch."

"In all fairness, they don't know that she's currently taken by Eijiro." Mina let out a growl and flailed her arms again. "But then again, neither does she! It's like frustrating! How can the perfect couple be so dense! Like, have you seen the look on Eijiro's face the moment Izumi walks in the door? I'd be happy to have a boyfriend look at me like that every once in a while! Or how about the long lingering looks he gives her when she's not looking? I swear, he must have a clear outline of her entire body just burned into his brain at this point."

"It's not like Izumi doesn't stare either," Momo muttered. "I swear, when they first saw each other in their hero costumes, both of them stopped functioning for a solid minute. And every time they're at the gym, they're just staring at each other like nobody else exists. And then the touching!"

"The touching!" All of them shouted at once.

There was PDA.

And then there was PDA.

The amount of times that Izumi had jumped onto Eijiro's back, laughing as he went sprinting down the hallway giving her a piggy back ride, made it seem like a daily occurrence. There were the shoulder leans, the nudges, the bumps, the hand touching, not to mention all the touching the two did during workouts!

Mina had enough evidence on her phone to create an entire portfolio of those two dorks being hopelessly in love!

From the two of them sleeping on each other on the bus sharing a pair of headphones like it was nothing, to Eijiro flexing and Izumi sitting on his arm and flexing too! To the exact same pose but with Eijiro sitting on Izumi's arm! Even when they were studying, they just sat so close, their bodies touching constantly, and honestly, it made Mina wonder how the hell those two ever got any work done!

"How the hell haven't they had sex already?" Ochako asked.

All three girls turned to look at her.

"Well, I just mean, they're like, always staring at each other! And like I mean, Izumi took Eijiro shopping for cute clothes once and she even came back with bras and stuff and even a bikini for this summer! And Eijiro too! They both, it's just, guh!" Ochako covered her face and began to float. "I'm so jealous!"

"Mood." Mina held up her hand.


"Shoto…" Momo bit her lip and sighed. "He tries."

Watching Shoto and Momo do things was about the exact opposite of watching Izumi and Eijiro do anything. It was stiff, it was awkward, and people wondered if they were together despite actually being together. Still, the two were… happy… at least Momo said she was happy. Shoto just stared.

"Argh!" Mina grabbed Ochako and forced her back to the ground. "Alright girls! That's it, we're going to go and fix this! If those two aren't a couple by the end of the week, I'm going to lose my goddamn mind!"

"I think you already did lose your mind." Toru stood and then did something with her hands. "But I'm with you!"

Momo stood and nodded. "Normally I'm against meddling with other people's relationships, but I think this is needed. For our own sanity, if nothing else."

Ochako stood, red-faced and nodding eagerly.

"Alright, so, where are they now?" Mina asked.

"Oh!" Tooru jumped. "They were going to watch a movie after they took their post-workout showers. I think they're in the common room."

Mina nodded. She could already picture Izumi and Eijiro sitting on the couch in multiple adorable ways. Such as the arm over the shoulder, the overlapping legs, the snuggle buddies, and so many more classical couple poses that she was likely to encounter those two in. Fully prepared, she smiled and nodded at the girls. It was time to make operation sunshine happen.

They made their way down to the common room and found the two on the couch. A movie was on, but neither Eijiro nor Izumi was watching it.

They were not prepared for the level of adorableness on the couch.

Eijiro was laying on his back, a light bit of snoring coming from his open mouth, as his post-shower hair fell free to the sides devoid of its usual spikeiness. Izumi was laying on top of him, her face buried just below Eijiro's neck as she slept soundly. Her loose white T-shirt was raised up so that her athletic waist could be seen, and the cute boy shorts she was wearing showed off her powerful legs. Eijiro's arm was hooked around Izumi's waist, and one hand was just casually resting on top of her ass.

Really, Eijiro was the luckiest guy on Earth considering how god damn thicc Izumi was.

Mina felt her cheeks burn, and was once again annoyed that despite her skin looking like a super blush for a normal person, her own blushes made her cheeks turn purple.

"Izumi!" She hissed and nudged the girl slightly.

"Mmmh?" Izumi pushed herself up off of Eijiro's chest like it was the most natural thing in the world. She looked at all four of them and gave a slight yawn. "Oh, sorry, did you guys want the T.V.? We must have—"

"Please," Momo said with a begging voice. "We're begging you, just confess already."

"Huh?" Izumi rubbed her eyes. "Confess what?"

"That you're in love with Eijiro!" Ochako shouted. "Seriously! Look at yourself! You're laying on top of him hugging him!"


"He's grabbing your ass!"

Izumi turned and looked and saw where Eijiro's hand was. "Oh."

Oh! All this and they only got an 'Oh'?

"Izumi. Girl." Mina squatted down and glared as hard as she had ever glared before. "For the love of god, you two aren't just dating, you two are practically married. Ever since we moved into the dorms, you two have eaten every single meal together! Hell, you two cook together! You two do everything together! You're so in love it hurts us, so please, for the love of god, just start dating."

"But," Izumi blinked, and tilted her head to the side. "We're not. Are we?"

Mina scrambled and fell onto the ground.

"Huh?" Eijiro decided that right then was the best time to wake up. "What's going on?"

"They're saying we love each other." Izumi smiled when she looked at Eijiro.















"Huh?" Eijiro groaned and tightened his grip around Izumi's waist. "We are?"

"That's what I said."

Mina wanted to scream.

"Alright, before Mina explodes into a tornado of acid after having been romantically blue balled by you two for over a year at this point, can you two do me a favor?" Momo asked with a voice that was far far far too sweet to use the term blue balled.

"Uhh," both Eijiro and Izumi looked at Momo then at each other then at Momo again.

"Sure?" Izumi asked, placing her head back down on Eijiro's chest. Apparently she was comfortable there.

Momo took in a deep breath and smiled sweetly. "I need you two to kiss. I mean, if you don't have romantic feelings for each other, then it shouldn't be a problem right? Just a quick smooch."

"Kiss?" Izumi asked, her eyes going wide and a blush covering her face. She gripped onto Eijiro's shirt and stared at nothing.

"Kiss?" Eijiro repeated.

The two looked at each other. Both of them were blushing up a god damn storm that put a smile on Mina's face.

They moved slowly, heads tilted to the side as Izumi pulled herself up and then, after what felt like an age of its own, the two finally kissed.

It didn't stop at a smooch. It didn't stop with one kiss. It progressed, growing more and more with each second to the point that they had to look away.

Later, Mina discovered that she had made a terrible mistake as Izumi's room was right next to hers.

AN: I thought about writing this as a longer series but really that would be kind of torture. So have a cute one shot.