He couldn't believe it. Of all the places to finish out the rest of the summer it had to be 12 Grimauld Place. If he was to make a list, a top 10 list, this stronghold for the Order would not have even been considered.

12 Grimauld Place, Sirius Black's family home, was to be the new permanent home base and residence for members of The Order of Phoenix until the return of the Hogwarts school year. Dumbledore had decided that the Order and most of its members should be together. And what Dumbledore wanted, Dumbledore got. Nearly every active member of The Order of the Phoenix will be residing here. Included in the members that Dumbledore and deemed necessary to house in unity was none other than Severus Snape.

There was one more month before the end of summer. One more month until the magical youth across Britain would push their carts through platform 9 ¾ and return to Hogwarts along with their Professors.

Snape, for the first time in a long time, couldn't wait to return to Hogwarts. It wasn't as though Snape found it difficult to remember the last time he sought the comfort of the school. In fact, he could remember precisely the last time he longed for the castle. It was when Severus lived at Spinners End and when Tobias Snape also lived at Spinners End. The younger Snape would count down the days before he could escape the anger, loathing and hatred of his punishing father. It's been years since Tobias has been able to lay a hand or a belt or switch or whatever was within reach on his son.

When Severus returned to Hogwarts he wouldn't be trapped in a house that he felt he was most unwelcomed. His presence was both unwanted and rejected by the head of house, Sirius Black. Sirius wasn't the only house hold member that was skeptical about Snape's presence both as an Order member and his presence the headquarters. Alastor Moody and Kingsley Shacklebolt both were vocal about their distaste for the former death-eater. The reason, mostly because he was in fact a former death-eater. For two men who had fought and known true death-eaters and true evil, it was hard for them to let that part of Snape's past go. Surprisingly enough especially to Snape, there were those who did not oppose or cringe when they saw the black clad man. Bill Weasley and his mother, Molly, and father, Arthur, were open and welcoming to Severus Snape. Minerva McGonagall always had a certain respect for her co-worker and sometimes friend. And the wolf, who Snape had no liking for, did not return that same dislike.

Two new Order members were going to be sat around the table during meetings. They would be joining their parents and older brother in the fight for the light. Fred and George, who had come of age and were eager to be a part of something they believed in as much as the other Weasley's, had sworn individual oaths to the Order of the Phoenix.

Grimauld Place was not what you would describe as a nice home. It was rough. Very rough. It was a home to a family of dark witches and wizards and that was reflected in the décor, the ambiance and just the overall appearance. It was old and it had been lived in, for centuries it had been lived in. If walls could talk, the walls of 12 Grimauld Place would tell stories that many would struggle to listen to for more than a soft moment before a flinch and then cowering beneath a dust ridden blanket in a bleak corner.

It was not a small residence but it was not made for grown adults to be living in simultaneously. The Hogwarts aged children; 2 Weasley's, a Potter and a Granger, were staying at the Burrow with Bill's new wife, Fleur. Ginny, Ron, Harry and Hermione would join the rest of the Order in a few weeks but for now Dumbledore, who always got what he wanted, thought it would be best that they remain separated for the time being. This of course, was to the great dismay of Sirius. Harry's godfather took great pride in being just that. Sirius may not have done anything to prove his worth as a godfather but he loved James' son with all his heart and for Harry, that was all it took, that was enough.

Ironically enough, Dumbledore was not going to be one of the Order members who was stationed at the headquarters permanently. This did little to amuse Severus. Dumbledore was often the understated buffer between him and the animosity that creeped into every Order meeting. Instead, Dumbledore would be free to on a whim, floo to and from the hidden building between number 11 and 13 Grimauld Place.