I didn't know what this was, I didn't understand why I was dreaming about this and much less why the same dream played out again and again. It was as if a higher power with reasons unknown were telling me, "Watch, this is important."

A man in black armor and a man in red armor fought ferociously against a larger being surrounded by darkness, roaring in mad rage as the shadows seemed to consume everything around it. Plants, animals, it didn't matter, for it only seemed to the monster's very being.

The inevitability of his death finally came and in his dying moments could see the corpses of his fallen comrades. A woman with short strawberry blode hair with her bloodied armor battered and torn, and a man with blue hair wearing plated armor, his blood-red spear embedded into the ground by his side. Both of them dead.

"You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you? You knew you didn't have a chance and yet you chose to fight regardless, leading them into their final moments."

As everything was being consumed into darkness, a man with a black crown atop his head spoke calmly, giving no indication that he was concerned or even sparing them a tired look.

"You will die together in this world with your friends and return with but a meager whisper, into a world where time itself has forgotten."

The man's red shroud began disappearing, but the look on his face was full of anger, anger at his own impotence for being unable to do more against the being of darkness who was slowly but surely consuming everything. The being who regarded them and all their efforts with as much importance as he would a rock.

"Nourish our power, for not even this is not enough. Don't stop…"

And so it was that the brown-haired man breathed his last and closed his eyes, a deafening silence blanketing over the destruction. The shadows consumed everything in sight.

Just like every other time, everything came full circle. To see this world once more a prison to these beings without piety, purging it clean of all those who opposed them.

Once again, everything began and ended the same way, with everything ending in darkness.


His red eyes opened suddenly, darting from side to side quickly in agitation and numb from the fright he experienced.

He sighed in relief when he realized it was just a nightmare, the same one as always.

One he finally calmed down his breathing to a normal level, he gave a sideway look at the clock that sat on the small table next to his bed, immediately noticing that it was way too early, and he could only groan at his luck.

"Stupid dream…"

And even though it was just that, a dream, it still left him undoubtedly anxious, so much so that he couldn't go back to sleep. The teenager instead took to clearing his mind by getting up and stretching before looking out the window with a look of complete boredom, addressing the most pressing concern.

"Why couldn't I have any dreams with boobs?"

That was without a doubt, his priority.


This is the official English translation of my Fanfiction of the same name, I really hope you like it.

Translation credits to: Kingpin Lunamaria, The person who made this possible :'D