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It wasn't long before the train arrived, with Naruto and Mordred boarding it, as it soon pulled out of the station and headed for Fuyuki. The two finding a room for themselves, before Naruto used some Magecraft to make sure no one could eavesdrop, overhear, or spy on them through the doors and walls.

"So, you grew up isolated from the rest of the world, Master? Why's that?" Mordred asked, curious to learn more about her Master, after learning how similar their childhoods were.

"Yes, the only times I was able to go outside, was to do my chores. Other than that, this is the first time I've really left home, so everything is just new for me." Replied Naruto as he looked out the window of the train car.

"Any particular reason why?" Mordred asked while raising a brow, since she had been kept isolated due to being identical to her father and her mother being Morgan.

"I tried asking why they didn't let me interact with people, but they never gave me an answer. But they still tried making sure I had a semi-normal and happy life, getting me things that other Magus Family wouldn't let their children near, like video games, modern weapons, and other things that are normally looked down on." Naruto answered, while steering the conversation away from the original topic, with Mordred perking up at the mention of him knowing how to use weapons.

"You know how to use weapons?" Mordred questioned, liking the idea of her Master knowing how to fight, rather than just having her do all the work.

"Yeah, I use a katana and twin wakizashi, along with various firearms, since Magi don't normally use guns, with the most notable example being the Magus Killer. I started using them after learning about him, seeing a chance to make the other Masters paranoid of another Magus Killer appearing. I also have my own personal sword to use as well." Said Naruto, making the Knight smirk at hearing this, and agreeing with him using psychological warfare, and especially eager at hearing he used a sword.

"First chance we get, we're seeing just how good you are at using a blade." Stated Mordred, wanting to see just how good he is, and perhaps enjoy some payback for his accursed nicknames.

"Sure, but don't be too upset if you lose Mordred-chan." Naruto replied teasingly, the Servants eye twitching, while mentally swearing retribution will be had.

"But what about you? Besides your parents, did you have any other family?" Asked Naruto, also curious to know more about Mordred, only for the girls eyes to narrow before crossing her arms under her bust.

"…I had four half-siblings, three brothers and a sister, Sir Gawain, Sir Agravain, Sir Gaheris, and Sir Gareth, all of them being natural spawns of the witch and members of the Round Table. Agravain, Gaheris, and Gareth were all killed by Lancelot in his attempt to save Guinevere, and I killed Gawain at Camlann." Mordred said, making Naruto look at her in surprise.

"You killed your own brother? Why?" Naruto said, knowing about the legend and the Battle of Camlann, but didn't think Mordred would go so far to get to Arthur to kill her own brother.

"Half-brother, and he was in my way. He might've lived if he hadn't kept Lancelot from the battle, but he did and got himself and his King killed." Stated Mordred, not really having any sympathy for her deceased siblings, both due to her hatred for her parents, along with her despising and having envy for normal humans, due to her own lifespan as a Homunculus.

Plus, she never really bonded with her fellow Knights anyway, preferring to do everything she could to prove herself as the perfect, most chivalrous, and honorable Knight.

"Didn't you ever wonder what your life could have been like, if things had been different? If Morgan didn't keep you hidden away, if you had been raised by the King?" Questioned Naruto, knowing Mordred had a lot of potential to be different than how she's remembered, if things had just been a little different.

"…I used to, before being knighted, if my mother allowed me to be a normal child. But I eventually realized how foolish that was, that I couldn't change my life, all I could do was try and prove myself. And look how well that turned out." Mordred answered, having once dreamed how her life would have been if her father knew of her existence earlier and took her in, raising her as her "son" and heir.

Before realizing that even if such a thing happened, Artoria still never would have given her throne, all because she was the child of Morgan Le Fay. The idea having only served to enrage the Knight further at knowing no matter how things turned out, she still would have been rejected by her father.

Naruto frowned at her answer, since it wasn't one that he had been hoping to hear, but he could also understand it, given everything Mordred's been through. And their similar childhoods, having thought of his own "what ifs", but soon knew that they wouldn't change anything.

"So, do you have a plan for when the war begins? Or do we just kill any Servants in our way, until we're standing at the top?" Mordred asked while smirking, unknowingly pulling Naruto from his thoughts.

"Well, I was going over the previous war, after my Command Seals appeared. To see what strategies I could come up with, depending on what Servant-class I summoned, and given how you're a Saber-class Servant, things should be relatively easy if we play it right." Said Naruto, making Mordred gain a prideful smirk.

"Of course! Hell, even if I wasn't a Saber, any opponents would still fall before my power." Mordred confidently, having felt even more powerful than she expected to feel, when she was summoned.

"I have greater Magical Circuits than most Magi, which means I produce very powerful and potent Magical Energy for you to use and be empowered by, and a lot of it. Which resulted in your Parameters going up, as well." Revealed Naruto, while looking at Mordred's stats, seeing they were far greater than he expected.

"Interesting, and I do feel stronger than I should be. But that'll just make it more fun." Said Mordred, smirking clenching and unclenching her hand, as she felt the power coursing through her.

"Don't get cocky, since we still don't know what other Servants will be summoned. Anyway, one strategy would first be hanging back to first observe the other Servants and Masters to see what we'll be up against, along with letting them take each other down while conserving our own strength." Naruto said, making the Knight groan in annoyance.

"That sounds so boring, just let me take care of anyone we find and save ourselves the trouble of fighting them later." Mordred said, not interested in hiding away and just watching the battles.

"This is about more than just power, we need to play this smart, since we won't have six other Masters and Servants to compete against, it will be a lot more. So, if we want to win the Grail, we can't afford to do things recklessly. By the way, what do you even want to wish for from the Grail?" Asked Naruto, wondering what wish Mordred wanted granted.

"I wish to challenge my father for the right to draw Caliburn from the stone. To have undisputable proof of my kingship, that not even my father can deny." Mordred answered, refusing to simply wish she was king, instead wanting to show her father proof of her right to rule, and the only way to do that is to draw Caliburn herself.

"What about you Master? What wish do you want?" Questioned Mordred, only to raise brow when the whiskered blonde suddenly became rather nervous.

"Well uh…most Magi would wish to find the Root, which is supposedly the source of everything in the universe. But um…the wish I want to make, it…it doesn't really involve the Root and could…probably be seen as…selfish and just brushed off…maybe even considered pointless by some." Replied Naruto, as the Servant looked at him with a raised brow.

'Honestly, what is up with him?' Mordred wondered, seeing Naruto was acting the same way as he did when talking to his parents, with this also making her curious of what his wish could be.

Though she decided not to mention it, not wanting to make him more uncomfortable by pushing the issue.

"Well whatever it is, I doubt it'd be pointless if you're risking your life in a Holy Grail War to have it fulfilled." Mordred said, making Naruto nod to her thankfully.


The train soon pulled into Fuyuki Station, with Naruto and Mordred exiting, while gathering their stuff and heading for their temporary base of operation.

"So, where exactly will be we staying for the duration of the war?" Mordred asked as they exited the station.

"We'll be staying at a condo in Miyama Town, which will also be near the Tohsaka Residence and Matou Residence, as it's practically guaranteed that every Grail War, there will be a Tohsaka Master, a Matou Master, and a Einzbern Master participating. Even if the Matou Family's Magecraft has dwindled over the years, they still had a Master in the last war, so it's likely they'll have one this time as well." Replied Naruto, making the blonde girl smirk, pleased to hear this.

"Wonderful idea Master, the position should allow us to keep a close eye on the enemies that we'll be aware of." Mordred said, pleased to know Naruto's making sure they can start gather information the moment the war begins.

"That's right, I'm also hoping for the possibility of forming an alliance with the Tohsaka Master." Naruto said, with Mordred now looking at him in confusion and slight annoyance.

"You're trying to form an alliance in a war with only one winner? And what exactly would stop them from betraying us, either when it's convenient or when we're the last two left?" Demanded the Knight, with the Uzumaki sighing and nodding at her words.

"I'm aware of the possibility of them betraying us, but it'd also be ideal for us and the Tohsaka Master to have an alliance. Given the nature of this Holy Grail War and the Servants we may end up encountering. Plus, it helps that the Tohsaka Family suffered serious casualties during the Fourth Holy Grail War, even I don't like the idea of taking advantage of it. With Tokiomi Tohsaka being killed, his wife suffering from mental deterioration from the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War, as well as the majority of their wealth and finances being lost. Leaving only the Tohsaka Heiress left, who I believe is around my age." Naruto answered, with Mordred now looking at him in surprise.

"Was the Fourth War really that bad?" Mordred asked, knowing that Holy Grail Wars can be deadly and result in deaths, she didn't think one would end that badly.

"It was worse, the only Masters that survived are the current Lord El-Melloi Waver Velvet, Tokiomi's student Kirei Kotomine, and Kiritsugu Emiya the Magus Killer, and even he ended up dying only a few years after, due to injuries that he received during it. So, while the Tohsaka Heiress may be reluctant, she'll also see the benefits that the both of us will have from creating an alliance. Plus, she's also our best bet on having someone that won't instantly betray us." Said Naruto, knowing the Tohsaka Master was their best bet.

Given that regardless of whoever the Matou Master is, Zouken will be the one really pulling the strings, even if it's a Magus that was hired to represent them. And while they did have a chance at forming an alliance with the Einzbern Master, he wasn't sure how willing they'd be to having outside help. Especially since the time they hired Kiritsugu to represent them in the Fourth Holy Grail War, didn't work out very well for them.

"And what about the other potential Masters?" Mordred asked.

"The Matou Master would just be a puppet controlled by Zouken Matou; someone you really don't want to mess with, from what my parents told me about him. And while the Einzbern Master may be open to an alliance, the last time they got outside help, it ended up backfiring on them. Plus, there is another reason why the Einzbern Master would be such a wildcard." Said Naruto, while muttering the latter part to himself.

"What was that?" Mordred asked, not hearing that last part clearly.

"Nothing you need to worry about Saber-chan, just me thinking out loud." Replied Naruto as they continued making their way to Miyama Town, while Mordred's eye twitched at the nickname.

The two soon arriving at the condo and started getting settled in, before heading to the living room.

"Also, both of us will be enrolling in the High School Division of Homurahara Academy." Naruto revealed, causing Mordred to trip over herself before scowling at her Master.

"Hell no! I'm only here to fight and win the Grail, there was no part about me attending school!" Said Mordred, adamantly refusing to attend school.

"Well in this day and age, people in our age-ranger have to attend school. If we didn't, it'd only draw attention to ourselves." Naruto stated.

"I'm over hundreds of years old and have the knowledge of the entire world uploaded into my head!" Mordred argued.

"And yet you still look like a cute seventeen-year-old, Mordred-chan." Naruto replied while smiling teasingly, with Mordred holding her hands out, wanting nothing more than to wrap them around his neck.

"Besides, this'll give us a chance to get a good feel for the Tohsaka Master and see what she's like, along with the potential Matou Master as well, given that Zouken's grandchildren will also be attending the academy. Really, it's the best setting for us to gather information on any potential enemies." Naruto added, with the Knight's eye twitching rapidly as she tried coming with an argument to avoid having to attend school, but couldn't think of anything.

"F-fine! I'll…I'll attend the stupid school. No matter how humiliating such a thing would be." Muttered Mordred, knowing if her father, mother, or any of the other Knights of the Round Table found out about this, they'd never let her live it down.

Her! The feared and hated Knight of Treachery, being forced to attend school! It actually made the Saber-class Servant mentally pray that none of them were summoned, no matter how badly she'd like the chance to crush her father.

"Aaaah, don't be like I'm sure you'll look adorable in the uniforms they have there, Miso-neechan." Teased Naruto, as Mordred froze and slowly turned to look at him, with her eyes glowing red.

"What. Did. You. Just. Call. Me?" Mordred demanded in a disturbingly calm voice, while Naruto simply smiled at her.

"Miso-neechan, as that's what you are, at least on the papers we have to fill out to enroll in the academy. Since we can't exactly call you by your real name or have you called Saber, so instead you now get to be my new sister! Isn't that great?!" Naruto asked while smiling at his Servant, as the Knight slowly shook in rage while her face turned red in embarrassment.

"But don't worry, I'll still call you Mordred-chan when we're alone and Saber-chan around others, just so you never forget that I care." Added Naruto.

Mordred was now beginning rethink not killing her infuriating Master, or at least beating his stupid face in.

*Timeskip-One Week*

After getting themselves settled into their temporary home and becoming familiar with the neighborhood and Fuyuki, Naruto and Mordred were now attending their first day at Homurahara Academy, having already filled out all the necessary paperwork and forging Mordred's identity as Miso Uzumaki. Something that still embarrassed the blonde girl to no end, especially when it seemed like Naruto went out of his way to call her that, just to get a reaction.

With both of them wearing the Homurahara Uniform, which only served to further embarrass Mordred at having to wear a skirt, something she absolutely loathed. While Naruto created some synthetic skin using alchemy to cover up his Command Seals. They've also learned the name of the Tohsaka Heiress, Rin Tohsaka, and were attending the same class as her and having the same schedule.

With the help of some subtle hypnosis, to ensure this would happen, giving them plenty of time to meet Rin and get to know her.

"Class, I'd like you all to meet our new students, Naruto Uzumaki and his sister Miso Uzumaki. Please make them both feel welcomed here at Homurahara." Said the teacher, once Naruto and Mordred entered the class, bowing slightly to the other students before they went and took their seats.

With Naruto seeing that his seat just so happened to be right next to Rin herself, allowing him to get a good look at her.

Rin has aqua colored eyes, fair skin, and long wavy brown hair in a two-side-up hairstyle, which consists of part of her hair being made into twin tails tied with black ribbons, while the majority hangs loose. With the Tohsaka Heiress wearing the standard Homurahara Girls' Uniform.

'Wow.' Naruto thought upon seeing how beautiful Rin was, before he quickly smiled and held out his hand to her.

"Hello, it's nice to meet you. I'm Naruto Uzumaki." Naruto introduced, with Rin regarding him warily before putting on a polite smile.

"A pleasure to meet you Naruto, and welcome to Homurahara Academy. I'm Rin Tohsaka." Replied Rin, having no doubt he already knew her name, just like she knew his last name.

"Nice to meet you as well Rin." Said Naruto.

'I'm sure it is.' Rin thought while narrowing her eyes at him when he wasn't looking, before she glanced at "Miso", who looked like she wanted to be anywhere else but here.

She knew that "Miso" was really a Servant, and a powerful one from what Rin was sensing, making her mentally curse that a Saber has already been summoned by a potential enemy. Even more so by one that she had absolutely no information on either, with the Tohsaka Heiress knowing that she'll need to find out more about them.


Lunchtime soon rolled around, with Naruto and Mordred heading up to the rooftop, soon being joined by Rin as well, not surprising either of them since they knew she'd likely confront them.

"Nice to see you again Rin, did you want to join me and Miso-neechan for lunch?" Naruto asked while smiling at the brunette, making both girls narrow their eyes at him for different reasons.

"How about we save ourselves the trouble and not keep pretending. We both know that isn't your sister, she's your Servant, a Saber I'd wager from her power." Said Rin, not wanting to waste time, while regarding them warily.

"Guilty as charged, and yes, she's really a Saber. Isn't that right Saber-chan." Naruto said, making Mordred growl in annoyance, while Rin was momentarily surprised at the nickname before she shook it off.

"What are you doing in Fuyuki, much less at Homurahara Academy? The Holy Grail War isn't for several months. Unless you're planning to take out the competition before it begins." Said Rin, narrowing her eyes while some jewels appeared in her hand, just in case that was their intentions.

"Relax Rin-chan, we aren't here to hurt anyone, especially since you haven't summoned your own Servant yet." Naruto replied, making Rin blush in embarrassment at being called out like that on not having her own Servant yet, along with the suffix that he added to her name.

"Wh-what makes you think I don't have my own Servant yet, and who gave you permission to refer to me in such a familiar manner?! Besides, maybe they're just in their spirit form and you can't see them! And I could be covering up my Command Seals like you are!" Retorted Rin, smirking as she regained her cool.

"Don't worry, you'll get used to it. Especially since he'll make it a habit now, after seeing the reaction it got out of you." Mordred muttered in a dry tone, with Rin not being sure on how to feel about that.

"That's true, and I'm sure I'd believe that, if not for the fact that Saber-chan here hasn't already forced them to reveal themselves." Naruto stated, as Mordred nodded.

"Yeah, if you had a Servant, I'd be able to sense them, regardless of if they're in spirit form or not, and force them to come out. Unless you have Assassin, but that still wouldn't do you any good, since they're usually the weakest of the Servant-classes, outside of a few notable exceptions. But if you do have Assassin, then by all means call them out, since I could use a punching bag right now." Said Mordred while smirking wickedly, as she punched her fist into her hand, wanting to relieve some stress by ripping another Servant apart.

Their words causing Rin's embarrassment to comeback full force at her bluff being called.

"F-fine, I…I don't have my own Servant yet." Rin admitted while dropping her guard and all forms of resistance, knowing it'd be suicide if she instigated a confrontation between them, especially given the time of day and where they were, someone was bound to see them.

"See, there's no need for us to fight, in fact I'm hoping we can be friends, Rin-chan." Said Naruto as smiled at the girl, who continued regarding them warily.

"Are you really part of the Uzumaki Family? As while my family lost most of our contacts at the Clock Tower, I do know that Kushina Uzumaki is unable to have children. Nor have I heard anything about her and her husband adopting a child from a Magus Family, that had an extra heir." Rin stated, skeptical of Naruto's ties to the Uzumaki Family, only for her and Mordred to be surprised when Naruto's smile vanished and was replaced by an icy glare.

"That isn't really any of your business, now is it!" Naruto retorted coldly, catching both girls off guard at the tone in his voice, while Mordred was further intrigued at this information regarding her Master and his family.

'You keep getting more and more interesting Master.' Thought Mordred, desiring to solve the mystery that is her Master.

"S-sorry, I-" Said Rin, wanting to apologize, especially since she didn't want to antagonize Naruto and his Servant, while Naruto sighed and stopped her.

"No, no I'm sorry, you didn't know and it's understandable that you'd be skeptical. It's just a sore spot for me." Said Naruto.

"Anyway, I'll be honest, I wanted to propose an alliance between us. Given the nature of the Fifth Holy Grail War and not knowing just how many Masters and Servants there will be. I thought it'd be best, if we worked together to give ourselves a better chance at surviving and defeating the other competitors." Naruto said, cutting to the chase, while Rin frowned at the idea of forming an alliance with someone, she didn't know.

But she also couldn't deny that he was right, this Holy Grail War wasn't going to be like the others, so there's no telling how many Masters and Servants there'll be. So, it would be best to have an ally to watch her back, and something told Rin that Naruto wouldn't be the type to betray her. But given how her father made an alliance with Kirei in the Fourth Holy Grail War and yet still ended up dead, while her mother might as well be braindead, Rin was rather skeptical and hesitant at forming an alliance.

"If you don't want to form an alliance, then how about we at least agree that we don't fight each other until most of the other competitors are already taken care of." Added Naruto, figuring if they couldn't get an alliance, the least they could do is hold off on fighting each other.

This surprised Rin, but also made her frown, before eventually she nodded.

"Alright, we'll have an alliance. Meet me at the Tohsaka Residence after school, so I can summon my own Servant." Rin replied, knowing it'd be in her best interest to form an alliance with someone that she believed she could trust.

And while she initially was going to wait to summon her Servant until it was closer to the war, she figured it'd be better to summon them now. Especially with these current events, she might as well take advantage of the time they still have to form a proper strategy. Summoning her Servant now will certainly make that easier, since it will give them time to know how hers and Naruto's own Servants will work together.

"Great, glad that we'll be watching each other's backs Rin-chan." Said Naruto as he smiled at the brunette, while she nodded in response before looking at Mordred.

"So, what's your real name? Since we're going to be working together, we should know the strengths and weaknesses of each other's Servants." Said Rin, only for Mordred to smirk.

"Nice try, but you'll just have to wait and see what I'm capable of, when the fighting starts." Mordred replied, making the girl sigh but nodding, having at least had to try to get information.

"Okay, then come on Naruto, "Miso", I'll show you both around and introduce you to some of the other potential competitors that also go here." Said Rin before motioning them to follow her to show them around the academy.

As they explored the academy, Rin and Mordred couldn't help but be amused at Naruto, who was looking around at everything in amazement at everything they saw. The Tohsaka Heiress never thinking she'd see someone look so amazed at being in school.

"You seem rather amazed at the academy. Most other students are only excited when they finally get to leave at the end of the day." Rin stated while looking at Naruto with the corners of her mouth twitching up.

"I don't see why someone wouldn't be amazed at this place, it's so much bigger than I thought it would be." Replied Naruto, given how this is his first time at a school.

"If only all the students showed such enthusiasm." Someone said, getting the three's attention.

The voice belonging to a male, wearing a standard Homurahara Boys' Uniform and glasses over his eyes. While having grayish-black, almost blue, neatly combed hair.

"Issei Ryuudou, I am the Student Body President. You are the new students correct." Issei said, with Naruto and Mordred nodding in response.

"Yeah, I'm Naruto Uzumaki and this is my sister Miso. Rin was just showing us around." Replied Naruto, with the boy nodding while narrowing his eyes at Rin, who returned the look with a kind, sweet smile that Issei knew was fake.

"I see, well if either of you have any questions, then feel free to come and ask me. Enjoy the rest of your lunch." Issei said before taking his leave.

"That was Issei, like he said, he's the Student Body President. He and his family also live in Ryuudou Temple on the outskirts of Miyama." Said Rin, with the two nodding before they continued the tour, only for them to not get far when Rin suddenly growled in annoyance, confusing them before they saw the brunette glaring straight ahead.

Looking, they saw another girl approaching them, who was gladly returning Rin's glare. The girl had long golden blonde hair styled entirely in large coils, with blue ribbons in her hair, similar to Rin's own black ones, fair skin, and golden brown eyes, while wearing the Girls' Uniform as well.

What surprised Naruto and Mordred was the strong resemblance the girl had with Rin as well.

"What's this, Rin Tohsaka actually being accompanied by a boy? Oh wait, it's the new guy. I guess you finally realized that no guy here would want to hangout with a stuck-up, arrogant, prideful little girl like you." The girl taunted, making Rin's glare darken before she smiled mockingly.

"Oh Luvia, I'm so proud of you, you're finally being honest about what kind of person you are. But you also forgot that you're also a bumbling, childish, whining, prissy airhead!" Retorted Rin, surprising Naruto and Mordred at the bite in her voice.

"Wow, I actually almost felt that Rin, been practicing in the mirror? You know what you'll feel, my Servant crushing yours when the war starts!" Luvia growled before she looked at Naruto and Mordred with a smile on her face.

"A pleasure to meet a fellow upcoming Master, I am Luviagelita Edelfelt, Heiress of the Edelfelt Family, but please call me Luvia. I look forward to competing against you both in the war. And perhaps, once you get tired of the child, we can see about making an actual alliance with each other, I'm sure we'll get along famously." Luvia said while winking at Naruto.

"Uh…nice to meet you Luvia, I'm Naruto Uzumaki and this is my sister Miso." Replied Naruto.

"You both as well, I hope to see both again soon Naruto. And be careful around this one, she might not be the safest company to have." Said Luvia as she and Rin glared at each other.

"Enjoy being a Master while you can, because I'll make sure you won't last a single night!" Rin growled.

"Oh please, I won't even need to try against you and whatever sorry excuse for a Servant you summon. If you even can summon that is!" Said a smirking Luvia before taking her leave, leaving a fuming Rin while Naruto and Mordred just looked baffled at the confrontation.

"Uh, mind sharing who that was and what just happened?" Mordred asked completely confused.

"Luviagelita Edelfelt, Heiress of the Edelfelt Family, along with being a spoiled, stuck-up, arrogant, rich brat who we are going to destroy!" Said Rin while chuckling wickedly as she imagined crushing Luvia and whatever Servant she summons.

"R-right. Um, I did notice that you both kind of looked similar to each other. Are you…related by any chance?" Naruto asked warily, with the brunette growling at him for saying such a thing.

"There are speculations that the younger Edelfelt sister from the Third Holy Grail War may have married into the Tohsaka family. It better not be true though, as I'd never willingly be related to that brat!" Rin said, hating the idea of her and Luvia being related.

"…Are you sure you aren't both Tsundere's for each other?" Naruto asked while tilting his head, as Rin froze in horror and looked at him with wide eyes.

"Wh-what?!" Shouted Rin mortified that he'd even ask that.

"Well it seems obvious, since despite you both looking like you hate each other, Luvia went out of her way to speak with you, and rather than walk away, you kept speaking with her. And it'd make sense, since Luvia's really pretty and your really beautiful, so it'd make sense if you liked each other." Naruto said, only to yelp when Rin started smacking him repeatedly, while blushing in embarrassment, both at him insinuating she liked anything about Luvia and being called beautiful.

"Idiot, idiot, idiot, idiot!" Rin yelled as she hit Naruto repeatedly.

'Yes, yes! Suffer for your crimes!' Mordred thought, enjoying the sight of her Master being attacked, feeling that it was retribution for him calling her those damn nicknames.


After Rin stopped her assault on Naruto, the trio continued exploring the academy, soon heading outside where Rin showed them the Archery Dojo. Finding four other girls there already, three students and a teacher.

The teacher was a woman with short light brown hair and eyes. She wears a green dress with a yellow and black stripe shirt and white shoes.

The first girl had shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, fair skin, and matching eyes.

The second girl had violet hair, which she styles with a red-pink ribbon on the left side, and violet eyes.

And the third girl had long, messy auburn hair kept in a ponytail, and golden-brown eyes.

With the three girls currently practicing their archery, while the teacher stood off to the side and observed them, before she took notice of the three entering and smiled at them.

"Rin! What're you doing here, finally deciding to join the Archery Club?" The woman asked, with Rin smiling politely and shaking her head.

"No, I'm just showing Naruto and "Miso" here around. This is Taiga Fujimura, the English Teacher here at Homurahara." Rin introduced, as Taiga smiled at the two and shook their hands.

"Nice to meet you both. I haven't seen you in my class yet, but I'm looking forward to having you there." Said Taiga.

"Thank you and it's nice to meet you as well. Also Taiga's an interesting name, is it supposed to be for tiger?" Naruto asked, only for Taiga to immediately scowl.

"No, it's not for tiger, my name is not Tiger, it's Taiga! Why does everyone keep calling me Tiger?!" Said Taiga as she started crying partway through her shouting, startling Naruto and Mordred while Rin sighed, while the crying got the attention of the three girls.

"Rin! Did you call her Tiger?!" The first girl asked while walking over.

"No, he did, this is Ayako Mitsuzuri, Captain of the Archery Team. Ayako, these are Naruto and Miso Uzumaki." Rin introduced, as Ayako looked them up and down, before leaning in close to Naruto making him slightly uncomfortable, before grinning brightly.

"You've certainly gotten yourself a keeper Rin! Just look at those adorable whisker marks!" Ayako said, much to Rin's embarrassment and Naruto's confusion.

"H-he's n-not my b-boyfriend!" Stuttered Rin.

"I'm not?" Naruto asked, confused at hearing this.

"O-of course not!" Rin said.

"But…we're friends, aren't we?" Said Naruto.

"Y-yes, I suppose." Replied Rin while nodding slowly, guessing they were friends.

"So, doesn't that make me your boyfriend? Since I'm your friend and a boy?" Naruto asked, much to the disbelief of the girls that he actually asked that, before Ayako grinned mischievously.

"Yes! Yes that does make you Rin's boyfriend!" Said Ayako while smirking at her friend, who glared daggers at her.

"N-no it doesn't! D-don't listen to her!" Rin said quickly, while silently wondering just how sheltered Naruto's upbringing could have been with him being amazed at everything and some of the remarks and questions, he's asked.

"A-anyway, these are Shirouko Emiya and…and Sakura Matou." Introduced Rin while motioning to the other two girls.

"Hi, it's nice to meet you both, I'm Naruto Uzumaki and this is my sister Miso." Naruto said as he smiled at them, while mentally wondering how this place could have so many beautiful girls attending, only for Shirouko and Sakura to simply nod, with Sakura looking at Rin with an almost dead expression.

"Hello." Greeted Shirouko shortly and neutrally, before taking notice of Naruto staring at her.

"Is something wrong?" Shirouko asked.

"Nothing's wrong, I just noticed your beautiful hair is, right away." Naruto said while scratching the back of his head sheepishly.

"Oh, th-thanks." Shirouko muttered with a light blush on her face, having been caught off by the sudden compliment.

"Man Rin, it seems like we have a real lady-killer here." Ayako said with a smirk, while Rin couldn't help but facepalm at how forward Naruto had unknowingly acted.

"Why would I want to kill ladies?" Naruto asked, causing everyone to look at him like he grew a second head.

"What?" Naruto said, not understanding why everyone was looking at him like that.

"Y-you were given the talk, right bro?" Mordred asked, while playing the role of "Miso Uzumaki", as she and Rin refused to believe that he was that sheltered.

"Yeah, what does that have to do with this?" Naruto replied, still not getting what the point of this was.

"I hope that you plan to teach him about slang and street-smarts as well." Ayako said, as the Tohsaka Heiress and Mordred couldn't help, but facepalm as they cried waterfall tears.

'Why me?' Both Rin and Mordred thought, despite taking solace in that they didn't have to have a very awkward conversation with Naruto.

Thankfully, the awkward atmosphere was soon lifted, when Sakura reminded everyone of her presence.

"Rin." Sakura stated, getting the others' attention, with Naruto and Mordred seeing the way Sakura looked at Rin, while the brunette fidgeted nervously.

"H-hello Sakura, you…you look good and…your archery seems to be improving." Said Rin.

"Yes, Shirou-senpai has been helping me. It's nice to have her by my side." Replied Sakura, with the Tohsaka Heiress giving a slight flinch.

"W-well, we should get going, since I still have to show them the rest of the academy, bye!" Rin said quickly, before practically dragging Naruto and Mordred out of the Archery Dojo and back to the academy.

Unfortunately, they just barely avoid running into another student.

The student being a boy with curly blue hair and gray blue eyes and wearing the standard Homurahara Uniform.

"My dear Rin, have you finally come to your senses and are now running into my arms." Said the boy while smirking arrogantly, making Rin scowl while Naruto and Mordred both frowning, already not liking this guy.

"The only reason girls would be running towards you Shinji, is so they could run right past and away from you." Rin retorted, making the now named Shinji glare at her, before sneering at Naruto and Mordred.

"Hmph, well at least I know how to keep better company than trash like these two. Honestly, here I thought you had some pride in yourself, but I guess you lost that like everything else." Taunted Shinji, making the girl glare murderously at him, but refrained from attacking.

"At least I'll have something you never will, power. What exactly do you have besides your massive ego and inferiority complex?" Rin demanded, making Shinji falter before scowling and pushing past the trio.

"Who was that asshole?" Mordred asked, wanting nothing more than to summon Clarent and decapitate the bastard.

"Shinji Matou, Sakura's brother and the former Heir of the Matou Family." Answered Rin, making Naruto frown.

"If he ends up as the Matou Master, I won't be surprised if he's the first causality." Naruto muttered, getting the feeling that Shinji is the type of person who's better at making enemies than allies, nor would he be a competent Master.

"Oh trust me Master, if he's chosen, I'm gonna kill him the first chance I get." Stated Mordred, refusing to deal with someone like that during the Grail War, or risk the off chance of him actually winning.

"I wouldn't worry too much about Shinji being a Master, it was a miracle the Matou Family was able to get a Master for the last Grail War. And like I said, he doesn't even have any Magical Circuits, so it's unlikely he'll be participating." Rin said, skeptical of the Matou participating.

"And what about your sister?" Mordred questioned, making Rin tense and look at her with wide eyes.

"How did you know that?!" Demanded Rin, wanting to know how they knew Sakura was her sister, former sister she told herself.

"Well, you two look very similar, even more similar than you and Luvia do. While Sakura and Shinji look nothing alike, plus with the way you both talked to each other, you both seem to have a deeper relationship than just being friends. Plus the Matou Family's Magical Energy has become basically non-existent, yet Sakura seemed to be overflowing with it. So, it wasn't that hard to figure out. And with you being the Tohsaka Heiress, I'm guessing Sakura was sent away to prevent any potential conflict, and it'd be obvious the Matou Family would want a child from such a magically powerful family. Though I have to question what Tokiomi had to be thinking, giving his own daughter to a shady family like the Matou, especially someone like Zouken-" Said Naruto, only to be cutoff when Rin finally snapped.

"Shut up! You don't know anything about my family or my father! He loved me and Sakura, and she's better off as a Matou than she ever was as a Tohsaka!" Rin screamed while glaring at him, with her once again telling herself that Sakura was better off where she was, something she's long since convinced herself was true.

"S-sorry if I overstepped." Naruto apologized, with Rin taking a moment to calm down.

"It's…it's fine, you weren't aware of how sensitive the subject was. And I already gathered that you are rather socially awkward." Said Rin, along figuring she kind of had it coming by touching such a topic with him.

"Still I'm sorry. But have you at least tried staying in touch with Sakura?" Naruto asked, only for Rin to shake her head.

"No, I can't have any contact with Sakura or act like we're sisters, since we're not anymore. I was told it was better to just pretend I never had a sister at all." Replied Rin as she looked away with a saddened expression.

"Well you should at least try to talk to her." Stated Naruto, making the brunette look at him in surprise.

"I can't-" Rin argued, only for Mordred to cut her off.

"That's bullshit and you know it. She's your sister, your little sister, and you just treat her like a complete stranger. And what about how she feels, knowing that you never even tried to make an attempt to contact her?" Said Mordred, not liking that Rin seemingly just cut Sakura out of her life, remembering when she first learned who her father was and revealed herself to her, and how she just cut her out.

"Rin, even if it's frowned upon, you still could have been there for Sakura as a friend and colleague, if not as a sister, you both deserved that much at least. And can you really handle just cutting your sister out of your life, when she's in such close reach?" Naruto asked, making Rin look away with a conflicted expression.

As they unknowingly struck the conflict Rin has had going on inside her for years. The self-imposed burden of being a Magus, as well as living up to the legacy of her father and restoring her family's honor. Conflicting against her desire to still be there for Sakura, but believing she's already failed her sister and doesn't deserve to be in her life anymore.

"Let's…let's just get to class." Rin muttered, not wanting to talk about this anymore.

*Later-Tohsaka Residence*

After school got out, Naruto, Mordred, and Rin had headed to the Tohsaka Residence, with Rin prepping her father's old study for the Summoning Ritual.

"Do you have a catalyst?" Mordred asked, now back in her armor, with her helmet on, not wanting the Servant that's summoned to see who she is.

"No, my father left me one, but it was shattered when I found it, and is no longer usable." Answered Rin, while being mentally thankful of Naruto pointing out the hour difference on her clocks, with his cellphone.

'Seriously, what kind of Magus uses a cellphone?!' Rin couldn't help but think in annoyance at having been corrected by technology.

Not only due to her Magus upbringing, but also because of how terrible she is with technology, overall.

"Well, that can be a good thing and probably for the best. As it'll give you a better chance to summon a Servant that's compatible with you." Naruto stated, given how he used a generic catalyst to summon Mordred, meaning that out of all the Knights of the Round Table, she was the most compatible Servant for him.

Once everything was ready, Rin took a breath as she held up her right hand as her own Command Seals began appearing.

"Heed my words, my will creates your body,

And your sword creates my destiny. If you heed the Grail's call,

And obey my will and reason, then answer my summoning!"

The Summoning Circle lit up with a bright light, as Rin continued chanting while Naruto and Mordred watched on.

"I hereby swear, That I shall be all the good in the world,

That I shall defeat…all evil in the world!"

The circle grew brighter and began emitting blue electricity, actually forcing Naruto and Mordred to cover their eyes, while Rin's eyes narrowed to shield them from the light.

"Seventh heaven clad, And the great words of power,

Come forth from the circle of bindings, Guardian of Scales!"

With a final flash of light, a cloud of smoke emerged from the circle, as the three looked through the smoke to see what Servant Rin had summoned. Only for them to be shocked at what they saw.

So, what did you think, good. Yep we see Naruto and Mordred getting to know each other better, along with coming up with strategies in the Grail War, with Naruto also revealing his plan to make an alliance with Rin and that they'll be attending Homurahara Academy, much to Mordred's dismay. With them then being shown attending their first day, where they meet Rin and after a confrontation between the two, Rin agrees to an alliance before showing them around the academy and meeting several other students, including Luvia and Fem!Shirou, and to their displeasure Shinji. We also see Rin getting angry when they bring up her sister and her father's decision to give her to the Matou's, before they also get her thinking on if she really wants to cut Sakura out of her life like that. Finally we see them then at the Tohsaka Residence, with Naruto reminding Rin of her clocks being an hour early with his cellphone, much to her annoyance at the correction, before proceeding to summon her own Servant who is none other than…a secret! So, review if you liked go away if you didn't.

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