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Saturday night

Sei looked up, gazing at the stars above. He didn't want anything but look up above, tracing all the constellation that he remember.


Anger was to be felt. Nothing but the aura of pure anger. It came from the young man walking closer and closer.

As Sei came closer, he caught a glimpse at the young girl, sitting beside his brother. the sight of them, kissing under the pale moonlit night, made his blood boil. Why Odou? Why not him? The sight felt morbid to Sei.

Sei walked closer. But before he got close enough to be seen, Miaka had slapped Odou.

Sei heard his young brother laugh. "I was only kidding, Miaka! You looked so sad!"

Miaka couldn't help but laugh along with Odou. It was rude not to! "Okay, Odou, I forgive you. Just don't do that again."

"As you wish, Princess,"

Miaka locked her arms protectively around Odou's neck, "Odou, you're my best friend! I love you!"

"Same here!" cried Odou, hugging Miaka back, "I love you too, Miaka! Let's do this again next week!"

^^^End of flashback^^^

Sei smiled. His brother wasn't a rival but rather, just the best friend of his beloved Miaka. And he knows that the best way to a girl, other than chocolates and gifts of all kind, is to befriend the girl's best friend and make the best friend as a bridge. Odou can't refuse him. Sei WAS his brother after all.

Miaka went back home that morning. And Sei and Odou didn't met each other the whole day (their house is THAT big), and Sei had a perfect day, locked up inside the house, inside his big room.

Sei went away from his window, and went to his computer. He almost forgot about his research paper, and he didn't feel like doing it on a Sunday. He had plans for the whole Sunday (i.e. think of Miaka) and he didn't plan to ruin those plans.

Just like everyone else, Sei signed in on his messenger. he opened a few more windows to search for what he needs.

In the middle of his research, someone has instant messaged him. Due to the author's hacking skills, their conversation was pasted here.

Mr. Snuffles: Hey Sei!

Swordie: Your name sucks, Ryu! Where the hell did you got that?

Mr. Snuffles: Hey it's better than yours you nasty little prat (British Eng. n. Idiot)!

Mr. Snuffles: I got it from that book, Harry Potter.

Swordie: You mean, Black?

Mr. Snuffles: yep

Swordie: Your name SUCKS

Mr. Snuffles: FINE!

Ryu: Ya happy now?

Swordie: yep, that's better

Ryu: Change your name too! that's not fair!

Swordie: Fine!

I'm sucker for girls: happy?

Ryu: Liar. You are not, Sei.

Sei: there, now happy?

Ryu: yep!

Ryu: ooh! Paul and Kouji's here! let's invite them

~I hate women has been added to this conversation~

~Bandit leader has been added to this conversation~

Ryu: Yo!

I hate women: yo! how come you changed your name Mr. Snuffles? I like your name!

Ryu: Pretty boy here said it sucks.

Bandit leader: yo Ryu, Sei, Paul... anyone else here? any chicks?

Pretty Boy: none. sadness...

Ryu: so I guess it's just the 4 pf us..

Ryu: of*

Pretty Boy: has anyone of you went out for a date?

I Hate Women: I did. the girl was a bitch!

Bandit Leader: Ooh tell us about it!

Sei minimized the window. He didn't felt like talking about girls.

As he searched for more web page, he saw his messenger flashing.

he looked it up and he saw that someone has added his email add.

At that he gave that person an instant message

Pretty Boy: Hello!

Mi: Sempai? That you?

Pretty Boy: Who are you?

Mi: It's me, Miaka.

Pretty Boy: oic

Sei came back to his friends' conversation window. Paul has changed his name from "I Hate Women" to "Fang Boy". And Kouji Changed his name to "Kouji Rules"


Fang Boy: what happened to you?

Pretty Boy: She's here!

Ryu: What? who's there?

Pretty Boy: Oh wait never mind.

Pretty Boy: I shouldn't expect some advice on girls from you guys.

Kouji Rules: shut it Sei! change your name! You're embarrassing!

Sei: Fine then! ya happy now?

Ryu: So hu's the gurl?

Sei: what do you care!?

Ryu: what you want some advice? we won't give you one unless you tell us the girl's name!

Sei clicked on Kouji so that they can talk alone. He knows that Kouji is the best when it comes to girls.


Kouji Rules: What?

Sei: Would you give me some advice?

Kouji Rules: Sure, but like Ryu said. I won't give you one until I know the girl's name.

Sei: Fine then!

Sei: Akaseikun

Kouji Rules: who?

Kouji Rules: you mean Miaka?

Kouji Rules: Odou's friend?

Sei: yep.

Sei: don't tell them, Kouji! please don't tell them!

Kouji Rules: You're in love with some girl... as old as Odou?

Kouji Rules: LMAO!

Sei: Shut up! she's diff! she's not like that!

Kouji Rules: Listen kiddo, Miaka just got out of her teens. and you know those kinds! they are still hot for...

Sei: I KNOW!

Sei was blushing at the moment.

Kouji Rules: then you guys can maybe...

Sei: Kouji, she's really cool! I spent the night with her the other day, and she's alright!

Kouji Rules: Oh yeah! I heard about that. They said you had sex with her.

Sei: What?!

He tried to remember what Ryu had yelled on last Friday morning. "SEI MADE OUT WITH SOMEONE YESTERDAY! AT THE GIRL'S OWN HOUSE!"

Ryu only said "made out".

Unlike guys like Sei, it was perfectly normal for people to make out at their age. . . Even have sex! Guy's like Sei are too perfect. Even too perfect to be a son. And perfect sons/daughters doesn't make out/ have sex. They are TOO perfect to do that.

but Ryu only said made out... how did the rumor turn serious?

Sei: You heard wrong. I made out with her on her house. not sex!

Kouji Rules: Whoa! so you really did made out with her? God! I thought you'd never do that until you're married!

Kouji Rules: As far as I know, you, Sei, is the most gentleman-ly on the whole country! I can't believe this! were you drunk? wait no, you don't drink..


Sei: No, I didn't made out with her!

Kouji Rules: you didn't? but you just said

Sei: no! I didn't! Ryu spread the rumor! he started spreading it as "made out"

Kouji Rules: I see. But did you really made out with her?

Sei: NO!

Kouji Rules: okay okay! no need to yell!

Meanwhile, as Sei talked to Kouji about his worries, he was talking with Miaka.

Sei: Miaka, where'd you got my add?

Mi: from sempai's brother, Odou.

Mi: I hope it's alright...

Sei: don't worry about it!

Sei: I don't really mind!

Sei: In fact, I was just thinking of getting your add!

Sei: besides, sometimes, it's lonely here... I only have about 6 people in my contacts who have a messenger.

What a liar you are, Sei... Sei thought, you got at least 50 people! It's hard being one of the most popular guys in school.

Sei: I hope we can talk like this. It's better this way.

Sei: at least when we talk here, I can tell you what I feel without being awkward...

Sei froze for a moment. did he want to do that? well, maybe his opinions, but no way he'll tell her about any of his developing feelings.

Sei: so how are you?

Mi: I'm fine! ^_^

Sei: that's good to hear...

Sei: Have you seen Odou? I haven't seen him for a while...

Sei didn't know why he placed Odou's name there. But, he thought, maybe it would lead them to something.

Mi: Odou? nope I haven't seen him. and he hasn't called me

For a whole half a minute, Sei froze. He didn't know what to say to Miaka. and he's so good at starting conversations!

suddenly, Miaka's message was transported to him.

Mi: I've been wondering... does sempai have a girlfriend right now?

Sei's jaw dropped. What did she asked?

Mi: I've been really curious! I've heard you're quite popular to the girls from school. and I thought, maybe you have a girlfriend already. but then Odou told me that you've had one, but right now, you're single again. But it's really confusing me!

Sei: I don't have a girlfriend.

Mi: Really?

Sei: Yes, really.

Is this girl checking me out? Sei thought

Sei: Odou told you that I had one?

Mi: yep. Is that true?

Sei: Yup, I did.

Sei: I had one just a few months ago. But she got herself pregnant! I haven't even kissed her lips!

Mi: Ooh! what a bitch!

Sei: yeah! she had sex with some guy. Apparently, she did it so that I would marry her. She bribed the guy.

Sei: Anyway, I didn't really loved her. she only became my girlfriend due to the fact that she's an owner of this really big company. My dad made me her fiancée.

Sei: But I never had time to see her. That's probably why she had made all that. I'd only see her when my dad and I go there. Her body guard told about her being a bitch. That led us to court.

Sei: I won the case (you know, I'm already working. I'm a lawyer! I fought for myself), and the girl's family left me alone in peace!

Mi: But didn't she did something for revenge? she did got herself pregnant just so you'll be forced to marry her... I'm sure she won't give up.

Sei: she did fought me back. She was caught, and she told the truth to her parents. She said I never had time for her and all that. I asked her, what if we were already married? Obviously, it could even be months before we see each other, and since I didn't loved her, I wouldn't touch a hair from her as I won't let her touch any part of me.

Sei: they got mad at her. I haven't heard from them ever since.

Mi: Did you had a girlfriend before her?

Sei: Yep, I did.

Sei: the first one I had was a girl from high school. She was in love with another guy. She got herself pregnant too. I got hurt from that. it was a year before I got up and told myself that she wasn't worthy.

Sei: the second one was also from high school. she was a model. But she got kidnapped, raped, then murdered. I was so shock. we were only a couple for about a week. I couldn't forget her until I was on my senior year in high school.

Sei: and of course, I had a girlfriend there too. she was a freshman. but one day, she told me that she didn't loved me anymore. I don't know what happened to her.

Sei: the last girlfriend I had before that bitch was the coolest girl I've met. But like the first girl I had, she got pregnant from another guy.

Sei: I never courted a girl ever since. I think I'm cursed! I'm not supposed to have a woman!

Sei: I guess, I would die, all alone, in some haunted house, on some wheel chair watching my nieces and nephews grow up...

Mi: Don't say that Sempai!

Mi: Sempai is bound to find a girl worthy of his love! Sempai got a good heart and I know that sempai would die happy, with lotsa kids, and grandkids.

Sei: You're too idealistic. You don't know the pain in life yet.

Sei hid a smile on his lips. He wanted Miaka unhurt from those pain of reality. He will protect her from any pain, he swore.

Mi: I know the pains of life.

Mi: You don't know what it's like to have your beloved friend die in your arms.

Mi: Or have people dying left and right because of you. You never had experienced a day where your heart is always afraid because your best friend became your worst enemy. no matter how hard you try to stay friends with her!

Mi: you don't understand them. and yet you call me "idealistic". That is quite ironic.

Sei looked at those words that he got. Was all of this true? did Miaka had one of her friend die in her arms, or see people die everywhere? did she lived in the world war II? These kind of things happens all the time in the WWII.. was she an immortal creature cursed to see people die everywhere when she is supposed to live forever and ever and ever?

Sei: Miaka, how old are you

he just can't help but ask.

Mi: 20.

Sei: would you mind if you tell me all about this?

Mi: I don't know... You might not believe me... everyone doesn't, except for my best friend from kindergarten and my brother and my best friend's boyfriend.

Sei: why wouldn't I?

Mi: Because it's..

Sei smiled. maybe she was lying. but the way she said (or typed) those words was obviously true.

Sei: maybe I'll ask you about it some other time. When we really know each other well.

Mi: Thank you

Mi: you know, sempai is very kind.

Sei: So Miaka, tell me, do you have a boyfriend?

Mi: no... we just broke up last Friday.

Sei remembered. Oh why did he asked?

Mi: But don't worry, I don't love him anymore.

Sei: why not?

Mi: well, he hurt me very frequently before. both emotionally and physically.

Mi: that's why at the first day I went to the university, I had a few black and blue patches on my skin.

Sei: oh... so that's why.. I thought you fell from the stairs.

Mi: lol! I'm not that clumsy!

Sei: sorry, but that was the only thing that came to my mind.

Sei: I think he's a bastard for hurting you.

Mi: anyway, he was my only boyfriend. the first and last.

Sei: how long did you guys lasted?

Mi: I was 15 when we originally met.

Mi: we lasted for 5 years, is it? I really loved him.

Mi: He was the reason why I even exist! he'd saved my butt for more than I can count!

Sei: really? I think he's just showing off.

Mi: he wasn't... It was his duty to save me.

Sei: so you fell in love with your body guard?

Mi: well, he's not exactly like that... but yeah I did fell deeply in love with him.

Sei: I see

Mi: But he was a show off too! and he loved money very much! probably even more than he loved me!

Then an idea came to Sei.

Sei: can I ask you... what if some king of a kingdom would propose to you... and he had everything you want. everything. Who would you choose? Your boyfriend (if you still love him) or the king?

Mi: lol! well I chose my boyfriend from the emperor. Stupid of me huh?

Mi: You know, one time a friend of mine pointed a sword at my boyfriend's neck! My boyfriend acted all cool, but when my friend left, he (my bf) was all shaky from fear.

Sei: and what happened to your friend? was he in love with you?

Mi: that friend of mine... he's dead now... he died because of me...

Mi: yes, he was.. maybe even now.. he's still in love with me.

Mi: You remind me of him...

Sei: huh? why?

Mi: well, first of all, you could pass as his identical twin brother!

Mi: and he's into law and politics. He's a politician himself. and I heard from Otousan you know how to hold a sword.

Sei: well, I'm more beautiful than him.

Mi: lol! and he's as vain as you are!

Mi: you really do remind me of him!

Mi: he was my next choice... he's every girl's dream for man. Intelligent, kind, a gentleman, well-educated, rich, handsome! I don't even know what was wrong with me, why I didn't chose him instead!

Mi: But I never loved him because of his wealth! I really loved him for who he is. he was the kindest, selfless man I've met! He was always there whenever my ex hurt me. he was always there to comfort me.

Sei: instead you chose your ex.

Mi: yep. I was blinded with love.

Sei: But I wonder... what if you had the chance to meet someone as beautiful as he is? I mean, beautiful inside. inside out he was beautiful.

Mi: Maybe I'd love him more than I loved the beautiful man I knew before. And if he returned my feelings, I'll never have another after him.

Sei: You're beautiful too...

Mi: where did that came from?

Mi: Oh sempai! brb!

Sei sighed. It was really getting interesting! what happened to Miaka?

then Miaka appeared again with her message

Mi: Sempai, my Otousan just came. He asked if you, Odou, and your dad are available tomorrow.

For what? asked Sei to himself.

Sei: I'm not sure about dad and Odou, but sure, I'll come there.

Mi: Good. Tomorrow at dinner. Otousan wants you all over for dinner! And he said you guys are welcome to sleep here if you want. It'll be fun!

Sei went to the other window, where he was talking with Kouji.

Kouji Rules: Still there lover boy?

Sei: Yep, still here.

Sei: she just asked me to go to her house...

Kouji Rules: Cool!

Kouji Rules: I know it'll be quite tempting... but try to slow down, okay?


To be continued

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