AN: I do not own Moana or Percy Jackson nor am I making money from this. I just got an idea of Maui dancing and singing during campfire at Camp Half-Blood. The idea would not leave me alone. One shot for now. So voila! Also unbetaed, so be forewarned.

"The guy has a bigger ego than Z—" thunder rumbled.

"Percy" hissed Annabeth.

"What it was a compliment for my uncle really and I meant Ares"

"Sure" drawled the Stoll brothers coming up behind the couple.

"Look how'd he get the job? He's not our pantheon" Percy continued.

"Favor I suppose" mused his girlfriend, "Look at least he can sing and is a pretty good storyteller. Are you coming to campfire or not?"

"I guess, but I still have that song stuck in my head"

"Well then" the brothers draped themselves over Percy's shoulders,

"It's a good thing we rewrote the words to remember all the Demi-gods' deeds and ..."

Percy and Annabeth rolled their eyes the four friends chorusing as one,

"You're Welcome!"