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" A half-blood of the eldest gods

Shall reach sixteen against all odds

And see the world in endless sleep

The hero's soul, cursed blade shall reap

A single choice shall end his days

Olympus to preserve or raze"




"We are being overwhelmed let's go people head up to Olympus" Thalia screamed as the Greek demigods well at least the ones who were still alive ran towards the elevator after making sure everyone was in Thalia stepped in the elevator too. She took a deep breath to compose herself and listened some guy in 70s singing old timey songs in the elevator.

When she arrived at 600th floor with the rest of the demigods her second in command and best friend Annabeth approached her bracing herself for bad news Thalia nodded at Annabeth to speak. "Thalia we just got news from the Roman front the Romans have have fallen. We can maybe hold Olympus for a day or two after that we'll get overwhelmed, we're also running low on ambrosia and nectar, Thalia we can't win this war" Annabeth finished on a slightly panicked note.

Thalia gripped her spear tightly and said "Give me some time to think, till then gather all the remaining campers and barricade the throne room, the Titans won't attack at least for another 2-3 hours. Meanwhile, I have to speak to Hestia". Annabeth walked off towards the throne room as Thalia headed towards the temple of Hestia.

As she walked inside the temple of Hestia she couldn't help but think about her brother Jason who was dead or dying as the Romans lost. They hadn't been that close but since last year they had gotten closer I-Ming each other once in a while, the last time she talked to him was when he had been suited in flashy imperial gold armor and had been leaving for Orthrys.

She looked at mosaics surrounding the walls around her and saw Kronos being defeated by the gods in the first Titananachomy. Pity that won't happen this time though Thalia bitterly, she knew that they couldn't hold Olympus much longer.

She found the hearth goddess sitting near one of the paintings of herself (Hestia) she approached the goddess cautiously as immortals tended to incinerate mortals who sneaked up on them.

"Lady Hestia" said Thalia kneeling reverently. "Rise child the beginning of the Final Prophecy is near" said Hestia looking serenely at her, "umm My lady?" asked Thalia thoroughly confused. "You must not tell anyone what I'm about to tell you the fates visited me last night and they have a specific fate for you my child your burden is not actually yours you must pass on for someone else" Hestia said.

A few minutes later Thalia came out after having the conversation, ashen faced and accepting she walked slowly towards the throne room she pushed through the bronze doors and saw demigods scrambling to make shield walls and archers taking vantage points for their demise. She saw Annabeth cleaning her dagger and saw the hopeless look in her eyes. She knew what she had to do.

"Clarisse" called Thalia. The burly daughter of Ares who was putting up a piece of Celestial Bronze to make a barricade stopped and looked at Thalia. Thalia gestured her to come to her.

"Clarisse there's something I have to tell you, there's no way we can hold Kronos we're outnumbered 20 to 1" said Thalia. "WHAT! ARE YOU- "exclaimed Clarisse before she was interrupted by Thalia "No I'm not giving up" whispered Thalia fiercely. "Just listen to me Clarisse, I'm going to fight Kronos one on one if I fail there is a hatch to the Labyrinth under Hephaestus's throne just take all the demigods with you and collapse the tunnels with Greek fire. If you follow the flame you will reach a sanctuary" said Thalia with desperation and urgency in her eyes.

Clarisse nodded slowly "But that will mean you….." "Yeah I'll die" Thalia said harshly. Clarisse hugged Thalia suddenly and whispered "It's been good fighting with you PineHead one way or another the fate of Olympus will be decided today". "Yeah same thing hothead" said Thalia. "Listen one last thing Annabeth won't accept this plan you have to take her with you".

"Yeah I'll knock her out if it comes to that" said Clarisse grimly. "Thalia what's wrong" said Annabeth the hug not gone unnoticed by anyone.

Thalia cringed "Anna I think we need to talk". "NO, NO, NO ABSOLUTELY NOT!" screamed Annabeth as Thalia explained her plan. "How do you even know Kronos will accept your duel Thalia?" said Annabeth still in a furor. "I'll challenge him to an honor duel" said Thalia.

Annabeth fell silent knowing that Kronos would accept the duel because the Titan wouldn't want to look weak or cowardly in front of his troops and brothers.

"But still Thalia….. I can't lose you too not after Luke" said Annabeth In a last ditch attempt to convince Thalia. Thalia resolutely shook her head and gave Annabeth a piece of folded paper bound with rubber bands. "I'll tell you everything written in the paper myself if I win and If i I don't win… then you read it" said Thalia her voice trembling.

Travis Stoll suddenly burst in "Kronos is here!" he said panting. "Annabeth get back with the rest of the demigods and stay in the Throne Room, I love you Annie" said Thalia as she hugged the daughter Athena and started to run towards the gates of Olympus. "I love you too Thals" Annabeth yelled as her fury was replaced by steel cold anger towards the Titans.

Thalia was running at an impossible speed and as she ran all her fears, insecurities and doubts flew away with the dust that her feet kicked up. When she arrived she saw Kronos in all his Titan-y glory standing there looking smug. His vanguard was with him along with assorted monsters.

"Daughter of Zeus are you here to give up? The best I can offer is a painless death to all your friends" said Kronos his voice like a thousand knives scraping against steel. Thalia decided Kronos would make a terrible car salesman. "No I'm here to challenge you to a honor duel" Thalia said her voice level and firm.

Kronos uncomfortably looked around. While he knew he could overwhelm the daughter of Zeus, monsters liked a tough leader who fought his own battles. "Alright I accept granddaughter" said Kronos snatching up his gold helmet and transforming Backbiter Luke's sword into his signature scythe.

Thalia got into a fighting stance and summoned the lightning around her to swirl around her giving her a thor kind of look her eyes turned pure blue and glowed with power. Thalia locked eyes with Kronos. Kronos slowly started moving towards Thalia hoping to get first blood. Before the Titan could reach Thalia struck she advanced with her fearsome shield aegis which had the visage of medusa on it.

Kronos flinched for a millisecond before blocking Thalia's strike with his scythe, Talia yelled and channeled lightning through her spear leaving a smoldering patch of skin of the Titan's thigh. Kronos then swung with his scythe, Thalia jumped over it and was going to summon another lightning bolt when Kronos stamped his foot and sent a wave of pure energy at her.

Thalia stood up shakily and the fighting continued this went on for several minutes in which Thalia got bruises and cuts on Titan king. Kronos knew that she was delaying him and was in a way winning, the army had stopped jeering and were now observing the battle with curiosity. Kronos knew that he needed to conserve power to revert to his true form.

In those seconds he made a decision it would probably take him a year to ascend to his true form but he had to kill the daughter of Zeus before the Olympians arrived. Kronos then glowed pure white and slowed time completely and stabbed his scythe into Thalia's stomach. He stood over her triumphantly.

Thalia then played her last card, she summoned her remaining life force and prayed to her fathers and created the biggest lightning bolt yet and ricocheted it of Zeus's throne thus filling it with divine power as well as her life force.

She struck Kronos on the chest Kronos started to bleed even with the Achilles's Curse on him. He looked in shock at the daughter of Zeus who knew that in her final moments she had brought the demigods some time as Kronos wouldn't be able to ascend to his true form for 4-5 years after this.

With her last breath she whispered "Never Bow Down" as her whisper was lost into the air along with Annabeth Chases's scream as Clarisse knocked her out and slid her into the Labyrinth hatch.

The other two titans gave Kronos to the healers and destroyed the thrones as they were doing that they heard a huge boom as the Labyrinth's corridors collapsed as the demigods escaped.

Just miles away as the Olympians fighting the storm giant Typhon felt as the Titan's destroyed their thrones and felt their power fading, the giant took advantage of that and one by one plucked them out of the sky as they were feeling weak and useless. As that happened a new era began, Atlas was freed of his burden and the twin archers were made to hold it up. Krios was in command of the Roman side of the country and Pallas on the Greek the camps were destroyed and all the remaining demigods were in hiding in the bunkers . The titan Iapetus was defeated by the praetor of the Twelfth Percy Jackson who disappeared with the rest of the remaining Romans after the failed siege of Othrys where they fought off 3 Titans with bravado and foolishness.

But, inevitably lost when the reinforcements arrived for the monsters from the oceans after seizing Atlantis Poseidon's capital. Thus began the 'Golden Age' of the Titans a nightmarish world for mortals an demigods.

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