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After getting his own bow and arrow, Sakura and Shirouko had begun instructing Naruto on what to do, finding that he already had a decent grasp on it. Given his previous training in using firearms, Naruto found it easy to pick up using a bow.

"You're doing pretty good for your first time, Naruto. Are you sure you've never used a bow before?" Sakura asked, doubting he could be this good without any prior practice.

"Yeah, I've just seen a lot of archery in games and shows; so I guess that helps me learn it." Replied Naruto, not wanting to reveal he's been trained to use firearms, at least not until they become actual friends and allies, or at the very least trust each other more.

"Well either way, you're doing pretty good so far." Stated Shirouko, with Naruto smiling at them in thanks.

"Thanks, I just have some good teachers helping me. Though where's Ayako? I would have thought she'd be here practicing with you both, but I haven't seen her." Naruto said, not seeing the brunette at all, having assumed Sakura and Shirouko just showed up early and she'd come around eventually.

"Ayako didn't show up, so It's just us today." Shirouko replied, with Sakura nodding in agreement.

"She was feeling under the weather, leaving me and Shirouko to practice by ourselves, until you came along." Said Sakura, with Naruto nodding in understanding at this before they continued practicing.

Only for Naruto to look at Sakura when he saw her start shaking, along with feeling her Magic Circuits start acting up.

"Are you alright Sakura?" Naruto asked while looking at the purplette, wondering if she's alright, as Sakura nodded shakily.

"I-I'm f-fi-fine, ju-" Said Sakura, only to drop her bow as her face flushed, with the girl gasping as she gripped her chest and crotch through her archery uniform, much to Naruto's concern while Shirouko paled slightly at the sight.

"Is something wrong? Do you need help?" Said Naruto, going over to Sakura to check on her, only for Shirouko to stop him and get in front of the Uzumaki.

"It's nothing, really! Sakura can just get really exhausted a lot if she's not careful. Just head back to class, and I'll make sure she's alright. Besides, the break is almost, so you should get going." Shirouko said quickly, with Naruto still looking at Sakura in concern.

"Okay, but do you want me to bring her some water or something?" Questioned Naruto, only for the redhead to shake her head.

"No, no, that's fine, really. Just go on ahead, we need to go to the changing room anyway to get changed out of our club uniforms. Trust me, it's nothing to worry about." Said Shirouko before going over to Sakura and quickly guiding her to the changing room, with Naruto looking after them as they left.

The whiskered teen being skeptical, knowing that whatever happened was nothing like Shirouko said it was; especially when he sensed Sakura's Magic Circuits. Having been unable to sense it when they first met, due to how brief it was. But now he could see that something was up with them. He just couldn't tell what it was, only that they seemed…off.

Though while he wanted to check on Sakura and make sure she was fine, he complied to their request and exited the dojo. Given he's just started getting to know the girl and doesn't want to intrude on any personal matters, which would only push them away.

'I just hope it really is nothing to worry about. But I doubt that's the case.' Thought Naruto as headed back to the school building, but not before giving one last glance at the Archery Dojo.

*With Shirouko and Sakura*


Meanwhile, within the changing room, Shirouko and Sakura had stripped out of their clothes before they began making out with each other. With Sakura being pressed against the lockers by Shirouko, moaning into the redheads mouth as their breasts and crotches rubbed against each other. Before the two soon pulled apart panting, with Sakura looking at Shirouko with sadness and desire.

"I'm sorry Shirouko, I'm really sorry for having you do this for me." Sakura said, hating that she's placing this burden on her friend, before moaning when Shirouko hugged her tightly.

"I don't mind Sakura, really. It's better that I help you with your condition, rather than if someone like Shinji took advantage of you. If doing this helps you, then I don't care whenever you need my help." Replied Shirouko, not minding if Sakura came to her for help.

Before the redheaded then dropped her to knees and began eating out Sakura's pussy, making the purplette arch her back moaning and screaming in ecstasy. Placing her foot on the bench to give her friend better access to her pussy, Sakura moaned as she felt Shirouko's tongue move even deeper inside of her. While gripping Shirouko's head and thrusting her pussy into her mouth.

"Yes, yes, yes! Shirouko, oh god, your tongue is amazing in my pussy! Oh fuck!" Sakura moaned before screaming in pleasure as she came into her friends mouth, with Shirouko lapping her juices as she did so.

Only to soon find herself pulled up as Sakura slammed her lips against hers, with the girls moaning into each other's mouths before they fell backwards onto the ground. Where they soon separated again as Sakura got up before sitting on Shirouko's face, shoving her pussy into her mouth, moaning as she began licking her again.

"Shirouko, I'm sorry you have to do this, but at least I can make you feel good too." Said Sakura before leaning down as she began devouring Shirouko's cunt as well, with the redhead moaning into her friends own pussy at.

The two soon rolling onto their sides while holding each other close, wrapping their arms around the other while playing with each other's asses as well.

'You don't have to apologize, Sakura. We're friends and better it's that you use me to help you, rather than you being used by someone else.' Thought Shirouko, not caring if Sakura uses her to help her condition, only caring that she's helping her friend and keeping her safe from anyone that'd take advantage of her

Plus, the redhead couldn't deny that she did enjoy it when Sakura needed to use her, moaning into her friends pussy when she squeezed her ass.

It wasn't long before they both orgasmed, licking up their juices as they did so, with Shirouko moaning loudly at feeling how eager Sakura was being.

"Aaaaah! Oh Kami…you're…damn…r-really e-eager…Sakura…ooooh!" Shirouko moaned, wondering if Sakura's been holding herself back from coming to her for help.

"I-I'm s-s-sorry! I just…just really needed it!" Said Sakura, getting up and pulling Shirouko into another makeout session, while also moving their legs so their pussies were now grinding against each other.

"If you've been holding back, then don't! I already said I don't mind helping, whenever you need it!" Said Shirouko before letting out a moan as their pussies rubbed together, with Sakura falling back and panting.

"I-I kn-know, I j-just d-don't want y-you to think I only ne-need you t-to he-oooooooohhhhh!" Screamed Sakura when Shirouko grabbed her legs and pulled her close, pushing their snatches even closer together before she placed one of her hands between them and began fingering herself and the purplette.

"We were friends long before we started this Sakura. It doesn't change anything, except that we're closer than we were before. Now please, stop apologizing and let me help." Shirouko said thrusting her fingers into hers and Sakura's pussies, making the girl moan loudly and grind herself against the redheads and pussy and fingers.

'I know Shirouko! But I hate lying to you! And I hate that decrepit old bastard! I hate him and hate those abominations, he put into me!' Thought Sakura, cursing her adoptive grandfather and what his Crest Worms had done to her body.

Shirouko only believed that she had a condition that made her uncontrollably aroused, though the truth was that the Crest Worms Zouken put inside of her had amplified her arousal. And Sakura hated lying to Shirouko, on top of needing her help with this.

The purplette only being able to take solace in that Shirouko was able to deter Shinji from taking advantage of her condition, when Byakuya died. With them having become friends-with-benefits after she told the redhead about her "condition", with Shirouko having offered to help her. Something Sakura reluctantly agreed to, only doing so at Shirouko's insistence on not wanting her to be taken advantage of.

Though Sakura was pulled from her thoughts, gasping, and moaning when Shirouko sat up and lifted her leg up over her shoulder, thrusting her pussy harder against the purplette's.

"From now on, even if you feel slightly uncomfortable, you'll come to me; no matter what. I don't care if you think you're using me, Sakura. if it means helping and keeping you safe, then use me however you want." Shirouko said before moaning, while Sakura looked at her with a flushed expression.

"O-okay, i-if you in-insist!" Screamed Sakura as she felt herself climax again, with Shirouko following soon after, their juices squirting out onto their crotches and snatches.

Pulling away from the redhead, Sakura got on all fours, moaning when Shirouko once against pressed her pussy against her own. Before Shirouko laid across her back, rubbing her CC-cup breasts against her back, while reaching around and began groping Sakura's large E-cup breasts.

"Good. Now like I said, just relax and let me help." Said Shirouko kissing and sucking Sakura's neck and shoulder, while rubbing her breasts across her back and grinding their cunts together.

*End Lemon*

*With Naruto*

After returning to the school building, it wasn't long before Naruto met up with Rin, Artoria, and an unamused looking Mordred, the latter making Naruto wince at the look she gave him.

"I promise that I'll make things up to you, Mordred-chan." Naruto swore, knowing he'll owe her for leaving her with Caren and Jack.

"Yeah, you will make it up to me! I'll see to that, myself!" Retorted Mordred, still annoyed that he ditched her, before they headed to their next class.

Once there, Rin set up a link with Naruto, Artoria, and Mordred to communicate telepathically. The three perking up at feeling the sudden intrusion to their minds, but didn't show any further reaction.

"Earlier I sensed something, someone possessing a large amount of Magical Energy. I saw that it was coming from a woman, who was meeting with Souichirou-sensei. I couldn't be sure, but I think the woman may be a Servant." Rin said, surprising and intriguing the trio at hearing this.

"Souichirou-sensei is a Master? But how, I've never sensed any Magical Energy coming from him and he's never once reacted to any of us or our Servants. How could he have summoned a Servant?" Questioned Naruto, finding it strange that their teacher could have summoned a Servant.

"It's possible he could be descended from a family of Magi, that had forgotten or lost their ability to perform Magecraft. Leaving him with the potential to summon a Servant, due to still having Magic Circuits that simply aren't active. And given this woman possesses a large amount of Magical Energy, then she's likely of the Caster Class." Artoria said, not liking the idea of this teacher having accidently summoned a Caster-class Servant, being reminded far too much of the Fourth Holy Grail War and the last Master of Caster.

"That is if she's even a Servant. This guy could just be aware of Magi and the Holy Grail War, while choosing to ally himself with a powerful Magi." Said Mordred since they couldn't just assume the woman was a Servant, when she could just be a powerful Magi.

"Both of those are strong possibilities, but whether she's Caster or a powerful Magi, we'll need to be careful. There's no telling what she's capable of, along with Souichirou-sensei as well, if he's allied with her." Said Rin, knowing they'll have to be careful if this woman and Souichirou proved to be enemies.

"Yeah, the best we can do is wait and learn more about this, to see what this woman can do. We should tell Caren and Luvia as well, so they can be on the lookout, and potentially see if Caren can get Jack to find this woman or follow her if she shows up again." Naruto said, wanting to make sure they were ready if this woman and Souichirou were aware of them, and were planning something.

With the girls nodding in agreement, knowing they needed to be ready as it seems more Masters and Servants were appearing every day.

"Also, I hung out with Sakura and Shirouko earlier." Added Naruto, wanting to tell them about what happened with Sakura and see if they should do something to help her, with Rin and Mordred feeling slightly jealous at hearing this.

"And just what were you doing with Shirouko and Sakura?" Rin demanded, feeling annoyed at Naruto spending time with her sister and her friend.

"Just getting to know them more, since they may be our allies eventually. I also asked them if they could teach me archery, since they're both really great at it." Naruto replied, not sensing the jealousy coming from Rin and his Servant/friend.

"Oh, well I'm so happy you spent your time with two girls! While I was left to deal with a shameless nun and an equally shameless, loli serial killer! But by all means, tell us about your time with them!" Shouted Mordred, making Naruto wince, while Artoria looked at her with a raised brow.

"You sound almost jealous, Mordred." Stated Artoria, making the Knight glare at her father.

"I'm not jealous! I'm just angry, he left me to deal with the shameless nun and her equally shameless Servant, just to go hang out with two girls! Who wouldn't be pissed off at that?!" Mordred retorted, while internally coming up with an explanation for why she's feeling jealous.

'It's just because he left me behind, that's all! I'm annoyed he left me to deal with those two, while he went to hang out with two girls! It's nothing to be jealous about, I'm just annoyed, that's all!' Thought Mordred, refusing to believe she actually likes Naruto, knowing that's impossible and would never happen.

The Knight refusing to be like that woman and just toy with her Master/friend like that, knowing he'd only be hurt in the end, and she refused to be the cause of it.

While Rin was wondering why she was feeling jealous, not realizing just how close she was getting to Naruto with how he treats her. Having started liking how Naruto treated her like the real Rin Tohsaka, not as the Tohsaka Heiress or the mask she uses around her peers. Instead, he treats her like anyone else and isn't afraid to tell her anything, even if she didn't like it.

'I can't be jealous that Shirouko and Sakura got to spend time with Naruto, we've only known each other a few weeks. It has to be because he's able to hang out with Sakura so easily while I can't, that's it! There's no way I could like someone as annoying, as he can be!' Thought Rin, nodding to herself at her reasoning.

"There was something else, though. Sakura just suddenly dropped her bow and her face turned red, she looked like she was in pain or uncomfortable, while her Magic Circuits seemed to be acting strange. I wasn't sure what happened, but when I tried helping her, Shirouko stop me and seemed to know what was wrong, but wouldn't tell me." Naruto said, pulling the girls from their thoughts, with girls becoming concerned at hearing this, especially Rin at hearing something could be wrong with her sister.

"What could be wrong with her?! Could Sakura be in danger if this has happened before?!" Rin asked, worried about Sakura if something was wrong with her.

"I don't know, like I said her Magic Circuits seemed kind of off and strange when it happened. I wanted to try and help, or at least know what was happening, but I also didn't want to push the issue since it seemed private. And I didn't want to push Sakura and Shirouko away by pushing for answers, they didn't want to tell us." Replied Naruto, not liking that he couldn't help Sakura with her problem, but also didn't want to make either girl uncomfortable.

With Rin sighing in frustration at hearing this, but knew Naruto was right in not trying to get answers, as even she couldn't go to Sakura to ask her about it. Given she's only just started reconnecting with her sister, while Naruto is just starting to get to know her and Shirouko.

"No, no, you did the right thing. If we tried pushing the issue, especially if it's a personal topic, then we'd only end up pushing Sakura and Shirouko away." Rin said, knowing they had to wait until Sakura and Shirouko trusted them more.

"Fine, I don't like it, but I don't want to end up pushing them away either." Naruto said reluctantly since he still wanted to try and help them if he could.

"Fine, we won't do anything." Mordred said, as while she was annoyed at Sakura and Shirouko spending time with Naruto, she didn't like the idea of something being wrong with the former, especially if it was serious.

"I must protest this decision Master, as if it's something important. Then it would be better to try and help your sister with it now than wait, in case it becomes worse. But very well, we won't do anything." Stated Artoria, not liking the idea of doing nothing if someone needed help, even if they're potential enemies in the Holy Grail War, especially since her slowly returning humanity didn't like the idea of doing nothing.

"I don't like it, either! Sakura's my sister and I want to help her, after not doing anything for over ten years! But it's the best course of action we can take, right now!" Rin exclaimed as she really wanted to reconnect with Sakura and help her, but she had to regain her trust first before she could do anything, no matter how much she didn't like it.

"Don't worry Rin, we'll be able to help Sakura eventually, we just need to wait until she's more comfortable around us and trusts us. Meaning it may be best if we also keep it a secret, as I doubt she'd want others to know about whatever's wrong with her. Though we should still tell Luvia and Caren about Souichirou-sensei and the woman he's with." Said Naruto, assuring Rin they'll help Sakura when they're able to, with the girls nodding in agreement at telling Caren and Luvia about the woman with Souichirou.


Eventually, the day came to an end, with Naruto going to check on Sakura and Shirouko, finding the girls just leaving the Archery Dojo.

"Hey! Are you two alright?" Naruto asked once he got a closer look at them, surprised to see they looked rather tired, yet also having a strange glow about them.

"Wh-what? O-oh, Naruto, yeah we're fine, nothing to worry about, like I said!" Shirouko replied hastily, with Sakura nodding quickly.

"Mm-hm! Nothing to worry about, and sorry about earlier. I just don't do too well with the heat, it makes me really exhausted, even while inside. I just needed a cold shower, but I guess I ended up falling asleep while Shirouko stayed with me." Said Sakura just as quickly, given they ended up spending the entire day having sex in the changing room, much to her embarrassment.

With Naruto not looking convinced, knowing they were hiding something, but decided not to push the issue.

"Alright, I'm just glad you're fine now, I just wanted to check on you both to make sure you were fine. So, see you both tomorrow; hopefully at the dojo again for more lessons." Said Naruto while waving to the girls, which they returned.

"Thank you Naruto, and yeah, see you tomorrow. And hopefully with longer lessons too." Shirouko replied, the purplette nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, I should be fine tomorrow, so no worries about cutting our lessons short." Sakura added, with the Uzumaki nodding in response before they went their separate ways.

Heading for the exit, Naruto met back up with Mordred, only to see Rin and Artoria weren't around.

"Where are Rin and Artoria?" Naruto asked, wondering if they were still inside.

"They went on ahead, they also told me they may be skipping class tomorrow, given how they still don't have the best relationship as Master and Servant. Something that Rin wants to fix." Mordred replied with a shrug, something that Naruto can understand given they would sometimes clash against each other, along with remembering how Artoria acted when he went to check on her before.

With how she commented it should be her Master that should check on her, not him; yet also seeming to not be surprised that Rin didn't check on her either. As if already expecting her to not care about her, only seeing her as a Servant to be used to win the Grail War.

"Do you think it's possible Artoria was summoned in a Holy Grail War before? And that she had an abusive Master?" Naruto asked, thinking Artoria could have been summoned in a previous War, which would explain how she acted sometimes.

While Servants usually didn't remember past Holy Grail Wars, they've been summoned in. There had been some exceptions, with Naruto guessing that Artoria was one of those rare cases.

"Then they better hope they're already dead!" Snapped Mordred, angered at the idea of her father having been summoned by an abusive Master before, only to stop in surprise at her reaction, wondering why such a though got that kind of reaction from her.

Mordred was willing to admit, that she retained begrudging respect for her father, despite her hatred for her. But she didn't think it would warrant such a reaction from her.

'Why am I so angry at the idea of that?' Thought Mordred, recalling her interaction with Artoria earlier today, and how they actually got along for once.

The Knight unaware her interaction with her father, and learning she might have had an abusive Master, caused her true feelings to come out momentarily.

Thankfully, Mordred didn't have to think further on this when they were approached by Caren and Jack; who was now out of her Spirit Form.

"Hello Naruto-kun, Mordred-chan. Jack-chan and I were hoping to walk home with you both." Caren said, making Mordred scowl while Naruto looked at them warily.

"Th-that shouldn't be a problem, Caren. But…could you both please not try anything?" Naruto asked, not wanting them to try anything again, especially now that they're outside.

"Yeah, the last thing we need is a scantily-clad loli grinding against Naruto in public." Added Mordred, knowing the kind of reactions that would get.

"Don't worry Naruto-kun, we won't try anything. Besides, such actions should only be performed while we're alone." Said Caren, with Jack nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, mommy said we can only help daddy, when we're alone." Jack added, making Naruto sweatdrop while Mordred growled.

"I…guess that's the best we'll get." Naruto stated, before spotting Luvia and Miyu approaching them.

"If you're returning home, then would we be able to join you?" Luvia asked with a somewhat eager smile, with Naruto nodding, much to Mordred's annoyance before they started walking.

"Not that we couldn't go ourselves, but Nee-chan thinks you're good company. Flaky and his Servant are at least…decent. You two are just annoying." Added Miyu while looking at Caren and Jack.

"Well you are certainly rude. Are you sure she isn't Rin's sister, Luvia? They both seem to enjoy rejecting their friends." Caren stated, making Luvia sigh.

"Don't worry, Miyu's a really nice girl, just give it time." Replied Luvia, knowing Miyu was only just starting to come around to Naruto and Mordred, though Caren and Jack were a different story.

"As long as she stays away from daddy." Jack said, looking at Miyu with narrowed eyes, which she returned blankly.

"I'm sure you like being with your "daddy", pervert." Miyu said, making Jack start reaching for her knives.

"Anyway, Rin told us that Souichirou-sensei could potentially be a Master or has allied himself with a powerful Magi." Said Naruto, not wanting a fight to break out between them, with Luvia, Miyu, Caren, and Jack looking at him.

"Souichirou-sensei? He's not a Magi though, there's no way he could summon a Servant." Luvia said, doubting their teacher could be a secret Magi.

"That's what we thought. Rin said a woman showed up and met with him, apparently one with a lot of Magical Energy, making it so she's either a Caster-class Servant or a powerful Magi. Either way, we need to be careful." Said Mordred, with the others nodding in agreement.

"You forgot the other idea, which isn't surprising since you don't seem to really think things through." Miyu stated, making Mordred growl and look at her with narrowed eyes.

"I believe what my Master's sister means, is that if this woman is a Servant and yet Souichirou isn't a Magi. Then it's likely she's formed a contract with him to keep herself anchored here." Said Karna in his Spirit Form, surprising Naruto and Mordred at this.

"If that's true, then what could have happened to her former Master?" Naruto said, knowing they had to be dead for the woman to need to form a new contract.

"Either they were killed by an enemy Master who was hoping to gain control of another Servant, or at least take out some of the competition early. Or she killed them herself, for any number of reasons. No matter what, it seems like she's the real threat while Souichirou-sensei merely got pulled into the Grail War." Said Luvia, the others nodding in agreement, knowing that they now had another possible answer, but still no evidence.

So, they'd stick with their original plan to simply wait and see.

*With Shirouko and Sakura*

Meanwhile, Shirouko was walking Sakura home, wanting to make sure her condition didn't suddenly act up again. Thankfully, it didn't, with them reaching the Matou Residence, where they saw Sakura's grandfather, Zouken Matou, outside to greet them.

Zouken was an old man with a rather frail appearance, being completely bald and hunched over, making him even shorter than Sakura and Shirouko, and had strange white and black eyes. While he walked with a wooden can and was wearing plain green robes, a black kimono top over it, white tabi socks, and sandals.

Despite his frail appearance though, Shirouko could never shake the feeling that something was off about Zouken; despite how he usually presents himself.

"Ah, Shirouko, thank you for bringing Sakura home. It's good to know my granddaughter has such a reliable friend, like you to help her." Zouken said, acting the part of the kind and loving grandfather, with the redhead nodding in response.

"It's no problem sir, I just want to make sure Sakura gets home safe." Replied Shirouko, with Zouken returning the nod.

"Of course. Though I can't help but notice you both arrived later than usual, did something happen to hold you up?" Questioned Zouken.

"N-no, nothing much. We were just saying goodbye to another student, Naruto Uzumaki, who's recently enrolled along with his sister and cousin." Sakura said, with her adoptive grandfather humming in thought.

"Ah, it's good to hear that you're opening up more Sakura, and making new friends besides Shirouko here. Though I've also heard from an old friend of mine that works at the Academy, that you've also been opening up to Rin Tohsaka as well." Zouken stated, making the purplette wince, being able to tell he wasn't amused by her interacting with her former sister, as he likes to call her.

"But I'm sure there's no harm in you spending time together. After all, it must be lonely for her, after she lost her family ten years ago." Added Zouken, with Sakura gulping slightly, knowing if he's letting her continue to interact with Sakura, then it's only because it would benefit him in some way.

And with the Holy Grail War coming so soon, she had no doubt he's planning something.

Though unknown to Sakura, Zouken was also interested in Naruto as well, having been watching him with his insects and was impressed at his ability to hold his own against an enraged Servant. Especially when the Servant was of the Saber-class, regarded as one of the strongest Servant Classes. But granted he was only able to barely do so, though was still able to hold out long enough to soothe his enraged Servant.

The fact it was the Knight of Treachery, showed it was no small feat to fight her.

While Zouken was also aware of Naruto's true nature, given how long he's been alive and who one of his former associates were, he knew exactly what the boy was.

"Now then, I'm sure you have to get going Shirouko, and thank you again for walking Sakura home. I'm sure we'll see each other again." Zouken said, with the redhead nodding slowly before exchanging farewells with Sakura and heading home herself.

Once Shirouko was out of sight, Zouken dropped his mask and looked at Sakura.

"Let's go girl, it's time for your training." Ordered Zouken before walking inside, with Sakura wordlessly nodding and following him.

Having grown numb to the Crest Worm training at this point, and knowing it was useless to try and fight it.

*With Jalter*

While in an unknown location, Jalter was fighting against another Servant and their Master.

The Servant was a twelve-year-old girl with orange eyes, long blonde hair, and pale skin, as well as having a keyhole marking on her forehead. With her wearing a large black witch hat with numerous black and orange bows and two reddish-orange teddy bears, several black cloths cut into the shape of columns of butterflies acting like a dress that barely hid her decency, black and orange bows around her neck, black panties, a thigh-high black sock with orange bows on the back on her right leg, black and orange bows tied around her left ankle, and black mary janes. The girl was also wielding two large black keys as her weapons.

While her Master is a man wearing a dark green jacket, a blue shirt that's tucked into a pair of black jeans, with a belt tied around his waist. As well as a pair of white sneakers. With him having dark green hair, the same shade as his jacket, and purple eyes,

Jalter had learned that the Servant was Abigail Williams, who had been summoned in the Foreigner-class, with her Master being Aoi Rokusho.

With Jalter having located them with the intent to make them submit to her, knowing Abigail would be a useful ally. Given how no one really knew about the Foreigner-class or what kind of Servant would be summoned under it. Only for them to reject her initial offer, leading to them fighting each other, which Jalter actually preferring to force them to submit.

Abigail conjured up a swarm of butterflies from a portal, sending them to attack Jalter before using her keys to open up two gates. With several tentacles shooting out and firing multiple laser beams at the Avenger/Ruler-class Servant.

The sight making Jalter grin darkly as she summoned her flag and stabbed it into the ground, causing a ring of fire to come to life around her. The flames burning away all of Abigail's attacks and empowering Jalter.

"All evil is here.

The time for revenge has come!

This is the roar of my soul that was polished by hatred…

La Grondement Du Haine!" Jalter said unleashing her Noble Phantasm, as the flames rushed towards Abigail before erupting around her in a large firestorm burning her, with Abigail crying out as the flames burned her.

With Jalter soon cancelling her Noble Phantasm before the flames could kill Abigail. Still wanting to recruit her, with the Foreigner-class Servant hitting the ground, alive but thoroughly burned. Walking over to her, Jalter looked down at Abigail with a smirk.

"Now then, will you finally submit yourself and join me." Jalter said, with Abigail weakly looking at her before turning to her Master.

"M-Ma-M-Master…" Said Abigail, looking at Aoi hopefully that he'd help her, only that hope to be dashed at his next words.

"What're you doing?! Get back up and fight now! By my Command Seal I order-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Aoi said, about to use a Command Seal to force Abigail to be keep fighting, only to scream in pain when Jalter cut off his hand.

"See that? Your so-called Master was just about to force you to keep fighting, despite seeing how you were clearly outmatched. He clearly doesn't care for you and likely would have tried escaping when he had the chance. That is all you were to him, a tool to be used and cast aside to protect his own worthless life." Said Jalter, seeing the hurt on Abigail's face that her Master would toss her aside so easily.

"But if you join me, you won't have to worry about such a thing, as I see your value and your strength. And by joining me, you'll become even stronger than you ever could have by serving this wretch." Jalter said while kicking Aoi down when he tried crawling away, before looking back at Abigail.

"Now then, one last time, join me or fade away after I kill him." Said Jalter as she placed her sword against Aoi's neck, knowing that either way, she was going to kill him.

"I…I will join you, Master." Abigail said, accepting Jalter's offer to join her.

Her response making Jalter smirk as she looked at Aoi for a moment, before swinging her sword and decapitating the fool.

"Gilles! Come out!" Jalter said as she walked over to Abigail while calling out her other Servant, who she personally summoned, with the shadows rising up and revealing Gilles de Rais, her old friend and companion, having summoned him as Caster.

Gilles has a young face without a single crease, deathly pale/greyish skin, huge, rolling eyes and oily, glistening cheeks, while still having a muscular build from when he was a knight, along with his tall height. His attire consisted of a luxurious robe of ancient design; sanguineous scarlet patterns adorned the pitch-black fabric.

"You summoned me Jea-Jalter!" Gilles said eagerly, before quickly correcting himself when Jalter glared at him, having learned it wasn't wise to call her by her original-self's name.

"…Yes, I require your assistance in forming a contract between myself and dear Abigail, here. Especially given her abilities seem similar to the ones you gain; from that book of yours." Replied Jalter while pulling Abigail up and carrying the girl bridal style, with Gilles being intrigued to hear she had abilities, like Prelati's Spellbook.

"Of course Jalter, I'd be happy to help you in forming a contract with her." Said Gilles, always eager to assist his friend/Master in her plans.

*With Shirou*

Meanwhile, within his base in Fuyuki, Shirou looked at Atalanta and Frankenstein, having summoned them back after learning that Ruler has been summoned.

"Archer, Berserker, I have discussed this at length with both your Masters, and we have agreed to send both of you on an important assignment. Both of you will be going after Ruler and eliminate her." Shirou ordered, knowing Ruler would be the biggest obstacle to his plans.

Fran merely grunted and nodded in response, while Atalanta frowned that they would be going after Ruler.

"If I may, isn't Ruler meant to ensure the rules of the Grail War are followed? Would it not be better to try and have her join us, rather than eliminate her?" Questioned Atalanta, with Shirou shaking his head.

"No, as you said, Ruler is merely here to enforce the rules of the Grail War. They do not take sides or cooperate with anyone, only interfering if anyone is violating the rules. Which is why it would be better to eliminate her now, than risk her interfering in our own chances of victory." Shirou replied, with the huntress nodding slowly, still not liking it, but couldn't argue if her Master was in agreement.

With Atalanta and Fran setting out to locate Ruler and eliminate her.

*With Jeanne*

While Jeanne was currently stood in the forest around Mount Enzou, working on trying to locate all the Masters and Servants that were currently in Fuyuki, only to frown in annoyance when she couldn't.

'It's no use, there are too many Masters and Servants already present for me to find all of them. Even with Rider and Lancer helping me, I doubt I'll be able to get to all of them and make sure they obey the rules of the Holy Grail. Hopefully, the other Ruler will appear soon to provide some assistance. Even better if they'll have summoned Servants of their own for more help.' Thought Jeanne, knowing she'll need all the help she can get, if she's going to make sure all the Masters and Servants follow the rules.

Though Jeanne's eyes widened, before she quickly transformed as she drew her sword and flag, blocking an arrow that would have shot through her head. Looking, Jeanne saw Atalanta jump down from her perch, seeing her position was already exposed.

"You have impressive reflexes Ruler, it's a shame I must eliminate you, I would have enjoyed the chance to see how good you truly are." Atalanta said before she began rushing around Jeanne and fired several arrows at the Ruler-class Servant, with Jeanne doing her best to block them with her sword or flag, before jumping back at seeing how many arrows were being fired at her.

"Archer! What reason would you have to come after me?!" Demanded Jeanne, wanting to know why a Servant was trying to kill her.

"It is not my desire, but my Master has ordered it so. So, no matter what, we will eliminate you." Said Atalanta before jumping up and firing three arrows at once at Jeanne, who deflected them with her flag, only for her eyes to widen at what the huntress just said.

'We?!' Thought Jeanne, before grunting in pain when Fran appeared behind her, slamming her mace into the Saint's back, sending her crashing into a tree.

Seeing the two Servants that had been sent after her, Jeanne mentally cursed; knowing this only further complicated matters.

'Rider, Lancer come quickly!' Thought Jeanne, summoning her own Servant back to her to help.

With Atalanta and Fran about to attack again, only to stumble when their minds started getting cloudy, the two Servants trying to shake it off the strange feeling. Before they soon heard an enchanting and mesmerizing melody.

'Is this a…Noble Phantasm?' Thought Atalanta, finding difficultly in concentrating or even wanting to try fighting against whoever was singing.

Though both of them were knocked out of their trance when another Servant appeared and knocked them aside with their weapon. Sending Atalanta and Fran crashing through a few trees before they both got up and saw who else had arrived. Seeing that Jeanne had summoned Rider and Lancer, with them having discarded their cloaks, revealing themselves.

Lancer was a teenage girl with short blonde hair with two black feathers on either side of her head, fair skin, and dark green eyes. While wearing white and gold armor on her upper body, arms, and legs, dark brown leggings, multiple blue strands hanging from her back acting as a cape, and an armored skirt. With her weapon being a large cavalry lance.

While Rider was also a teenage girl with long silver-white hair, pale skin, and bright blue eyes, while having seemingly having the greatest body and good looks any of them have seen. With her attire consisting of a very short white dress, detached sleeves that had long flowing cloth from them, armored gloves and boots, and a large hat/crown on her head with cloth flowing from it as well.

These were Sir Gareth a member of the Knights of the Round Table and Marie Antoinette the Queen of France.

"Master, who are these two?" Gareth asked, not taking her eyes off Atalanta and Fran.

"They are Archer and Berserker. Unfortunately, I don't know who their Masters are, only that they've been sent to eliminate me." Replied Jeanne while standing beside her Servants.

"Well that's not very nice. Why would your Masters wish to eliminate Ruler?" Questioned Marie, looking at Atalanta and Fran with a smile, one that seemed to make the two momentarily drop their guard before shaking it off.

"I do not question our Masters reasoning, only doing as they have ordered us." Atalanta replied before firing multiple arrows at them, only to be surprised when they were stopped by multiple crystals shooting out of the ground.

"I'm afraid we can't let you do that. Ruler summoned us to help her, but we also choose to protect her from anyone that would harm her. So forgive me, but we must stop you, I hope you understand." Said Marie while smiling at Atalanta and Fran, the sight making them lose focus for a few moments.

With this leaving them open as Marie blew them a kiss, launching a pink magic ball at them, sending both Servants flying back and separating the two of them. With the attack also making them regain their focus, with Atalanta jumping up into a tree and began firing arrows at the trio. While Fran growled before shouting and charging them with her mace held up.

Gareth in turn charged Fran, while summoning her shield to block Atalanta's arrows, before raising her lance to deflect the Berserker's mace. The Knight then bashing Fran with her shield, followed by swinging her lance at the other Servant before thrusting her lance forward, knocking the redhead back.

Seeing this, Atalanta fired a barrage of arrows at Gareth, only for Jeanne to jump in front of her and stab her flag into the ground with a magic shield forming around them, blocking the arrows.

"Please don't hurt my friends! You can target me if you must!" Said Marie, turning the huntress's attention to her, before feeling her focus waver again, leaving her open once again as Marie created multiple pink lights that shot into the air and rushed towards Atalanta.

The Archer-class Servant's eyes widening at the sight, before she quickly jumped out of the tree, just as the lights impacted and exploded. Running around the three, Atalanta began firing multiple arrows at once, sacrificing the strength of her attacks in favor of speed to fire more arrows. With Jeanne and Gareth deflecting the arrows, while Marie conjured more lights and fired them at Atalanta.

Only for them to hear a shout, before looking up to see Fran jumping into the air right above them, forcing the trio to jump away as Fran crashed down slamming her mace into the ground.

"Lancer, come join me for a ride!" Said Marie while summoning a crystal horse and jumping onto it, with Gareth getting on behind her before Marie had the horse charge towards Fran.

Ramming into her multiple times, before getting in Atalanta's path, forcing her to slow down to avoid crashing into the horse.

This giving Gareth a chance to jump off towards Atalanta and thrust her lance towards the huntress; the attack managing to strike her in the chest, sending the Archer-class Servant crashing into a tree. While Fran recovered from being rammed into, and shouted as she charged Jeanne, swinging her mace at Ruler. With Jeanne blocking it with her flag, before spinning it around and slamming it into Fran's head then kicking her away.

"Surrender now and tell us why your Masters sent you after Ruler!" Said Gareth, with Atalanta and Fran getting back up and holding their weapons.

"I'm afraid that won't happen and we will not betray our Master's confidence." Atalanta replied, even if they still didn't fully understand why they needed to eliminate Ruler.

"That's so kind of you, remaining loyal to your Masters in such a way. But it's sad that you still choose to keep fighting, especially since you both seem really nice. So sorry that I have to do this!" Marie said before waving her arm as she launched a blast of pink wind and flower petals at the two Servants, throwing them back, before the Queen jumped in front of them.

"Hopefully, this will stop you!" Said Marie before a large pink vortex shot up below Atalanta and Fran, throwing them into the air with Marie launching a magic ball at them, knocking them out of the vortex as they hit the ground.

"Are you both ready to stop now? I'd much prefer it if we all could stop fighting and simply talk with each other. It would help us better understand each other, that way." Said Marie using her Alluring Euphony Skill to get through to Atalanta and Fran.

"S-st-stop that!" Atalanta said, shaking off the feeling Marie's voice was giving her, while Fran grunted in agreement before being knocked away by Gareth.

"Tell me why is it your Masters are trying to eliminate me? What would they gain from eliminating the Ruler summoned by the Holy Grail?" Questioned Jeanne, wanting to know what the purpose of their mission was.

But before anyone of them could do anything, they were all forced to jump back when Ivan came crashing down from above, between the two groups.

"Rider?! What're you doing here?!" Demanded Atalanta, wanting to know why Shirou sent Ivan here as well.

Before all three of them were blinded by a bright light, as Jeanne used her Noble Phantasm Luminosité Eternelle to cover hers, Marie's, and Gareth's escape. Doubting they'd be able to do anything against these three together. Especially now that she and her Servants know there's likely a faction in the Holy Grail War, that's trying to take her out for whatever reason they have. Before the War has even begun.

'I'll need to investigate this when I have the chance.' Thought Jeanne as she, Gareth, and Marie escaped, now seeing that more was going on here than just a bigger Holy Grail War.

*With Naruto and co.*

Meanwhile, Naruto, Mordred, Luvia, Miyu, Caren, and Jack had soon arrived back at the Tohsaka Residence, where they were greeted by an unamused Rin. The reason being the large manor that was now directly across from the Tohsaka Residence.

"Surprise! Miyu and I are now your new neighbors! I had my family's Fuyuki manor moved here, this way we'll be much closer to each other for when we're ready to plan out what we'll do when the Grail War begins." Luvia said with a smile, before smirking at Rin, who's eye twitched before she looked at Naruto.

"I don't how, but I know this is your fault, so I'm blaming you." Rin stated, before turning around and marching back into her home.

'How did she even move it here, and in such a short amount of time, no less?' Thought Naruto and Mordred, unable to help but sweatdrop.

Though the Uzumaki couldn't deny, that this would definitely make things easier for them, as well as a lot more interesting.

So, what did you think, good. Yep we see Naruto bonding with Sakura and Shirouko, before the Crest Worms in Sakura begin acting up, leading to her and Shirouko going to the changing room to relieve her, with Shirouko believing it's a condition Sakura has and offered to help her, rather than let her friend be taken advantage of (though they aren't a couple, only friends-with-benefits). Then we see Rin telling Naruto, Mordred, and Artoria about Souichirou and the woman he met with, while Naruto also tells them about what happened with Sakura, with the group deciding to wait and learn more about the former while not pushing the issue with the latter. Next we see Naruto meeting with Sakura and Shirouko before meeting Mordred along with Caren, Jack, Luvia, and Miyu to return home along with sharing information. Along with a small scene of Shirouko walking Sakura home where they encounter Zouken, who's making his own plans and has also developed an interest in Naruto. Then we see Jalter recruiting Abigail/Foreigner while killing her Master Aoi, along with seeing she's also summoned Gilles as Caster. Next we see Shirou sending Fran and Atalanta after Jeanne to eliminate her, with the reveal of her own Servants being Gareth and Marie Antoinette, with them managing to fight off Atalanta and Fran until Ivan arrives, giving them the chance to escape. Finally we see Luvia and Miyu will now be living across from the Tohsaka Residence, much to Rin's annoyance. So, review if you liked go away if you didn't.

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