Round 1 of THC

House: Hufflepuff

Class: Astronomy


[Event] An 'accidental' transportation to another place/location/time.

[Character] Nymphadora Tonks

A Little Girl's Adventure

"Mama, where we goin?" asked four year old Nymphadora Tonks as she made her way with her mother towards a large castle.

"Hogwarts love, we're at Hogwarts. One day you will go to school here like Mama and Daddy." Andromeda responded looking adoringly at her daughter.

"Will I do magic too, like you do?" She asked excitedly. She was now running, pulling her smiling mother behind her.

"Of course love, you will learn magic and do amazing things someday, I just know it."

"Andy! You're early, and where is my little Nym? She can't possibly have gotten this big!"

At hearing the voice, Tonks had released herself from her mother's hold and ran towards the older woman, throwing her arms around her legs and hugging them tightly.

"Aunt Mini, it's meee, I'm big now!" Minerva melted as she felt the little body hit her own, and in a swift motion, she lifted her up and hugged her close.

"You are, you've become such a big girl," she told her, kissing her cheeks, causing the little girl to giggle and her hair to spike in a multitude of colors.

"Nymphadora Tonks! You know better than to run off like that!" Andromeda scolded her daughter who hid her face in the crook of Minerva's neck.

"Sowy mama," she mumbled, still hiding her face from her mother's gaze.

"Leave her alone Andy, she knows better than to run off towards a stranger, she was just excited isn't that right, dear?" The older woman asked, directing the last part of her question to the girl hiding in her arms.

"Yess Aunt Mini," the little girl said, changing her hair to match that of her aunt's. At such a young age she couldn't control her gift yet and as such, depending on her moods and emotion her appearance would shift; mostly it was the hair that changed, the multitude of colors it usually sported was an easy indication of the mood of the little girl.

"See? Nothing to worry about," Minerva said triumphantly, causing Andromeda to huff and mumble under her breath.

"One day, you will regret encouraging her behavior."

They made their way into the Deputy headmistress's chambers and sat down for some tea. Usually, Minerva would be the one to visit them, but since it was summer and there were no students, they had decided to change things a little bit.

Andromeda and Minerva were engrossed in a conversation and little Nymphadora was bored. Her mama and aunt weren't paying her any attention, so she decided to do some exploring. She ventured around the room looking at something to play with, but all she could see was books and parchment paper. Checking again that the adults weren't paying any attention to her, Tonks decided to do some exploring in the other room connected to the living area.

She had noticed the open door and wanted to see what she was inside, so silently tiptoed towards it and snuck in. It was an office; nothing caught her attention in particular. She walked towards the office chair and climbed in, feeling it spin as she did so. This could be fun, she thought as she started to rotate the chair left and right. But the chair would not spin, she was getting frustrated and her hair was going crazy, switching from one color to the other. What followed could only be attributed to accidental magic, because with the increasing frustration, a small light started to form around the young girl's hands, and the chair started to move slowly at first before becoming faster and faster until a flash of magic came spiraling in taking both the girl and chair.

Dora was in a daze; she wasn't sure what had happened. One second she was spinning on the chair the next she felt something pulling at her.

"Ahhhhhh.." a startled woman screamed around her, snapping her out of her daze.

"What… who.. are you?" Dora asked when she realized she wasn't on her own anymore. She looked around noticing that the room had changed, not much but it was different. It seemed older, less stuffy, and more colorful.

The woman, now aware of what had ported into her office, observed the little girl sitting on a weird-looking chair. Her hair was changing colors which intrigued the old woman and fascinated her, she could sense that the girl was scared. She wasn't sure who this little girl was, but she seemed out of place somehow. Her clothes were different, and the woman had never seen anything of the sort.

"I'm Helga, dear, and who might you be?" she asked tentatively in a sweet tone trying to convey that she meant no harm.

"I'm Nymphadora, but don't call me that, call me Dora or Nym… no not Nym only aunt Mini can call me that." The little girl rumbled, nervous to be in the presence of someone she didn't know. She was in so much trouble when her mama found out about this, she was going to kill her.

"Dora then, how did you get in here sweetheart?" Helga questioned, amused by this girl's rumbling.

"I was sploring Aunt Mini's room at Hogwarts, we're in her room but it's not the same, why isn't it the same?" Dora started crying at the realization that she didn't know where she was, that her mama and aunt weren't here. Helga ran towards her and hugged her, trying to calm the crying child.

"Shhhh.. sweetheart calm down, it's going to be okay..shhh" Helga was trying to put this together, it seemed as though her little interloper had jumped through time and ended up here. She could think of a few things that would make that possible and the most probably would-be accidental magic combined with Hogwarts magic and some luck. If that was the case, which was likely, time would right itself and Dora would find herself back in her own time soon enough.

"It will be okay, don't worry, you will soon go back to your Mama and Aunt Mini, okay dear." She told her calmly, still holding on to her.

"Are you sure?" she asked hopefully, her hair shifting to a dark purple.

"Of course dear, you're still in Hogwarts see, it's going to be okay. Now why don't you let me sit and I'll tell you a story, what do you think?" Helga lifted Nymphadora and carried her to the couch and laid down with her still wrapped in her arms.

"What sort of story?" the little girl asked, loving the warm embrace of the older woman it reminded her of her Mama and Aunt.

"How the house of Hufflepuff came to be"

"Huffpuff? What's that, chocolate?" Helga couldn't hold in her laughter any longer.

"No dear girl, Hufflepuff is my House, my magic." Helga opened her palm facing up and conjured her patronus, a badger. The little creature snuggled into the little girl causing her to giggle.

"You see dear, when I was born, I was different. I was special like you. As I became older, I realized that I could do things other people couldn't. But people don't like being different, they like normal, so I left to find other people like me, people who could do amazing things. One day, I met this young man whose name was Salazar; he was special too. Like me, he could do amazing things. He told me that what I was doing was magic, he taught me how to control my powers so that I wouldn't hurt anyone. It was hard, I was already big and accessing my magic was hard, so I worked diligently and learned and studied. Salazar brought his other friends to help me, and with Godric and Rowena's help, and a lot of patience, I was able to control and use my magic without hurting myself or anyone. From then on, my friends became my family and my loyalty to them became something of legends. One day, Godric came up with an idea, Why not build a school for young witches and wizards. We'd teach them how to control their magic, how to use it in a way that would benefit them and everyone else. We loved the idea and decided to build Hogwarts, we divided the school into four houses. Each house held the attribute of its head, Salazar's house would be the house of the cunning, Rowena the brains, Godric the brave and mine the house of loyalty and friendship." Helga finished her tale stroking the young girl's head.

Dora was half asleep and half awake.

"I'm gooin to be a Huffpuff, I work hard and make Mama, Papa and aunt Mini prowd. You too, you prowd too." she mumbled sleepily.

"You will, dear girl, I'm sure you will, you will be the best Hufflepuff there ever was; I'm sure." She told her, kissing her head lightly.

When Dora was asleep, Helga carefully lifted her and placed her on the chair. She knew she was going to be transported back soon, so she sat back down and guarded her until she felt the magic wash over the room once again.

"Nym love, where are you? We're leaving." Andy peeked around the office and smiled when she saw her daughter sleeping on the chair. Quietly and swiftly, she lifted her up and carried her towards the sitting room.

"She fell asleep in there. She was probably bored from listening to us talking." Andy told her friend; Dora stirred a little.

"Mama," she mumbled, "I be a Huffpuff, make Lady Helga proud.."

Minerva and Andromeda looked at each other and smiled indulgently.

"I'm sure you will love; you will be a great Hufflepuff!"