I glanced at the clock; it was nearing midnight and I figured everyone would be asleep. Everyone but me that is.

I hadn't been able to sleep recently. I wasn't sure what was keeping me up but I honestly didn't mind much anymore. I liked venturing around the school after hours. After all, a magic school held many secrets.

I, Elsa Winters, was in my sixth year at Enchantment High. My powers over the winter elements were what led to my enrollment. Furthermore, my sister, Anna, was here for her power over spring elements.

It wasn't just ice I could control, however. I had a secret I thought I might take to the grave. Somehow, I also had the power of invisibility.

When I was accepted to this school six years ago, it became clear to me that somehow no one knew I had that power. Therefore, the school had helped me control and grow my winter powers, yet I alone worked on controlling my invisibility.

It was easy enough to do. However, I still had yet to be able to make heavy clothes turn invisible. That was why I had a special piece of clothing I wore for my nighttime trips.

It was a dress made of material so thin and white that it was nearly translucent. Therefore, it was easy to turn it invisible along with me.

I slipped the dress on, glancing in the mirror. My hair was down and tangled due to just waking up. Furthermore, the dress almost looked like a nightgown when combined with my hair.

It was short, making me feel exposed every time I bent over. Not that the dress didn't already expose me to begin with.

I took one last look at myself before closing my eyes. While I hadn't fully been able to nurture my invisibility here, I had learned a lot about magic in general.

Closing one's eyes is helpful if they want to focus their power. Slowly, I felt myself turning invisible. I opened my eyes and glanced into the mirror again, pleased when I didn't see myself.

Slowly I tiptoed out of the girl's sleeping quarters and out into the hallway. Time to look around.

I wasn't sure how long I had been wandering around but it felt like awhile. I had no interest in going back to my bed, laying there trying to fall asleep. At this point, I felt I could survive on only a couple of hours of sleep. No matter how much I tried, that was all I ever got anyway.

I sat down at one of the tables in the dining hall. It was a large room with long rows of tables. The food always appeared magically on the tables at mealtimes and, somehow, it always was exactly what the person desired.

Right now, however, there was no food on the table. The large room appeared completely empty, the lights dimmed. It was a strange contrast I had come to enjoy.

In the daytime, this school was beautiful and vibrant, with lots of light and magic. In the night, everything was still and peaceful. It relaxed me.

As I sat there thinking, I began playing with my powers. There was no one around so I figured it was fine to stop my invisibility for a moment and use my winter powers. I slowly created a rose out of ice and began perfecting the details with my powers. When I was satisfied I set it down on the table.

Valentine's day was approaching and I was sure the school would soon be decked out and all sorts of magical decorations and roses. Enchantment High tended to go a little overboard with holidays.

I sighed slightly, my thoughts drifting. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to stop the thought but I couldn't. Jack Frost. I wished he'd be my valentine.

I hated that I couldn't keep myself from liking him, though I supposed it was hardly my fault. The boy was just too charming. Not to mention, we shared a gift.

His winter powers were different though. This rose, for example, was more of my specialty. I was good at details while Jack focused more on quantity. He could create a giant blizzard with the snap of his fingers, yet it would take him weeks to create a detailed flower.

That was why we were paired up with each other: balance. He had the power, I had the depth. Everyone here had a partner and most pairs had powers that complimented each other but were not the same. However, even though Jack and I had the same powers of winter, we still complimented each other.

I stared at the rose a little more before slowly moving my hand to add on more detail. Gently, I carved Jack's name onto the petal.

Jack Frost. I admired my work, grabbing the flower and preparing to leave this room. It was then I realized that made it appear as if the flower was floating.

I had only practiced a little with making objects invisible but I didn't want to leave it. I closed my eyes, clutching the flower tightly to my chest.

I felt the power swelling in my hands and chest and slowly I worked to push it onto the flower. I inhaled suddenly, feeling as though the air was taken from me.

Making objects invisible was draining, to say the least. Still, at least I was able to do it.

I headed out of the dining hall, making my way through the hall. I didn't realize where I was going until I got there: the boys sleeping quarters.

On the opposite side of the school stood the boys' quarters. I stared at the door, debating my options. The door wasn't locked; however, magic prevented girls from being able to enter. That said, somehow my magic bypassed it.

I stared at the entrance to the boys' quarters. I always wondered what was in there. Was it much different from ours?

I wished I could enter. Being invisible allowed me to see things people didn't want me to but this wasn't one of them.

Many girls had tried to get in and all had failed as far as I knew. It didn't matter what you blasted the door with. Only boys could walk through it.

I opened the door, knowing I still wouldn't be able to see in. After opening the door all one saw was a wall. Boys could walk easily through this; girls could not.

I sighed slightly, lifting my fist to bang it in frustration. I yelped as I fell right through. Somehow, being invisible seemed to allow me to pass.

I bit my lip slightly. Going out this late was already against the rules and now I was breaking another. Still, I was so curious.

I glanced around the common room.

There were several large couches, many of which had large TVs in front of them. Additionally, there were several fridges and snack bars scattered throughout the room.

I walked around, studying it all. I couldn't believe they had an air hockey table, ping pong, foosball, and several arcade games; this was the ultimate man cave.

I scoffed slightly, before wondering which part of this room was Jack's favorite. I glanced at the stairs; somewhere up there was Jack Frost.

I hadn't attempted to go in any of the bedrooms though I figured I could. The bedrooms had similar locks. The doors were simply walls with the owner's name on them. Only owners and guests they approved could enter. They controlled access.

Slowly, I crept my way into the common room. It was as masculine as ever, a football game still playing on one of the TVs.

I sat down on the couch, unsure what to do with myself. It was then I realized how lightheaded I felt.

I glanced around. The room was getting blurry, black spots tinting my vision. Oh no, what time was it, I wondered.

I desperately searched for a clock in the room, my eyes landing on one in horror. 4:52. I had never stayed invisible this long. Not to mention, I was also making an object invisible.

In class, we had learned about this: power exhaustion. It was common among first-years who pushed themselves far too hard. Practicing too much or for too long pushed your body to a point of exhaustion so extreme that one can barely move. Oh no, no, no. This could not be happening.

I stood up, nearly toppling over. I knew I needed to lie down, to stop being invisible, but I couldn't, not here. I also clearly lacked the strength to get back.

If I stayed invisible much longer I would surely pass out. What if someone found me lying on this floor before I woke up. I could be expelled.

Fear corrupted my body, only exhausting it further. I glanced around: nowhere to hide. My eyes suddenly landed on the stairs.

I forced my body towards them, gathering all my strength as I pulled myself up them. I looked at the doors.

Liam Adams, Mathew Allens. They were in alphabetical order. I leaned against the walls, trying to be quiet despite my exhaustion. Sam Franklin. So close.

I stopped as I saw the door with Jack's name. My vision was nearly black as I fell against his door, willing myself to stay invisible long enough to get through the door. "Jack." The name slipped off my tongue as the world darkened.


My eyes opened abruptly as I heard a thud.


I stared at the body beside my bed. Elsa Winters was lying on my floor, clutching a rose to her chest. I felt myself blink. What the hell was going on?

Naturally, I pinched myself, my body wincing slightly in pain. I wasn't dreaming. Elsa Winters was really here on my floor. But how? She shouldn't be able to get in here. Not to mention, she wasn't much of a rule breaker.

It was then I noticed something that I found a bit more important. Holy hell, what was she wearing?

Elsa's dress was so short it was barely covering anything. Not that it really seemed to matter with that thin fabric. I could clearly see her white underwear through the practically sheer dress.

My breath caught. She wasn't wearing a bra and the material didn't do much to hide anything. She looked angelic, sexy and angelic.

I shut my eyes, forcing myself to look away. I shouldn't be staring at her when she was this exposed. Sure, when a practically naked, incredibly hot girl suddenly appears on your floor you want to look.

This was Elsa though. She wouldn't want me to look. Yet, the fact that it was Elsa was the whole reason I wanted to.

I groaned in frustration, grabbing my blanket and tossing it onto her. Now that she was properly covered maybe I could focus.

"Elsa?" I asked. "Els, wake up."

She didn't move an inch. She looked exhausted. Perhaps she had found a way to blast into here and using that amount of power had led to power exhaustion. Why would she work so hard to get in here though?

I glanced at her again, suddenly remembering the flower. I stuck my hand under the blanket, trying hard not to touch her body.

I felt the cool ice in my hand and grabbed it out. Elsa truly had a gift. The rose's features were so clearly displayed as if this was just an ice shell covering a real rose. She never ceased to amaze me.

I remembered our first year. One by one the students had gone up and showcased their powers. It was a long process that took many days and then even more for the professors to figure out our partners. Not to mention the countless personality quizzes and interviews.

By the time Elsa had gone up, I had grown tired of watching the powers. With a last name like Winters, Elsa was near the end.

However, as soon as I saw the snowflake I became interested.

I yawned, leaning on my friend Flynn for support. "Why is this process so long?"

Flynn rolled his eyes, laughing slightly. "You know this school takes partners seriously. We will be training with them for the next 8 years."

I groaned slightly. This was so boring. Did we really need to watch every student?

I glanced over at the stage. A tiny blonde stood there, her cheeks flushed from all the eyes on her. Slowly, a snowflake appeared from her hand.

Woah, we shared a gift. "Who is that?" I wondered aloud

Rapunzel, who sat on my other side, rolled her eyes. "Were you not paying attention when they called her name? That's Elsa Winters."

I stared at her. Her skin was no longer flushed as she seemed to be caught in the moment. Her snowflake grew larger, allowing us all to see the details in it.

We had the same gift, but that was different. I had created a snowstorm on the stage, nearly blowing through the magical barrier protecting the students.

Elsa wasn't going for big, but intricate instead. Her hands were creating all sorts of detailed images. Then suddenly, she shot ice into the air, letters forming. Enchantment High, the words read. They were in flawless cursive above her head.

I wished suddenly that I could be paired with her. I knew it wouldn't happen though. People with the same kind of power rarely were paired together. Opposites attract, after all.

Turns out, Elsa was my opposite. Together we were the perfect Winter pair. We had been able to grow strong as a team. My weakness was her strength and vice versa.

I stared at the rose again. It's was flawless as she was. It was then I noticed the cursive writing. My name was carved into it.

I felt my heart do an unexpected leap. Did this rose have to do with why she was here?

I sat back down on my bed, clutching the rose to me. My face had warmed considerably as I thought about it all. Elsa Winters was lying on my floor practically naked.

I glanced at her one more time. She was curled up in a ball on the floor, my blanket on top of her. God, she was adorable.

However, she was probably uncomfortable. I got off of my bed, placing her on to it. There, now she wouldn't hurt her back or anything.

I grabbed another blanket from off the bed and laid down on the floor.

I didn't know why she was here or how she even did it. Still, it would be impossible for her to escape tomorrow without me. Tomorrow we could talk this out and find a way for her to get out. It was Saturday so we didn't even have to worry about classes.

With that thought, I closed my eyes and fell asleep.