Notes: Frozen is an animated franchise by Disney. This story takes place after Frozen 2.

Anna and Kristoff paid a visit to the Enchanted Forest, so Anna could check on her sister and make sure she was okay. Things seemed to be going fine, but before Anna left, she claimed she knew that Elsa had a crush on someone.

After Anna, Kristoff and the soldiers left, Elsa and Honeymaren started walking back to the spot that they had been napping at. Elsa looked at Honeymaren, while saying, "My sister is certainly a fun visitor. I'm glad she came by and dropped off all those supplies."

Honeymaren replied, "Me too, but her husband seems very odd."

Elsa said, "Indeed, but they seem to be happy together."

Honeymaren said, "When we get back to our little nap area, should we return to our nap or should we start putting away all the new supplies?"

Elsa started looking nervous, while replying, "Actually, I think we need to talk about something, first."

Honeymaren stopped walking and looked at Elsa, while saying, "I'm listening. What's going on?"

Elsa felt awfully shy and uncomfortable, but she figured she better speak up and stop keeping things to herself. She said, "You see, my sister is under the impression that I have a crush on somebody. I don't know why she thinks that."

Honeymaren nervously smiled, while replying, "I'm afraid I gave Anna that impression by accident. For some reason, she started thinking that Kristoff was interested in you. In order to help her calm down, I made Anna think you've been flirting with somebody else."

Elsa raised an eyebrow, while saying, "Oh, really? Who is this person, that I've been flirting with?"

Honeymaren smiled, while replying, "Well, I hope I'm not making things awkward, but I think you and I have done a bit of flirting, since you started living here."

Elsa shyly asked, "Have you been flirting with me?"

Honeymaren said, "Well, I did call you the world's most gorgeous woman. That's not the kind of compliment, that I'd give to anybody else."

Elsa blushed, while replying, "I do like your flirty remarks, even if they make me blush and everything."

Elsa and Honeymaren held hands and gazed into each-other's eyes. Honeymaren kissed Elsa's cheek and Elsa returned the favor by kissing Honeymaren's cheek. After they were both blushing, Elsa said, "Now that we got over that bit of awkwardness, we better start putting the supplies away."

Honeymaren replied, "Sounds good."

Elsa and Honeymaren continued walking, for a few minutes, before Honeymaren stopped walking. Elsa looked at her and asked, "What's up?" Honeymaren stepped closer to Elsa and kissed her lips.

Honeymaren said, "I'm sorry, for doing that. If I'm being honest with myself, I've wanted to do that for over a week." Elsa didn't know what to say, but she did know what to do. She kissed Honeymaren's lips.

Nobody else was nearby, so Elsa and Honeymaren were the only ones who knew that they kissed. Elsa was expecting to feel embarrassed, but she wasn't. She felt happy that she finally gave Honeymaren a real kiss. She knew this would make her and Honeymaren's relationship more complicated, but she didn't care, because she was in love.

Elsa and Honeymaren helped the others put the supplies away. They put the clothes and blankets in baskets and put the food and drinks in bags. Elsa tried to remain calm and professional, while hanging out with the other Northuldra people. However, she had recently kissed Honeymaren's lips, so she felt a bit awkward. Honeymaren didn't appear to feel as awkward, as Elsa did. She smiled at Elsa and joked around.

While carrying some wood, Ryder said, "I'm glad that Kristoff didn't throw the wood into the trees, this time."

Honeymaren replied, "That's something to be thankful for, but he did throw a carriage into the trees, so he's still got issues."

Ryder said, "Kristoff's a good guy. He just struggles to deal with his emotions, sometimes."

Yelena growled and said, "Kristoff's a reckless simpleton who doesn't know what he's doing."

Honeymaren said, "By the way, what happened to that carriage that he tossed into the trees?"

Ryder replied, "I'm afraid it's still stuck in the trees."

Elsa raised her eyebrows and asked, "Really?"

Ryder said, "Yeah. It'd be wise to avoid walking around that area, until the carriage comes down."

After Elsa and Honeymaren finished helping get the supplies ready, they started carrying the couch that Anna had given to Elsa. Ryder and a few of the other forest people helped them carry the couch, to the part of the forest, that Elsa and Honeymaren regularly slept at. Elsa thanked Ryder and the others, for their help. They shook Elsa's hand and started walking back to their huts.

Elsa and Honeymaren were just with each-other, again. Elsa awkwardly smiled at Honeymaren, who smiled back. They started sitting on Elsa's couch. The couch contained red cushions and was big enough, for a small group of people.

Elsa wasn't sure what to say, to Honeymaren. The last time they had a private conversation, they kissed. That was about an hour ago and they had barely said anything, since then. Elsa figured it'd be for the best, if she started the conversation with a lighter topic. She said, "This is a nice couch."

Honeymaren replied, "It's pretty comfortable."

Elsa said, "I'm guessing it's an upgrade, from sitting on logs."

Honeymaren had an amused look on her face, while saying, "Elsa, is a couch the main thing, that's on your mind? Shouldn't you be thinking about something else?"

Elsa nervously replied, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Honeymaren said, "Don't lie to me, cutie-pie."

Elsa sighed and said, "I have a certain topic, that's on my mind and you're a smart person, so you probably know what I'm thinking about."

Honeymaren replied, "You're thinking about the kisses we gave one another, aren't you?"

Elsa shyly said, "Yeah."

Honeymaren took a closer look at Elsa and noticed that she was looking scared and confused. She calmly put her hand on Elsa's hand. Honeymaren held Elsa's hand, while giving Elsa a tender smile. In return, Elsa lightly smiled. Honeymaren said, "There's no reason, for you to be afraid. Our relationship is wonderful."

Elsa raised an eyebrow and asked, "Really?"

Honeymaren jokingly said, "Unless you decided you don't like me, anymore."

Elsa replied, "I'd never do that."

Honeymaren responded, "I know, cutie-pie."

Elsa crossed her legs, while trying to think of something to say. She knew very little, when it came to being in a relationship. She knew how to be a good sister and a casual friend, but she felt clueless when it came to other kinds of relationships. Elsa said, "So, we really did kiss?"

Honeymaren answered, "We sure did."

Elsa said, "That's a pretty big step, in a relationship. At least, that's what I assume."

Honeymaren replied, "Your assumption is correct."

Elsa took a long pause, before saying, "When I first decided to move here, you already considered me a friend, didn't you?"

Honeymaren said, "Of course I did. As soon as we started having that little talk about the five spirits, I considered you a friend. I was more than pleased that you took my suggestion to move here."

Elsa said, "In a weird way, it's like you asked me to live with you."

Honeymaren replied, "I suppose you could say that, but I was asking you to live with all of our fellow Northuldra people, not just me."

Elsa shyly said, "Of course."

Honeymaren said, "However, we have been sleeping by each-other, ever since you moved here, so in a way, we're like roommates."

Elsa tried to be calm and casual, while replying, "I guess that's true. We're good friends and roommates. That's what we are."

Honeymaren gently nudged Elsa, before saying, "I think we're more, than just that."

Elsa pretended to not know what Honeymaren was talking about, while asking, "What do you mean?"

Honeymaren smiled, while saying, "You know what I mean."

Elsa nervously tapped her fingers on the couch, while trying to come up with the courage, to ask Honeymaren a relationship-related question. She lightly hummed, while working on her fears. She looked at Honeymaren, while asking, "Can I ask you a personal question?"

Honeymaren said, "Go ahead."

Elsa asked, "How would you label our current relationship?"

Honeymaren seemed confused, while saying, "Label?"

Elsa explained, "A relationship label is a particular word, that describes the type of relationship, that people have." She chuckled and said, "I probably sound like a dictionary, but what word would you use, for our relationship? Are we friends? Are we best buddies? Are we something else?"

Honeymaren replied, "Well, I don't want to put words in your mouth, but I think we're more than friends."

Elsa felt both shy and excited, while asking, "We're more than friends? Does that mean we should start dating?"

Honeymaren said, "We're pretty much dating, already, cutie-pie. We both go to an area, away from the others, where we call each-other affectionate nicknames and share flirty remarks and kisses. I'm not an expert, when it comes to romantic relationship, but I feel like we're dating."

Elsa started blushing, while saying, "That's quite a strong opinion, about our relationship."

Honeymaren asked, "How do you feel, cutie-pie? What do you think of the relationship that we have?"

Elsa continued blushing. She was nervous, but happy, as well. She didn't want her fears to control her or stop her, from being happy. She decided it was time that she be honest and express her true emotions. She looked at Honeymaren, while saying, "I feel delighted to be dating you."

Honeymaren grinned, while saying, "I love you."

Elsa replied, "I love you, too."

After giving Elsa a big kiss, Honeymaren said, "I'm glad we both know the relationship that we have."

Elsa replied, "Me, too. If I'm being honest, I'm somewhat scared. I've never dated anybody, before."

Honeymaren asked, "Really? You never went on a date with any royal people or anything?"

Elsa shook her head and explained, "I barely interacted with anybody of royalty, when I was growing up. I only had one big party. It was my coronation and the party was a requirement, rather than something I asked for. It wasn't a fun party."

Honeymaren asked, "Nobody wanted to dance with you? I find that hard to believe."

Elsa said, "The Duke of Weselton offered to dance to with me. Frankly, I was glad I didn't know how to dance, because I didn't want to dance with that weasel."

Honeymaren asked, "You didn't know how to dance? Did you ever learn?"

Elsa shrugged her shoulders and said, "I know a few steps, but it's not like I could do a dancing routine or anything."

Honeymaren replied, "I only know a few dance moves, too. I grew up in the forest, so it's not like I knew any dancing instructors or anything. Also, I've never been in a romantic relationship, either."

Elsa asked, "Really? That surprises me."

Honeymaren said, "Well, it's not like I ever lived in a kingdom or a big village, like you did."

Elsa replied, "True, but I figured there'd still be plenty of people, who'd be charmed by your beauty."

Honeymaren said, "Well, that's certainly flattering, but I didn't want to date a random person. If I was to start dating somebody, I knew it would have to be somebody special."

Elsa's face went back to blushing, while Elsa said, "Way to go, honey. My face is going to keep getting redder and redder, thanks to you."

Honeymaren replied, "I'm glad about that."

Elsa and Honeymaren stared into each-other's eyes. They both felt so happy, to be dating each other. Even though Honeymaren had given Elsa kiss, a few minutes ago, she couldn't wait any longer, to give Elsa another one. Elsa was thrilled to receive the kiss and in return, she kissed her girlfriend.

Honeymaren said, "I'm guessing we're going to give the other Northuldra people a shock, when we tell them we're dating. I'm betting your sister will be surprised, as well."

Elsa shyly replied, "Um, yeah." Elsa had been focusing so much, on what she and Honeymaren thought of each other, that she hadn't given much thought, to what other people will think of her and Honeymaren's relationship. Ever since she had been forced to hide her ice powers, when she was a kid, Elsa had been a secretive person. When she had feelings or opinions, that differed from what was considered to be normal, she was reluctant to speak up. Getting into a romantic relationship was a common thing, for a lot of people, but it was new territory for Elsa. She felt scared about letting anybody know she was dating Honeymaren.

While Elsa and Honeymaren were on their date, Ryder started walking up to them. Elsa wasn't really in the mood, for talking to others, considering the situation was in. However, she wanted to be nice, so she said, "Hi, Ryder. What's going on?"

Ryder explained, "Since we got all those supplies, including a bunch of food, we're going to be having a big dinner, tonight. Everybody's hoping you'll be there."

Honeymaren said, "My cutie-pie and I will both show up."

Ryder said, "Sounds good. I'll see you guys, at dinnertime."

After Ryder walked away, Elsa looked back at Honeymaren and said, "So, we'll probably be having a nice dinner."

Honeymaren replied, "Yes, but I'm guessing that Ryder and the others will be hogging up all the chips and chocolate. Also, I'm sure Yelena will frown upon everybody, for eating junk food."

Elsa said, "I probably shouldn't be asking this, but why is Yelena always so grumpy?"

Honeymaren replied, "She's actually a very sentimental woman. You just wouldn't be able to tell by her expressions. The others are still getting ready, for tonight's dinner, so it's just you and me, girlfriend."

Elsa shyly replied, "Um, right. You're my girlfriend. That's something, that I'll have to get used to. Of course, I'm delighted, that you're my girlfriend. It just feels weird. Do you think it feels weird?"

Honeymaren calmly responded, "It doesn't feel weird, to me. It feels wonderful."

Elsa smiled, while saying, "Sometimes, the weirdest things can also be the most wonderful things."

Honeymaren replied, "I certainly don't disagree." Honeymaren sat closer to Elsa and kissed her.

Elsa heavily blushed, while saying, "Our new relationship is great. It's one of the best things, that's ever happened to me, but aren't you scared?"

Honeymaren said, "No I'm not. What would I be scared of?"

Elsa nervously replied, "We both love each other, which is a good thing, but there are certain people, who would have a different people. They'd be disgusted and offended, by our relationship. In certain parts of the world, women dating other women is considered vile and the same thing applies to men, who date men."

Honeymaren said, "We're in the Enchanted Forest, cutie-pie. The Northuldra people are completely accepting, when it comes to this sort of thing. Please, don't worry."

Elsa shyly said, "Well, there's another thing, to be worried about."

Honeymaren asked, "What is it?"

Elsa said, "Well, I've never been in love, before. If my sister found out, she might make a big fuss."

Honeymaren replied, "Cutie-pie, you and your sister have a very strong bond. I don't think she's going to be mad."

Elsa started looking more calm, while saying, "You're probably right. I'm sorry for overreacting."

Honeymaren replied, "It's quite alright, girlfriend." Elsa and Honeymaren shared another kiss.

About an hour later, Elsa and Honeymaren started walking to the others, while holding hands. They looked around and saw that the other Northuldra people had started sitting down and were beginning to eat their meals. Elsa and Honeymaren started greeting the others.

Elsa looked at Yelena, while saying, "Hi, Yelena. You're probably glad, about having more meal options than usual."

Yelena looked unimpressed, while saying, "Your sister and her husband delivered too much junk food. The others have started gobbling it up. Their health will be damaged."

Honeymaren replied, "Some people will probably eat too many chocolates, but I'm sure that everything will be okay."

Ryder walked up to Elsa and shook her hand. He said, "Thank you for finding the lost reindeer."

Elsa replied, "Well, I didn't really find him. He came to me."

Ryder said, "Regardless, you were a real help. You were the first person, in days, to see that reindeer. Plus, you must of done something, because when I found him, he was in a more peaceful mood."

Honeymaren said, "Maybe Elsa's singing calmed him down."

Ryder looked at Elsa, while asking, "You sang to him?"

Elsa felt embarrassed, while replying, "I'm afraid I did."

Ryder said, "After I heard about Kristoff singing to Sven, I tried singing to my reindeer. Most of them seemed to like it, except for that one reindeer. Maybe my voice was too loud."

Elsa and Honeymaren sat on a log and started grabbing some things, to eat. Elsa ate a salad, while Honeymaren ate some fruits. Ryder and most of the others started eating chips and chocolates.

Yelena nudged Ryder and said, "You better put down the junk food and start eating some healthy food." Ryder shook his head.

During dinner, Elsa and Honeymaren chatted with several of the other people, that lived in the Enchanted Forest. Yelena told some tales, about her first couple of experiences, in the forest. Elsa was asked several questions, about her ice powers and about her past. Although she didn't feel like sharing everything, she answered a majority of the questions.

A while later, Ryder said, "Listen up, everybody." Elsa, Honeymaren, Yelena and the others stopped chatting and started looking at him. He said, "I think it's time, that we had dessert."

Yelena had a confused look on her face, while saying, "Dessert? You just ate a bunch of junk food. Your dessert better be something nutritious."

Ryder said, "Instead of finding something healthy, Kristoff got us something, that's delicious. He wanted it to be a surprise, so I've been hiding them, until now." He grabbed a couple of boxes and opened them. The box had donuts in them.

Yelena said, "Oh, no. Are you actually going to eat that crap?"

Ryder replied, "I sure am." People quickly started grabbing donuts, while Yelena gave them a disapproving look.

Honeymaren grabbed two donuts and handed one to Elsa. Elsa said, "I better not eat this."

Yelena replied, "That's a wise sentiment, Elsa. I'm glad you value your health."

Honeymaren nudged Elsa and said, "Come on, cutie-pie."

Elsa said, "Well, I guess eating one will be okay." Yelena rolled her eyes.

As the others were finishing up their desert, Honeymaren started reaching towards Elsa's lips. Elsa whispered, "What are you doing?"

Honeymaren whispered back, "I was just going to give you a kiss."

Elsa nervously whispered, "Everybody's here. We can't kiss, in front of them."

Honeymaren said, "So what? When we were teens, my brother was dating somebody, who was part of a traveling tribe. He kissed her, in front of everybody and although a few people were grossed-out, it wasn't a big deal."

Elsa whispered, "It's a big deal, for us, because nobody knows we're dating."

Honeymaren smiled, while saying, "Well, shouldn't they find out? I'm proud, to be your girlfriend."

Elsa whispered, "And I'm delighted, to be dating you, but I don't want everybody else, to know about us."

Honeymaren asked, "Why not?"

Elsa paused and tried to think of a reason, but nothing came to mind. She whispered, "Now that I think about it, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if people knew the truth. However, I don't know how I feel about kissing you in-public."

Honeymaren replied, "Fair enough, but a cheek kiss is harmless enough, right?"

Elsa blushed, while saying, "I suppose so." Honeymaren kissed Elsa's cheek.

Ryder saw that and in response, he said, "What are you doing, Honeymaren?"

Honeymaren casually replied, "I was just kissing my girlfriend."

Ryder responded, "Okay."

Elsa looked at Honeymaren and whispered, "Did you actually say that?" Honeymaren nodded.

Ryder looked at Elsa, while saying, "By the way, I want you to know that I'm okay with you dating my sister."

Elsa raised her eyebrows and said, "What? How did you know about me and her?"

Ryder explained, "I might be gullible when it comes to Kristoff's tree antics, but I know my sister and I could tell that she liked you."

Yelena looked at Elsa, while saying, "Pretty much everybody knows you two had feelings for each other."

Elsa had a confused look on her face, while asking, "How?"

Yelena shrugged her shoulders and said, "We just knew."

Honeymaren looked at Elsa, while saying, "I guess we weren't subtle at hiding our love."

Elsa replied, "You weren't even trying to hide."

Honeymaren said, "You're right and I hope you don't hide anymore."

Elsa replied, "I don't see a reason for hiding how much I love you, anymore." Elsa and Honeymaren kissed each other. None of the Northuldra people were mad or disgusted. If anything, they seemed happy. Honeymaren had become Elsa's girlfriend and that's something Elsa was proud of.