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A familiar figure kneeled in a room that seemed to suck the light out of every surface, chilly as the North Pole.

"Rise," a voice calls out, feminine. The figure rose from his bow, staring at the source of the voice. "Is it done?"

He grinned. "It is done, mother. Mist forms are tricky, but your training made it possible. No one listened to the girl, and she ran to her parent's home, ashamed and broken. The boy wasn't any better. He sends powerful waves at Montauk beach whenever he wishes to vent.

Camp Half Blood's best strategist is gone, along with their powerful warrior."

The voice let out a sinister laugh. "You have done well, my son. The rule of Olympus is about to end!"

I shut my eyes as the light started to blind me. White spots started to dance around my eyes as a headache started to form. The gold walls and that dream didn't help much. Looks like I'm in Apollo's palace again. Twice in two days.

A thought occurred to me. How long has it been?

My eyes started to adapt to the light, so I slowly opened them, to find Apollo looming over my face.

He jumped and stared at me, then smiled. "You're finally up."

I raised my eyebrow. "I know, Captain Obvious," I said sarcastically, exercising my duty as Persassy. Then, I registered the other part of the sentence. My eyes shot up as I scrambled to get out of the cot I was lying on. Any lingering drowsiness faded away, along with my headache. Funny how panic works. "What do you mean, finally?"

He shrugged. "Not that long. Just 6 hours.".

"6 HOURS!" Apollo gave me an inquisitive look. I took a deep breath. "I have never been knocked unconscious for 6 hours." He cracked a smile.

"What about the time you were asleep for 6 months?"

"Shut up. It's only a one-word difference." I examined my arms. "Did anything change?"

He rolled his eyes. "Yes. You have ichor running through your veins." I sighed. That wasn't what I meant.

"I meant, did I become a god? What are my domains? Did I physically change?"

He replied with, "The answers are, no, no domains yet, and no."

I was now just plain confused. He noticed the confusion etched on my face.

"You're immortal. Just as if you ate an apple from the Garden of Hesperides. You have to go back into the throne room to be declared a god."

I pinched the bridge of my nose. "Then what was the godly energy Zeus transferred to me?"

Apollo raised an eyebrow, looking at me like, "Haven't you realized yet?"

He said, "That was just necessary for your blood to turn into ichor. Now come on, we have to get to the throne room before Lord Thunderpants gets too impatient."

He turned around and was just about to walk out the door, but I had to ask, "How does he know I'm up?"

Apollo replied without turning around or stopping himself from continuing out the door, forcing me to follow. "I spoke telepathically to him when you woke up."

"Oh." It seemed pretty obvious after he told me.

But as I followed him, I thought back to my dream. Who is Olympus's new threat?

I knelt near the foot of Zeus's throne.

He gave me a nod in acknowledgment. "Perseus." Was he kidding me? It's Percy. Not Perseus.

I gave him a look. "Uncle." I could hear dad trying to muffle his snickers at my irritated face. The rest of the Olympians were just amused.

"Have you felt a connection to anything?" He asks, giving me a steely gaze, obviously trying to intimidate me.

But now that he mentioned it, I felt some sort of connection to Hermes's caduceus, Dad's trident, and all the other weapons in the room. Even the bows, which surprised me.

I felt my connection to the sea get stronger, specifically Riptides, Currents, Tides, and Whirlpools. Oh, gods, the Fates have a sense of humor.

I also felt a connection to both the camps, along with the legacies and the Amazon's and Hunters. God of Demigods, yes! I also felt all those who were loyal to others.

Dad had confided in me that even though it depends on what I feel a connection to, they are mostly what I was connected to as a demigod. Take Dionysus for example. He created wine when he was a demigod. He loved to party. He loved to make kings mad, like crazy, not angry. So that is what he is a god of. So I guess I shouldn't have felt surprised.

"I feel a connection to all the demigods and legacies that exist. I feel my ties to the sea getting stronger like connected to Riptides, Currents, Tides, and Whirlpools. I feel a connection to loyalty. I also feel a connection to the weapons in the room."

His eyes shot up at the first one and kept getting wider and wider at each domain. "He is too powerful!" He proclaimed. "He should fade!"

Dad shot to his feet while I was paralyzed in shock.

"What!" He roared, pointing his trident at Zeus. "There are beings more powerful in this room! Should we fade them! Stop trying to kill him every single chance you get!" His voice kept getting louder with each couple of words. He was struggling to keep himself from turning into his true form, which I think I'd be able to see now that I'm an immortal.

"STOP!" A voice screamed, and everyone faced the source of the sound. My jaw dropped. Hestia interfered. Hestia interfered. The most peaceful goddess there, probably the most peaceful goddess ever that exists excluding all the goddesses with peace-related stuff like soul, spirit, and rainbows, yelled.

Everyone stared at her. She stalked up to Zeus. "You. Will. Not. Fade. Him. Or. Punish. Him. In. Any. Way." She said, glowering at Zeus. Her eyes were ablaze with power, a wave of calm anger that she could unleash at any moment. Zeus stuttered as her aura increased. "I can't! He's too powerful! What if he turns on Olympus, will he force the demigods against us? Be practical, sister."

I spoke up before it got into a heated battle. "What if I swore allegiance to Olympus?"

Zeus turned to me and seemed to ponder this. He finally nodded.

I swore, "I, Perseus Jackson, known as Percy, swear to fight for Olympus unless it turns its back on me or does something to make me turn its back on it."

Zeus glared at me as if he expected me to say, "Kidding! I swear to serve it no matter what and obey Zeus like a loyal puppy!" No. Just no. If they kill someone, like Nico or Jason or Piper or Hazel or anybody close to me, I wasn't going to stick around.

I met his gaze and didn't waver or blink, which was an impossible feat considering my ADHD. Zeus broke his gaze away from me and grunted.

"I suppose that'll do. Welcome Perseus, known as Percy, the 15th Olympian!"

A throne rose from the space next to Hades on the male side of the room. It was blue, thank the gods, and was the same size as the others. It was sort of like a sofa bed, but more regal-like.

My dad spoke in my head. "Think of your stature growing, and with every step, you will increase until you won't need to."

I walked, and I grew half a foot every time. Finally, I reached the designated height. I stroked the armrests. Once I sit on this throne, my life will change forever.

"Well," Zeus called impatiently. "Get on with it."

"Peace brother," Hestia softly chided him. "It's a life-changing thing. Take your time, Percy." She directed the last part at me. I gave a small nod.

I sat on the throne, and pulses of power rushed through my veins. My eyes glowed with power, and I've never felt better.

"All hail Perseus, god of Whirlpools, Tides, Weapons, Riptides, Currents, Loyalty, and Demigods!" Dad proclaimed.

Zeus shot him an annoyed look, but everyone repeated, "All hail!"

I cleared my throat. "Will I still have demigod dreams?"

Everyone looked at Dionysus. "What?"

I raised an eyebrow. "You're the only demigod turned Olympian here. Will I still have demigod dreams?"

He shrugged. "Only for the first century or so." I exhaled, relieved. "Good."

Dionysus gave me a questioning look. "But why?"

My eyes darkened. "There's a new threat to Olympus. This could be used to get more information."

"WHAT!" Zeus roared, and the council started to yell. Questions, demands, and protests were thrown around the room. Hestia tried to use her powers as the goddess of peace, but her power was quickly overpowered.

"SHUT UP!" I screamed, and everyone turned to look at me. It seemed like my voice amplified my needs. Well, there's another godly power.

"Please tell me you are joking, Percy," Dad pleaded. "Olympus doesn't need another war right now. 5 years gave us recovery time, but we are still crippled when it comes to the demigods. Nobody expected another war to arise and so they are taking their training for granted. We need seriousness, not pranks." Hermes gave him a dirty look at the last part, but he ignored him.

I sighed, rubbing my temples. "Unfortunately, I'm not joking, though I wish I was." I took a deep breath and described the dream to them in great detail, careful not to leave anything out. After I did, I added, "The figure kneeling looked familiar, but I couldn't tell who it was. Also, it was a feminine voice that wanted to take over Olympus. She was in a dark room with minor light. She sounded powerful, more powerful than Titans. Any ideas?"

Athena started to talk, unsurprisingly. "Well, who is Camp Half Blood's best strategist?"

My eyes widened. "It was Annabeth. But that would mean…"

She gasped. "It means she never cheated! It was a mist form! They planned to cripple the camp by making them lose her. They knew your loyalty would chase you away. But they didn't realize you would become a god!"

"So you're saying…"

"We have an advantage over them."

But I still had questions. "We also must have a spy at camp. Whoever the spy was, they made a mist form, which could only be made when they are close. Making one from afar wouldn't work. How can we tell who the spy is and if there are more?"

Hermes cleared his throat. "Well, wouldn't we have to use Percy's domain of loyalty to dear one where the loyalties lie?"

I pondered this. "But is that how the domain even works?

Hestia asked, "What if we ask *Sancus?"

"Who is that?" Zeus wondered, looking to his daughter, Athena, for answers.

"Roman God of Loyalty, Truth, Honesty, and Oaths. His domain of oaths makes him protect all those oaths of Marriage, Hospitality, Law, Commerce, and Contracts. He is very ancient and will be hard to find." Athena answered her. "Maybe Hermes should go, using his domains to find him. We should probably change into our Roman forms."

"How would I do that? I don't have one." I asked.

Athena was befuddled but thought of a solution quickly. "We didn't create one for you yet. But since the Greek and Roman gods have made peace since the 2 camps have created peace with each other, maybe he will tolerate you."

"It's probably our best bet," Hestia agreed.

Athena looked to Zeus for approval. He nodded.

"Hermes, go get Sancus," Zeus ordered, shifting his gaze to said person.

Hermes nodded, shifted into Mercury, and flashed out.

"If we call Sancus here, can't we just ask him?" I questioned.

Athena answered. "Well, he is a Roman god that doesn't have a Greek aspect. He can't enter Camp Half-Blood as a Roman. Besides, it will also help you use your powers as the major god of loyalty."

"That makes sense," I replied to her. Zeus shifted his form to Jupiter, who looked more stern and had blonde hair with less bushy eyebrows.

One by one, the gods shifted into their Roman forms. Hera into Juno, Dad into Neptune, Demeter into Ceres, Artemis into Diana, Apollo stayed the same, Ares into Mars, Aphrodite into Venus, Hephaestus into Vulcan, Hades into Pluto, and Hestia into Vesta. I know, I'm proud that I remembered all of this.

Sancus has curly black hair, white skin, blue eyes, and was wearing a toga. He grew to the size of 10 feet and regarded us with a cold expression.

"Well," he started. "Haven't been up here in 4 millennia. I'm surprised anyone other than Athena even remembered me." Many of the gods blushed. He was right, they had disregarded what they call minor gods for a long time.

"Well, we do remember you. And we need your help," Vesta smiled at him.

He snorted. "And why should I help you?"

Mars glared at him, fire raging more in his eyes. "You should be honored to help Olympus." I was annoyed at that. Can you get any more arrogant?

Sancus said pretty much the same thing. "Honored? Why should I be honored to help a bunch of big-headed fools? Can you get any more arrogant? After all, it was your ignorance and disregard that is causing me to be forgotten. I'm fading thanks to that."

I glare at the Olympians. "He's right you know. You forget all your demigod children, leaving them in the Hermes cabin, making them feel like trash. You broke your oath for Piper and Leo. Just because you claim them doesn't mean you are regarding them. Learn from Apollo." Apollo practically glowed at the last part, though he might have been glowing. Will Solace can glow, so of course, so can he.

Sancus turned to me and cocked his head to the side. "What makes you any different from them? Who are you anyway?"

I met his gaze. "I'm Percy Jackson. I was a demigod until 7 hours ago when I turned into an Olympian. I know how ignorance feels, as I may not have even been claimed if the master bolt wasn't stolen."

"Well," he cleared his throat. "Forgive me for misinterpreting. I guess I should thank you for wishing to acknowledge the minor gods and pardoning them if they were on the other side."

I looked at him with surprise, "You fought against us in the Second Titan War?"

He smirked, almost looking proud of himself but also looking guilty. "I helped Saturn sway demigods from Olympus using the power of loyalty. But I stopped helping them after the labyrinth was discovered. I went neutral after seeing how the titans treated the demigods, using them for granted as some were never found and others went crazy. Some were even forced to fight in the ring. We used them and you didn't. You even found one and healed him instead of torturing him. You forgave some of the demigods that turned instead of keeping them hostage. I didn't like Olympus so I didn't help out. But the demigods still mattered." He finished, looking at everyone. Most were angry, but they couldn't back out on their oath of pardoning the minor gods, thankfully. Jupiter was gripping his master bolt, knuckles almost white, and his face was twisted in rage.

"Anyway, we were getting off-topic. We need your help," Vesta interfered, saving Sancus.

"It depends on what you need help with."

"I need help on how to use the domain of loyalty, which is what I received. There is a spy at Camp Half-Blood, as a new threat is rising, and we need to know if I can tell who is loyal to who." I informed him, looking at him pleadingly.

He agreed as it was mostly something I needed, a trainer for my domain. Or our domain, I guess, considering that domain is both of ours.

"You should be able to. At least I can. All you need to do is concentrate, extend your mind to theirs and see where their loyalties lie." He advised before flashing out.

The gods changed to their Greek forms, which looked like Athena was smiling about since Minerva isn't a battle goddess.

"Well," I cleared my throat. "How am I supposed to try these powers out?"

"Who is a demigod very close to you and knows their loyalties wouldn't change?" Athena asked me.

"Nico di Angelo and Thalia Grace," I answered without hesitation. Artemis looked proud, which made sense since Thalia was her lieutenant. Zeus waved his hand and the two said people appeared, Nico shirtless.

Nico jumped and looked annoyed. "Do you mind? I was in the middle of changing."

Aphrodite summoned a t-shirt for him. The only problem is, it was tie-dyed. Thalia burst into laughter at the sight of him and Nico glared at her before he cleared his throat and asked, "Something black and white?" I snickered as Aphrodite got annoyed that he refused her clothing choice, but she gave him a black t-shirt that had Cabin 13 etched on it.

My cousins turned to face me and Thalia pointed at me. "Care to explain?"

"One, Thalia, it isn't polite to point at people. Two, I'm an Olympian god now. Isn't that obvious?" I sassed her. She blushed and Nico snickered at her face. It resulted in an arrow nearly hitting Nico's arm and my leg. Nico yelped like a girl and I was ashamed to admit, so did I. Artemis started hysterically laughing at us.

"Anyway," Nico interrupted her. "Why are you an Olympian? Didn't you turn down godhood?"

"I did. But this could be the start of a new life for me. Besides cousin, we called you up here so I could test out my powers."

"What powers?"

"Loyalty powers." I extended my consciousness outwards, going deep into their brains to find out where their loyalties lie. (Keeper of the Lost Cities anyone?) They held love for their families, godly parents, and/or patrons, and their loyalties lied with us.

I beamed with joy, glad that they were on my side, and that my powers work.

"It works! And they are loyal to us, which means we can trust them." I informed everyone.

Zeus waved his hand, and Thalia and Nico vanished, though they kept protesting. Note to self, IM them later, then get as far away as possible. No one likes cranky, powerful demigods. Especially children of the Big Three.

"Well," Zeus droned on, "That concludes the end of the meeting." Then he dramatically flashed away. Drama queen.

Everyone flashed away except Dad and Artemis. It's going to be a repeated sense of deja vu.

Please don't die, please don't die, please don't die. It became a mantra, a repeated chant going through my head.

I set my attention on Dad first, wanting to avoid talking to her as much as possible. "Yes, dad?"

He hugged me tight, sea smell wafting through the air. "I'm so proud of you, son." Huh. So it's a typical thing then. But to come from a god

"Thanks, Dad," I said, hugging him back. Artemis started to impatiently tap her foot. I quickly let go of him, not wanting to irritate her even more. Gods are never patient and often get angry, as it explains natural disasters.

"What do you want?" I immediately wanted to choke back my words. Wrong question. Dad sensed the tense atmosphere and flashed away. You know, I should probably learn how to do that…

"Snap out of it!" She snapped at me, and I jarred back to reality. An intense glare was directed my way, and you'd have to be blind to not flinch from it.

"Is there anything you need?" I questioned politely. I still wanted to know the answer.

"Of course!" She huffed, crossing her arms. "Would I be here if I didn't?"

My cheeks reddened. "I suppose not," I mumbled.

"Speak up," she ordered, increasing the intensity of her glare.

"I suppose not," I repeated louder, crossing my arms.

"Now explain." Huh? She looked at me as if she expected me to know what she was talking about.

"Explain what?" I asked, confused, and she stormed over and slapped my cheek. Hard.

A red imprint was stuck to my left think, darkening like a bruise. "Don't play games with me, Jackson."

"What games? And did you have to slap me?" I didn't mean to let the last part come out, but it did, and now my cheeks match.

"Don't lie. I know you know."

"I don't have a reason to lie. I'm telling you, I have no clue about what you are talking about! Can you just leave me alone?" I was being kind of pathetic, but I didn't care. She confuses me, slaps me twice, glares at me, and is now demanding information out of me. Not to mention, I'm tired and not thinking straight. I wasn't in the mood for this.

She stared at me, a bit awestruck. "Now leave me alone. I've had enough for the day."

She looked like she was about to protest, but I didn't care. I stormed out of the throne room and went down the elevator. Until I learn how to flash away, it looks like I was stuck traveling through the elevator.

The elevator rang, signaling that it reached the first floor. I stormed out, not wanting to stay there for a second longer. The security guard looked at me in fear, but I didn't care for once.

I took a deep breath before heading outside. Mom's place was closer than Montauk and I wanted my bed, which was more comfortable. Estelle probably wants to see me, I'd have to take her to get some ice cream as an apology for staying away from her when I didn't have to. Ice cream cheers up most 5-year-olds.

I sighed, looking at the noisy New Yorkers around me. Today was a long, eventful day.