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Past Pain

Skull Planet

The Rebels and their Heiwan allies helped Sergeant Boss with putting together his boat, which will help them down river. With all eight of them working together, they were able to get the boat in working order. This gave them a chance to also learn more about the Iwi people. Study their culture, learn their history, and find out more how they survived.

Boss also brought them to his place in order to rest up before tomorrow morning. He takes them to a wooden home, which is attached to a hill. Boss explained that he and Clanker put the thing together to rest in. They also discovered some electrical insects, which give off a powerful charge when threatened.

Clanker and Boss captured them in order to keep Clanker charged up. Even help power some of their equipment that they were able to pull off from the wreckage. Once the team got set up, they went off to explore the village. Spending the rest of the day finding all they need before returning to the home to relax.

Shinji spend his time finding out more about this world and the creatures that live here. Shinji knew that once they leave, they'll need to inform the emperor and their organization about this place. Perhaps even set up an observation facility here to study this world better. Even study Kong a bit more.

He also promised Lin he'd write down some information about this world down and to bring it back to her once they meet up again. Lin wanted to stay, but she needed to care for her patient first. So, Kallus joined Shinji to help get things together. All the while, Suyin spoke to the elders of the Iwi to gain their permission to set up a safe location for their base.

Rex and Boss also used their time together to share stories with one another. About their times in the war, the battles they fought in, the Jedi they fought alongside with, and the times they fought with their fellow brothers. It wasn't easy for the both of them to know they were merely pawns for the Sith, but both seem to have accepted this and are now fighting for the greater good. Boss promises that once they are off this world, he'll help them against the Empire.

"Having a Clone Commando fighting by our side against the Empire. Heh. The Empire won't stand much of a chance," said Captain Rex as he cleans his weapon, which Lin gave him.

Boss couldn't help but chuckle with what Rex said as he packs his belongings. "I think if we get more of those toys that Heiwa gave us, they'd be wetting themselves," Boss sets his things down and takes a look at the weapon. "It's a beautiful weapon. Makes the ones we used in the Clone Wars look like toys."

Captain Rex couldn't help but nod in agreement. "Its heavy as hell. I have to grip it tightly and make sure to hold it right."

Boss could tell this weapon was heavy looking and could see the problem when firing it. He then got an idea and grabs a box from under the table.

"Clanker and I had some leftover scraps that we never got to use. Maybe we can make something to make it easier for you to carry this thing around," Boss suggested.

Captain Rex knew with the two of them together, they can come up with something for this. So, he nods in agreement and the two begin working on this together.

As they work on putting some of the scraps together, Boss began bringing something up. "By the way, when the order came in, do you remember anything about it?"

Captain Rex turns towards Boss unsure what to say. Should he tell him the truth about that day or lie? He knows he shouldn't tell him this, especially with Ezra outside on the balcony. But he knew after all these years, there's no harm in talking about it, especially how Ezra trusts him.

Despite all that has happened between the Clones and Jedi.

"I remember the moment the chancellor gave the order, it felt like a switch flipping in my head. I could hear a voice echoing in my head to tell me to follow through on my order. To kill my Jedi commander and any who defend them. The moment I turned towards my commander though…I hesitated," Rex goes on to explain that he remembers trying to fight through the programming.

Telling his commander to find the information about Fives. One of their own and the one who Rex now believes knew about everything. About the chips, about Order 66, everything. So, he told her to find the report he made about Fives in the hope she can use that to find out the truth.

"It worked. She found a way to remove the chip and bring me back to my senses. After that, we escaped from the ship before it crashed, and we ended up faking our deaths. Even after everything that happened, she never tried to kill any of us," said Captain Rex as he explains how his commander refused to take the lives of any of the Clones, even when they tried to kill them.

Boss was surprised to hear that part. He would have figured that if the Jedi knew the Clones would try to kill them, then they'd kill them in self-defense. He would have understood this. He knew that the Clones weren't themselves and at least they would have been freed than be slaves to the Empire.

"That's what I miss about the Jedi," Captain Rex began as he lets out a small chuckle. "They never saw us as a weapon or as objects like the Republic did. They saw us as living beings. They fought to keep us safe, gave us their trust, and even valued our lives above their own. The Jedi may have been hated by the galaxy, but we didn't."

Boss couldn't help but agree with what his brother said and knew he's right. "They were something else. I wish I had gotten a chance to meet Commander Tano and fight alongside of her just once," Boss then looks over to where Ezra and Sabine are at before he lets out a small sigh. "At least, I'll get the chance to fight alongside a Jedi again. Is the kid as good as Commander Tano? What about his master?"

Captain Rex looks over to Ezra and couldn't help but smile. "He's definitely a lot like Commander Tano. Someone who despite knowing what we did, never hated us. As for his master, who survived Order 66, despite how we started, he's been an amazing mentor. And less risky as General Skywalker, but in a good way."

Boss was glad to hear that and is looking forward to meeting Ezra's mentor. "Well, let's get to work on this weapon of yours and get off this planet alive in one piece."

Meanwhile, Ezra and Sabine are seen out on the balcony. Going over everything they learned today. They went to Ashla to see if she'd help them communicate with the natives. To learn learning about the culture of the natives and even ask them questions about Kong. Ezra had explained to the girls how he could sense the Force from the creature and how strong he was.

So, they spoke to the natives to find out if they are aware of the Force and maybe could explain what they know. What they found out left them completely…surprised.

The natives appear aware of the Force and knew how to use it. For the basics really, but they have explained that all life here is strong with the Force. However, they cannot harness it like Ezra, but they are still strong with it. This confirms what Ezra suspected and makes him wonder if he can use it to communicate with Kong.

Something Ashla is very interested in wanting to try out.

"I really wish Kanan was here," said Ezra who really could use a little bit of guidance from his master. "If he was here, he'd probably figure out what to do with this information. I mean, Ashla's idea of communicating with Kong isn't that bad, but…"

Sabine gave a small sigh before she nods in response. "It's a little risky, especially with the time we have left to get out of here."

"I know," said Ezra who is aware of what they need to do. "Still, wouldn't be such a bad idea to try anyways, especially if it's to show Kong we're not his enemies. You know when Heiwa build a base here and Kong won't try to attack them."

Sabine knew that would be a good idea, but she also knew they can't go off looking for Kong, especially with how big this place is. Still, she knew if Ezra did meet Kong, they would be able to connect easily.

"Well, if we did run into Kong, connecting with him should be easy for you. Not through the Force, but because of how you are both nearly the same," said Sabine, which caught the attention of her friend.

"What do you mean?" Ezra asked while looking confused.

"Think about it. Both of you lost your parents at a young age, both of you were alone for such a long time, but you both kept moving forward. The only difference though is you found people to support you and to be there for you. Kong though…" Sabine sighed softly knowing this is where they are different. "…he never found anyone like that."

Ezra didn't even realize what Sabine said was true, until he thought about it. He knew they were both nearly the same. He didn't see his parents die in front of him, but he did lose them and was alone like Kong for a long time. Both knowing what it felt like not to have anyone to be there for them and care for them for so long. Ezra was lucky to have his new family with him, but he knew Kong wasn't so lucky.

Until he thought back of what Boss said Kong has done for the people around here. "Even if he didn't have a family to be there for him, he does have a purpose Sabine," he then begins pointing out to the village down below. "The people and the non-dangerous animals of this world. He looks out for them, protects them, keeps the peace around here, and will fight to defend them. We saw him do that for us earlier when he saved us from those creatures. He'll risk it all to keep everyone safe, so they won't go through…what he went through."

Sabine never even considered that, but she knew Ezra is right. Kong may not have a family like Ezra does right now, but it doesn't mean Kong isn't going to defend his home. He'll defend it against all threats. Skullcrawlers or the Empire, he'll fight them to the end.

"I just wish I could do more to help out and show him we're a lot alike," said Ezra who wanted to do more to help their allies and to even help Kong.

"Well, maybe once we liberate Lothal, we'll come back here so you can meet with Kong again," said Sabine knowing that once Lothal is freed and the Empire is gone, Ezra will have time to do whatever he wants. "For now, though. Mind helping me with something?"

"Sure, what are you working on?" Ezra asked as he sees Sabine pulling out what appear to be a strange red colored plant. "Um you going to grow some flowers?"

Sabine shook her head and pulls one of the plants. "The Iwi found these plants when they arrived at this world. They don't have a name for it, but its some sort of spicy pepper. One so strong that can reach up to a million degrees. It's too hot for consumption, but if used right, they can be used as gas bombs."

Sabine explains that when the Iwi go out, they carry a few of these and even a makeshift mask to protect themselves. So, when the gas is unleashed it won't get into their mouth, nose, and eyes. It will also affect the creatures that try attacking them, including Skullcrawlers. However, the range has to be close in order to use them to be more effective.

"Fortunately for us, I have a way to use them for long-range. So, what do you say? Want to help me out?" Sabine asked as she offers Ezra some gloves and goggles.

Ezra gladly took them and gets them on. "Let's do this. Do you plan to take some home with us?"

"What do you think?" Sabine replied before she begins getting to work on the peppers.

In the meantime, Shinji and Ashla are seen down below loading the boat with supplies that they'll need. They were given some extra food, medicine, water, and ammo in case they run into trouble. Even some explosives, which should work on the thick skin of the Skullcrawlers. All the while, discussing about what they found.

About Kong, the Iwi, the Force, and what all this could mean.

Shinji had no knowledge of the Force, but Ashla did. Her mother taught her much about the Force. How it works, how to connect to it, and how it exists in the galaxy. However, they didn't expect creatures like Kong to be capable of learning about it. They wonder if this can be a good way to communicate with Kong and show him they are friends.

"I say we'll give this a try once we get off this planet," said Shinji as he loads some of the food and water containers under the seats. "Our priority is finding the survivors and getting them out of here. While making sure our spy's position remains hidden."

"Even if we did, they can't go back to the Empire," Ashla replied knowing with what they know, they'll have to remain locked up until the war is over. "This means our plan to get our spy close to Thrawn and acquire more info on his TIE-Defender Project will have been wasted."

"Sad, but true," said Shinji knowing as they speak, that this is what the others are informing the admiral and the emperor. "However, if we send her back with a few survivors, they'll be suspicious. They know we don't exchange prisoners or let them go. Even if we lied that they escaped or at least our spy escaped, they won't buy it. Not with war fast approaching."

Ashla knew that was true. This means the plan they have been forming for years since they found out about Thrawn's project being worked on will have been wasted. They do have some spies close to Thrawn, but none close enough to get more details about the plan. Much less ones that have gained his trust as much as their spy has done over the years.

"Still, it doesn't matter," said Shinji as he turns towards his niece and leans against the boat. "If our allies are planning to infiltrate Lothal and liberate it, then we don't have much to worry about. Our intel shows that Thrawn is building his weapons on the planet. Once they're destroyed, the Empire will lose interest and not waste more money into this project."

"That's true. The Empire has a lot of projects that they've been working on and if there are those that are expensive then they'll avoid wasting any more money on them," Ashla knew her uncle is right and this might be a good thing for them if they move fast enough to help their allies achieve their goal. "And hopefully we can find out what else they're planning to do so we can stop them."

"Well, we know they're working on these Dark Troopers and something called Project Stardust," said Shinji who knows that their spies are working hard to find out every bit of what the Empire is up to. "For now? Let's make sure we make it out of this alive and in one piece. I would hate to bring you back in pieces and have your dad get pissed at me."

Ashla chuckled softly as she loads the last of the containers on the boat. "I think of mom was around, she'd probably do that for my dad. But yeah, let's make it out of here in one piece," as she begins to finish what she is doing, she stops and looks up into the sky.

Watching the colors appearing brightly for all to see, while the stars and the bright moon can be seen. Illuminating the jungle planet and all its inhabitants. It reminded her of a trip she had with her mother. Where they went to a small jungle planet, to take time off from her training, and spend some time together.

Before she left to fight with the Rebels, before she met her former master, and before she…Ashla still has her father, but she still missed her mother. She still misses her even now.

Still she knew if her mother was here, she'd want her to stay focus. Keep herself from making any mistakes. This is her mission, find the survivors, stay together, and make it out of this alive. So, that's what she'll do.

She turns to her uncle and the two begin working on checking the boat to make sure it will work properly. And get any tools they'll need to fix the boat in case they run into trouble.


The Imperial soldiers all gathered in the tree and managed to set up camp. Even set up a defensive position in case something attacks them. Colonel Jackson had his team set up explosives two miles from their position. That way if something did try to attack them, they'll know it.

In the meantime, John Adnar and the eight Stormtroopers with him decided to sleep away from the group. Mostly because the doctor didn't trust the colonel. That was fine with the colonel, because he didn't trust him either. It seems there has been some tension between the two sides since their argument earlier.

Hell, both sides knew this began earlier when the group reunited after the attack from that ape monster. Saya tried to keep the peace, but mostly because they need each other to survive. However, she knew it was only a matter of time before they turn on the other. And once they do, it will be an all out fight.

Their medical doctor, Ann Chan is seeing helping make sure Naomi is all right with her injuries. While Taylor is nearby watching it all.

"The good news is the wound is still clean and has stopped bleeding. The bad news though is it will keep you from moving around properly," Ann explained to Naomi as she finishes wrapping some new bandage around her patient's injury. "You'll need to avoid moving around too much until we can get you some proper treatment."

"At the rate this is going, I don't know how that's going to work out," said Naomi who knows that the longer they're on this planet, the less she felt they'll make it out alive.

"I wouldn't worry about it, Naomi," said Taylor as he smiles down at his partner. "We'll make it out of this hell hole in one piece."

"Assuming the colonel is serious about using that transmitter to get us out and not go after the monster," said Neil who caused the team to turn towards him. "Oh, don't give me that look. We all have seen the look in his eyes when anytime that thing was brought up. He wants to kill it."

"Of course, he does," said Rick as he took a bite of his food from his bag. "We all want to make that thing pay, but he won't endanger our lives to do it. He'll call for a ride to pick us up and get us out of here."

"I think Neil is right though," said Naomi who couldn't help but agree with her friend. "I overheard the colonel mention that there's some explosives where Jack is at. And how he wants to use them against the monster."

"That's crazy. I mean, yeah having those weapons would come in handy if the damn thing comes after us, but he won't risk going after it," said Taylor who is doubting what Naomi said and knows the colonel won't endanger their lives.

"He's right," Rick agrees with his friend and knows the others are just paranoid. "The colonel isn't like the rest of these Imperial weasels who left us behind. He won't risk our lives to go after that thing and he'll get us out of here. We just need to get to Jack and call for help. If not with the Empire, then with Heiwa maybe."

"Do you really think they'll risk their lives for us? Their enemies?" Ann asked who is worried Heiwa won't try to save them. "Don't forget, we're at war with them and we know too much about this planet. They'll likely leave us here to die."

"They won't," the team turn over and see Saya walking to join them. "Heiwa may see us as their enemies and they could very well choose to leave us behind. But that's not what they do."

"What do you mean?" Neil asked confused by what the captain is saying.

So, Saya begins to explain. "If Heiwa receives a call from their enemies asking for mercy, Heiwa will show mercy. But only if those asking for it are willing to comply and not fight Heiwa any longer. If an enemy soldier can't fight back or is badly hurt, then they will provide aid. Even if their enemies are those who have wronged them, they will try to help out in any way they can."

She even explains that while it is true, they did trespass here and she has no doubt they probably expect the creatures of this world to finish them off. If they receive a message from them that they need help, then Heiwa will likely send aid. This doesn't mean they'll be sent back home though or be traded. Since, it is unlikely the Empire will make any trades for any of them.

"Most likely, the Empire is already working on telling our families that we died in the line of duty or some bullshit like that," Saya finished explaining as she gives the team the harsh reality of their current situation.

The team had to let that last part sink in. How the Empire won't try saving them or come to their rescue. They knew it and knew the Empire will lie to their families. Tell them they died as heroes to keep up their appearances.

There was a bit of silence among the group when they realized they'll never be able to go home. They'll likely remain in prison until the war is over, which wouldn't take too long to end with Heiwa helping the Rebels.

Rick looks around at his teammates, before he spoke up. "Well, at least I won't have to deal with my momma anymore and her constantly bugging me to find myself a wife to marry."

Neil begins to laugh a little with what his friend said and shrugs his shoulders. "I mean, it was kind obvious that wasn't going to ever happen. Considering how bad you are at picking up women."

The team begin to laugh a little as the mood has been lighten a little. They really needed it, especially with everything they had gone through today.

"You seem to know a lot about what Heiwa would do to us, Saya. You've been there before?" Naomi asked.

Saya turns towards Naomi and shrugs her shoulders. "Before joining the military, I did. I visited different neutral worlds and stayed in a few places. Heiwa was one of them and despite what the Empire says, they're not bad people. And I can safely say for some of you guys who are still single, plenty of beautiful women."

Neil and Rick begin to laugh, while their friends join in for a chuckle. "Well, maybe your momma will get herself a grandkid after all if you play your cards right, Neil."

"Very funny," said Neil as he took a sip of his water, while secretly hoping his friend is right.

"Any cute men there too?" Ann asked as she gets a small nod and a wink from Saya. "Well, if we end up in a prison facility, I hope to find myself some cute guards then."

The group continued laughing and soon begin going over some stories about their childhood. Using this chance to have some bit of fun before getting some sleep and before tomorrow.

In the meantime, Colonel Jackson is seen outside of the tree and is on watch. He would normally join his team and talk to them, but he wasn't in the mood. He was too focus on making sure nothing attacks them. Even use this time to keep his eye out on Doctor Adner and his Stormtroopers.

He knows after their argument earlier that the good doctor is up to something. He's confident that he and his team can take down the doctor, along with his Imperial followers. However, he can't make a move just yet. He might need the numbers to help them get to where his lieutenant is at.

Once they find him and the transmitter, then they'll take out the doctor. As quickly as possible, before he has a chance to kill them.

He looks over to see the doctor's assistant, Joe walking towards him. "What do you want?"

Joe could sense the hostility from the colonel, but still pressed forward with what he needed. "Do you have a minute? To talk?"

"Why don't you go talk to your boss?" Colonel Jackson asked as he kept his right hand to his blaster, in case this was some sort of trick.

Joe sighed softly and explains what happened. "Ever since I told you and your team about Doctor Adner, he no longer trusts me. He told me once we make it out of here, he plans to have me locked up for treason and probably get me killed."

Joe knew the doctor didn't say he would kill him, but because of how close he is to the emperor. There's a good possibility he'll have him killed. He can't have someone who isn't loyal to him and won't keep his mouth shut. So, he needs to try doing all he can to avoid getting killed.

Colonel Jackson could tell with his body language and his tone that Joe was speaking the truth. Since they all got together, he took notice of how Joe wasn't speaking with the doctor. He wasn't even with him in his little group. He motions for Joe to sit down next to him but kept his hand on his blaster.

"H-How long until we get to our destination? To your lieutenant, the weapons, and the transmitter?" Joe asked while trying to do what he can not to piss off the colonel.

"Another day's walk," Colonel Jackson replied as he looks out into the jungle. "I assume the transmitter was made by the doctor?"

Joe shook his head in response. "By a colleague of his. He even told him how to use it since its encrypted. Preventing just anyone from using it. Otherwise, our enemies would try using it against us."

Colonel Jackson figured getting to the transmitter and using it wouldn't be so easy. This only further his suspicion of what the doctor is planning once they get close to their goal. So, the colonel will have to try outsmarting him. It was then he came up with an idea of how Hawkins could be useful to him.

"Do you know how to use it?" the colonel asked as he gets a small nod from Joe. Now that he knows this, he'll need to be careful from here on out on what their next move will be. "Joe, I'm going to make you a deal. If you agree to it, I'll make sure you make it out of this alive."

Joe looks over at where the doctor as at before turning back to the colonel. He has an idea of what the colonel is going to ask of him, since he had overheard what the doctor plans to do. If he's going to make it out of this alive, he has to make a choice here and now. He just hopes the one he makes will indeed help him make it out alive."

"What do you need, sir?" Joe asked.

Colonel Jackson begins telling him what he wants. All the while, making sure the doctor won't find out what he's up to. If he's going to do this, he'll need to make sure he does it fast and soon. Before the doctor can try going through with what he's planning.


On the other side of the jungle, there's a mountain. A mountain that overlooks the jungle to the sea. At top of the mountain, there is a cave. A cave that looked like it was in the shape of a skull.

A cave that is big enough for one of the much larger creatures to live inside of. The creature that lives here, is Kong.

Kong had returned to his den, which he made into his home since…since the day he lost his parents.

He still remembers that day. It is a day he can never forget, because it happened after he was born. It is burned into his mind forever as he saw everything flashing before his eyes the moment, he opened them. He even remembers the noises that echoed all around him when he came into this world.

He closed his eyes and begins thinking back to that day. The day everything changed…


He remembers hearing loud roars from different creatures all around them. He then opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was his mother. She was bleeding, she looked hurt, but when he looked into her eyes, all he saw was love. Her mother's loving eyes looking down at her baby and appeared happy.

Kong felt his mother's warm embrace and he in turn returned the embrace with his small arms. It was only for a moment, but it felt like an eternity for him.

That changed when he heard the cry of another creature. He looked over and to his shock, he saw his father. His father fighting these monsters on his own. All of them biting at him, clawing at him, and trying to kill him.

His father though, held them back. He fought them all on his own, while protecting his mate and child. But he knew he wouldn't be able to last long. He knew he was getting closed to being overwhelmed and they will kill him.

So, he called out to his mate. To take their child and keep him safe.

The next thing Kong knew, he was being taken by his mother to a small cave. She spoke to him gently, but the poor child was confused on what was going on. He didn't know what was happening, why these things were attacking them, and what his mother was doing. The next thing he knew, she had placed him into the cave, said her goodbyes, and told him…she loves him.

Before the young ape could reach out this mother, she had blocked the entrance with some rocks. Keeping their child safe from the creatures, which had now all descendent on them.

Kong though could still peak outside of the cave. He could see the creatures now attacking his parents. He watched in horror as the monsters killed his parents and took them from him. His parents let out one last roar, before everything went silent.

The young ape didn't know how long he was in the cave. He didn't know how long these creatures feast on the bodies of his parents.

He knew though that the red sky was now darkening. The clouds began to part and soon the full moon can be seen illuminating the jungle. The young ape saw the monsters were gone and didn't return. He begins leaving the cave and makes his way over to his parents.

Slowly as tears begin forming in his eyes. He soon stops in front of their bodies and it was then everything began setting in. His parents were gone. They were gone.

He soon began to weep as he stood by with his parents as the last of his kind.

Unbeknownst to him, one of the monsters returned. It heard the cry of the young ape. It begins approaching him. Slowly as it prepared to finish the last of the creatures that have caused them such problems.

However, before it could reach him, something stopped it. It suddenly felt an unseen force choking it. It tried to get freed, but it couldn't see what was choking it. There was nothing there, but it could feel a powerful force choking the life out of it.

It was then that Kong turns towards the creature. Its eyes still filled with tears and sorrow, but something else…rage. The young ape felt rage flowing through it as it was somehow choking the creature. It kept on choking at the creature, as it felt its life beginning to fade away and it began to stop struggling.

Kong doesn't remember what happened next, but the next thing he knew he felt the energy in him completely drained. He fell on all four and the monster before it, laid on the ground…motionless. The young ape looked up to see the monster before it, dead. Did he do this?

Did he kill the monster? Did he kill it like it did to his family? Kong didn't know if he did or not. He didn't remember it, except the rage.

The rage that flowed through him. Kong did know one thing; he will make these things pay. He will make them pay for what they did to his parents and make sure they never harm another living soul. This is his home and he will protect it.


Kong soon opened his eyes and looks up into the beautiful night sky. Looking up into the stars, while still thinking back on that day. He still doesn't know how he did what he did. He could feel the monster approaching him from behind, he felt something or someone calling out to him to attack, and he did.

He had done the same thing time and time again when those things kept on attacking him when he was young. But as he got older, he no longer needed to do it anymore. He was stronger, faster, and could defend himself along with the inhabitants of this world.

Still, that same presence he felt before still calls out to him from time to time. Just like it did back then and even call out to him today.

When those people came to his world, dropped those things that made such loud explosions, and woke up more of those monsters. The same monsters that killed his parents and much of his people.

He was angry at what they did and stopped them before more could wake up.

But then he met this other group of humans. They didn't look like the ones he fought. In fact, one of them…one of them was like him. He knew it somehow and knew he was able to feel what he does.

He wonders what this means and why they were here. Maybe if their paths meet, he'll find out more. For now? He looks up into the beautiful night colored sky and begins falling asleep.

Hoping to dream of a more peaceful dream tonight.

That's the end of the chapter and it looks like there's some more tension between the Imperial soldiers huh? At least, things are going well for the Rebels and their Heiwan allies. Some bonding time for Rex and Boss too. Catching up on what happened and hoping to make it out alive.

Also, yeah, I decided to go into details about Kong's past. A lot like from the comic, with some differences. What Kong went through man in those moments that he was born…fuck that was horrible. But it also shows that Kong isn't a mindless animal that will kill all that is in his way.

It also shows that rage that he showed during his fights that keeps him going. Fuels him and helps him in his fights. It worked well against the Skullcrawlers and even against Godzilla. How will it work in this story?

Will our heroes also reunite with Kong too? Will there be a chance for Ezra to connect with Kong? Will the Imperial soldiers make it to their destination without killing one another? Or think something will come by to try killing them?

Well, tune in next time to find out. If you guys like how things went then please leave some reviews and let me know what you think. Just remember guys no flame or negative reviews. If you didn't like this then don't leave any comments please.

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