Chapter 1 - The Immortal Supreme Deity Dao Cultivation Gamer System

By theMadLad

'Damn, this is boring.' I thought while floating across the void, or at least, I think I am.

I don't really have a body to tell, and consider that it's pitch black out here, maybe I'm just blind and stuck in my own head.

'...hmm...' Maybe I should just go to sleep.


Hm? Someone is here?

Boy! This young system has graced you with his presence!


What did you say to this young system?!

I said, you are fucking noisy, shut the fuck up!

Hmph, be grateful this one will forgive your transgression without breaking your legs if you kowtow to me 30 times!

...I don't even have legs.

O-oh right. Well then, this one won't show you the immensity of heaven and earth then.

What the hell is wrong with you? Why do you keep doing shitty Xianxia tropes? Oi, oi, could this actually be me developing some second personality out of loneliness?!

What? No. This young system is here to grant you a great boon other than it's presence!

Hm? What boon?

Hehe, that got your attention huh? Well let this one tell you. This great young system is one of the most powerful entities in the multiverse! Be grateful this one personally chose you as it's host—!

Eh? Host?

—Unfortunately, a short while ago this young system was unable to see Mount Tai and was bullied by it's siblings for picking the Dao over silly things like Magic or Aura! Who needs magic when you can make the heavens tremble with the palm of your hand—!

U-uh ok..? I'm pretty sure you said something like host? Can we get back to that!

Ahem! Yes, you are the lucky host of I, The Immortal Supreme Deity Dao Cultivation Gamer System! Now, let's get started on the path to godhood, the beginning of the Dao!

Skill Gained

[Gamer's Dao Heart]

Prevents the user from cultivating Heart Demons which hinder their Dao progression

Gives a peaceful state of mind

Hm? Nothing seems to have changed.

The reason you didn't feel the change is because your emotions have been dulled by the void, plus you've been here for so long, why would you be nervous? It also relates to why I chose you as my host in the first place!

And why is that?

Well your willpower of course! Not just any mortal can stay in the vast emptiness of the void for millions of years without going completely insane!

Holy shit! Millions of years?!

See, you didn't even notice! Only one such as you is worthy to be this young system's host!

'Damn, no wonder I was so bored!'

So, if you truly aren't a voice in my head, can you get me outta here?

Haha, yes of course, let our path to dominating the heavens begin!

Though unfortunately, I am—cough—currently at my weakest, so I'm going to have to transmigrate you instead of creating you a new body.

Yo, what the—

—But! Worry not, as it will be someone you recognize!

But I don't wanna be someone else, I wanna be me! ...Um, whoever I am.

Now, lets begin! Help me prove to those other systems of my superiority on our journey to reach the peak of Mount Tai!

"FuCk!" I coughed out as another boot slammed into my side.

The girl my previously self tried to save was crying over me while the older boys beating me forced a wooden bat into her hands.

"Hey girly, I can let you go! But you have to do something for me first! Give this hero something to remember you by!" One of the older boys yelled with a knife to the girls throat. "Hit him!"

The girl clenching the bat, scared out of her wits screamed out, "I-i'm so sorry!" Before smashing it into my skull.

"—Kuh!" Blood spurt out my mouth as my body hit the ground, a feeling of helplessness washed over me as I raised myself up with shaky arms.

Then suddenly the sound of the goons screaming out appeared as rapid thuds slammed into them before they dropped to the ground one by one.

I looked up to see the one standing over them which revealed to me a beautiful girl. She glared at them before shifting to the little girl who was forced to hit me with rage, "Did you hurt Brother Xiao Yan too?"

Her words struck me but I couldn't place why they felt so familiar...

I used the moment of peace to quickly search my new memories, 'Ah...Xiao Yan, Dou Qi Continent.'

...I'm in Battle Through The Heavens.

Nice huh? This young system even got you a Jade Beauty right off the start!

Yeah, but you do know I have almost no knowledge of this world, I only skimmed the manhua!

Yes I know, you had pretty much forgotten all your memories until I jumped started them for you.

Then what about my other memories? Family, friends? I'm missing almost everything.

Corroded from the void, this was the best I could do, better than being stuck there for another million years.

Sigh, I guess you're right.

But that still doesn't excuse you transmigrating me in the middle of being beat up! What the hell?!


Sighing in exasperation, I cleared my thoughts and quickly called out towards the two girls, "Xun Er! That's enough, it wasn't her fault."

"N-no, I-I'm sorry!" The bullied girl cried out, flinching when she met my gaze as I spoke once more, "Just go."

The girl meekly thanked me again before running off in a hurry.

When the beautiful girl left behind turned towards me I couldn't help but feel a little fuzzy, I had lost almost all of my past life's experiences, so what little I had was assimilated from this body.

And boy, did this body really like this girl.

"Xun Er..." I coughed out as the girl approached me with concern.

"Brother Xiao Yan...are you okay...?" She asked with worry as she began wiping the blood off my face with her handkerchief.

"I'm fine Xun Er, don't worry about me for being useless." I replied on instinct, damn this body's experiences really destroyed him, with his shitty self esteem being an instinct.

"It's alright Brother Xiao Yan, one day you'll go back to being a genius, Xun Er knows it!" She exclaimed with a stunning smile.

I was stuck in a daze from her smile, according to the memories from my body, I used to be a genius only seen in a thousand years. Breaking through an entire great realm without external help by the time I was 12, when suddenly all of my cultivation vanished.

After that I was labeled trash and then humiliated ever since, and the only one who stuck by me regardless was Xun Er.

Strange emotions I could no longer comprehend, dulled from the void, were present in my eyes as I stared at the her.

I looked away as she started to blush before slowly trying to stand up on my two feet, I would have tumbled if not for Xun Er holding me steady.

"Brother Xiao Yan, are you sure you're okay?" She asked me with anxiety.

"Y-yeah, just give me a sec." I replied almost falling once more, not from my injuries, but from the foreignness of have legs and hell even a body at all again.

Luckily, this body's experience along with muscle memory prevented me from struggling any longer.

Xun Er's concerned gaze seemed to fade away before a bright smile took it's place, "Brother Xiao Yan, are you ready for the family Dou Qi examination day?"

I looked towards her as I searched my memories before replying, "Yeah, I am," with enough confidence to even surprise her.

I wasn't nearly as helpless as the original Xiao Yan was as I not only had the gamer system but also the knowledge of the heights the original would have reached without it.

'Wait a minute, what does this system even really do?' I pondered as a voice in my rang out.

O-oh right I forgot—Ahem!—I mean, we never chose the Dao we would pursue, so pick a Dao worthy of this young system!

Choose a Dao

[Martial Dao] [Mystic Dao] [Refinement Dao]

How does this work?

Well, [Martal Dao] encompasses anything to do with weapons or martial art techniques.

[Mystic Dao] encompasses anything to do with mystic arts such as cultivating fire or ice arts

And finally, [Refinement Dao, which includes things such as Alchemy, Inscriptions, and Battle Formations.

Can I choose more than one, and is this even all the choices to choose from?

Well, you can choose another Dao after reaching max level in the one you currently have equipped or through special circumstances.

As for this being all the choices? Not even close. The road to heaven is a path paved through endless roads, there is no one dao, there are infinite dao.

The ones I have shown you are the most useful to you currently and the only ones I could gleam from this realm. No point in learning the Dao of Shitting is there?

...I guess not, but what do you mean by this realm?

I suppose you wouldn't know, then it is up to I, your system, to give you this lesson in his place!

...Uh, whose place?

The world we reside in, the Dou Qi Continent, is just one of thousands of smaller realms which make up the Great Thousand World plane! Once you reach Dou God you can ascend there as well!

Ah, I remember a bit, isn't that where 'The Great Ruler' takes place...I'm pretty sure the original Xiao Yan was there too, I'm not sure I only just skimmed the wiki for that novel...

It was a sequel right?

Kinda, more like it's own story with Battle Through The Heavens and Wu Dong Qian Kun characters thrown in. But, in the universe you currently preside in, a whole bunch of other novels you read before also end up reaching there!

If you reach this Higher Plane or even other Lower Planes I will also be able to give you new Dao methods to learn!

...This is so goddamn confusing.

Fair enough, now let's continue.

Oh right, we were choosing a Dao. Well, since I am Xiao Yan, it's pretty obvious what I should chose.

I mentally click on the [Mystic Dao] which causes more options to show up.

Choose a Mystic Dao

[Water Dao] [Wood Dao] [Wind Dao] [Rock Dao] [Fire Dao] [Lightning Dao] [Ground Dao]...

'With a world stock full of Heavenly Flames, there really is only one right choice,' I thought as I made my final decision, mentally selecting the [Fire Dao].

Dao Gained

[Fire Dao] - Level 1/100 [0%]

Gain 5 INT and 5 WIS every level

Skills Gained


Costs 5 QP

Deals 20 Fire Damage

[Fire Arrow]

Costs 20 QP

Deals 50 Fire Damage

[Burn Target]

Costs 100 QP

Burns the target, inflicts damage over time

Knowledge on fire and how to use it as Dou Techniques were forcefully stuffed into my head.

I blinked my eyes in amazement as I felt warmth permeate my body, ready to burn down uh...decently sized bush?

Don't worry, with this young system by your side you will be able to burn down the heavens with the flip of your palm soon enough!

Here is your status!

Xiao Yan

Cultivation - 3 Star Dou Disciple [48%]

Dao Class - Fire Dao - LVL 1/100 [0%]

Race - Human

Alignment - Chaotic Neutral

HP - 330 [66 per minute]

QP - 350 [60 per minute]

SP - 330 [66 per minute]

STR - 30

END - 33

DEX - 32

INT - 35

WIS - 30

CHA - 57

LCK - 100

QP Regen = WIS X 2

QP = INT X 10

SP/Health Regen = END X 2

SP/HP = END X 10

What? No leveling up? And what is QP?

QP means Qi Points, while SP was changed to mean Spiritual Points.

Your level is replaced by your cultivation realm. Keep in mind that you can become stronger than anyone of the same realm by increasing your stats through leveling your Dao, completing quests, raising your cultivation, or defeating foes.

You can also raise your stats by killing your foes but I advise against doing this often as it can affect your Karma and Qi alignment.

To reach the next realm of your current cultivation you must either increase it through external means such as pills or fortuitous encounters, by cultivating normally, or through experience gain.

U-uh, ok..?

Now, I have one last offer for you. You can roll for a bonus perk, but a random trait will be added as well. Do you wanna try your luck?

Bonus perks will assist you by granting things such as Double QP, increased LCK, or maybe even skills from other realms you're familiar with.

Traits, however, are things that affect your mind and body. Maybe you'll end up becoming apathetic, or turned into being a sickly individual.

Fuck it. Roll it twice.

Perk Gained

[Heaven's Chosen]

Majorly increased chance of having a fortuitous encounter.

Trait Gained


You are very quick to express your emotions, especially anger and love.

Willing to act without thought for consequences.

Perk Gained

[Extreme Yang Immortal Physique]

The Extreme Yang Immortal Physique is one of the 12 Immortal Physiques from the Physique Scripture.

The Extreme Yang Immortal Physique enables the cultivator to generate an amazing level of heat and melt absolutely everything. It manifests as a sun that rises in front of the cultivator's chest. This extreme fire could turn into different forms to attack the enemies and burn them to ashes.

Greatly strengthens skills under the Law of Yang such as Fire, Sky, Light and Masculinity.

Doubles CHA stat gain.

Trait Gained


You cannot cultivate normally, having to rely on external factors or experience gain to raise your realm.

Damn, annoying but not unbearable. If I remember correctly the Physique should be from Emperor's Domination.

If i'm right, it should be extremely powerful. The Immortal Physiques from the Physique Scripture are OP as fuck with the Immortal Hell Suppressing Physique able to destroy the galaxy at Grand Completion.

"Brother Xiao Yan, we're here!" A soft voice sounded from the side.

I looked around and noticed a huge crowd formed ahead, gathered around a large platform.

Grabbing Xun Er's hand, I walked through the crowd as they slowly parted with my arrival.

I was quickly cursed for being trash and withholding Xue Er from participating.

But, I couldn't really give a shit.

I got a beauty on one hand and my second cheat on the other.

My very own cliche Xianxia trope, the very reason I lost my cultivation, a grandmaster's spirit hidden within my ring.

More specifically, a Tier 9 alchemist. Looking towards the ring in my hand, I squinted my eyes when a ping when off.

Skill Gained


Cost 100 SP

Provides information of the target

Using [Observe], I felt my brain power take a hit and was a bit mentally fatigued.

[Bone Flame Ring]

A dark-black storage ring which belongs to Xiao Yan, it contains things that Yao Lao had accumulated in his lifetime. Medicinal Formulas, Qi Methods, Dou Techniques, and some other strange things are examples of what is piled inside it.

Currently houses Yao Lao's spirit

Good, everything seems how it should be. No AU shit so far other than the higher realm crossover.

Looking over at Xun Er, I casted [Observe] on her as well.

Gu Xun Er

Title - Gu Clan Genius

Cultivation - 9 Star Dou Disciple [34%]

Race - Human

HP - 920

QP - 930

SP - 920

STR - 90

END - 92

DEX - 96

INT - 93

WIS - 92

CHA - 104

LUK - 60

Affection – 87/100

Thoughts about you - Childhood friend, love, crush, faith in your abilities

Damn, what a good catch. Waifu indeed.

You're welcome.



Alright, that's it for now, I would have written more but my back hurts like a bitch right now.

I don't know why I wrote this, it just wouldn't leave me for some reason. Anyways, don't expect updates too often unless it blows up.

Next update will be for Champion of Man [DxD Essence CYOA] tomorrow.

I'm sure the system I made is a bit strange and might even have some holes, so if you have any recommendations, please tell me.

Here's a list of cultivation realms from BTTH. Each have 9 smaller cultivation realms in-between that are referred to with stars (I.E. 1 Star Dou Disciple - 9 Star Dou Saint)

Dou Disciple

Dou Practitioner

Dou Master

Dou Grandmaster

Dou Spirit

Dou King

Dou Emperor

Dou Ancestor

Dou Venerate

Half-Saint (Not technically an actual Great Realm but more of a transitional one, It is divided into the lower, intermediate, and high level.)

Dou Saint

Dou God

Dou means 'Battle.'