So this is the first chapter of World Tour. Tell me your thoughts?

I yawned. We had been at this band meeting for hours. Marty, our manager, rambled on and on and- I think you get the idea.

We were discussing our next world tour and which songs we would do. We, being Nudge, the fashionista bassist, Angel, the "innocent" little girl keyboardist, and me, Max, the tomboy lead singer and guitarist. We call ourselves The Risings.

I wasn't paying much attention, braiding a small piece of my brown blonde hair when I heard Marty mention The Fallen, our boy band rival. "- Fallen joining the world tour?" Marty finished asking.

"Wait what?" I asked, sitting up straight. I hate the Fallen. They were so arrogant, especially their lead "Fang." Like, really who names their kid Fang? "Who is good with the Fallen joining the world tour?" Marty repeated.

"I'm good with it," Nudge said and Angel repeated. "How are you good with this? We hate them." Nudge giggled. "No, you hate them Max. We like them. Only you and Fang hate each other." I poked my lip out a little. I know they liked them but not this much.

Marty grinned then spoke, "two to one. I guess they're joining us. C'mon in boys!" Realization dawned on me and I looked at the door as the three members of the Fallen walked through it.

Gazzy, the youngest, walked in first. He had his blonde hair spiked up in a Mohawk and his big blue eyes twinkling. The Gasman was only 15 but was already 6'0.

Iggy walked in next, with his strawberry blonde hair spiked but blue tips. His cloudy blue eyes looked like he was about to spray you with shaving cream or something. He had a diamond stud in one ear. Iggy was 17 and stood tall at 6'4.

Next walked in was his royal annoyance Fang himself. His jet black hair styled to look like he just rolled out of bed, dark brown almost black eyes looking as emotionless as always. Fang was 18 but already 6'6. He loved to call me short even though I was anything but at 5'10. Not surprisingly Fang had a smirk on his face that apparently was "super mega smexy hot" as I heard the fan girls say. I just thought it was annoying.

"Good! Now you guys behave, I'm going to get my coffee!" Marty exclaimed and practically ran out of the room. I snorted. As he he needed anymore coffee.

"Sup Shorty," Fang muttered as he sat down. "Sup Tooth." I said mockingly. He glared his Fangs Glare of Death, but it wasn't even scary I was so used to it. I glared back as I heard snickers from across the table.

"What?" I snapped. Angel giggled as evil giggle. "Nothing Max don't worry." I paled. Whatever she was planning was going to be bad.

I opened my mouth to ask what she meant when Marty come running back into the room. Where's the fire, I thought sarcastically. "You guys need to take album pictures!" He half yelled. I groaned inwardly. "All group pictures or separate?" I asked. "Group mostly but since you and Fang are the head you will have to take some together." This time I did groan.

"CHOP CHOP! Time is wasting!" Marty yelled. I pushed myself out of my chair and followed Marty to the dressing rooms. The Fallen followed someone else to their rooms. I sighed. 3 hours of make up and dressing up. Oh joy!

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