It had been a year since Sonic, Sonia and Manic defeated Robotnik and reunited with their mother. Mobotropolis is now back to its old self and they were doing fine.

Sonic, Sonia and Manic will play their instruments every Saturday for them.

They were in the throne room when Oracle came.

"Your majesty." he said and bowed.

"Oracle?" Aleena said.

"What are you doing here?" Manic asked.

"I am here to tell you another prophecy that involves you. Especially one of you in particular." he said mostly looking at Sonic who noticed.

'This involves me.' Sonic thought.

"What is it?" Aleena asked worried.

"The enemy is not completely gone. He now is someone new and one of the four council will be gone until he is gone for good. The one to leave will be experienced with him. They will make their own team and one they will know while the other they will meet. They will help them and in reward be able to use something no one else can do but one other person with their permission. One day they will be gone and the defeater will be back with their family again."

Aleena, Sonia and Manic were confused while Sonic already knew who it is.

"It's me isn't it? Uncle Chuck raised me when I was five and I was helping them get rid of the shield and such. Knuckles is the one that will help me because he's helped us a few times and I have to pretty much kill him without being a murder." he said.

"Yes. It is you Sonic." Oracle said.

"No!" Aleena, Sonia and Manic said together.

Sonic closed his eyes and sighed.

"If it involves ending him I'll do it." he said strong.

Oracle nodded.

"The medallion won't work so you will think of something and will be able to use something after doing something soon."

"What?! But- but what am I gonna do? Uncle Chuck had his own things that I used but still!"

Then he remembered something he made for when he gets fourteen and was now fourteen.


"Huh?" Aleena, Sonia and Manic said confused while Oracle nodded.

"Uncle Chuck made rings that will only work with me and make me go faster. He said when I turn fourteen they'll work.

Aleena shook her head.

"The things Chuck comes up with." she said smiling.

"Where are they?" Manic asked.

"All I have to do is think about them and it'll be there in my hand or wherever I want it." Sonic explained.

Then he opened his hand and thought about one. Then he felt a power ring in his hand.

"Awesome!" he said smiling.

Oracle nodded and Sonic looked at his family.

"I'll be careful and end him for good. I have Knux to help me and whoever the other one is." he said and they gave each other a hug.

"Good. Now go make me proud and hopefully I'll see you soon." Aleena said.

He nodded and took off his medallion and handed it to her.

"Take care of this. It won't work and I don't want anyone to know who I truly am yet. When he's gone for good I'll expose who I really am. You can tell everyone I'll be gone if you want just make them swear to keep this quiet from everyone until I get back."

She nodded and held onto his medallion with a few tears coming down.

Then he looked at them again and started running.