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Chapter 1


It was something that could only be acquired through strength and fear. It was a weapon stronger than the mightiest Gyarados and scarier than a Gengar. One with enough power could level seas, raise mountains, and force anyone to do their bidding. A presence so powerful that with enough it, no one would even dare challenge you.

It was because of this that Giovanni had called a meeting with his executives. If they knew what was good for them, they would have already made some progress on their own. In order to expand the presence of Team Rocket, work had to be done. Deals had to be made. People had to comply or be silenced.

It was all part of business after all.

A light knock came from his door. Giovanni glanced at his monitor to see his executives waiting outside for him. He tapped a button on the screen, causing the automatic door to slide open. Four individuals shuffled in, not meeting Giovanni's eyes.

The first the come in was Proton, a man with short teal hair wearing white gloves and boots paired with a black jumpsuit. He was often labeled as the scariest guy on Team Rocket, constantly ordering anyone below him around. Those who didn't do their jobs correctly or who disobeyed were punished swiftly and soundly. It was just his style. In his eyes, without discipline, nothing would get done.

Next was Petrel, a man with a constantly relaxed expression that mirrored his attitude. He had short purple hair on his head and chin, with an outfit mirroring Proton's (as he was too lazy to make his own). Unlike his teal-haired coworker, he was generally lax, mainly helping the other executives with their jobs and sharing the credit instead of doing his own. As a result, he was able to keep his position despite doing the bare minimum, and the other executives hated him for it.

Of course, Giovanni knew this. The fact that he was crafty enough to pull this off told him that Petrel was an asset, despite how careless he seemed to be.

Then came Archer. His hair was lighter than Proton's, but his outfit was completely white instead of black. He often made himself out to be the leader of everything, believing himself to be superior to everyone, including his own executives. Giovanni was the only exception, and he tried his hardest to make the only person above him in ranking notice him. Giovanni seldom gave him the satisfaction of gaining approval from himself, as this would only make him lazy and complacent.

Last was Ariana, a red haired woman wearing a white dress with a black diamond on the torso of her outfit. Rumors circulated around the Rocket Base that Ariana and Giovanni had a child. Of course, no one was able to prove it, as the last Rocket grunt who snuck into the boss's office was never seen again. Still, it was strange that Ariana was sometimes nowhere to be seen some nights...

"Take a seat." Giovanni spoke. The executives quietly sat down, still not meeting his gaze.

"Now, I trust that all of you have made headway on establishing our presence across Kanto, correct?" Giovanni asked. The four of them nodded silently. "Good. Proton, why don't you tell us what you've done?"

Proton nodded, clearing his throat. "Of course." he said. "We've finally found our first deposit of fossils in Mt. Moon. It was just a Helix Fossil, but soon the grunts started finding more and more, so we made an outpost there. It took a lot of drilling to make it large enough, but it's far enough from where most people travel that we won't be discovered."

"Good." Giovanni responded. "See to it that it stays that way."

The teal-haired man nodded once again, and Giovanni shifted his gaze to Archer. "You have something as well, correct?"

"Of course, sir!" Archer said, straightened. "We've been seeing a noticeable rise in demand for Cubone skulls on the black market. My squadron and I have already made plans to set up base on the upper floors of Pokemon Tower. The Gastly that live there can easily be honed into killing machines as well... I know you'll be pleased with the results."

Giovanni answered his description with a short nod and shifted his gaze to Ariana. "I know you have something for me, don't you?"

Ariana returned the smirk he was sending her. "Of course I do." she said, flicking her hair. "I've finished all of the paperwork required to open up a Game Corner in Celadon City. Opening day was a week ago, and people are none the wiser that we've been operating there. It'll allow us to keep a closer eye on Erika as well."

"Perfect." The boss of Team Rocket finally shifted his gaze over to Petrel, who had been spacing out most of the meeting. "Petrel, I hope you have something to contribute as well."

Petrel's expression changed, as though he had just realized something. "I... do not." he said, lowering his head. Giovanni's eyes narrowed and he rubbed his temple. Maybe letting him laze about wasn't a good decision after all. "Petrel, I am disappointed. I expected you to-"

"You didn't let me finish, boss." Petrel spoke up, his smirk returning. Giovanni gritted his teeth at his insolence, and the other executives looked at him with mixtures of shock and fury. "I've been doing some extensive research on something that will help Team Rocket more than these three" he gestured to his fellow coworkers "could ever dream of."

Giovanni raised an eyebrow. "And that is...?"

Petrel rested his elbows on the table, meeting his superior's gaze. "Have you ever heard of Kanto's legendary birds?"

Pallet Town was one of the smallest settlements in the Kanto region. It only had a population of about 65 individuals, not really classifying as much of a "town". A few houses made up the town, with the Professor's Lab on the farther end of the settlement towards Route 1.

However, while being short on people, it had a surplus of Pokemon of many different species and types, which were housed in the corral behind Professor Oak's Lab.

Our story begins at a white house with a cherry red roof, where both Delia and Ash Ketchum lived. Ash was a ten-year old boy with jet black hair and light skin. He had a stubborn personality and not many friends, but he had one goal in mind that he would chase for the rest of his life until he finally got a hold of it.

Ever since he was five years old, Ash had wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer. It started when he saw his first match on TV, in which Lance was battling against the reigning champion at the time and won.

The flashy moves, complicated techniques, and powerful Pokemon fascinated Ash to no end, and he spent every day thinking of his ideal journey.

At school he would daydream about the moment he would beat Lance's dragons and become Champion. At home he would constantly talk about Pokemon with his mother, unable to contain the youthful joy and curiosity he had about them. He couldn't see himself doing anything except becoming a Trainer when he got older. It was no surprise that he passed every test on Pokemon knowledge with flying colors.

"So Ash." his mother said as they ate dinner. "What starter Pokemon are you going to pick?"

"Definitely Squirtle!" he said after he swallowed his food. Delia had made him spaghetti, which was one of his favorite meals of all time. She wanted to celebrate the last day he'd be at home with him for a while, since tomorrow was the day he'd receive his first Pokemon and Trainer's license, making him a true blue Pokemon Trainer.

The three Kantonian starters were meant to serve as strong partner Pokemon for new Trainers. Ash had heard all about them during school, and after researching all about them in the school library, he had made his choice on which one he would pick.

First, there was Bulbasaur, a Grass/Poison type. These green reptilian Pokemon were peaceful and docile, and were only ever violent if they were fighting for friends or family. Surprisingly however, they were the least popular out of the three. The main reason was because although Venusaur could take hits and was a master of utilizing status moves like Sleep Powder and Stun Spore, it lacked power. Many kids at school had opted instead for the other two starters, since a lot of them liked the idea of power more than utility.

Then there was Charmander, a small fire-type that was capable of evolving into an offensive powerhouse. Charizards were monstrous draconic Pokemon, capable of incinerating anything in their path and could fly extremely fast if trained right. Charamander was the most popular out of three, simply because of how cool it looked when it evolved.

However, Ash didn't want either of these. While both Pokemon were powerful in their own right, he had decided to settle with the Water-type Squirtle. He had been planning on getting one from Professor Oak ever since he was seven years old. Ash had seen an especially powerful Blastoise on TV, and was intrigued. It had twin cannons that could punch through a sheet of steel as easily as paper, as well as a shell that could be used for both exceptional offense and defense. Having the fewest type weaknesses out of the three starters helped too.

Delia sniffed, trying to hold back tears. She was sad to see her only son go, but was also extremely proud of him for following his dream. The only reason he had been able to get his hands on a starter in the first place was because he had achieved top of his class in an exam held by Professor Oak, quizzing students on Pokemon knowledge, survival, and battle tactics. The students who were in the top three were eligible to receive a starter from the renowned Professor, while the rest of the class had to wait until they were thirteen to become a Trainer.

Ash had asked his mother if she wanted him to stay and pursue a different career, but she had shut the idea down before it could manifest into a fear that his mother wouldn't be able to take care of herself. What kind of mother would she be if she stopped her son from achieving his dream?

Still, it would be pretty lonely around the house, especially without her husband.

Once Ash finished every last bit of food on his plate, Delia pointed to his bedroom.

"Okay, Mr. Pokemon Master." she said. "It's time for bed. You'll need to get up bright and early if you want to make it to the lab on time."

"But Mom…" Ash said. "I'm not tired!"

"Well you have to try to fall asleep." she responded. "You don't want to pick your starter last do you? What if Squirtle is already taken?"

Ash sighed, but obeyed his mother and went upstairs to his room. The boy looked around. He wouldn't be back in Pallet Town for a year. While he was sad that he'd be leaving, he was also excited to finally take his first steps toward reaching his goal of becoming a Pokemon Master.

Ash sat on his bed, and his mother turned out the light. He pulled his blanket over his body and tried closing his eyes. Then he tried counting Mareep. He tossed and turned in his bed, unable to get any shuteye. He was just too excited.

He took out one of his old Pokemon books and started reading. Hopefully it would be enough to get him to fall asleep. His eyes scrolled through the notes in the book, and he finally started to read.

"Pikachu, also known as the Electric Mouse Pokemon. These small mammalian electric-types are known for their speed, and mainly use hit-and-run tactics in the wild to compensate for their frail structure. This Pokemon is the second stage of the Pichu line. It is not known what causes a Pichu to evolve into a Pikachu, although recordings suggest they only evolve during a dire situation in which an extra power boost is needed. A Pikachu can only evolve into Raichu from exposure to a Thunder Stone. However, since these stones are so rare, wild Raichu are almost never seen, and are usually ones released from their Trainers."

He couldn't remember what time it was when he finally was able to close his eyes and fall asleep.


Ash held his hands up in the air as he heard the crowds chanting his name. He recalled his Blastoise and made his way to the podium, where Lance was waiting to give him a sparkling gold medal.

"Congratulations, Ash," he said. "I've never seen someone with as much strength as you, and I'm the Champion! You truly deserve your title as the Indigo League Champion. I can't think of anyone who deserves this more than you."

"Ash!" he heard his mother yell as she tackled him into a hug. "I'm so proud of you, my baby boy! You've grown up so fast!"

"Thanks, Mom." he said. "But I couldn't have done it without my Pokemon." He sent out his Blastoise to relish the feeling of victory with him. The hulking figure of his starter stood by his side, basking in the glory of winning its hardest battle yet.

Then Blastoise turned to him and said in a feminine voice, "Ash! You're late!"

Wait... what?

"Ash!" he heard his mother's voice say. "It's almost nine! You have to be at the Professor's Lab in fifteen minutes!"

Ash's eyes snapped open, and he jumped out of his bed and ran downstairs in record time, leaving his mother to chuckle at his antics.

He almost bumped into his mother's Mr. Mime, who was holding a plate containing his breakfast. The psychic Pokemon squealed in alarm, but Ash managed to dodge out of the way before he would've crashed into the Pokemon.

"Sorry, Mimey!" Ash blurted. He took the plate from Mimey and wolfed down his food, not even stopping to taste it. At one point some food got caught in his throat, and he pounded on his chest hard to force it down.

Ash then sprinted back up the stairs and ran into his room. He grabbed the first shirt and pair of pants he could see (luckily being the adventure outfit that his mother had laid out) and hastily put them on.

He grabbed his hat and fingerless gloves and slipped them on. He inspected himself in the mirror and flashed a smile at himself. He sported a blue and white jacket, with a black undershirt, jeans and black sneakers, and green fingerless gloves as well as his signature cap. Stylish.

Ash ran down the stairs for the second time that day and grabbed his backpack that he packed the day before with food, water, a medkit, and potions. His mother was waiting by the door for him with a sweet smile on her face.

"Make sure to get to the lab on time!" she warned. "I don't want you coming home in tears because you missed your chance to get your first Pokemon."

Ash grinned. "Today is the most important day of my life!" he responded. "I wouldn't miss it for the world!"

His mother embraced him in a hug. "I'm so proud of you sweetie." she said. "You've worked so hard for this opportunity. Don't waste it."

She kissed him on the cheek. Ash smiled from her warm embrace. "I love you, Mom."

"Love you too sweetie." she said. "Call me when you get to Viridian City!"

Ash waved to her as he ran toward the Professor's Lab. He checked his watch. Eight minutes until nine o'clock. If he hurried he could make it in time.

Ash sped up toward the lab, running faster than he ever had in his life. Determination fueled each step as he sprinted toward the outskirts of Pallet.

After a few minutes of non-stop running, Ash saw the big yellow building in the distance. A large mass of land was located behind it, which was the temporary home of many trained Pokemon. His legs were burning, but he didn't care. He wanted to get his starter as soon as possible and begin his journey.

He looked back at Pallet Town as he started to run. He passed a few houses, as well as the Pokemon School. Places where he and Gary had hung out when they were younger and had mock battles. Locations he had walked past hundreds of times. He was leaving this life for a new one.

Finally he approached the large building and collapsed on the ground from exhaustion. Three other kids were there, all kids Ash knew. One of which he disliked with a passion.

Gary sneered and looked down at the boy, who was still panting from his run. "About time you got here, loser." he said.

The other two kids who were at the lab diverted their eyes away from the two boys as if nothing were happening. They didn't want to get caught up in one of their fights. Every day in school, Gary and Ash would be fighting over something, whether it was who was better Trainer, or something as little as who could make it to school first. It was usually best to clear out before things got nasty.

Ash stood up and glared at the red-haired boy. "Shut up Gary. When we get our starter Pokemon I'll beat you into the ground."

Gary just grinned. "Big talk from a mama's boy. I'd be surprised if a Pokemon even wanted to come with a loser like you."

Ash was about to shout a retort when Professor Oak walked out of the building and looked at the bickering boys.

"Simmer down you two." the professor ordered. "It is time for you three to come and get your starter Pokemon."

Ash shot one last glare at Gary before turning his attention to the Professor. He respected Oak a lot, as he was once a legendary Pokemon Trainer, having been the Champion at one point, before giving up to pursue the path of Pokemon research. His contributions to the biology of Pokemon were recognized by the entire world as pure genius.

Recently, rumors had been circulating around school of an invention the Professor was working on, that he would hand out to new Trainers. Ash wasn't sure what exactly that invention was, but if he was just giving them to starting Trainers, that probably meant it was something powerful or important. People started saying that it was some sort of encyclopedia. Ash didn't even think Gary knew what it was, or else he would've started boasting about it at school.

"Professor?" one of the kids said. Ash remembered him as Nate, a boy with short brown hair and glasses. He wore a plaid shirt and khakis and was usually nice. Way better than Gary. Other than that Ash didn't really know him too well, apart from the fact that he was into chess. Nerd.

"Yes, young man?"

"There's four of us here." Nate said. Ash could've sworn he saw a flicker of surprise on the Professor's face, but he dismissed it.

Behind Nate he saw a blond-haired girl wearing a pink short-sleeved shirt with her hair tied in a ponytail. What was her name again? Amelia? Angela?

"Angelina, Nate, and Gary please come here." the professor instructed. The three kids walked over to where the professor was standing. He set down a silver briefcase in front of them and unlatched it.

The four of them ooooed as three PokeBalls were revealed to be inside the case. The design of the capsules hadn't been changed in decades, simply because it had already been perfected.

All Pokeballs were red on top and white on the bottom, with a black line going down the middle and a white button in the middle that released the Pokemon held inside. They were designed to easily fit on a belt or pocket, and comfortably surrounded the living being inside, fitting needs such as space and temperature.

Pokemon were able to sense what was happening outside the PokeBall, and were able to break free from it if they were strong enough. Usually only wild Pokemon did this, however some trained Pokemon could break out of their PokeBall if they needed to help their Trainer in some way.

Many versions of PokeBalls were made over the years, designed to be more effective or to be used in specific situations. While more expensive, these specialized capsules could mean the difference between a successful capture or a break out.

"Now children, it is important you choose your starter carefully." Oak explained. "These Pokemon are powerful and will be your companions as long as both of you live. In order for you to choose a Pokemon, they must choose you first. Only then will you be able to travel with it. Gary, you may go first."

Gary smirked and looked over the three PokeBalls. Each had a symbol on them to show which Pokemon was held inside. The boy finally settled on a PokeBall with a water-type symbol on it.

Ash frowned. He had been planning on choosing Squirtle even before Gary had announced it to everyone in school. He didn't let that bother him though. It wasn't like the Professor didn't have other Pokemon. There were probably loads of squirtle in his corral.

Gary clicked the white button on the capsule and a blue turtle Pokemon with a brown shell covering its body emerged from it. It had a cyan tail shaped like a spiral that reminded Ash of a wave.

"Hey there Squirtle." Gary said, "I'm going on an adventure so I can destroy any Trainer that challenges me. I'm giving you an option to be my first companion in my legendary tale. Soon everyone will know the name Gary Oak! With you by my side, nothing will stop us. Are you in?"

Squirtle smirked and nodded as if to say, "Duh, of course I am!"

"Alright!" Gary said, "You made the right choice! I'm much better than any of these nobodies. Especially him." Gary pointed at Ash, who just shot a glare at him. He withdrew Squirtle and walked to the back of the lab to let the others choose their Pokemon.

The Professor looked at Angelina and Nate and motioned for them to come over. Nate grabbed the PokeBall with the Fire-type symbol, and Angelina grabbed the ball sporting the mark of the Grass-type.

They both pressed the release button on their PokeBalls, and two more reptilian Pokemon emerged.

In front of Nate was a bright orange lizard Pokemon with a white underbelly. It had dark green eyes and short white claws extending out of the tips of its fingers. A flame was burning at the tip of its tail, and the flame grew more intense the moment it saw Nate. Ash recognized it as a charmander.

In front of Angelina was a short, green dino-like Pokemon with specks of dark-green scales all over its body. What caught Ash's eye however, was the giant green bulb growing on its back. A Bulbasaur.

The two kids interacted with the Pokemon in front of them in different ways. Nate crouched down in front of Charmander in an effort to look less threatening, while Angelina talked to Bulbasaur in a high-pitched voice, as if she were talking to a baby.

Needless to say, both methods worked, and the two reptiles accepted their new Trainers as they strolled out of the lab.

"Professor?" Ash spoke to get the man's attention.

"Yes my boy?" the Professor responded.

"The other kids took the other two starter Pokemon." Ash said, "All of us were supposed to get starters, and I was hoping to get Squirtle, so is there another squirtle somewhere in the lab?"

Oak rubbed the back of his head. "Unfortunately, the next batch of starter Pokemon aren't scheduled to arrive until next month." he said. "Gary had begged for me to give him a Squirtle as an early birthday present. Had I known you wanted a Squirtle, I would have saved it for you. I'm sorry, Ash."

Ash was destroyed. Just a few minutes ago he had been excited to leave Pallet Town with a trusty Squirtle by his side, destined to conquer all. He had replayed the ideal journey at least a million times in his head. But all of that preparation became a waste as soon as Gary took that Squirtle from him. He had to suck it up though. He wasn't going to get a Squirtle, that's for sure.

But no matter what he had to leave this lab with a Pokemon in possession. He wouldn't hear the end of it from Gary if the red-haired boy found out he started his journey a month late.

"So do you have something else for me instead?" Ash inquired, doing his best to squash the sadness in his chest.

"As a matter of fact, I do." Oak said. "You're a smart kid, Ash, it's easy to see. You got the highest score out of anyone on the exam I created, truly astounding! So I have someone special I want you to meet."

Just then, a warbling sound came from the back of the lab, and a blocky bird like Pokemon levitated from behind one of Oak's computers. Ash squinted at the Pokemon. It looked like nothing he had ever seen before. Not even the textbooks at school had anything remotely close to what this Pokemon looked like.

The duck-like Pokemon levitated in front of Ash. It stared at him and warbled once again. The boy's eyes widened in surprise as the Pokemon continued to stare at him for a prolonged amount of time.

Professor Oak chuckled. "I see you're surprised." he said. "This is Porygon, the first artificial Pokemon made entirely of code. I can guarantee you won't find anything like it in the Kanto region. I was tasked to study its behavior by a colleague of mine from Cinnabar Island. It intrigued me because, although many artificial Pokemon have been made prior to Porygon being created, none have the same computing brain that Porygon does. Only eighteen of these exist in the entire world!"

Ash waved at it, and it warbled back happily (from what Ash could tell).

"Porygon would be a great Pokemon for you Ash." Oak said. "Porygon needs to live life like a regular Pokemon, not a lab experiment. Allowing it to come with you on your journey would help me get better data on how it performs in a situation such as a battle. You're the perfect Trainer to help with that, Ash. Of course, I'm not forcing you to take it with you. I completely understand if-"

"I'll take it." Ash blurted. His eyes started to sparkle with glee, and the crushing feeling of dread in his stomach was gone. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to receive a Pokemon as rare as a porygon. He would be a fool to throw this chance away. Forget Squirtle, this was much better!

He turned to the Virtual Pokemon, who was still staring at him. "Hello, Porygon." Ash said, "I'm Ash. I'm going on a journey to become the best Trainer in the world, and I want you to come with me. I can help you get stronger, and together nothing will stop us! Whaddya say?"

The Pokemon stared at Ash for a few seconds before warbling again. The Professor smiled. "It accepts your offer, Ash. Congratulations, Porygon is now officially yours." the Professor said.

Ash pumped up his fist. "Thank you Porygon." he said. "I promise I'll take care of you to the best of my ability." The Normal-type warbled in response, its face seemingly devoid of emotion.

"You can go outside the lab and bond with your new companion for now." the professor said, "I will be out in a moment to tell you four the new project I'm working on." The Professor handed him Porygon's PokeBall, and Ash clicked the white button in the middle to return it.

Ash thanked Professor Oak and took a walk a few hundred feet from the lab to get some air. He took a look at the houses in the distance. It would be the last time he'd be in Pallet Town for a long time. Just looking at it flooded him with memories, moments he wouldn't be able to experience again for a long time.

Ash saw Angelina and Nate socializing with their Pokemon and each other, and considered going with them to Viridian City. They seemed nice and he didn't want to be alone, not when there were spearow flocks harassing Trainers on Route 1 lately.

A few of them wouldn't be much of a problem, but a large group accompanied by a Fearow could cause a lot of damage. It was important to go with a companion on the routes around Viridian to minimize the chances of serious injuries.

Ash let out Porygon, who warbled at its release. "This is my home town, Porygon." he said, "Over there" he pointed to his house "is my home. My mom lives there. You would love her cooking, but you don't eat anything do you?"

The Normal-type shook its head. Ash smiled. It was weird having a literal robot as a starter Pokemon, but Ash could make it work. It didn't seem to have a personality like most Pokemon. Even the most advanced technology couldn't replace a living being's thoughts and traits.

"Hey loser!" The voice of Gary snapped him out of his thoughts. He turned to the arrogant boy, who was walking next to his Squirtle.

"Gramps couldn't even give you an actual starter?" Gary guffawed, "Makes sense, you probably wouldn't make it past the first Gym if you tried!"

"Shut up, Gary." Ash said, "I'll make you eat your words. Let's battle right now."

"Alright then." Gary said, "I can't wait to humiliate you on your first day as a Trainer. Go Squirtle!"

The Water-type took its place in front of Gary, mirroring the smirk its Trainer had.

"Okay Porygon, this is our first battle." Ash said, "I don't know any of your moves yet, so I won't be instructing you. Just do your best!"

The Virtual Pokemon warbled and levitated in front of Ash. He noticed that Porygon's eyes flashed faintly. The two Pokemon leered at each other before Gary gave a command.

"Start this off with Tackle!" Gary instructed. The Turtle Pokemon charged toward Porygon and slammed its body into it, sending it back a few inches. It beeped in surprise after being hit, but didn't seem too hurt.

"Don't let up!" Gary yelled, "Use Water Gun!"

This time, Porygon was prepared. It sent an electric shock toward Squirtle, easily cutting through the Water Gun, who recoiled in pain after being hit by it. Ash recognized it as Thunderbolt. He was surprised a Normal-type could have access to something as powerful as Thunderbolt. But then again, this was a rare and unique Pokemon he was dealing with. He should've expected some sort of surprise.

Porygon then levitated quickly towards Squirtle's position and slammed its head into the blue reptile. The Water-type was sent flying back, where it hit the ground with a thud and didn't get up.

Gary's face was bright red with anger as he recalled Squirtle.

"No fair!" he whined, "You have to have cheated! What even is that thing? I've never seen it before!"

Ash shrugged. "Not my fault you were beaten by a Pokemon that wasn't even instructed by its Trainer." he said.

"Shut up." Gary said through gritted teeth, "You got lucky this time, but the next time we battle I'll wipe the floor with you!"

With that, he recalled Squirtle and stomped away in a random direction, his fists clenched. Ash smirked. It felt good to put Gary in his place.

Ash heard footsteps from behind him and looked toward his left, where he saw Professor Oak walked toward him, a smile on his face. The man had been watching their battle the whole time from afar.

"That was a great battle!" the Professor remarked. "Quite anti-climactic, but it shows how strong and skilled Porygon is, knowing which moves were effective without any prior knowledge of battling a Squirtle."

"Anyways," the Professor continued, "I came to give you this." He pulled out a small red tablet from his lab coat.

"This is the project I told you about." the Professor said, "It's called a Pokedex. My goal is to hopefully catalog every single Pokemon species in existence. The knowledge we can acquire can help the entire world! Think of the possibilities! Trainers will rely more on knowing their opponent than brute force to win a battle. Cities can be more prepared in the event of a rampage by a powerful Pokemon. You can use this device to scan a Pokemon, which will be registered and saved in the Pokedex. The data will then be sent back to me at the lab. Try it out on your Porygon."

Ash nodded and powered on the device. He clicked the scan setting, and a camera popped up on the screen. He held it up to Porygon and a red laser started scanning his Pokemon. The light on the front of the device flashed green, signaling its completion.

"Porygon." the robotic voice rattled off, "The Virtual Pokemon. An artificial Pokemon created due to extensive research, this Pokemon can only perform only what is in its program. In recent years, this Pokemon has been very helpful in cyberspace. These Pokemon will go around checking to make sure no suspicious data exists."

Ash tapped another button, and the Pokedex started to scan Porygon again before it beeped. "This Porygon is genderless and knows Tackle, Conversion, Thunderbolt, and Ice Beam. Its ability is Download, which allows it to assess its opponent and target its weak points."

"Ah, I see you've discovered the new moves I've taught it." Professor Oak said, "I took the liberty of teaching it two new moves through the use of Technical Machines. They're weak as of now, but will increase in effectiveness as Porygon gets stronger."

Ash looked at Porygon, who warbled to confirm Professor Oak's statement. Technical Machines, or TMs for short, were inventions designed by Silph Co. to teach Pokemon new moves they normally wouldn't have access to. Pokemon were still limited to the types of moves they could learn, and still needed to practice these new moves, but were still very useful for Pokemon like Raticate or Nidoking, who were known for versatility.

Silph Co. had also made a previous model called Technical Records, but they would constantly break after being used once. TMs could be used as many times as a Trainer wished, which made them extremely useful if a Trainer had a lot of Pokemon.



"At the beginning of my battle against Gary's squirtle, Porygon's eyes flashed green. Should I be worried?" Ash asked.

Oak chuckled. "That is nothing to worry about Ash." he responded. "That is just Porygon's Download ability activating. Part of being a Pokemon that travels through cyberspace is knowing how to identify weaknesses in the code. That's why Porygon's eyes flash, so it can identify any possible opening to use in battle, whether against viruses or other Pokemon."

"Anyways, don't worry about catching every species of Pokemon." Oak continued, "There's a reason why I gave a Pokedex to four people. Enjoy your journey Ash. Experience it and live through it while you're still young. You won't be ten forever. I wish you the best of luck. Call me if you need any advice, I'll always be around to answer any questions."

Ash thanked Oak and accompanied him back to the lab, where both Nate and Angelina were comparing their new Pokemon.

They both waved at him and he waved back.

"Hey guys." Ash said, "Do you think I could come with you guys when you leave? I'd rather not be alone with all the spearow flocks around."

"Sure!" Angelina responded, "We'd love to have you! As long as Nate's okay with it."

"For sure!" Nate said, "The more the merrier! I always thought you were pretty cool. Not like that jerk Gary."

Ash smiled. It was always nice to find someone who hated Gary as much as he did.

With that, the three ten-year olds took their first steps out into the wide, wide world toward Route 1.

Hey guys! Rock here. So I was playing Pokemon one day when the plot of this story came to me in a flash of inspiration. I've made a few Pokemon fics in the past, that I've been unsatisfied with and I was originally planning to have Magikarp or Cubone as Ash's starter, but I'm going in a different direction.

I know there are a few stories revolving around Ash, typically ones about Ash getting a different starter, but I haven't seen any of him getting an artificial Pokemon, so I thought it would be fun to see how his bond and character evolves over time with a Porygon at his side.

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this story evolves and progresses as I make more chapters. Updates may be slow, school gets in the way of a lot of things, but hopefully I can release a chapter every month or two, depending on whether this story gets popular enough or not. Enjoy! Constructive criticism is appreciated.

(Also I'm not going to be using Aura, I'm not exactly a big fan of it.)

Stay tuned for Chapter 2!