I decided to change the trait he gained the last chapter, so instead of Hot-Blooded, he now has the Sin of Pride. I felt Hot-Blooded would be too annoying and cliche and find it pretty unrealistic that someone who has been dulled for millions of years in the void would be Hot-Blooded, it just doesn't go well.

[Sin of Pride]

The Sin of Pride is said to be the root of all evil, the sin in which all others originate from.

You are an individual with pride seeped deep within your bones, you have a staggering confidence that leads you to believe yourself above others.

The Gamer's Guide to Cultivation

Chapter 2 - Xiao Clan

Stepping into a large arena, an audience surrounded a large stone pillar. Surrounding the pillar were various youths.

The elders watching from above quickly spoke up, yelling down towards us, "We have been waiting for you two! Hurry and get started!"

"Sorry we're late!" Xun Er yelled out from beside me, she then ran up towards the stage and hopped onto it, landing beside the large stone pillar.

I stared at the stone pillar and quickly used [Observe] on it.

[Dou Qi Testing Monument]

A middle grade Dou Qi Testing Magic Treasure belonging to the ancient Xiao Clan, used to test the Dou Qi cultivation realm of the user up until the Dou Master stage with high accuracy.

I watched as Xun Er reached out and touched the monument with the palm of her hand. The monument gave off a mystic glow as the light traveled upwards towards Chinese Characters which lit up in response to her Qi.

"Xiao Xun Er, Peak 9-Star Dou Disciple!" The elder from above yelled out towards the arena with excitement.

The crowd turned dead silent before breaking out into an uproar in response,

"Woah! Ninth Stage!"


"… She really reached the 9th stage, how frightening! The position of the youngest high rank in the clan has been taken, without a shred of doubt, by Miss Xun Er!" Several teens among the crowd couldn't help but wolf whistle with eyes full of respect, awe, and admiration.

Looking at the results on the monument, the other middle-aged elder who would normally be indifferent smiled, before turning towards Xun Er and congratulating her, "Miss Xun Er, half a year later, you should be able to condense the Dou Qi vortex and break into the next realm. If you succeed, you'll become a Dou Practitioner at the age of 14, the second youngest person to do so in our Xiao clan."

At the mention of his words, most in the crowd turned towards me with a sneer.

Ha! As if I gave a shit.

Hmph! These fools truly can't see the peak of Mount Tai!

Yeah, because me at the 3-Star Dou Disciple rank is definitely the peak of Mount Tai...

Y-you know what I mean!

Tch, just stay quiet!

Y-you dare speak to this young syste—!

I ignore the system's shitty cliche quotes and watched as Xun Er turned towards me with a smile. I could feel the heat of the glares from the crowd as she slowly walked towards me.

"Brother Xiao Yan..." Xun Er spoke with an elegant smile as she reached my side while looking at me.

I patted her head regardless of others' jealous glares before walking towards the monument with a confident gait. The crowd's noise silenced as they mocked me between hushed whispers.

Stepping up to the monument, I held no fantasy about the situation and without hesitation reached out and touched the monument with the palm of my hand before pushing my Qi into it.

The monument glowed mystically once more as the light climbed, stopping much lower than before with Xun Er, as Chinese Characters appeared.

"Xiao Yan, Low 3-Star Dou Disciple!" The elder from above yelled out with disappointment.

The crowd broke out into a boisterous laughter as they mocked and ridiculed me,

"3rd stage? Hmmhmm, as expected. This 'genius' has once again taken a step back."

"Aiiiyaaa, this piece of trash really disgraced his entire clan."

"If his father wasn't the clan leader, this kind of trash would already have been kicked out of the clan. Nobody would care about him, and there wouldn't be such a thing as leeching off the clan home."

I calmly walked away, leaving the monument with the same confidence as before. I could care less what some fucking background characters jeered at me with.

'Three years ago they smiled humbly to congratulate me, and now they wanted to take it back? Haha, very well.' I sneered in my heart.

Hoho! Dare to mock this system's host?! Seeking death!

Xun Er reached my side with a worried expression, "Brother Xiao Yan..."

I gave her a soft weary smile with the shake of my head, "Am I qualified for you to call me that?"

She looked sad and looked at me closely before responding, "Brother Xiao Yan, though I don't know what's happening to you, Xun Er honestly believes that you will stand tall again and reclaim your lost glory and respect…" She stopped for a moment, as her white tender face reddening a little. "Back then, there were a lot of people who were attracted to you…"

I patted her head with a smirk as she turned towards me, "You misunderstood Xun Er, I have my own pride. I may not be worthy of you now, but I will become so soon." I spoke with unwavering confidence before leaning close to her ear and whispering, "And when I do, at that time...I'll make you mine."

I then walked away with a chuckle as Xun Er sputtered with her face turning red with an atomic crimson blush.

Haha, what a cute girl.

Right, right! This system picked you such a peerless jade beauty! You might not have noticed but she is actually also an Ice Beauty—!

"—Xiao Yan!" A voice rang to the side, I turned towards it to reveal one of the clan's messengers. He looked towards me with an excited face before speaking once more, "Young Master! The Yun Lan Sect is coming to visit later! Your father want you to get ready to meet them in the hall!"

Dare to interrupt this young system?!

Hmm...should be when the Yan Ran girl dissolves her marriage with me...

Hey, stop ignoring me!

For the rest of the day I was laying on the roof, discreetly leveling my Fire Dao all afternoon.

Dao Class - Fire Dao - LVL 2/100 [07%]

INT 5 = 40

WIS 5 = 35

Raising my Dao seemed to get more difficult as it went on, my fast paced rush to LVL 2 seemed to slow to a crawl after leveling.

In this world there seems to be many different types of Dou Qi in the surroundings, from Water Qi to Earth Qi to Fire Qi. Unfortunately, I don't have any Flames under my ownership which means I can only practice with the surrounding Fire Qi. Which is far more difficult to do so with and control enough to raise my comprehension.

Indeed, there is barely any Flame Qi here at all. Throughout the world you can find hotspots full of different Qi types, such as a volcanoes for Flame Qi or oceans for Water Qi. Actually, the Heavenly Flames are formed naturally in places of high Flame Qi concentration!

"Brother Xiao Yan!" A voice yelled from nearby. I turned just in time to see Xun Er climb onto the building.

"...Xun Er? What is it?" I asked her.

"Hehe, did you hear Brother Xiao Yan? Miss Na Lan is visiting!" Xun Er spoke with excitement.

'...Why is this girl so excited to get cucked...!?' I thought with exasperation.

Heh, that's good olde Chinese influence there for you! All the ladies are taught to be submissive!


China. Why?

"Na Lan Yan Ran?" I asked Xun Er for confirmation despite already knowing the answer. '...What a hard name to say...'

"Yeah! Your arranged fiancé since birth!" She spoke with a smile, "She might be here for the wedding ceremony!"

'I wouldn't be too sure about that...' I thought with a sigh. I knew I shouldn't let it effect me but I couldn't help it.

That damn [Sin of Pride] along with my merged memories is really doing it for me. After being looked down on by all these background characters and having them beat the shit out of me constantly for over 3 years, and now with my arrangement marriage coming to kick me while I'm down, it really pisses me the fuck off.

They dare look down on me? If it wasn't for this ring I would still be the greatest talent ever seen for the past 100 years. I'll make fucking Na Lan Yan Ran my bitch!

Taking a deep breath I reigned in my pride and relaxed, '...Damn, I really need to get that under control or it will be the death of me...'

I gave Xun Er a smile before speaking once more, "Yeah, maybe they are..."

"Hehe! Are you excited?" She asked with a smile.

I put on a thinking expression before smirking at her, "Heh, maybe if she is even half as pretty as my Xun Er I will be."

"B-Brother Xiao Yan...!?" She yelped in shyness as her face grew red.

I gave off a loud chuckle at her embarrassment which made her look at me pitifully with her face the color of a tomato, "Hmph! Xun Er won't talk to you anymore!"

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