Title: Picard's New Ship

Rating: T

Summary: It was supposed to be only a temporary assignment, to find Tuvok who was a spy among the Maquis and bring him home. For Captain Picard, and part of the crew of the former Enterprise, it turned into a very long journey and forming a little community.

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Chapter 4: Parallax (Part 1)

"She punched Geordi in the nose," Picard said when Data handed him the report.

"Apparently he said the wrong thing."

"You know, Mr. Data, I'm use to Worf and his moods but I've never had a half Klingon and half human on-board."

"Geordi spent time with her when they were among the Ocampa," Data said. "He said that she had a temper that was sometimes hard for her to control. Also, that she wasn't proud of some of her outbursts."

He read it over and said, "This crew is full of surprises."

"Surprises would be the key word here, sir," Data told him and Picard agreed.

"We're going to be having a staff meeting tomorrow," he said. "Beverly needs more members for a medical team. And I was thinking about using the EMH as a backup Doctor and finding out if there's any members of the Maquis that have any kind of medical training. That should help Beverly out."

"Before Geordi was knocked out he mentioned that he needs an assistant Chief Engineer."

"I'll cover that."

"She had a broken hand from hitting Geordi's visor and he had a broken nose," Beverly told him during dinner.

They were eating some of the rations that were set aside just in-case something happened with the ship.

"I'm worried that this is going to cause problems," he said. "On the Enterprise everyone was Starfleet but-."

"Here, half are and half aren't," Beverly said. "I'm sure that Will Riker is probably worried that he's going to get command of the new Enterprise."

"If he does, I have full confidence that he'll be able to handle it."

He saw the smile on Beverly's face and she said, "I'm glad that you decided to bring me along. Even though I'm sure that some brash young Doctor was hoping to get this assignment."

"Beverly, your brash enough," he said. "And I wouldn't trust anyone else for the crew's health."

"Thanks," she said.

The next morning Picard, Beverly, Geordi, Data, and a couple of others were going over some of the important business of the day. The door opened and in walked Neelix and Kess.

"Sorry that we're late," Neelix told them. "No one mentioned there was a meeting."

"This meeting is for the senior staff," Data told him.

"Well I'm the senior Talaxian and Kess is the senior Ocampa," he told them.

"Very well, only this once," Picard said. "Now we need to figure out how to save energy."

"We could shut down these decks and turn off the power," Data told him. "None of those decks are being used."

"Sounds like a good idea," Beverly said.

"How about we use one of the cargo bays to grow food," Kess said. "The rations won't last forever and the replicators are down."

"Sounds like a good idea," Kim said.

"Why don't you work on it," Picard suggested.

"Me," Kess said.

"Well it's your idea, your project," Picard said to her.

"I'll get right on it."

"Now about replacement heads of departments," Picard said. "We need a medical staff, back-up Chief Medical Officer, an assistant Chief Engineer, we've managed to give Mr. O'Brian an assistant Transporter Chief, we need a new head of Astrometric Department."

"I have a list of Maquis that could fill those roles."

He handed them over and Picard looked at the list.

"Torres," Picard said. "The one that broke her hand when she punched Geordi in the nose."

"I believe that she would make a good assistant," he said.

Picard looked at him and said, "I won't approve this unless I've had a word with her."

"And I don't want her near my nose," Geordi said.

"Commander, I don't think that she'll punch you in the nose now that she's gone through the experience of breaking her hand," Picard told him.

"How about that EMH fellow that you used?"

"He's limited," Tuvok told him.

"Not to mention his horrible bedside manner," Paris added. "My aunt has better bedside manner than he does."

"I'll let your aunt know that you said that," Picard said.

"Please do, Captain, she would be flattered."

"Now medical staff," Beverly said. "Do you have anyone from your ship that can fill the role of nurses?"

"Three," was the answer that she got.

"Well then I'm taking them," Beverly said.

"I think-."

A shaking of the ship broke Picard off and the staff ran onto the Bridge. Everything was being thrown around, including people.

"Report," Picard ordered.

"It looks like a disruption of the Space/Time Continuum."

"I hope it's not like the last time," Picard said.

"Captain, there's a ship ahead," Paris told him and the screen was activated.

"It's a quantum singularity," Data told him.

"Open a channel," Picard ordered. "This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the starship Voyager. Please let us know if you need any help."

"Nothing," Kim said.

"We need to get closer," Picard told them. "Any ideas?"

"We could try a tractor beam," Data suggested.

"Picard to La Forge."

"La Forge here," Geordi said.

"We need to get a tractor beam on the other ship," he said. "Any ideas on how we can do that?"

"I'll get back to you," he said.

"Chakotay to Torres."

"Torres here."

"What is your idea on the tractor beam?"

"If we remodulate the tractor beam to match the subspace interference it should work," she told him. "But-."

"Geordi, do you agree with this?"

"It should work," he said.

"You're in-charge," Picard said, "Picard out. I need a word with you."

In his ready room Picard turned on his first officer.

"What you did out there, was out of line," he told him. "I understand that you believe that Torres can do the job, but Geordi is the Chief Engineer."

"I understand that, Captain," he said. "But I knew that we could get a quick answer from Torres."

"That answer isn't acceptable," Picard said. "Next time that you go over my head I'll-."

"Captain, why did you give me the rank of Commander if you don't even think that Torres, or any of my people, can do their job?"

"You're a graduate of the Academy, you have bridge and command experience. Torres never even graduated from the Academy."

"She's the best engineer that I ever had," he said. "She could teach at the Academy."

"Could she?"

"Sir, I trust that you know who's good and who isn't but trust my instinct. Torres is the best that you'll get. And if you got to know her you would agree."

Picard sighed and then, "Data to Picard."

"Picard here."

"The tractor beam is ready," he reported.

When they both appeared back on the bridge Data activated the beam, which caused the ship to start shaking again.

"Disenged the beam," Picard ordered.

"I can't," Paris told him.

"We're being pulled in," Kim reported.

"Stop all engines," Picard ordered and the ship came to a stop.

The beam vanished but Paris said, "We're moving towards it."

"Any ideas?"

"Call Neelix," Chakotay suggested. "He might have an option that we haven't tried."

"Picard to Neelix."

"I'm here," he said.

"Report to the Bridge," Picard ordered.

When he arrived Picard asked him if there was another way to get the ship out of the way of the horizon. He suggested a planet that had advance technology and Picard made the choice of going there.

"Have Torres come to my ready room," Picard told Chakotay. "I'm going to take your advice and talk with her."

"Don't be rough on her."

That was something that Picard had taken seven years to learn not to do. Most of the time.


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