31st October 1981
Potter Cottage – Godric's Hollow
Residence of James and Lily Potter

James was in the living room packing away Harry's scattered toys when the door to Potter Cottage blew open, sending splinters flying into the hallway and surrounding rooms. James jumped, horror rushing into his veins and sending him diving for his wand, which lay on the side next to a strangely egg-shaped mystery object – left there by Lily, who was an unspeakable.

In his frantic grasping his hand closed around the egg-shaped object and, before he had the chance to drop it and clutch his wand instead, he was suddenly standing in the front hall of the cottage, facing a menacing silhouette wreathed in unnaturally twisting black robes.

James gulped and shouted up the stairs, no time to wonder about how the hell he had suddenly come to be standing in the hall, panic making his voice shake slightly, "Lily, take Harry and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!" He didn't dare let his beloved wife know that he had no way of defending himself against Voldemort. He faced the monster that had murdered his friends and fellow Order members, knowing that his death was coming and only hoping that Lily had time to apparate herself and Harry out of the cottage.

Voldemort gave James no reprieve, no chance to try anything, before he was uttering the deadliest of the three Unforgivables, and a jet of green magic was headed unerringly for James. His body fell to the floor, determination still writ on his face.

Everything went dark.