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Caitlin Todd waited impatiently with Agent Fornell on Air Force One for a Medical Examiner to arrive for the body lying on the floor. Her mind whirled with the possibilities of what happened to the officer on the floor. She was tuning Agent Fornell's bitching out.

Finally she heard the Coroner greeting the ME that was stepping on board Air Force One, her eyes widened when she took in who was accompanying the Medical Examiner, she knew him and his gorgeous blue eyes that always made her weak at the knees and he was NOT a ME assistant as the ME had claimed.

In order to get Agent Fornell off the plane and her back, she pretended to believe their story and exited the plane promptly.

Agent Gibbs smirked as the FBI and Secret Service Agents left the plane, he knew the female Secret Service Agent would be back promptly and likely give him hell for taking over her crime scene, not that she knew how to investigate a crime, she was all about protecting the President of the United States and to be honest, he wasn't thrilled about her job choice. Who wants their wife to throw themselves in front of a bullet? He mused to himself.

His secret wife, nobody knew that he had married again for the fifth time, this time it was real and they respected each other job choice, it did make it easier, them both being Federal Agents, they understood the risks each had to undertake each day and the possibility of not coming home at night. It made their relationship deeper and neither ever left for work without letting the other know how much they meant.

Agent Caitlin Todd came flying though the airplane door reaching for her weapon and stated, "Who are you, you are not the state ME".

Dr Mallard aka Ducky turned to Agent Gibbs and muttered "Sorry" Agent Gibbs stepped forward and loomed over the brunette Secret Service Agent, she never backed down and stared straight into his eyes. They fought for control over the crime scene and in order for them to getting moving, she conceded the investigation to him, as long as she was kept in the loop.

She had a hard time not to lean forward and connect their lips as that was a sure-fire way to make her husband see things her way. Resisting temptation, she whirled away an made her way up to the cockpit.

After Agent Todd went to tell the pilots to take off, Agent DiNozzo, who had also accompanied Ducky as part of his assistant entourage, whistled quietly and said to the other two "Man, she's hot" He immediately backed down when he saw how his boss was glaring at him.

At that moment Agent Todd came back downstairs and after smirking at the men standing in the aisle of the plane told them to buckle in as they were about to take off. After they were all seated, she was introduced formally to NCIS Agents Jethro Gibbs and Tony DiNozzo.

"Agent Caitlin Todd, (Kate) part of the Presidential detail, now why are NCIS involved?"

"Not one for small talk are you Kate" Tony flirted with her. She shot him a withering look and focused on Gibbs who was sat across from her.

DiNozzo mused to himself, I've never been shut down quite so quickly, why is she focusing so much on Gibbs, he's not a patch on me?! He was swiftly brought back to the present by a swift slap on the back of the head by his grouchy boss Gibbs.

After the plane was in the air, Tony started taking photographs and measurements for the investigation, Ducky was investigating the body and Gibbs was starting to process the food that the 'Football' carrier had eaten before he died.

Kate trailed along behind Gibbs as he started the bag and tag the evidence, he was showing her how to do it in his own gruff way, while trying not to make it obvious that they knew each other and actually had a very close connection.

As they were bagging and tagging the food, the smell made of it made Kate's stomach turn and she whirled round and put her hand over her mouth as she dashed for the nearest toilet. Gibbs swore to himself and dashed after her holding a plastic bag, he stopped her before entering the toilet and made her vomit into the plastic bag he held. He sealed and signed it before thrusting it to DiNozzo, who had also followed the procession.

Gibbs gently grasped her elbow and led her to the nearest couch whilst also shouting for Ducky to come and look at Kate.

Lying on the couch, Ducky couldn't find any elevated temperature that would precede the onset of any illness that could prove fatal. Gibbs was also leaning against a wall, as Ducky shot him a look to leave, he stubbornly shook his head, there was no way he was leaving his wife of 2 years.

As Kate was lying on the couch, with Ducky attending to her, Gibbs mind drifted back to when the first met 3 years ago… he had been at Kelly and Shannon graves laying flowers earlier that day and then headed to his favourite coffee shop, as he got his coffee, a brunette woman came flying through the door in a rush and had knocked his coffee out of his hand. She had not been able to apologise enough and had bought him another coffee. Since he didn't have anywhere else to be that day, he had spent the day with Kate the brunette who had knocked his coffee over. She was feisty, independent and he couldn't help falling for. She reminded him of Shannon when they had first met.

Gibbs was shaken from his musings as Ducky asked Kate what she thought had brought the sickness on, he was curious on the answer. She brought up her left hand and flashed her wedding ring and said wryly "My husband made me dinner last night, clearly it disagreed with me".

Gibbs snorted quietly, he had made her dinner last night, but it was Steak and Potatoes, and it was highly unlikely to make her sick.

Ducky looked Kate and raised his eyebrows and quietly stated that "If it was food poisoning, then it would have hit you much sooner than 24 hours later my dear".

Kate blushed and looked at Gibbs and muttered "It may be morning sickness; my husband and I have been trying and I've been feeling nauseous the last week or so".

Ducky caught the look to Gibbs and thought shame Caitlyn was married, as they both seem to have a bit of attraction to each other and Gibbs needed an independent woman. His previous wives had always needed him, and this woman was different.

Gibbs mouth had dropped slightly when Kate had muttered her news and he was quietly ecstatic, he stepped forward and sat on the couch next to Kate's hip, grabbing her hand "Really?"

Kate smiled back at her husband "It's a possibility Gibbs".

Ducky's mouth dropped, he exclaimed "Jethro is your husband?"

Without looking at Ducky, "Yes Ducky, she's my wife, we've been together for 3 years, married for 2 years". "I didn't tell anyone; we had a quiet ceremony, and I didn't want to make the same mistakes I did with my previous marriages".

Ducky smiled at Jethro "Take care of her, I can run a blood test when we get back to lab, to see if Caitlyn here really is pregnant".

"Thanks Ducky now let's get back to work".

Kate tried to sit up, Gibbs pushed her back down gently, "Gibbs I need to do my job, I feel fine now" He kept his hand on her shoulder and gave her a look, just then a voice came over the intercom "Agent Todd, a call for you"

"I can take the call for you?" Gibbs offered his wife politely.

"I would have to be dead honey" Kate pulled herself off the couch and headed upstairs to take the call from her superior.

Gibbs and DiNozzo finished with bagging and tagging all the evidence and had put everything in the hold ready for a quick getaway. Kate was still upstairs on her call and DiNozzo was muttering on about some film based on Air Force One. Gibbs tuned him out and turned his mind back to his possibly pregnant wife, he had to watch that he wasn't overly protective of her.

Kate made her way downstairs and buckled herself in the seat next to her husband and his annoying sidekick. DiNozzo wasn't her cup of tea and he was not subtle about leering at her. She was surprised that Gibbs hadn't told him to back off, he could be quite jealous at times.

DiNozzo considered Agent Kate Todd, she was gorgeous, feisty and he wanted her, he leaned forward in his chair and smoothly asked Kate out for dinner. Kate smirked and flashed her engagement and wedding bands at DiNozzo "Sorry my husband is expecting me home".

DiNozzo slunk down in his seat, "I never saw them, sorry about that, who is the lucky man?".

"What makes you think you'll know my husband?".

DiNozzo had no good answer and turned to his magazine, he never noticed Gibbs turn to Kate and take her hand to squeeze it as the plane landed.

After DiNozzo was safely hidden in the body bag that was going to the FBI in effort to fool them in to thinking they had the dead body. Gibbs was able to give Kate a hug without prying eyes. As she stood in the circle of his arms, she never felt safer. Gibbs looked down and whispered, "I love you Kate, please be careful, you may be carrying special cargo."

"Yes love, I'm planning on asking for reassignment, a pregnant Agent can't be on the Presidential Detail".

As the plane taxied to a stop, Gibbs reluctantly let Kate go and they both straightened their clothes and presented the image of two tough and professional Agents from differing Agencies. Agent Todd stepped out Air Force One first and went to meet her boss. Agent Gibbs exited after her and headed to his car, brushing past Agent Fornell of the FBI with just a glance.

The FBI took possession of the body bag and headed towards Quantico.