Orgrimmar was getting colder each day. Clouds floated over the city with haste, the chill of death lingering in the air. With talks of the sky shattering in Northrend, if the rumors were to be believed, and the inverted image of another world in the skies exposed to Northrend to see, it would definitely have been an incredible fairy tale. But after everything the denizens of the Horde have been through over the last few years, it wouldn't have been that unbelievable that monsters of the Shadowlands themselves had taken hold of Azeroth, the lives of the Horde once again in peril.

Azeroth's leaders, from both Horde and Alliance, had been seen by many being abducted by dark, winged harbingers of doom, ethereal chains that spirited them away to realms unknown. Among those taken were Anduin Wrynn, King of Stormwind and leader of the Alliance. Jana Proudmoore, Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras and former ruler of Theramore had been another member of the Alliance abducted. The orc Thrall, the former Horde leader and current council member of the Horde had been taken, as well as his friend and fellow council member, Baine Bloodhoof, Chieftain of Tauren people. The people called them the Architects of Peace, as it was they who had convinced their warring peoples to call an end to the fourth great war of Azeroth and usher in a new era of peace, one which had not been seen for a very long time.

With the threat of creatures from the Shadowlands appearing and the dead running rampant across the world, the line between panic and order was being tested, held back by those who were brave enough to take action and risk everything to defend the realm.

With the combined efforts and cooperation of both the Argent Crusade and the Knights of the Ebon Blade, recruitment to battle the forces of evil once again rested in the hands of brave adventurers to take up the mantel Defenders of Azeroth, whether for vain or glory, money or power, for the thrill of the hunt or seek a new challenge and experience. It hadn't been that long ago that a troupe of high ranking Ebon Blade generals had been spotted in the major capitals of both Stormwind and Orgrimmar, seeking to fill their ranks with the very best Azeroth had to offer.

With the promises of peace and prosperity shattered like splintered skies of Northrend, those who would take back that promise had answered the call. With spell and sword, robed or armored, heroes come forth to prove themselves once again to save the world or die defending it.