Hey guys!

So I know I said I would just re-edit the chapters of this story and then start working on newer chapters. However, there's been a change of plans! The first chapter of my rewrite has been posted under the name of "Battler"! I realized that it would just be easier to start this rewrite from a blank slate. New title, new story cover, new everything! So go check it out! I promise it'll be worth your time!

Now like I said, new and old stuff will be appearing in the rewrite. I encourage you to go check it out, since there's a lot of detail and elements you'll be missing out on than if you just wait until the rewrite gets to where I left off in this story. It'll be awesome!

Anyways, hope you guys like the fresh coat of paint I put on the rewrite. I'm personally really proud of my work, and I was afraid of committing to such a huge project, but its turned out great for me! I can't thank each and every one of you enough for the amount of support you've given me. This story's no New York Times bestseller, but I'm still so happy to see people favorite, follow, PM, and review the story!

Even if you're just stopping by to view my story, that's good too! It means you're interested in my story and want to read more, and I'm glad you decided to!

So yeah. Hope to see you guys on my rewrite!