I had the worst headache when I woke up. Well, at least I had fallen asleep. I sat up in my bed, surprised to see dark blue walls instead of light blue. Where was I?

The memory washed over me: coming into the boy's quarters, feeling dizzy, and collapsing in Jack's room.

An intoxicating smell filled the room. I suddenly realized I was in his bed, his scent all over me. I breathed in the scent before I could stop myself. Oh, I could get used to this.

I sat up, shaking my head. I was being so creepy. It was then I noticed Jack on the floor. He was still asleep.

He laid there without a pillow, only one blanket on top of him. He had sacrificed his bed for me. That meant he had placed me on the bed.

I felt my cheeks redden. He had seen me in only this thin garment. I wasn't even wearing a bra. How mortifying. If only I had been able to stay invisible.

I realized Jack was stirring on the ground and I forced myself to become invisible. Maybe if I never mentioned this Jack would think he had dreamt it all. I mean, girls aren't even able to get up here.

Within a few seconds, Jack had opened his eyes, glancing up at the bed. "Elsa?"

He seemed confused, like he was pondering his sanity. That was until he saw the rose in his hands that had been hidden by his blanket. Crap.

He smiled as he looked at it, rubbing his finger against his name.

That would be harder to pass off as a dream.

Jack continued looking around in confusion. "Where could she have gone?"

The rooms weren't big, with only a desk, some shelving, and an XL twin bed. There really wasn't anywhere to hide.

Jack shrugged slightly before pulling off his shirt and tossing it into a laundry basket.

I felt my face heat up. Oh my, I knew he had a good body but this was something else. His body was lean, yet he still had abs. A part of my thought if I rubbed my fingers on them it would cut me.

I shook my head again. Stop being so creepy, I told myself. This was completely violating his privacy. I turned around but I couldn't stop myself from getting one last look at him.

I froze. He had taken off his pants and was now standing there in only his boxers. I abruptly shut my eyes, my body practically on fire. I was a stalker now.

When Jack had finished changing, I watched him again. He pulled out his phone and sent me a text. However, I had left my phone back in my dorm.

After a few minutes of no reply, Jack sent a text to Flynn instead. He was in the room in minutes.

I moved to the wall, being careful to stay out of the way. Even if I was invisible, I was still solid.

"What was such an emergency that I needed to come here at 8 am?!" Flynn groaned in annoyance. It was clear he hadn't been up long. He was in pajama pants with no shirt and tousled hair.

I suddenly realized his lack of shirt did nothing to me, even if he too had a good body. Weird.

"I lost Elsa," Jack said bluntly, still looking around the room.

Flynn looked at his friend like he was an idiot. "You lost her?" He groaned again. "Well, good news, I found her. She's in her own room. Bye!" He turned to leave.

Jack shook his head. "Wait!" The boy called. "She was in here." Jack paused, looking at Flynn suspiciously. "You can keep a secret, right? I don't want her to get in trouble."

I felt my heart flutter. Why was he so sweet?

"Do you know who you're talking to? I break more rules than anyone." He smiled proudly. "I think I can keep my mouth shut."

Jack rolled his eyes, smiling slightly. "She broke in last night. I think she used some pretty powerful magic because she collapsed of power exhaustion and fell into my room."

Flynn raised a brow in response. "You feeling alright?"

"I'm being serious! She was here."

"Are you sure it wasn't a dream?"

Yes, I thought to myself. Flynn can convince him it was a dream.

"I don't think so." Jack pondered it a moment. "I pinched myself. It was too vivid as well. She was wearing this white dress that was practically sheer; I could see her underwear through it. Not to mention, everything else." Jack seemed to blush slightly.

A laugh erupted from Flynn, who fell onto the bed in a fit of laughter. "That's some dream. One of the hottest girls showing up at your room in sheer clothing. Man, that's something else!" He continued laughing.

Jack turned his head slightly before trying again. "It wasn't like that!" He shook his head. "I covered her up immediately."

"Immediately?" Flynn smirked.

"Well, I- come on! It's Elsa. I tore my eyes away as fast as I could." He mumbled. "It's not my fault she looked like that."

I glanced down at my outfit. I hadn't really thought about it before but it almost looked like lingerie. I had come to Jack at 5 am wearing lingerie. Kill me now.

"It is your fault!" Flynn laughed some more."You clearly chose to imagine her that way."

"For the last time, it wasn't a dream!" Jack sighed, clearly frustrated. "This is proof. She had this with her." He held out the rose.

"Or you just made that in your sleep. Wouldn't be the first time you woke up to something like that."

It wouldn't? Jack had so much power I supposed it did make sense that even in his sleep he was powerful.

Jack shook his head, staring at the rose. "This is different! It has Elsa written all over it! You know I can't do stuff like this." He paused, stroking his name. "And the lettering. It's the same as what she used in our first year."

"First-year?" Flynn rolled his eyes. "How do you even remember her handwriting?"

The question had clearly been rhetorical. Still, I kind of wondered how.

"Oh wait, I know. It's because Elsa isn't just your partner." He smirked. "She's your partner."

"You can't just say the same thing twice and expect it to mean something different." He tossed the rose onto his bed. "There is no way I made that rose."

Flynn gave him a knowing look and it was clear that Jack was struggling to figure out what to believe.

"Would I really imagine her like that? It was hot but-" he froze. "I'm some kind of pervert, dressing her in that. What the hell is wrong with me?"

"It's not your fault. Elsa is hot and you have a crush on her." He shrugged. "Happens to the best of us."

I waited for Jack to correct him but he didn't. He just sat down next to the rose. "How am I going to look her in the eyes after this?" He groaned.

Flynn merely chuckled and headed out the door.

Jack studied the rose a moment before a look of concentration appeared on his face. He stretched out his hand, a rose materializing in the air. However, it was the general shape of a rose, with no depth or detail. "There is just no way. She was here!"

He tried again with the rose and this time I stretched out my hand to help. Maybe if I used my magic at the same time he would believe he had done it.

The rose suddenly grew larger, Jack's power pouring into it. My powers, however, added detail to it. The rose twirled around in the air, the ice shimmering.

"Woah," Jack gasped. "That felt good."

He kept going and I felt myself struggling to keep up. I had never used two powers at once before.

"This doesn't make sense." Jack kept going. "This feels like Elsa is helping."

I was afraid of that. When one combined their power with their partners it was as if you could feel their presence. That feeling was my favorite drug.

Jack and I just connected in the most perfect way. That was why, together, we could create anything.

I felt my legs growing heavy, my vision blurring. My magic dropped out and the rose collapsed to the floor, ice shattering.

I tried to hold on to my invisibility but my head hurt too much to concentrate. I winced in pain.

"Elsa?" Jack stared at me in confusion as I leaned against the wall. I could feel my powers going in and out.

"How are you doing that?"

I swept my hand across the room, moving the ice off the bed. I was too tired to get rid of it entirely. I needed to lay down.

Jack looked at me in concern. "Are you okay? You're using too much power! You're going to get hurt!" He felt my forehead. "You're burning up, Els. What's going on? You're never warm."

I slowly sat myself up on his bed, leaning against the bed frame. "Is the door locked?"

Jack paused for a moment and I knew he was mentally making it where no one could come in.

I smiled as a thank you. I wasn't even sure where to start. "I have a power I never told anyone about. I can become invisible."

I made just my hand invisible for a second to prove it. Even the small action made me feel dizzy.

"Careful!" He hissed.

"I'm okay, Jack." I smiled at his concern. "I've been having trouble sleeping. Instead of just laying in bed I started wandering around the school. I discovered that, well-" I felt my face redden. "The door can't detect me when I'm invisible. This was my second time coming into the boy's quarters. It's really nice here." I added lamely.

Jack thought a moment, seeming to process it all. "If you didn't get power exhaustion from breaking in, what caused it?"

"Well, um, I'm not exactly the best at my power," I mumbled shyly. "I had been invisible for almost 5 hours without realizing it and I couldn't hold it anymore. I didn't know what else to do but hide in your room."

Jack seemed to connect the dots. "You used your last amount of invisibility to fall in here." He glanced at my outfit, a shy smile on his face. "Why are you wearing that?"

My hands immediately went up to cover my breast but Jack tossed me a blanket.

"Thank you. I told you I'm not the best. I have trouble making clothes invisible. It was either this or nothing."

A weird smile stretched across Jack's lips before he shook his head. "Using your power continuously for five hours is impressive, Els. Most people get breaks but invisibility is a continuous power."

I shrugged slightly. "Thanks." I glanced around awkwardly, unsure what to say. I should have just left as soon as I woke up. Why did I stay to watch?


I tried to process it all. Elsa had been roaming around the school at night and had ended up using her power too long, a power I didn't know she had.

"I'm sorry for crashing here." She mumbled shyly.

If she hadn't come in here she either would have gone in another boy's room or the common room. Another boy would have been able to see her like this.

"No, I'm glad you came here," I said quickly.

Something suddenly occurred to me. "Have you left this room since last night?"

Elsa shook her head shyly, biting her lower lip.

"I am so sorry!" I immediately burst. "I didn't mean to stare at you! I swear I didn't look long. It's just that you're so beautiful and you looked like an angel and I couldn't help it!" The words were tumbling out of my mouth. "I'm sorry, I-"

"It's okay." Elsa stopped me. "It was my carelessness that led to it. Besides, we're even."


"I, well, I-" She stumbled over the words. "I saw you change. I mean, I looked away but then I turned around too soon and-" she stopped herself. "I'm sorry."

I was glad she wasn't upset with me. If only I hadn't mentioned her outfit to Flynn; she would have never heard that part of the conversation. I hadn't meant to ogle her.

Wait, if she was listening to the conversation then that meant- I froze in horror. "Els," I tried to force some words out that could explain why Flynn said I liked her. What explanation was there, though? "I'm sorry."

The words hurt to say, my throat hardening. I didn't want to have this conversation, didn't want to get rejected. I had spent 6 years with Elsa; I didn't want to ruin this.

"I already told you we're even." She merely shrugged.

"No, not that." I stared at my feet. "Flynn said I liked you."

She eyed me suspiciously before shrugging again. "No biggie. Friends always say dumb stuff like that. I'm sure he was just messing with-" she trailed off as she saw the guilty look on my face.

"I wasn't going to tell you like this." I wasn't going to tell you at all.

"I've liked you for years." I've loved you for years.

"The way we connect our magic is incredible." The way we connect is incredible.

"I'm, well, I'm sorry." I'm sorry I ruined us.

She stared at me a moment, an unreadable look in her eyes. She grabbed the rose that was sitting next to her, magic pouring onto it.

"Els, what are you doing? You need to rest." She was going to hurt herself.

"Shh." Elsa focused again on the flower, more writing appearing on it. She handed it shyly to me.

I glanced down at it. She had added words below my name.

Jack Frost,

I love you

I just stared at it, unable to believe it. Love as in actual love? Or was this her way of letting me down? Did she love me as a friend?

I glanced over at her for clarification when I realized she had gotten off the bed and was inching towards me with her eyes closed. Was she going to kiss me?

I stared at her some more. The blanket wasn't on her anymore and I could see her body once again. So beautiful.

She opened her eyes, looking hurt. "Sorry, I-" She stopped as if she wasn't sure where to go with it.

Crap. I pulled her close to me, pressing my lips onto hers. Her lips were soft and gentle. A power suddenly erupted from us.

I opened my eyes and watched as ice shot out all around us, delicate hearts carved into it. My power, her design.

She blushed slightly. "Is that going to happen every time we kiss?"

Every time? That meant she planned to kiss me more. I mentally high fived myself. "I kinda hope so," I mumbled. It sure made it obvious that we had a connection.

Elsa suddenly fell onto the bed, her hand placed on her head. She winced slightly and it was clear that demonstration of chemistry hadn't helped her recover.

"You need to rest, Els," I told her. "I don't mind if you stay here until you have the strength to turn invisible again."

She shook her head. "I should just push myself. The exit isn't far." She seemed to sense I didn't like her plan and continued. "I won't be able to sleep. I never can."

I stared at her a moment in confusion. She really had this much trouble sleeping? "Let me help." I shyly made my way next to her in the bed. I held her gently, stroking her hair.

"Jack, you don't have to-"

"I want to," I interjected. "Just try and sleep."

Elsa closed her eyes as I continued running my fingers through her hair. It wasn't long before I heard the steady sounds of her breathing; she was asleep.

"I love you," I whispered before closing my eyes and joining her.