When he got to his room he looked around and smiled.

'And the defeater will be back with their family again.' he thought. 'I finally completed the prophecy.'

Then he hopped into bed and his Chaos finally gave in and he passed out from exhaustion.

Along with Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream and Rouge.

Sonic, Tails and Knuckles the most though.

While they slept Oracle showed Aleena, Sonia and Manic what Sonic had been doing after leaving.

They were shocked at what he had done for eight years just about everyday.

"I can't believe he could do things like that so often, long and everything else." Sonia said.

"Even with Tails and Knuckles help he did so much. Especially the Super Sonic fights and how hurt he could get." Manic said.

A few hours later they were all outside and Sonic, Sonia and Manic were getting ready to sing.

"You ready?" Sonic asked.

"Yup!" Sonia and Manic said.

Then for the first time in almost ten years they played.

"Come in, my friend, welcome to the party

But only if you're one of our kind

The adventure of our life is now starting

Robotnik's empire running out of time" Sonic sang.

"We're the Sonic Underground" they sang together.

"Listen to our freedom sound

Hiding in the heart of the city

We plot and plan Robotnik's overthrow" Sonic sang.

"It's a dirty job and no, it's not pretty" they sang together.

"Always on the run, always laying low" Sonic sang.

"We're the Sonic Underground" they sang together.

"Listen to our freedom sound" Sonic sang.

"Never know where we'll be found" they sang together.

"We're the Sonic Underground" Sonic sang.

They all stood there in shock at what they can do.

Then they started clapping and Sonic, Sonia and Manic bowed then gave each other a high five.

"Yeah!" Sonic said.

"You still got it bro." Manic said smiling.

"When you play for fun and use your laser for a fight you never lose it. Besides, I've been playing since I was little."

"You guys are good!" Tails said smiling.

"Thanks buddy." Sonic said smiling.

Knuckles shook his head.

"He really still got it guys. He played around from time to time." he said smiling.

Sonic smiled.

Later that night everyone was in bed and Knuckles was sleeping with Sonia while Sonic was laying there smiling and thinking.

"I missed this place." he whispered and looked out the window thinking about someone. "I wish you could have met them. Then we could try and be actual friends." he said and dozed off.

The next day everyone was in front of the castle while the others were with Aleena, Manic and Sonia.

"Everyone, I've called you here to tell you something we've all been waiting for for almost ten years." Aleena said smiling. "Sonic has finally returned after defeating Robotnik!" she said and everyone cheered while Sonic walked over smiling.

"Hey everyone." he said smiling and waving.

"Welcome back your highness!" someone said.

"Thanks, um, Andy?"

Manic started to snicker with Sonic not remembering their names but Sonia elbowed him.

"Yes your highness." Andy said.

"Sorry, eight years away from home fighting Robotnik almost everyday can make you forget. Especially if you're only away for a little longer than a year."

"Your highness, may I ask why you left?" someone else asked.

Sonic looked at the others and they nodded.

"It was another prophecy saying one of us three would defeat Robotnik for good. I knew it was me after my uncle Chuck taking me in when I was five from my foster parents were killed. When he took me in I joined the Freedom Fighters and helped them a lot. When I left I went to the Floating Island now known as Angle Island to go see Knuckles and figure out what I had to do. When I told him what I had he joined me with it. Then we met someone and created Team Sonic. As years went on I did what the prophecy told me to do. It took a while but I did it. Now that he's gone I came home to take my place on the throne when mom said I'm ready. No offense guys but, Manic being raised by thieves wouldn't work that well. And the way Sonia was raised wasn't exactly the perfect way." he said.

"None taken, and you're right." Manic said and snickered and Sonic continued.

"But after being raised by uncle Chuck I knew how to lead a group and take care of other people. These people behind me are my friends and teammates." he said and took a deep breath. "My family. Knuckles, Tails, Amy, Cream, Cheese even Rouge are my friends and other family. Me, Knuckles and Tails are Team Sonic." he said smiling.

Everyone started cheering while Aleena smiled with tears rolling down.

She knew he was ready to become king but was going to give him some time to rest and adapt to Mobotropolis again.

"You are ready to be king Sonic." she said and he looked at her. "But I'll let you rest and adapt to being home for a while before you become it." she said smiling.

He sighed in relief.

"After leading a team and such you're ready." she said and he smiled.

Then he looked back at everyone and saw people he hadn't seen in years.

"Sal?" he said. "Bunnie? Ant? Rote?"

They smiled and waved.

He smiled back and Aleena nodded letting them come.

When they got there they gave him a group hug and Sally looked at him and he looked at her back.

"I missed you." she said.

"I missed you to Sal." he said.

Manic and Sonia smirked and Manic pushed Sonic while Sonia pushed Sally getting them to kiss.

When they stopped they looked at each other and turned red.

Sonia and Manic gave each other a high five.

"Admit it!" they said together.

"You love each other." Sonia said.

Sonic and Sally looked at each other again.

"I love you Sal. I always have." Sonic said.

"I love you to. And I've loved you that long to. I was going to admit it but when you left I couldn't. But I understood why you left to be with Sonia and Manic. Then I understood when you left again." Sally said.

Sonic smiled and they kissed each other again.

Everyone started clapping and Knuckles held Sonia close.

Out of everyone Sonic deserved a family of his own and someone he loves and loves him back for who he is.

Aleena smiled happy he found someone that works with him.

She was proud of him for defeat Robotnik for good and happy he came back just fine. She knew he was going to be just fine along with Sonia and Manic.

10 years later

It had been ten years since the day Sonic came back and everything was fine.

Sonic and Sally got married three years later and Sonic was able to bring the king back using Super Sonic along with derobotacizing people. Sonia had gotten married to Knuckles and Manic had gotten married with Rouge after Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Cream getting them together. Amy is single and Tails and Cream are going out now.

Sonic had become king a year after coming home and was doing just fine as Aleena thought. She'll still help him now and then but not as often as before.

His friends will come visit often and Sonic had created days and ways to celebrate holidays different. Sonic Underground will still play together for celebrations and everyone enjoyed that.

Sonic and Sally have a six year old son and four year old daughter, Sonia and Knuckles have two five year old daughters and a two year old son while Manic and Rouge have a two year old son.

Sonic and Sally's are Alcia and Sam. Sonia and Knuckles daughters are Takali and Gold while their son is Athir. And Manic and Rouge's son's name is Thief to match what they are. Alicia is a chipmunk like Sally while Sam is a hedgehog and the oldest. Takali is an echidna along with Athir and Gold is a hedgehog. And Thief is a bat.

Sonia and Knuckles live in Angel Island, Manic lives in Mobius while Sonic and Sally live in Mobotropolis castle.

The kids get along with each other just fine and visit each other often.

And like Sonic did with her for Cream Vanilla will help Sonic and Sally with Alicia and Sam.

Everything was fine.

And done! My longest one yet! The last season was pretty easy because I had already done them with 'We're gonna help Sonic'. So I just fixed up the episodes to normal. I hope you all enjoyed it! I thought about bringing Shadow back and having him and Sonic together but decided to put him and Sally together. I hope ya all enjoyed it!