Part one of ? Digimon Ettiquette

" Garulu.M? Can you sing us a nighttime song" A young digimon asked the older Mon messing up his filename slightly.

You see Digimon don't use or instead they use name.M

That's just their culture.

"Of course Tsuno.M C" Garurumon referred to the third of three Tsunomon who had hatched together.

By the way, to distinguish digimon of the same filename and letter, digimon sort by birthtime, if they were born on the same tick it's determined by index.

For example say we had another Tsuno.M C born at time 2e+30, Garurumon would take a look at this Tsuno.M C's index, to determine that they were born after the one asking Garuru.M to sing for them.

Thus Garurumon would refer to them as Tsuno.M C1 T2e+30 and Tsuno.M C2 T2e+30.

Usually the T2e+is dropped in favor of just T30. Since T2e+ is a mouthful.

"OOOOOOOOOOOh the many moons, together yet alone" Garurumon howl-sang.

"Take me with you, into the sky…" He kept singing, hoping that the baby digimon were asleep by now.

"I'll find my courage for you, the key to parenting." It was getting kinda catchy.

"Barreling into the distant bright tomorrow" The wolf digimon's tail flopped against the cushion floor.

He yawned a bit before continuing.

"I will do the baking and cooking for you! Tsuno.M C1 and C2!" Garurumon's voice went off key at the end as he realized he really wanted some form of chocolate meat bread.

Don't worry, Digimon generate garbage data like that all the time.

FIN of Part one of ?.