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Trials of Apollo happened already, but Jason was just in a coma because of the pain and woke up a year later. Edited April 8th, 2021.

I stared at the mirror, looking at my wedding suit. 15 minutes until I had to stand at the altar. A lone tear slid down my eye before I quickly wiped it off. I couldn't have tears in my eyes on my wedding day.

"Why?" I whispered, tracing my reflection on the smooth, cold glass. "Why did you break my heart, Annabeth?" I remembered the day clearly as if it was engraved into my mind. It probably was.

Flashback- Three months ago

I'm teleported into the Aphrodite cabin, just coming back from Aphrodite's Pink Palace. I had to go ask her for good tablecloth colors and what table cloth colors to choose from. Grey, blue, sea green, and this grayish blue color like my mom's eyes were the 4 options.

I searched for her in the arena, knowing she would either be training or teaching the newbies on how to properly wield a dagger, but she wasn't there. Her invisibility cap was lost in Tartarus, so she couldn't be wearing it.

I was puzzled. Where could she be? She would tell me if she had to go out so she has to be in camp. Maybe she lost track of time? I decided to check out the Athena cabin. Just as I was about to open the door, a gut instinct yelled "Don't go! You won't like it!"

Maybe I should have listened to it. Better be unaware and happy than aware and upset, right?

My curiosity got the best of me. I just saw all her siblings minus her head to the Archery range. She would probably be alone in the cabin.

What I saw, scarred me, worse than Tartarus. There she was alright. But not alone. She was with Alex Scheimer, a son of Hermes. But not talking, kissing. My fiancée was going behind her own about-to-be husband in 2 weeks, kissing. They didn't seem to notice me yet. I'd like to keep it that way.

I was in denial by the time I ran into my cabin. Shock began to course through my veins and into my brain. I lied down on my bed, staring off into space.

Time Skip~still in flashback

I dragged my feet to the beach, too depressed to notice anything around me. I slumped, head in hands. I could feel the stares, questioning looks of the Aphrodite cabin, probably sensing heartbreak in my aura.

How long has she been doing this to me?


So now you know. I'm in my suit, about to get ready. When Hera asks me if I take Annabeth to be my wife, I'm gonna say no. I'm getting asked first, according to her.

Nico barges into my room. After Jason went into that coma for a year and Will was busy, he used to come to me to grieve together. Since then, we had a brotherly bond, past awkwardness forgotten, though I still liked to joke about it to piss him off. Nico is the only one who I told about the betrayal. He believes me.

"Are you ready to put the devil in place?"

I took a deep breath. I look at him straight in the eye. "Yes."

Time Skip (Sorry for the time skips. I am not American, though I speak English fluently, IDK much about weddings)

Hera looks at me. Do you take Annabeth Chase to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do you part?

I look at Annabeth straight in the eye. "No."

Her eyes widened. Everyone's did. 3... 2... 1. Pandemonium broke out, Artemis being one of the loudest. "You vile pig! I can't believe you, of all the men, would do this to the poor maiden!"

Athena glaring at me. "How dare you do this to my daughter you sea scum! I should have never given you my blessing to be with her!" She started cursing me in Ancient Greek, and I winced at some of the things she said.

I scream, "Will everybody shut up! I'll explain!" They quieted down, curiosity overcoming them.

I glance at Iris, as all the gods were invited, though more than half never came. "Can you show them?"

She nods, showing everyone what happened through an Iris Message formed.

Gasps echo throughout the room. Annabeth flushes a deep shade of scarlett red while everyone, not including me and Alex, was glaring at her. She rushed out, along with Alex.

After Annabeth leaves, pin drop silence overwhelms the room. I decided to break it. "I hope you all understand why I broke it off with her. You may think that it was harsh, but she did this not before I proposed, but just two weeks before today. She hurt my flaw, loyalty. I just hurt hers, pride."

Athena scowled at the last bit, but wisely didn't say anything. Everyone nods in understanding, and soon, scraping noises reverberate through the room as people got up and left. The only ones left are Mom, Paul, Estelle, Dad, and surprisingly, Lady Artemis.

"Why put a Lady before my name Perseus?"

I jumped, then looked at Artemis for confirmation. She just rolls her eyes but nods.

'You deserve the respect milady.'

'Why not Athena?'

'Her wisdom gets... what's the word... hidden as her pride shows. Her judgement gets clouded when her pride gets wounded, for better phrasing. She judges... a book by its cover; a demigod for its parent.'

'Never thought I'd see wisdom in you'


Mom came forward, wrapping me in a bear hug.

"Percy, I know you are hurting, but please don't sink yourself into depression. I can't see my baby boy hurt. We'll see you at home alright? Estelle wants a snack."

I reply, "I'll be fine mom. I'll see you in an hour."

She smiled and left with Paul and Estelle.

Dad comes next, but I realized that Lady Artemis is still here. I asked her, "Milady, are you in need of my services?" It unintentionally became a little bitter there, but I was tired of being thrown into quests. I mean, her twin brother already asked Grover and I to rescue one of his Celedon on his birthday. But I had to be respectful otherwise this day is just gonna get worse because I would be a heartbroken jackalope. And as much as I like them, I'm quite content with being a demigod.

She scowled, obviously reading my thoughts. "My idiot brother made you get his celedon? Of course he would. And no Perseus, I won't be turning you into a jackalope. I wish to talk to you in private."

I decided to respect her wishes. "Alright. Dad?"

"Percy, I have a proposition for you. Since Hestia and Hades have thrones on Olympus to increase the power of it, I wish for you to become the 15th Olympian."

My jaw dropped and so did Artemis'. "You aren't joking right?"

Artemis adds, "I agree uncle. What would father say?"

You know, I just realized that she's my cousin. And if Athena is also my cousin, which she is, and I nearly married her daughter, that means... My face just went white. Did I date my NIECE! Who happened to be older than me by a month? You know what, I'm just gonna stop thinking about this, Greek family trees are weird.

"Indeed they are." Artemis said.

My head shot up to see 2 amused looking faces. "You have to stop reading my mind." I said as I glared at them. "So back to the Olympian part?"

Dad said, "Percy, you did a lot for all the gods and many minor gods too. If you don't deserve godhood, then neither does Herakles or Dionysus."

I took a deep breath before answering. "Only if all the campers and legionnaires are made partially immortal inside the camp borders, and make all the councilors, Centurions, Praetors, the seven, and Nico fully immortals."

He sighed, then said, "We were planning to do that anyway bar the Centurions and the campers. But that is a small downside."

Before he could continue, I added, "I also want one of my domains to be Heroes and Demigods."

"And why is that Perseus?" Artemis interjected.

"I don't wish to be bound to that specific law where Gods aren't allowed to interfere with mortal lives. I wanna be able to hang out and rescue demigods. If possible, I want that law to be abolished so Gods can interact with their children."

"Good answer, but this will make you dangerous, Percy. Father most likely will not accept." She replied, silver eyes boring into my head.

"Niece! Not helping at all!" Dad said, raising his voice.

"I am just being practical uncle." She retorted, shifting her piercing look to him.

"We will have to see. Percy, after these conditions, will you accept?" Dad asked, going back to the point.

"Yes." I said softly, hoping I was making the right decision.

"Then you will be brought to the Olympian Throne room in a week. Come at 5:30 P.M."

"I can do that."

"See you then Percy." The sea god vanished leaving the scent of the sea lingering behind.

I turned to the last person and bowed. "So Lady Artemis, what am I supposed to retrieve?"

She blinked in surprise. "Rise Perseus. I am not in need of your assistance. I wish to tell you something."

I rose. "What will that be?"

"I wish to say that this was a weird occurrence. A boy being cheated on by a girl. But, I wish to train you in Archery with my blessing."

My eyes widened. "And why would you do that for me Lady Artemis?"

"Because I owe you for helping me at Mt. Tamalpais and for helping me kill Gration in Athens. I hate owing favors to males." She said that word with so much disgust, I kinda felt bad for all the males that are most like living their life as a jackalope.

"Alright milady. When and where do we start?"

"Tomorrow at camp, 6:30 sharp."

"A.M or P.M?"


I groaned but accepted my fate. "Yes milady." I said resigned. She flashed away, so I averted my eyes.

"See you tomorrow." I muttered underneath my breath.

'See you tomorrow Perseus.' A feminine voice spoke in my head.