Hello everyone! I have returned with a new story, which is the sequel to my Star Wars/Godzilla crossover. I'm so glad to have been able to work on this, especially before Godzilla vs. Kong. I don't like how much HBO Max's price is for their steaming service. However, it is worth it to watch all these films and series I have been wanting to watch.

Also, yes, I saw the trailer and I am so hyped for it! This is going to be a lot of fun. I hope the movie will do well and hope everyone will like it. I'm also betting the movie will end up with the two monsters teaming up to fight a common enemy.

Anyways, for this story it is going to be focused on now King Kong. If you read the last story, then you know when this is going to be set in. The story will be set years after the Clone Wars. So, around the time of the Rebels series.

How is this all going to go? Is this going to be a lot like from the Kong movies? Which version? And what will happen when the Rebels meet the giant ape?

Tune in today to find out how things will go. Also, thanks to everyone for the support from the last story. I appreciate it guys and glad you are all enjoying this. It won't be a long story though, but I will try making it good for you guys.

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All right, it is time for the disclaimer. I don't own anything from Godzilla, King Kong, anything from the Monster Universe, or from the Star Wars universe. I only own my OCs and thanks to theXman99 for his help I appreciate it. Also check out his stories they are a lot of fun to read. Now let the chapter begin!


"We could not understand because we were too far and could not remember because we were traveling in the night of the first ages, of those ages that are gone, leaving hardly a sign and no memories. We are accustomed to look upon the shackled form of a conquered monster, but there – there you could look at a thing monstrous and free."


Long ago, beyond the Outer Rim, there exists a planet. Home to multiple races, who made the planet their home. They worked together to build their civilization, without conflict. No war, no pollution, slavery, or racism. They build their world together with the simple goal of making things better in the galaxy.

At the time, there was indeed peace. Their civilization became one of the most powerful and most advanced in the galaxy. They created an array of technology, medicine, and food that they gave to different systems in the galaxy. To help make their homes better.

However, all good things came to an end when a small group of people became tempted for power. Became tempted with greed, which led to a horrible secret that was hidden deep below their world. One that unleashed monsters on to our world and drove us from our home. We buried this secret for years and vowed never to let the galaxy know about it.

However, a war broke out and spread across the galaxy. It eventually led to our enemies wanting to find out what our people kept hidden. This forced our people to stop our enemies, but in the process discover some hidden secrets that our own people were unaware of. Thanks to what we found out; we now work to try keeping the galaxy safe from suffering what we went through.

By exploring other worlds that have monsters hidden beneath their world too. In the hopes to keep them from being unleashed and spreading across the galaxy.

One such world I hope to find is one my father discovered long ago. A planet that cannot be found on any star map, except by a few who made it back alive. A planet like my home but ruled by a king. An ancient beast, who's species once existed on my home world and were once enemies to the god that protected our home.

I hope to meet this king, so I may find out more about it. Why this king and the god of our world despised one another. How this ancient beast found its new home on this other planet. And learn from it.

Hopefully before our enemies find this planet and hopefully before chaos spreads across the galaxy…

Unknown Region (21 BBY)

Up in the clear blue sky of an unknown planet, a figure is seen falling towards the ground. His screams can be heard as he quickly tries to activate his parachute. This works and the figure begins to land on the large beach. The figure soon lands on the ground, while his fighter ship crashed to the ground and explodes.

The figure removes his parachute and his helmet when it got damaged. The figure it soon revealed to be a Clone soldier. He looks around confused, panting, and with some blood coming down the side of his head from a cut. He hears a loud explosion from above and looks up to see what appears to be his ship, exploding in orbit.

The soldier let's out a small sigh and begins thinking of what he needs to do next. He snapped out of his thinking when he hears a noise coming nearby. Looking over, he finds a gunship crashing a mile from him. The soldier runs over, believing he'll find some survivors.

He stops when he saw something appearing from the crash. It wasn't another Clone soldier, but a BX-series droid commando. The Clone and droid make eye contact as the soldier grabs his blaster and opens fire. The droid commando was faster though and managed to avoid being shot at, until the soldier ran out of ammo.

The droid commando though grabs its blaster and soon opened fire. The soldier though managed to avoid the shots and begins running towards the jungle.

The soldier and the droid commando run through the thick jungle as the droid keeps firing at the soldier. Until it too ran out of ammunition. This didn't stop the droid commando from chasing the soldier down. The soldier managed to run through some vines and around the thicker parts of the trees to keep the droid from tackling him.

The soldier saw a clearing and ran out of the jungle towards it. The soldier stopped though when he saw the edge of a cliff he was on. The soldier now saw he was cornered. And so did the droid as it stopped running.

The two some come face to face once again. The soldier took out a knife and moves it into a fighting stance. The droid moves side to side before leaping at the soldier. The soldier leaped out of the way and swings the blade.

The droid avoids it as the soldier steps back to avoid the droid from grabbing his arm. The droid uses its speed to try maneuvering around the soldier. The soldier was fast, but not fast enough to keep the droid from moving around him. It wraps its metallic arms around his neck and tried to snap it.

The soldier though was quick on his feet and stabs the droid in the leg. The droid frees the soldier but pushes him forward. It took the knife out and tried to thrust the blade forward. The soldier moves his left shoulder over to avoid the blade from piercing his chest. But the blade did pierce through his armor and into his arm.

The soldier yells in pain but managed to kick out the droid's damaged leg. The attack staggers the droid back a bit as the soldier throws a punch. The droid caught his punch and throws him over the droid. The soldier falls on the ground and the droid leaps over on to the soldier.

Pinning him to the ground and tried to stab him. The soldier moves both his arms over to block the blade from coming down on him. But the droid was much stronger. It moved the blade closer and closer to the soldier's head.

The soldier could see the blade moving towards his left eye as he struggled to get the droid off, but he knew this was it. He knew the droid was going to kill him and there was nothing he could…

Suddenly a large hand appeared from over the cliff and slammed down on the ground. It landed near the soldier and the droid, who both stopped fighting when they saw what happened. Soon another large hand appeared on the opposite side of where the first one landed. The droid got off the soldier and both look on to see something emerging from cliff.

The two could hear a loud growl echoing before this large humanoid figure appeared over the cliff. It soared over the two enemies, breathing heavily and growling even more at them. The droid dropped the knife, while the soldier looks on in shocked. The soldier staring directly into the eyes of this large monster, appearing before them.

As the large creature roared before everything went to black.

Looks like this is going to be a lot like from Skull Island huh? I hope everyone liked how the story started off. Short yes, but I tend to do that anyways for these new stories. Still, hope everyone will enjoy this and I promise unlike the last story, there will be more monster appearances.

Also, the story will take place before the end of season four and after season three. So, the story will be more around I believe 1 BBY and before 0 BBY. Had to look this all up before I began writing my story. Still, how will things go for our heroes?

How will they all end up on this planet? Will the Empire be involved? Will we see some familiar characters from the last story? And how will they handle the king himself?

Well, tune in next time to find out. Thanks again for the support for my stories. I appreciate it and I'm glad you are all enjoying the stories. Also, thanks to my friends who have helped me with my stories too, I appreciate it guys.

If you guys like how things went then please leave some reviews and let me know what you think. Just remember guys no flame or negative reviews. If you didn't like this then don't leave any comments please. See you all next time and take care everyone.