Kouji, his brother, and Lady Ophanimon were Prank calling Takuya.

"Wello, This is Takuya Kanbara, to who do I owe this pleasure?"

"First of all, Takuya, it's whom, second of all… why didn't you recognize me?" Lady Ophanimon had adopted the tone of a revenge seeking girlfriend.

"AAAAAA, MOM IT'S one of my old gnificant-siay riends-fay." Takuya yelled from the other end.

Kouichi begrudgingly handed Kouji some yen. Kouji smirked, Takuya definitely had seemed like the two at a time type.

"I knew I shouldn't have bet against you."

"Yeah Taku-Taku, you bet it's one of your significant friends!" Kouichi said with extreme feminine grace.

"Wait… AHHH" Takuya's voice sounded like absolute despair now that it was clear the call was a prank by Kouji and Co.

"Now, that that's out of the way…" Lady Ophanimon reverted slowly from girlfriend seeking revenge to graceful.

"Wait, it's you, I remember you! You're the woman from the DigiTastic Adventure game."Takuya's voice said after he realized it.

/ the following was not part of the original scrapped scene from dreaming

Everyone at the scene promptly fell over.

And by scene I mean the entire dark meta tv hour multiverse.

Including all those memey undertale and thanos universes.

Yeah you know what I'm talking about.

Yes I'm using the power of meme relativity, deal with it.