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CHAPTER TWO : forest of 'DEATH'

Next day

Naruto and the rest of his team Being Sakura,and sasuke they were making their way to the academy room 301 specifically as they arrived they saw a group of kids with the sign above them saying '301' but naruto knew it was a genjutsu as his team was about to run of he grabbed them both "first don't believe it cause it's a genjutsu and second sasuke I thought you where better then this" and he finished it off with slapping sasuke on the back infuriating the young uchiha as they arrived to room 301 they were met with a lot of killing intent not strong but from a lot of people type of a lot as he shrugged it off he walked on and leaned against a wall slowly sliding down into a sitting position

As he do at bread the loud screech of blond female and he already guessed who it was so he pulled out two bullet shaped ear muffled and put them in his ear as he pulled out a notebook that was in his pouch as he started writing notes down about people in the exams he's keeping an eye on at the top of that list was the red head of the sand Gaara and under that was a kid with a green jumpsuit that talked a LOT about youth as he lifted his eyes of of his notebook he could see without hearing how loud all the konoha teams were but every other team from different villages were glaring at the loud konoha kids as he sighed threw his nose he started Getting more irritated since he could still hear a faint the loud blond females screeching towards a pink haired girl who also was screeching as he turned his page he started doodling cool shinobi armor concepts

"Hey where's naruto I bet he got kicked of your team for being useless right sasuke-kun" "ino said with kiba agreeing as sasuke growled Sakura answered for him "actually ino he wasn't kicked off he is still on the team and well..uh...he's he's better then sasuke-kun when it comes to being a shinobi he even beat him in a fight and outclassed all of his jutsu's and he's changed his clothes and he's over there " as she pointed to the wall naruto sighed again as he knew he was being watched form a lot of people as he looked up everyone other then his team looked very shocked like jaw dropping shocked well kiba not about beating sasuke but about his new changes

"T-t-t-that's n-naruto n-n-no WAY!?" She yelled as naruto stood up with his face showing no emotion he put his notebook in his pouch and his hands in his pockets as he walked slowly over to her and whispered into her ear "Yes it's me do you not remember me...beautiful" as he pulled back he saw the furious blush on the girls face as the corner of his lips turned up into a slow smirk "WHAT THE HEL-mgh" as he was cut of by naruto outing his hand on his mouth.

"Shut up dog breath or do you wish to be killed by these guys " he said in a calmed voice with kiba still trying to speak "your so annoying " as he released his hand kiba still tried to speak till someone else's voice was heard

"You guys should keep it down" everyone turned to see a teenager with white hair approaching them "who are you" replied kiba with a Cocky smirk.

"I'm kabuto " he replied with a small smile "and you guys are very loud here let me help how about I give you guys sum information about anybody here" as everyone seemed skeptical about this guy Sakura asked " how would you know so much about everyone here" she asked with a raised eyebrow "well this is my seventh time so I know a thing or two " as kiba threw insults at him which everyone ignored "so anybody wants some information" as sasuke raised his hand kabuto nodded for him to continue "I wants to know about gaara no sabaku,rock lee,and..n-naruto uzumaki" he said with everyone staring at him like he grew a head tho it was understandable I mean naruto just radiated a aura that said 'I'm not to fucked with...anymore' that scared sasuke to no end and he didn't like it not ONE BIT naruto just smirked at sasukes antics As he pulled out his deck of cards as he did a hand sigh with a puff of smoke a card with information on Gaara appeared

"Ok well Gaara no sabaku don't know much on him other then he-" but before he could his card were snatched away in the mere blink of an eye as they turned to the person behind kabuto it was naruto as he had them in him hands "hmm so your technically cheating sasuke your using what this guy knows so you can feed your pride and win doesn't seem fair how about I tell Gaara and rock lee all about you" he said with smirk and a sarcastic tone as he can clearly see the sour expression on both kabutos and sasukes face as he had an idea kabuto smelled liek snakes and he seems to know a lot about everyone here from waht he says and seventh time here hm funny so throws the cards into the air and in a second all the cards gets cut up into small pieces all being destroyed by narutos white dash.

As he shreds the cards to almost a dust as it falls sasuke yells at him "you idiot your just scared of me is all you act all tuff since you had a wardrobe change but your a fool to think your better I'm a uchiha I have my sharingan! that can beat whatever you have you dobe!" as he's visibly furious all naruto does is smirk and walk past him not caring what the uchiha said but suddenly a man appears in a cloud of smoke getting everyone's attention.

"Alright you maggots my name is ibiki I'm your Procter for the first phase of the chunin exams now find a seat and sit in it " as everyone sits he explains the rules

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As the test went on naruto fell asleep since he already answered all the questions right and as soon as the test started he already knew what the test really was about it was about cheating and not being caught in the middle of the test he woke up rubbing his eyes "mfm that was a descant sleep *yawn* I needed that " he muttered to himself as he looked around people shot him glares of hatred which he brushed on being he's seen worse way way worse as he was looking around he saw what he called beautiful temari as she looked up from her page sensing someone looking at her she saw narutos eyes on her as naruto smirked he winked at her making her grow a huge blush as naruto leg out a chuckle with temari glaring daggers at him but he knew she didn't mean it as he turned back to his paper he looked at the clock he turned the paper around and doodled on the back of it.


"You all pass!" ibiki yelled as the rest of the people that stayed were in shock Sakura yelled "what but what about the tenth question !" As naruto almost fell from his seat due to Sakura not picking up on the meaning of this test he stood up and explained "this whole test was just a way to see your skills in getting information so basically he told us not to cheat but wanted us to cheat without getting caught as for the tenth question it was a trick wether you would as a ninja on a mission push forward and proceed with the mission for your villages sake of turn back like a coward and fight another day" as he explains ibiki smirked 'this kids smart very smart I think I'll keep my eye on him " ibiki thought but was soon broken out of his thoughts by a window breaking and incoming the second Procter of the chunin exams

"Hello beats I'm Anko miterashi wow ibiki you've gotten soft aww! Theirs so much more kids to torment haha!" She laughed a little but still shaking everyone to the core "alright follow me to the forty-fourth training ground for the next phase of the chunin exams" as she flew out the window as everyone scrambled to get out but naruto just teleported to get away surprising everyone as ibiki's eyes were wide almost popping out.


as naruto waited for everyone Anko and the rest of the people came "*yawn* what took you guys so long I've been waiting for soooo long " naruto said with a laugh making his team grow tick marks "not all of us get some new jutsu that takes us wherever we want naruto!" As naruto just busted out in laughter but as he was laughing he heard a kunai or shuriken coming his way as he turned around and had no way to avoide it and he did something he hoped would work.


everyone turned to see naruto with a kunai in between his teeth as a small drop of sweat fell from his head as he sighed in relief as he took the kunai out of his mouth "wo-ho I didn't thinks that would work" as he spinner the kunai with his finger as suddenly anko wasn't where she was a few seconds ago as he crouched down and disappeared behind anko with a kunai to her back "almost got me their lucky for me I guess " as he dropped the kunai "I like you kid I like you a lot " making naruto shift around uncomfortable as everyone's jaw was on the floor for what just happened but for how wierd anko was "uh-uh well uh thanks I guess" as he said that anko licked his cheek making naruto just grow beet red and as anko went on to explain the rules

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As narutos team got the heaven scroll and we're waiting to start he saw temari and he grew a evil grin till she saw him and he blew a kiss at her making her face go dark red as he smiled anko yelled start and he gave her a final wink which he loves doing and run a off with his team.

As naruto was in the air he summoned 80 shadow clones to search for a team with a earth scroll and if their are any dangerous threats they should avoid as he was In the middle of jumping he sensed a evil chakra as he summoned another shadow clone that was by his side till he gave a order he got a memory and that person with the evil chakra was rushing at him

And the killing intent he felt aswell as the chakra and the evil smile and control over snakes one meant one person l.


Naruto yelled out in shock and fear but he tried to calm himself as his teammates were confused at his outburst and tried questioning him but he ignored them as he summoned two more clones and told the three clones to go the the gate at top speed and warn the Procter and maybe a jounin about the invader as he sensed the chakra slowly getting. Closer he couldn't take a risk he picked Sakura up over his shoulder and grabbed sasuke and put his hand over his shoulder as the chakra was very close he used the teleportation technique and vanished as the persons chakra was maybe a couple trees away

As he was a a couple miles away his teammates struggled but he wouldn't let go but sasuke was squirming more as naruto held him in a tight grip as he uses his white dash and runs off at max speed into the trees being much faster then a mid level jounin and on par maybe as fast as kakashi at max speed as he kept pushing and pushing himself as fast as he could till he was even going higher then he was five minutes ago as he came to a stop he sent 200 shadow clones using a little more chakra into them for more durability to go back and search to see if he's their as a way to be sure their temporarily safe as he gets a memory of a shadow clone he sent south earlier he got a memory of Gaara killing his shadow clone and their near him and his team and they are a little tired after fighting his shadow clone Gaara just got roughed up a tiny bit with a small scratches on his clothes and Gaara for the first time in his life was a little fearful but nothing major.

As he settled with his team a memory popped into his head saying that the Procter and kakashi got the message and where on the way with anbu as sasuke finally has had enough and screamed at naruto "what the hell! Never touch me again you idiot and why would you scream one of the missing Sannins name " as naruto game him a look that said 'your an idiot ' he responded "I said that because I believe no I am sure that orochimaru the missing-nin is here and looking for ether me or you so I sent three shadow clones to warn the Procter and kakashi and they got the message and are coming here with anbu and I also sent those 200 shadow clones to search and check if he is following but enough of that let's go " as he got up he sent a thin metal wire that wrapped around sasuke so he didn't squirm as much and so naruto could carry him since their slower then him and again grabbed Sakura which she tried getting off but he didn't budge and ran again till he got to a team with with a earth scroll he hid sasuke and Sakura in a tree which they were beyond furious but he told them it's for their own good which kinda helped Sakura but sasuke didn't care cause of the UCHIHA PRIDE as they stayed out since Sakura knew narutos level and had confidence he could beat most teams here as he summoned a couple shadow clones to guard them he went of the the earth scroll team.

As naruto made it he had the team surrounded with narutos as another was under ground "give up we have you surrounded " one naruto said as they didn't give up the naruto under ground jumped up hitting the one with the scroll in the jaw sending him crashing into a tree knocking him unconscious as the rest of his team was caught of guard they were left vulnerable for the rest of the shadow clones to knock them unconscious as naruto looked threw the belongings he found a decoy scroll which he easily knew was fake and took the real one as he rushed back he untied sasuke as he yelled at naruto but he just ignored him as he summoned more shadow clones to surround them for safety as their were a total of 200 shadow clones with him now using a little kyuubi's chakra as the shadow clones surrounded his team as they were surrounding the from left,right,in front, behind and above as his team was almost at the tower he has been safe for a while till he heard trees breaking as he grabbed his teammates the pushed them aside as sand crashed where his teammates once were he already knew who it was.

"Gaara I see your as hot headed as ever although I read a book about a emotion that was red and was angry all the time so I'm not suprised ah my favorite book you should read it it's called inside out " as I start laughing

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"I'm going to rip you 'inside out ' uzumaki and I'll feed your blood to mother " as he tried to hit naruto he just disappeared and reappeared behind Gaara sending an axe kick to the back of Gaara's head sending him into a tree surprising the sand siblings as in fear back away from naruto " your sands fast Gaara but you wanna know something...Im faster" he said the last two words with a dark tone making Gaara shiver and fearful as the siblings could see the fear in his eyes it was the first time they saw the look of fear inside Gaara as Gaara started shaking he yelled out "I'll kill you!" As he sent sand spikes towards naruto as naruto ether destroyed them or dodged them as Gaara and naruto clashed shaking the trees or destroying them as Sakura and sasuke both knew they couldn't do anything every sasuke knew he couldn't hold a candle to what naruto is now but he wouldn't admit it but then both knew something.

"NARUTO'S HOLDING BACK!" Sakura and sasukeyell out in pure shock making the temari and konkuro a eye grow as wide as dinner plates as naruto just smirked as gaaras face was visibly angry he was giving it his all yet this blonde is playing with him like a boy players with a frog as he tried but as the thought of releasing shukaku came to him he was about to but he stoped as he had to wait till the end of the exams but it's what naruto said next that made Gaara fully fear this ninja.

" your the jinchuriki of the ONE TAIL SHUKAKU aren't you Gaara " he said with no emotion in his eyes his voice hollow but dark his facial features showed nothing as the aura that radiates around him was nothing but darkness and killing intent as Gaara took a step back he was hey but fearful he was never scared why was he scared now but in a last attempt he tried summoning shukaku but naruto beat him to it knocking him out and performing a seal that stoped shukaku from coming out as all the sand fell to the ground and now everyone could see Gaara fall into naruto's hand as they were all wide eyed "temari and wildcat stand down unless you want to have the same fate as Gaara " he said in a cold voice knowing they didn't stand a chance as they both dropped their weapons as narutos early expression that made everyone fear him returned back into his cheerful smile as he gave them is famous brighter then the sun smile " but of course I don't want to hurt you guy especially oh temari your to cute and my heart would break if I had to do that " making everyone stunned as he just went from cold and emotionless per say to smiling and happy but temari almost fainted from her face being to hit form her blush and narutos smile as he got under control but narutos face suddenly changed into fear as he yelled out "EVERYONE GET OUT OF HERE NOW!" He yelled out but they wouldn't move in time so he in a swirl of wind vanished grabbing everyone and teleporting away with the group but a angry hiss was heard.

As they reappeared in another tree naruto was breathing pretty heavy he's never teleported that many people "why did you tell us to run naruto " sasuke added and the rest of the group nodded as Gaara was leaned against a tree "because orochimaru is heat and I don't know why kakashi and the anbu are taking so lo-" he was cut of as a huge snake appeared and wiped its tail around as it was about to hit temari as time for naruto got slow he tried to run but he was to slow the animals tail was to close as it hit temari dead in the stomach sending her flying into a tree as you could hear a crack and blood on the tree and where temari landed as narutos eyes were wide in fear suddenly anger pure blinding rage grew within him his friend no/crush was just hurt as kankuro was ran towards her and checked her heart beat as naruto lunged at the snake in rage he sliced threw the beat ripping it apart as blood fishes everywhere as the insides of the snake where everywhere as naruto stood thier on the ground breathing heavily as he was covers in the animals blood as his rage was still burning within him but what he heard next broke him.

"GUSH HELP SHE ISNT BREATHING I-I THINK SHES-" but naruto didn't hear the last part as everything around him was blocked off as he was thier standing a singe tear fell from his eyes his friend, crush ally was d-

But before he could finish he heard crazy evil laughter as his red eyes from crying looked up he saw the person that sent the snake "hello naruto I'm orochimaru and it was difficult to catch you "

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